• Published on Oct 13, 2018
  • Thanks to X-Shot for Sponsoring Today's Video! #UPYOURGAME with X-Shot Blasters:
    Niko and Wren find themselves on the wrong side of a Tyrant during a Fortnite birthday party.
    Turbo Advance:
    Swarm Seeker:
    Reflex 6:
    Vigilante & Micro:
    Paul Prado as Chase
    Niko Pueringer as Himself
    Wren Weichman as Himself
    Issac Ordonez as Young Chase
    Dylan Williams as Young Wren
    Nico Manzella as Young Niko
    Noel Perris as Young Chase's Mom
    Music by Casey Edwards
    Sound Design by Eric Marks & Kevin Senzaki
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  • KingRonin
    KingRonin 5 hours ago

    My man Jake pointing a gun DIRECTLY at Clint’s face.

  • Imidasui Xerodam
    Imidasui Xerodam 7 hours ago


  • ToxicSox 24
    ToxicSox 24 11 hours ago +1

    Shame on anybody who thought those were nerfs

  • Jibyjobs
    Jibyjobs 23 hours ago

    Xshot sucks 😂😂

  • Dan MacKenzie
    Dan MacKenzie Day ago

    Bros before birthdays

  • MaTaHuGu
    MaTaHuGu 2 days ago

    Wtf is this

  • Novian Rizky
    Novian Rizky 3 days ago

    why don't you name it foamnite

  • Dũng SKG1
    Dũng SKG1 3 days ago

    1 damec?

  • raving editz
    raving editz 5 days ago

    Dude went Jafar on everyone

  • Danimeme
    Danimeme 6 days ago

    Love that intro

  • Sam Huang
    Sam Huang 6 days ago

    That birthday boy must be a tiny jerk😝

  • The Shadowless
    The Shadowless 7 days ago

    4:30 I love the little twist you made on the Fortnite song ❤️

  • Omega Gamer
    Omega Gamer 8 days ago +1


  • Afifazeem Haidar
    Afifazeem Haidar 10 days ago

    ɖơ ŋơɬ. ɠơ ɬơ ɖąŋɠɛཞơųʂ ʑơŋɛʂ

  • DogeMcMeow oof
    DogeMcMeow oof 10 days ago

    birthday boy gets what he wants

  • JthreeSixteen
    JthreeSixteen 12 days ago

    This video is telling you that kids play fortnite

  • Jonny P
    Jonny P 13 days ago

    They pulled a LEGO movie with this one

  • Poki Mane
    Poki Mane 13 days ago

    Its foamnite

  • tsuki
    tsuki 13 days ago


  • Kotan Gutierrez
    Kotan Gutierrez 14 days ago

    4:14 - 4:20 good job for leaving the Bday spoiled brat on his birthday and joining your friend on the road that's true friendship 😭

  • Kotan Gutierrez
    Kotan Gutierrez 14 days ago

    3:52 Oh you think That HURT!?
    Why don't I show JUST show you What TRUE PAIN is YOU LITTLE BRAT!?

    Sorry if I sounded mean

  • Hype Gaming
    Hype Gaming 15 days ago

    New name for dis Foamnite

  • MrProlantern
    MrProlantern 15 days ago

    Did I just see a Karen

  • User_
    User_ 15 days ago

    what types of gun that only does 1 damage??????

    RONALDO SAMOSIR 16 days ago

    booo loser suck

  • The roblox Spy boy
    The roblox Spy boy 16 days ago

    can you make a part 2

  • William Gaming 117
    William Gaming 117 16 days ago +1

    I got the micro

  • Jarvis Dog
    Jarvis Dog 18 days ago +1

    Top 10 Best Anime Betrayals

  • the LoMaN2007
    the LoMaN2007 19 days ago

    foamtnite lol

  • Gabe Tierney
    Gabe Tierney 19 days ago

    Kid Niko’s line delivery was real natural. Like kinna messed me up coz of how organic it sounded. Well in.

  • Jaxson Eberhardt
    Jaxson Eberhardt 20 days ago

    Jas aka the kid that has red and his mom are very mean

  • Joseph Seed
    Joseph Seed 21 day ago

    fortnite sucks

  • Jacky Peng
    Jacky Peng 22 days ago

    Look at this innocent child and compared to this fat and soiled kid this boy got anger issues mental issues and he needs some milk stupid mom how do you know he did it because he was the closest his mom ssssssssoooooo stoooopid she wanted to climb Mountain Dew

  • Heiskahshsb Nsjsbwbehbwg

    They should make their own brand of blasters

  • IKonick
    IKonick 26 days ago +4

    Bro leave little Timmy alone it was his birthday

  • Your Average Otaku
    Your Average Otaku 27 days ago


  • Kusal Gunasekera
    Kusal Gunasekera 27 days ago +44

    That betrayal scene. That was OP.

    I guess that's why they nerfed it.

    I'll show myself out.

  • Detty Tirana
    Detty Tirana 28 days ago

    Should've called it FOAMNITE

  • Driftgames Galupo
    Driftgames Galupo 29 days ago

    I’m mad at the b-day boy

    SEVILIOT Month ago

    yup, now thaaat's more like fortnite xD

  • Robyn Miller
    Robyn Miller Month ago


  • Dokter- Creeper
    Dokter- Creeper Month ago


  • XHappy Cyanide13X
    XHappy Cyanide13X Month ago

    4:26 "that's what friends are for."

  • Rastus
    Rastus Month ago

    Fuckin karen man

  • phani rithvij
    phani rithvij Month ago


  • Mr Omega
    Mr Omega Month ago

    Should’ve just called it “Foamnite”

  • official_lemo
    official_lemo Month ago

    Reminds me the of wkuk call of duty sketch 🤘

  • *yOMaMA291* *newHATDAWG*

    Default:my birthday is coming

  • Thecoolcatgamer
    Thecoolcatgamer Month ago

    Team foamnite 2

  • Blue
    Blue Month ago

    That ending was wholesome

  • William Preston
    William Preston Month ago +3

    I guess you can say it’s foamnight

    No no one

    • angpug1
      angpug1 22 days ago

      Absolutely nobody

  • Matthew Shadrick
    Matthew Shadrick Month ago

    hahaha a kid died

  • Nick Callahan
    Nick Callahan Month ago

    I dig this channel

  • TritonLord77
    TritonLord77 Month ago

    this shit is deep

  • Robert Nees
    Robert Nees Month ago

    Should have gotten Ninja to "star" in it 😎

  • Axis Gaming
    Axis Gaming Month ago

    This is amazing, your best video ever

  • jennifer osteria
    jennifer osteria Month ago

    That birthday boy would die!!!!!

  • Matěj Urban
    Matěj Urban Month ago

    You totally missed the chance to name it foamtnite

  • Kody Ramage
    Kody Ramage Month ago

    How Fortnite was created

  • Rene Gonzalez
    Rene Gonzalez Month ago +1

    Wait what happened to the foam fortnite guns you guys made in the studio? I saw another video by you guys talking about making fortnite guns for this video project and you were using game scans and even made a couple guns

  • Guac4Life
    Guac4Life Month ago

    R/entitledparents lol

  • M.O. Lan
    M.O. Lan Month ago

    Worst mom ever

  • Liam Savoir
    Liam Savoir Month ago

    How is he hitting him behind the wall umm

  • Buffsheep Gaming
    Buffsheep Gaming Month ago +1

    1:26 when you shoot near a soccer skin once

  • Ryan Solecki
    Ryan Solecki Month ago

    I’m disappointed in you for making this.

    • Meemo
      Meemo Month ago

      Ryan Solecki shut up

  • David Santana
    David Santana Month ago

    I hate kids and parents that are like that’s! But good ending though

  • P O L O B O Y虞沿

    Wait if this was in a party doesn’t that mean in the beginning they were shooting each other with real guns ?

  • Jozinek
    Jozinek Month ago

    Knock off Nerf :D

  • Aiman Haikal
    Aiman Haikal Month ago

    And i hate he sister

  • Aiman Haikal
    Aiman Haikal Month ago