This Is The Smartest Human On Earth. You Won't Guess What He Does.

  • Published on Sep 29, 2018
  • The smarter you are, the more successful you'll be - right? But, Is a person's IQ really the most important factor oftheir success? Let's take a look at the smartest human on earth!
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Comments • 3 780

  • Robert Hickey
    Robert Hickey 18 hours ago

    You can't measure ones IQ only stupid people due that.....LOL

  • Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller 2 days ago

    I wanted to watch cartoons.

  • Nothing k
    Nothing k 6 days ago +1

    I see DICK. Word 😎

  • Benjamin Compson
    Benjamin Compson 9 days ago

    This was actually pretty disgusting to watch. An entire video of "this guy could have done more of what I THINK he should have done". I envy the dude myself. That is success I understand, not all the crap the shitty narrator was throwing out.

  • Joris Bogaerts
    Joris Bogaerts 21 day ago

    That pretty much sums it up.

  • Martin
    Martin 22 days ago

    Ahh, even more BS from a fantasy Channel. People can make up any IQ they want about Einstein, Ive seen all kinds of claims.. The fact is that Eninstein NEVER DID an IQ TEST so after doing some reading up after a stupid claim of 140 from a nonsense facebook post comparing him as having the same IQ as a woman celebrity which I dodnt even remember the name of led me to the fact that its not even serious guesses from small groups having no evidence to back any of the claims and no competence even to do a ballpark guess of his IQ and putting it way lower just to draw peoples interest!
    I dont think I can watch more then 2:10 because Im afraid of losing IQ point in the process. Steven Hawkings claimed IQ is not even a guess its an insult and a clickbaite to make people watch this crap and Im sure not many people watching it checks the facts afterwards either. For instance just having some insight into Hawkings work and the respect he had among his peers would make the stated made up IQ score just silly. Take all these guesses with a huge grain of salt because you could probabgly do a better guess yourself. Im afraid the ending will be trump boasting like 300 IQ and they would present it as facts. 😂😂

    Finally lots of people have IQ levels over 200, yes a very small percentage but it adds up and for example Seth Loid did an IQ test just for fun in a show about different types of intelligence and they had a person who´s main hobby was training to become better at IQ tests but he still couldnt beat MIT professor Seth Loid who reaching the maximum range of the test which was 220 IQ. Leaving the IQ guy in the dust.
    He even laughed when they presented it being modest and just telling the host that the questions where similar to what he does as every day at work.
    I bet they didnt even cover the founder of M-theory that unifies string theory in a brilliant way. Most likely the smartest person living in america and a recipient of the Fields medal in mathematics and that is just a small part in his achievements even though its the highest award in the world in mathematics he became the first physicist to receive it . Im talking about Edward Witten.
    Oh btw there is no real connection of being super intelligent and accumulating large amounts of wealth. The Russian math genius who solved one of the millennium problems didnt even want the 1 million dollar in price money which is awarded for anyone who solves one of the millennium problems...

  • Soumyadeep 980
    Soumyadeep 980 23 days ago +1

    Actually luck + proper guidance + intelligence + a wealthy family = Recipe to a successful life

    Whose with me?

  • Soumyadeep 980
    Soumyadeep 980 23 days ago

    For Westerner perspective = we have the highest IQ human being ever on this planet which is this guy (mostly never even heard his name before)
    Gunni's book of record is made by westerners so most of them are westerners.

    *WOW* *such* *irony* *right?*

  • Jack Krieger
    Jack Krieger 25 days ago

    Tesla was smarter than Einstein and he died poor. Because most hight iq people aren't perfect since people with high eq can control or rupe them amd sometimes use them.

  • Ray R
    Ray R 26 days ago

    2:04 .. Bill Nigh the fake science guy? Are you kidding me? He's an actor.

  • goodguygto
    goodguygto 26 days ago

    Those celebrities NEVER have a high IQ!!, at all!! It's just dumb luck!!, GOOD LUCK!!! Mark Zuckerberg just copied off Myspace page!!!, how's that a high IQ!!! ???

  • Steven Criscione
    Steven Criscione 26 days ago

    I battle with schizophrenia, I am a waste! I sit here writing books and hopefully will be published before I die of an overdose, I was tested at 4 different facilities with immeasurable intelligence, but yet, am I successful? No... Not every person with a high IQ is successful, most of which die unhappy and unfulfilled

  • LowFpsGamer
    LowFpsGamer 26 days ago

    I have bad IQ because i watched this video

  • the socialites
    the socialites 27 days ago

    Sure it's been said before, but worth mentioning again... "who's defining success?" eg. is Steve Jobs (aside from being dead) more successful than grampa who's ninety, has 27 grand kids who visit him now and then, lives on a farm, looks after a goat, wants nothing, occasionally pisses his pants, and has no one telling him how to live, as his IQ, is 170, and soon he'll die, having achieved nothing others can appreciate.

  • 18 tbh
    18 tbh 27 days ago +1

    1:04 leave a like when u get it

  • GogetaUltra
    GogetaUltra 28 days ago

    *there are no asians on this list get some help*

  • GogetaUltra
    GogetaUltra 28 days ago

    *I M J U S T A C R I N G Y 1 3 Y E A R O L D W I T H A C H A N N E L*

  • Mark Kirkpatrick
    Mark Kirkpatrick 28 days ago

    haha bill nye used as reference for intelligence... you lost me

  • Brent Williams
    Brent Williams 28 days ago

    I invented the keyboard necktie

  • cotypt145 john 3:3
    cotypt145 john 3:3 28 days ago

    Stephen Hawking's is in hell with Hitler if he didn't call on the name of the Lord

  • Amine Cheikh
    Amine Cheikh 28 days ago

    what ? Conan has 160IQ ? Why is he wasting it in a late night show ? i mean i love his show the guy is hilarious but this 160IQ thing just surprised me lol

  • Neil Christian Calajate
    Neil Christian Calajate 28 days ago +4

    Hardwork + Luck beats the Geniuses.

  • rod rox
    rod rox 29 days ago +3

    George W. Bush IQ is guessed to be 136??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    What us the IQ of a snail than? 140? Lol

  • evil live
    evil live 29 days ago

    All American Presidents are choosen not elected.

  • John Garcez
    John Garcez 29 days ago

    Seems to me like an IQ of 200 finally opens your eyes to what real success is . Just being happy and who cares what everyone else considers success .

  • Lori Hall
    Lori Hall 29 days ago

    I am a Mom. Which translates to being a genius and hardworking! 🥳

  • Greg Veggellj
    Greg Veggellj Month ago

    IQ overall doesn't equate to = capability in all disciplines ! you might be good at maths but suck at chemistry - you might be talented at skateboarding but suck at tennis - it depends - We greatly missunderstand this and believe that whenever someone has high IQ it means he owns it all

  • Just A Stranger
    Just A Stranger Month ago

    Not the highest

  • lucki4mac
    lucki4mac Month ago +1

    The Title of this Video should be called, "Are these people the smartest people on earth"? and A short Answer is Hell NO.

  • Crack Baby
    Crack Baby Month ago

    Iq is racist

  • Awesome Mom
    Awesome Mom Month ago

    I think there is a difference between success and reaching your full potential.

  • Tarragona1989
    Tarragona1989 Month ago

    Ronald Reagan at 130? Highly unlikely. He was not an intelligent man.

    NEGUS MBARKA Month ago

    Fuck louis terman he wuz a dummy himself

  • Tommy Vercetti Hemmat
    Tommy Vercetti Hemmat Month ago +1

    1:04 find dick word

  • Diegoscomeback
    Diegoscomeback Month ago

    Now i wan to make a quick test about my IQ

  • Mass Wave TV
    Mass Wave TV Month ago

    Wait.. Ashton Kutcher has same IQ as Einstein?! WTF

  • Kenny Kelly
    Kenny Kelly Month ago

    So Muhammad Ali was mentally retarded? Lol

  • winnie
    winnie Month ago

    What is success? Oppenheimer said " Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of worlds." Is that success? Oddly this is from the Hindu scripture the Bhagavad Gita. Society's definition of success is money at any cost, lie, cheat, steal, kill. I am going to reread the Gita and see what Vishnu's definition of success is.

  • William Gagne
    William Gagne Month ago

    The fact of success or failure is only realized in each minds eye. A successful 160 acre farm is better than living in poverty. A person needs to realize what an opportunity is before they can benefit from it.

  • leo c
    leo c Month ago

    Yeah but this is basing success as in how much money or power in the world you end up achieving, to me success is determined on the quality of life and what you have to offer this world, so what if you have a high iQ and end up being super rich and powerful if all the human race hates you, or if you use that power to make your own world a better place, disregarding the damage you cause to others, but a person that reaches average income but gets off his car and helps that old lady cross the street, or carry her groceries, or provides jobs for people instead of using robots, success to me is weather your a virus to the earth or a blessing, you can have all the money in the world but if your an asshole there will only be 1 if any persons at your funeral that actually feels sad, and you can have little and there will be countless of people at your funeral that will be genuinely sad,

  • Lisa Edmiston
    Lisa Edmiston Month ago

    Whether or not one achieves "success" depends on one's definition of success, which is subjective. The definition here is wealth and power. Not everyone defines success in this way. Taking the term at face value, the definition is simply to set a goal and achieve it, as in "She successfully parallel parked the car." If your goal is to have a simple and peaceful life and you have achieved it, then you have indeed "succeeded". The flaw is in your premise that "success" can only be measured in terms of wealth, power, or celebrity.

  • Universum Centar
    Universum Centar Month ago +4

    Bush 125 :)))) what a joke

  • Spicy Lamp
    Spicy Lamp Month ago

    7:40 S U C C. E S S

  • shinpaku 123
    shinpaku 123 Month ago

    Don’t tell the lefties to succeed requires hard work or you’ll be attacked,doxed and labeled a white supremacist 🤣

  • Tuxu HDS
    Tuxu HDS Month ago

    Mr. Langan - you're living the life... Hard work, Hard thinking, Easy conscience.Showing this one to my wife.

  • madchessLeviathan
    madchessLeviathan Month ago

    Success is diffrent from person to person. What makes one person happy does not nessesarily make everyone happy.

  • Thardod Rijiju
    Thardod Rijiju Month ago


  • Hockey G
    Hockey G Month ago

    This is a pretty shit video. Anyone worth their salt would have asked questions with the proposed iq's of Andy Warhol and Muhammed Ali. 86? 78? That's the iq of a retarded person and neither of them was retarded.

  • Avoca - Doodles
    Avoca - Doodles Month ago

    I always think that different people see me physically different. And I always wonder. And I guess kind of true, it depends on what other people consider "beauty". Irrelevant, but it'd be cool to see who else thinks this.

  • 5 list
    5 list Month ago

    Nothing is = to everything

  • DJRosted
    DJRosted Month ago

    Only 130 😂 That's higher than 98% already

  • Lorp is
    Lorp is Month ago

    Isn't the measure of life success a subjective thing? If you're strictly talking success in popular culture, then people skills trumps all. Statistically people with a 160 IQ work under people with a 130 IQ. Shockly is a good example of this. His team (John Bardeen and Walter Brattain) invented the transistor in Bell Laboratories despite him, not because of him. However, Shocky managed to take the lion share of the credit for the invention.
    On a different note, when our vision of success builds a social framework that rewards psychopathic tendencies, one ought to question the validity of what we consider to be success. Maybe the smartest man on earth figured it out but most of us are too dumb or brainwashed to see it.

  • Kyler Quirk
    Kyler Quirk Month ago

    If you’re smart enough, you’ll realize that IQ testing is fundamentally flawed.
    If you’re wise enough, you’ll realize that every strength that a person has corresponds to a weakness. So, in a way, people that you think have a higher IQ are just better at displaying their strengths and choosing careers, friends, or companies where they are least likely to utilize/display their weaknesses. You’d realize that TALENT is the only type of intelligence that actually exists as we currently define it. Just because someone is talented at mathematics and logic (IQ testing (requires a certain type of mind)) doesn’t mean they can also paint, speak eloquently, build a house, make good jokes, or love effectively. This also goes for if the tried to learn those things also. They would have much more trouble than someone naturally inclined to do any of those things.
    It’s just an outdated concept. We know too much now about psychology and it’s unfathomable that we STILL consider IQ testing valid or consider a person’s value from it in the manner in which some do now.
    As long as a person has basic cognitive skills, the next huge leap for both our economy and our society would be to make a test that can properly select talents and fields of interest where test takers are most likely to excel in. THAT is the only type of test that should begin to assign value to someone - and it would only be in value in areas in which they excel. Job satisfaction would increase, and better, more convenient, and more innovative products and services would be at our disposal as a result of properly utilizing each and every one of our talents.
    Obviously, other elements such as work ethic, environment, childhood, and education would remain, but IQ testing should be replaced with talent testing.

  • Daniel Adkins
    Daniel Adkins Month ago

    All success should be measured in happiness with oneself... And this can only be found in Christ Jesus who was the ultimate atonement for all mankind. If you're speaking of success as in having riches or fame in the world again we can refer to the Bible because Solomon had the most same and riches. And yet he was also the most smartest man that ever lived. He was so wise that God said there would never be another man as smart as Solomon that whatever live. And if you read you will see that Solomon said all is vain and vixen under the sun... And the only thing on Earth that would profit a man would be the food from his labors.

  • Satyameva Jayate
    Satyameva Jayate Month ago +1

    🤫😎😁 **"A Normal Indian is Smarter Than Einstein"**

      NEGUS MBARKA Month ago

      Satyameva Jayate Indians aren’t normal

  • campfive
    campfive Month ago

    Wisdom and intuition are not really calculated in IQ test

  • Fragile Hands
    Fragile Hands Month ago

    And people out there are still going to go against the life style choices of the smartest man on Earth 😒

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla Month ago

    The smartest person on Earth is Jacque Fresco!

  • Clementine Monroe
    Clementine Monroe Month ago

    How many licks does it take to get into the center of a tootsie roll pop smarty pants?

  • Gage Lewash
    Gage Lewash Month ago

    Your habits makes you success not because your intelligent.

  • Alexandra Gorelik
    Alexandra Gorelik Month ago +1

    Actually there is a 240 IQ guy that’s a Korean doctor

      NEGUS MBARKA Month ago

      Alexandra Gorelik right tell em suck off too

  • Ehtesham Khan
    Ehtesham Khan Month ago

    A deeply peaceful life is a great reward.

  • Boreal Patriot
    Boreal Patriot Month ago

    "Success" is subjective, and applying your definition of it to anyone other than yourself is inherently flawed. Your point of view is interesting, but I find it superficial and a bit offensive.

  • Alex Magriplis
    Alex Magriplis Month ago

    Oh my lord iq is not a factor in smartness or being able to solve problems

  • Chris Bissett
    Chris Bissett Month ago

    Langham lives peacefully on a farm. Dr. Oppenheimer created a weapon of mass destruction that threatens all of humanity. I think we know who the smart one is.

  • RazorCain74
    RazorCain74 Month ago

    I.Q. test is a load of shit, just like the B.M.I. as a measurement of being a "healthy" person.

  • RAZOR'S EDGE- Thailand

    The problem is assuming high IQ leads to "success." But that success is defined by flawed social and cultural mores of the current narrative, thus biasing the possibility of accurate measurement without a quantifiable notion of success. Should we presume persons who reject current culture are less smart than more? {i.e. people who hung out and thought about shit, they were called philosophers back in the day.)

  • Puzzle Adda
    Puzzle Adda Month ago

    Google Maths Puzzle - Just for Genius

  • Erwin Cortez
    Erwin Cortez Month ago

    What about bruce lee?

  • Lee- MusicLover
    Lee- MusicLover Month ago

    this is one of the snobbiest videos i have ever watched. success equals fame and money? also... choosing to lead a normal life doesn't mean he was lazy, didn't work hard or quit! that's ridiculous. he just had different values and goals than other similar smart people. my mother has an IQ of 180 but she didn't go to college and married my dad straight out of school... cause that was her choice. she is extremely happy and they've been married for 45 years and have built a very happy, comfortable life together.and she is STILL the smartest lady i know! this entire video felt so condescending and snobby. people- myself included- measure success much differently than you.

  • Humain Terrien
    Humain Terrien Month ago

    The biggest IQ in the world ... it's certainly the one who "invented" IQ no? Otherwise we evaluate with the most stupid who is the most intelligent ... it can only be bullshit.

  • Cleatus Buga
    Cleatus Buga Month ago

    he is so smart that he has produced nothing of utility

  • Andre Prosper
    Andre Prosper Month ago

    Ali did not have an IQ of 78, that is borderline retarded. He was against the war and against joining the war, and because of his low score they convicted him of draft evasion.
    Edit, just finished the video. While you made a few erroneous points you are however mostly correct. The problems with having higher IQ often outweigh the benefit. Asperger's syndrome, Dissociative disorder, physical insecurity (example, how I am walking, talking, sounding in the perception of others in ones own mind, that meaning, how the one thinks others perceive him/her), the general feeling that most everyone around you is an idiot and the inability to cope with idiots, depression, anxiety, success aversion, insomnia and I could go on with the list. I can put some of that down to long term sustained trauma from abuse, both physical, and mental, but Asperger's is a good cause for other problems. Thoughts come fast and sometimes in layers where thoughts overlap, not always a bad thing as it makes multitasking easy, but being unable to finish a thought as ten more thoughts and calculations pop in causes memory gaps, like typing this post, I have to keep going back to finish what was being typed as another overlap occurs and without realizing the change, I move from one part to another faster than my fingers but mostly due to other thoughts popping up and sometimes completely derailing the thought train (as opposed to the train of thought). Once the thought is erased, I look and see I was derailed and have to try to pick it up again to complete but during which time the trains keep coming and ramming one another. A normal example is driving 30 miles and not realizing you do not remember the last 20 miles of travel because the hippocampus, while utilizing the spatial memory in navigation, was completely preoccupied with whatever thoughts were in your head during that time, and suddenly you cannot remember the thoughts you had because of the jarring realization you were on autopilot and thoughts like, did I run red lights, was I speeding, what the hell happened? override the thoughts you had been thinking and now you will have to wait to remember those sometimes days, weeks, years before they suddenly return because like it or not, you do not forget anything, but the files were all misplaced by the hippocampus which is what recorded it all. My way of viewing ADD is that a thought train is started and derailed by a more important train, the wrecked train is still there but it isn't going anywhere unless put back on track. I call it zoning out and in, the world around me fades except for what I am doing, sounds around me decrease dramatically is the same manner as when you are falling asleep, but then you stop falling asleep and actually hear the volume of the world around you increase. Again, my thought train went off the rails, where I started this trek and where I am now are not in the same county and I am not sure I have gotten anywhere. I have gone back and corrected typical typos and corrected the spelling of Hippocampus... I did not pee twice it seems and derailed again.
    To finish, I started writing book when I was 5, at the same time I started computer basic in that it was 1974, I had at my disposal one of the first PCs even before they were put on the open market or at least I was told it was not on the market yet at the time. Took me 6 months to copy from a book 2 games, Horse racing another game which I cannot really describe other than, move the block in the middle left/right and avoid the walls on either side as they come down the screen while randomly curving in unison. 75k lines of code in 6 months for a 5 year old, recorded onto a cassette tape as the storage medium. Needless to say, that book I was writing was put out of my mind completely for 13 more years again, I edited slightly what I had written, about 12 chapters and finished the book, 13 years later again, I picked it up, edited it again and over the next 8 months finished the story which covered 18 books total. I tried to get published on that which the story was written, it had started with D&D, I finished the first book with AD&D, and by the time I was done, I was trying to get published by Wizards of the Coast. By that time getting published in their copyrighted world was impossible without first getting hired and contracted to write stores they want me to write and maybe after enough time with them they look over my material and accept then.... not the way I work. The epic story of a 5 year old genius may have gotten 2 face lifts by me, but editing 18 books to self publish.. well now its 15 years later, I almost finished the edit of the first book. Maybe I will pick it back up and finish by 2035.... again, I derailed
    Housing Framer, Construction worker, factory industrial (senior) mechanic/shift asst lead, locksmith, xerox rep/tech, program re-programmer (so much more fun re-programming though I am sure being the program author must feel good when viewing the final product), meat cutter/manager, restaurant manager/cook, ex-business owner ( I grew it, someone else embezzled and thus destroyed it, I had no head for business anyway but I did good for an 18 year old with 600 dollars from an accident settlement that put me out of work for 3 months ), food delivery, busboy, dishwasher, 60/70/80s tv and appliance repairman as well as business CB repair for a delivery business, untrained para-legal (yeah, did not finish that on the job training enough to get a license for it, it hurt my back to sit at a desk after the accidents at 17 and at 12), first responder (basically just an EMT who did not finish the training to be certified but was active duty with rescue squad and was the driver even though I was only 16), forklift driver, equipment driver (motor grader, backhoe), and I am sure I can go on but will not. I got GED 99th percentile, still do not know what question I missed, and did not finish college either, but I have been in college since I was 8/9, just was not taking classes for credits but I did pretty good in calculus when I was 12. I actually passed the 8th grade entrance exam when I was 5, my brother had to take it and I was an over active 5 year old who could not sit still unless doing something that challenged me, I did better than he did and was only entering second grade, yeah, I started early and was move up a grade too. My IQ test then was made for 8 -10 year olds, I scored in the 140s if I was 8 - 10 but they were unsure of how to score it due to my age. Next score around age 18 was 128, next 148 a few years later, and after getting some advice on what not to do (getting hung up on trying to out think/over think what I see as trick questions) I scored 164 at age 33, followed by 160, 161, and 163, that last one at age 42 but all of the last 3 were online, I do not put allot of stock into it as seemed too easy, there was no stress.
    I am an anti social hermit. I do not like meeting people, going out, or having people come visit. I prefer to sit and watch tv/movies, figure out who did it, how and why long before it is revealed, anticipate what is going to happen and be said, analyze and hope to be surprised or be made to laugh, or cry. I do not want to be rich, hell, I do not even want to be remembered, but I guess I am lucky in that I failed suicide twice.... did not study for it. I do not like the state of the world, how people think, often I hate how they act, how they treat each other, I hate to see anyone in pain (more so children) or in need for that matter. Asperger's has possibly been my greatest downfall, downfall in that I did not do anything greater than saving a few lives but I had the potential when I was younger, dumber and far more naive to do so much more. I prefer to play fallout 4 than to wave hi to my neighbors. If I did not have to work I would be happy just to never leave my house. That my be the worst part of higher IQ, never happy but sometimes content. My mental physical view of myself is still that of a 12 to 14 year old, I do not know my age in my mind unless I actively try to remember, so when I dream, I see a child in the mirror, when I walk through a grocery isle the mental picture I have in my head of what other people see is not a balding 49 year old, but that of a tall lanky kid... of course if I bend over, kneel down I suddenly know I am old and in massive pain. I expect I will die of a heart attack after running some distance because I also forgot I am not in good physical shape and have been smoking since I was 12/13, plus heart problem brought about by asthma medication when I was young. Smoking actually helped with my asthma to a small extent, perhaps because it calmed me during such attacks, but cut grass, perfume would make me think I was suffocating. This train is so derailed I give up....
    If you read all that... I am terribly sorry, Asperger's is mother!
    Edit, I forgot obsessive compulsive.... LOL

    • Andre Prosper
      Andre Prosper Month ago

      I checked yeah, my problems are common for my IQ, so yeah, you could have mentioned them.

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago

    Two bank robbers, of equal talent and skill, are challenged to see how long it would take each of them to crack a brand-new safe. The first bank robber took 3 hours to open then safe... the second bank robber did it in 5 minutes. When the second bank robber was asked, "How did you open the safe in just 5 minutes???", he said, "I would have opened it in 2 minutes, but I put the combination in the wrong pocket." You see, it's not always about how much you know, but about 'what' you know. Like the combination, or the president of the company, or the manager at a startup. Bill Gates is 15 billion times richer than me, but he is not 15 billion times smarter, maybe 1 billion, but not 15... you get my point.


    5 mins until the main subject of the vid is discussed

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago

    Why when you asked lets find out about science, you showed some guy with a diamond earring in a suit paging through a book? Was that Eddie Murphy? I dunno.

  • Mineaxes
    Mineaxes Month ago

    "Im not smart" said me who passed the entranced exam of a science highschool and graduated with honors

  • playbackproductions1

    Raffaele de la Gheto is a poet. And the smartest man on earth.

  • Al Farrow
    Al Farrow Month ago

    Wait...Trump says he’s the smartest guy on the planet! :)


    ...Forgot about fear. Huge, monumental
    talents lay hidden in obscurity due to their fears, it takes guts to follow your dreams

  • The Teddy
    The Teddy Month ago

    130 acre farm.... Sounds pretty successful to me

  • Dibonaa 808music
    Dibonaa 808music Month ago

    U know what makes me laugh about iq status some of the smartest people in the world can’t tell u who created them or what happens after death.

  • Gerald O'Hare
    Gerald O'Hare Month ago

    IQ doesn’t measure creativity.

  • ldl147
    ldl147 Month ago

    200 iq guy is quietly working on a lifelong project to understand consciousness, but is labeled "lazy" and "unsuccessful" b/c he doesn't complete smaller/easier projects and parade them around to "prove" his intellectual superiority to the rest of us ... right ...
    This channel is a joke, peddling convenient half-truths to people w/fragile egos, and shouldn't be taken seriously.

  • Jozzarozzer
    Jozzarozzer Month ago +6

    "I think my lifestyle is more meaningful than being rich and famous"
    "because this guy isn't rich and famous, he's not successful"

  • Shadow Nahian
    Shadow Nahian Month ago

    The more creative and the more happy you are the more successful you'll be not how smart.

  • 이원우 / joshh
    이원우 / joshh Month ago +5

    also Albert Einstein had 160iq with basically just his math skills. He wasn’t very smart at anything else except MATH.

    • ProfRonconi
      ProfRonconi 23 days ago

      Actually he struggled with maths. His physical intuitions, on the other hand, were amazing.

    • Greg Veggellj
      Greg Veggellj Month ago +1

      this! high iq isn't enough date - I can be super talented at basketball but such at tennis . same goes with iq

    • Nikola Tesla
      Nikola Tesla Month ago +1


    • Uras Ur
      Uras Ur Month ago +1

      You are an ape.

  • Dazedboy 123
    Dazedboy 123 Month ago +6

    Before I tell you about the man lets make my video ten minutes long

  • Tim M
    Tim M Month ago

    Muhammed Ali did NOT have an IQ of 78. It is true he tested just 78 when he was drafted into the military. But he played dumb to avoid attention. Judging from live interviews (including unscripted and unexpected questions from children), Muhammed Ali's responses were consistent with a person with an IQ far above average, and well over 100. No one who has heard Muhammad Ali speak could believe he had an IQ of 78, unless their IQ was lower than 78.

  • rahul choudhury
    rahul choudhury Month ago

    Success is understanding life and it's goals...not dollars and fame

  • Good Girl
    Good Girl Month ago

    He is smart enough to understand that he should live the life he wants and one that comes with no negativity. In other words he is a no bullshit kinda guy

  • Name Deplume
    Name Deplume Month ago +1

    No way does George W. Bush have an IQ of 125. You lost me right there.

    • jeroen heinen
      jeroen heinen 28 days ago

      Name Deplume, If you become the president of the America you can automatically add '30' too your IQ. Trump still didn't reached 95... 😂🤓🤔😳. 🖖

  • flitsies
    flitsies Month ago

    Depending on what kind of success you are talking about but if we are talking about success of the kind that is usually considered worth having then that is only achieved by knowing the right kind of people.

  • vctjkhme
    vctjkhme Month ago

    langan's approach is more akin to neuroses than it is to any kind of grand plan. langan is an example of someone alienated by his intelligence in light of an abusive upbringing. i'd wager he wanted to be a rocket scientist or something similar but settled for philosophy.

  • DeenLee A
    DeenLee A Month ago

    I believe Langen used freewill to decide his life outcome as an independent choice, which is mentioned very little in the video. Yes, intelligence, opportunity and talent played a factor. Freewill is something science only partially understands theoretically. Freewill, scientists link it to evolution, like our autonomous nervous system, fight or flight instincts. I think that space and time is important to IQ as well. If Shockley took the test again for example. Society links people through labeling to categorize humans like social, communist, capitalist, poor, powerful to independent. The mind simply needs more research which was Langen's research. Thank you for this great video!

  • Vay Of
    Vay Of Month ago

    999999 IQ hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Josh Slaughter
    Josh Slaughter Month ago

    Success varies from each individual. One individual may think being a politician would make them successful, another individual becoming a manager at McDonald's would make them feel successful. It's the "wealthy" people of society that tells everyone else where you need to be to become successful. As long as the individual is content and happy where they are in life then they are successful.

  • Sputnik
    Sputnik Month ago

    Maybe the IQ test is defective.

  • sam son
    sam son Month ago +1

    The smartest guy on the planet is Terence Tao with an IQ of 230 he's a math professor in Australia I believe

    • sam son
      sam son Month ago

      NEGUS MBARKA by what measure are you deciding the intelligence of these many other people? I'm am not aware of another quantifiable method of measuring intelligence and there are possibly 5 people on the planet with a similar level of intellectual capacity to Terence Tao I hardly think that qualifies as many

      NEGUS MBARKA Month ago

      sam son thats the western version there are melanin ppl who outdo that

  • Adventure
    Adventure Month ago

    So IQ's doesn't intelligence??