24 Hours in my Brothers Panic Room

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • I dont even know man
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  • Laura Jazz
    Laura Jazz Hour ago


  • Jewel Recalde
    Jewel Recalde 3 hours ago

    11:29 did uno shake his butt???? HHAHAHHAHAHHAHA

  • xX_Alexis _Xx
    xX_Alexis _Xx 8 hours ago

    I said butler 5 times fast and the last time I said "butler" I said Hitler 😬

  • Liliana Julian
    Liliana Julian 17 hours ago

    In the beginning of the video on Morgan's phone was blinking

  • Destiny Fobbs
    Destiny Fobbs 20 hours ago

    0:01 y’all see that light?

  • Stella Fairfield

    9:42 a literal mood

  • Elise Leonard
    Elise Leonard Day ago

    Is it weird that this makes total sense to me
    Edit: 9:01 welcome to the life of an arachnophobe

  • Ganzo the Australian Shepherd

    It's okay if you do mess up on your videos because I will still watch them

  • Alex Van Sant
    Alex Van Sant 2 days ago

    you phone be blinking and shit right at the start

  • Olivia Rasmussen
    Olivia Rasmussen 2 days ago

    morgan uses beauty blender foundation...

  • Isabel Shearer
    Isabel Shearer 2 days ago

    She says It is hard without a mirror there’s a mirror behind her

  • Susan Raulerson
    Susan Raulerson 3 days ago +3

    like in the beginning the government is watching you

  • Flaviia Lopez
    Flaviia Lopez 4 days ago +3

    Wait my birthday was on 3 of February and she stayed there on the 4 of feb :3

  • Tammie XOXO
    Tammie XOXO 4 days ago

    PLEASE @RYLANDADAMS!! PLEASE DO A VIDEO OF YOU MAKING THOSE COOKIES! they look sooooo GOOOD!!! I want some so bad 😫 help I have 2 cans of pumpkin and chocolate chips??? What do I do lol yours look so moist yummmmmmmmmm❤️

  • Gorgina Lopez
    Gorgina Lopez 5 days ago

    did any of u see that flashing light in the begining of the vid. somone may be recording her every move.

    • DazzleMe
      DazzleMe 4 days ago

      shane discussed
      this in one of his videos. its the sensor thats looking for your face to unlock your phone

  • Daniela Flores
    Daniela Flores 5 days ago


  • Ella Cassel
    Ella Cassel 6 days ago

    There was a huge cockroach on my Toilet seat and ever since i have been paranoid

  • Elli Taylor
    Elli Taylor 7 days ago

    You've inspired me to test my iq. Apparently, according to the free test, it was in the range of 127 to 143. Twas hilarious!

  • QWERTY 135
    QWERTY 135 7 days ago +3

    Morgan:Do yOu ThINk iT kNoWs wEre fiLmiNG?
    Cat:*eats grass* yEs I KnOw

  • Kirby Dufour
    Kirby Dufour 7 days ago +7

    Wait until you have kids....being locked away in that room for 24 hours would be HEAVEN!!! 24 hours to lay around and DO NOTHING!!!

  • Isabelle Sweet
    Isabelle Sweet 8 days ago

    Wait did u see that 0:01 😮😮😮

  • desuuu_
    desuuu_ 9 days ago

    morgan's phone at the start of the video just did the blinking light thing-

  • we are all baby
    we are all baby 9 days ago

    “It’s a little hard without a mirror”
    The mirror behind her:😔🤙

  • Abbz
    Abbz 9 days ago

    Morgan : look at the teeth on that thing
    Cheeto ;

  • Kitty Rose
    Kitty Rose 10 days ago +1

    Ryland:it’s 9:14
    Turns into 9:15

  • arinator lyfe
    arinator lyfe 11 days ago +7

    *honey walks in*
    *uno walks in*
    morgan: *cough*

  • pineapple queen
    pineapple queen 11 days ago +1

    Hay I gust want to say I love you and your squad if you’re reading this please tell Shane and Garrett Ryland and Andrea that they’re all amazing and I’m so sorry if I spelled something wrong I have dyslexia not really but you know I just dumb and general and PS you should do another video of spilling tea and make sure it’s boiling hot please
    PS. I want ice cream right now but I can’t go to a store at 1:00 am 😑😌

  • Gãbbÿthę Råççøøñ

    Omg I just realized that the panic room is kind of like the room Jenna made in the rented house

  • Gãbbÿthę Råççøøñ

    If anyone is freaking out about the flashing light on her phone it’s ok it’s just there to detect a face to open the phone

  • {*Gacha Potato*} :P
    {*Gacha Potato*} :P 11 days ago

    Reminded me of the song panic room

  • Duchess Of Earl
    Duchess Of Earl 11 days ago +1

    Shane is GLOWING 🤩✨⭐️

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 11 days ago +1

    Rylands wallpaper omg UNO you so cuuutttee

  • PaYtoN PaYtoN
    PaYtoN PaYtoN 12 days ago +2

    Ryland:TherEs OnLy EnoUgh oAtmEaL fOr Me
    That’s me too my siblings

  • Erica Johnson
    Erica Johnson 12 days ago

    So glad I’m not the only one who has to wash my hair everyday. I don’t understand how people go so long. My hair looks like someone fried bacon on my head if I don’t wash it everyday. 😩

  • Kiera Edmonds
    Kiera Edmonds 12 days ago

    Morgan there was a mirror behind you the whole time lol

  • Josefine G
    Josefine G 13 days ago

    I need a panic room

  • Melanie Perez
    Melanie Perez 13 days ago

    9:22 if you don’t want to see spiders

  • Husky Team
    Husky Team 14 days ago

    Honey is so cute

  • Annabella Tellish
    Annabella Tellish 14 days ago +8

    Morgan: It’s really hard without a mirror
    Me: What? There is literally a mirror right next to you!🤣

  • Pratik Mishra
    Pratik Mishra 14 days ago

    What is the point of a panic room if you can't close the door worrying about running out of oxygen?

  • ari
    ari 14 days ago +2

    Morgan the way you opened your eyes when Ryland turned on the light got me laughing for like 10 mins straight

  • Auqene
    Auqene 14 days ago

    pause at 15:07 perfect thumbnail

  • Ticci Toby
    Ticci Toby 14 days ago

    Omg Tomorrow is my birthday February 9th!!

  • Mark Angelo Valdejueza


  • peyton johnson
    peyton johnson 15 days ago

    I love watching the animals follow Ryland around

  • ayvah taylor
    ayvah taylor 16 days ago +4

    “it’s a little hard without a mirror”
    there’s a mirror behind her i-

  • Heaven Lee
    Heaven Lee 16 days ago

    I’m actually brain dead half the time

  • hello gaby
    hello gaby 17 days ago

    At the start it sounds like you are cryinging

  • Leah wiseman
    Leah wiseman 17 days ago

    Ryland was being like a good dad 😂😂

  • Amy Zavala
    Amy Zavala 17 days ago

    OMG I love your vids👇

  • Susan. Pike.725
    Susan. Pike.725 18 days ago

    "Its harder without a mirror"
    *Morgan literally sitting like 0.5 ft from a mirror*

  • Dayanara gaming
    Dayanara gaming 18 days ago

    This made me laugh so hard

  • Josie Nichols
    Josie Nichols 19 days ago

    Wow I wish my brother was this nice to me lmao 😂

  • Katie F
    Katie F 19 days ago

    We have the same lotion and perfume from VS lmao

  • Jasmyin Garrett
    Jasmyin Garrett 19 days ago +20

    Morgan:I fell like Harry Potter
    Me: Morgan Adams and the adventures of the panic room

  • Sonya Yoffe
    Sonya Yoffe 19 days ago

    4:03 it's looking for your face to scan it so u can unlock ur phone
    But I do believe phones are spying but that is just an unlock scanner

  • Twin De la cruz
    Twin De la cruz 20 days ago

    14:03 her beauty blender omggg

  • Kathy Vu
    Kathy Vu 20 days ago

    OMG YOU’RE PHONE IS RECORDING YOU! But if you put you’re camera away you can see it. SHANE DAWSON CONSPICUOUS WHAT EVER ITS CALLED

  • Sydney Holmes
    Sydney Holmes 20 days ago

    For the love of God ....why the hell didnt you burn that house to the ground? lol If I had seen that I would have screamed ran then proceeded to call 911

    OUTLANDISH 21 day ago

    pupper room

  • kirsty isawesome
    kirsty isawesome 21 day ago

    Ryland is such a loving mother type

  • Bianca Ashby
    Bianca Ashby 21 day ago

    U posted this on my birthday lol

  • Kylie's World
    Kylie's World 22 days ago +1

    0:02 her phone does that flash of light that u can't see WTH I NEVER SEEN THATH BEFORE XD

  • Sahara Burley
    Sahara Burley 24 days ago +4

    The way ryland said “hEll nooo” 💀💀💀
    Ryland is just the funniest in this video 💀💀

  • Samantha Cruz
    Samantha Cruz 24 days ago

    I love this video

  • Chastin Holsenback
    Chastin Holsenback 25 days ago

    No ur not that is what most people do but just do cuts but at least u actually stay in there for 15 hours

  • Vicki Johnson
    Vicki Johnson 25 days ago

    🕷🔨 🔪🕷💣🕷🔫

  • Vicki Johnson
    Vicki Johnson 25 days ago

    The spider part scared me i was on the toilet😱😫🕷🚽

  • Courtney Clamp
    Courtney Clamp 25 days ago +1

    Ryland loving his sister while forgetting she’s his sister for 17 minutes

  • Unonimous Unonimous
    Unonimous Unonimous 26 days ago

    Morgan- it is hard with out a mirror
    Me- girl, there is a mirror right behind you on the wall!

  • gadelmund
    gadelmund 26 days ago

    THIS IS by far my most favorite episode yet. Please do more like this!
    I cried laughing that you were upset about Ryland not bringing you a towel! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Galaxy_ Cube
    Galaxy_ Cube 28 days ago

    Did anyone notice the light on morgans phone????

  • Candice's Corner
    Candice's Corner 28 days ago +1

    Morgan: it's gonna be hard without a mirror
    Me: there's a mirror right fuckin next to you

  • Abigail Servantez
    Abigail Servantez 28 days ago

    doggo: I.WANT.IT

  • string cheese8
    string cheese8 28 days ago

    I honestly love how Shane just pulls slime up out of no where. I swear hes so adorable with slime lmao