Unhinged Crackpot Nancy Pelosi Calls Steve Bannon a "White Supremacist"

  • Published on Feb 2, 2017
  • Nancy Pelosi must resign.

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  • Rampant FPV
    Rampant FPV 2 years ago +1

    How could California people keep electing this crackpot? This witch is gone KooKoo!

  • james rossi
    james rossi 2 years ago

    So what group of white supremacy does he belong to?? KKK?? Skin Heads?? what ties does he have to any of these groups?? I mean if you make a statement like that (not a claim) then one would think there was evidence to back it up. Just because you are from Calf. And just because your a liberal you still need proof! If there was any shred of proof she would of made reference to it. SO just like Hilly she can just lie about it and the mainstream bias liberal media will pickup on it and repeat the lie!! Showing that nothing in the Democratic Party or the press has changed!! Democrats have lost so many seats in the last few years both federal and state you would think they would beat a different drum, I know she's safe because she's from Calf. And they are so stupid out there they would reelect a doorknob if it was Democratic but the rest of the liberals should be concerned!! America is tired of the crap coming out of DC and want a change!! Nancy is the best thing to happen to the Republicans in years!! She is why Independents voted out Democratic and some in their own party voted them out!! Fake news has put Fox news on the top of the charts (which I never thought could happen). It's the people tired of not hearing the truth from people like her and the press who spoke this election and sent a firm message we are tired of it and don't care who gets in as long as it's not YOU!!!

  • frogsoda
    frogsoda 2 years ago +1

    This video. This is what a loser looks like.

  • ReligiousZombie
    ReligiousZombie 2 years ago

    Good for her. Trump voters are like ants. Stir up their anthill, and they go crazy for a while. It's entertaining.

    • Cretinous Jester
      Cretinous Jester 2 years ago

      Says the side rioting in the streets. Besides.....Trump's ants are better than Democrat roaches.

    • frogsoda
      frogsoda 2 years ago +1

      You're easily amused. And easily led.

    • ReligiousZombie
      ReligiousZombie 2 years ago

      This "frogsoda" dude just proved my point. ROFL.

    • frogsoda
      frogsoda 2 years ago +1

      ReligiousZombie Have you been living under a rock since the election?

  • El Grande
    El Grande 2 years ago +3

    I think the Congress needs to censure this cunt. This is pretty outrageous conduct.

    • Cretinous Jester
      Cretinous Jester 2 years ago

      Mandatory mental inspections for our entire government.

  • hawkermustang
    hawkermustang 2 years ago +3

    Jews need to settle down with all this name calling.

    • hawkermustang
      hawkermustang 2 years ago +1

      +J T Yes she is. She claims another faith, but her husband is a Jew, and her family heritage is a Jew. Leftest Jews love to shit on white people.

    • Darren Mandalorian
      Darren Mandalorian 2 years ago +1

      Her handlers are Jewish.
      But this woman belongs in a concentration camp thats for sure.

    • Thought Police
      Thought Police 2 years ago +1

      I don't think Pelosi is Jewish, but to your point: Jews are indeed the ones waging the war on whites. Any white who opposes this assault is labeled a "white supremacist" by the Jewish media and Jewish hate groups like the ADL and SPLC.

  • Carlos Mbaziira
    Carlos Mbaziira 2 years ago +1

    Nany Pelosi smokes crack :)

  • Vince t
    Vince t 2 years ago +1

    puff... That ratchet woman, should apologize and beg to her children for forgiveness, for U/I have none for her!!