Emotional Van Jones: How do I explain this to my children?

  • Published on Nov 9, 2016
  • CNN political commentator Van Jones gets emotional during a panel discussion of a possible Donald Trump presidential upset.

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  • Armondo Alvarez
    Armondo Alvarez 18 days ago +1

    He is such a drama queen

  • The RoadRunner
    The RoadRunner 23 days ago +1

    Got my popcorn ready for the 2024 meltdown, Biden’s incompetence is making it more likely a Republican victory!

  • Tom Hogue
    Tom Hogue 25 days ago

    As of yesterday van is still using the race card - time to get new truthful material- and by the way explain the truth to your children
    - they are better

  • S S
    S S 27 days ago +1

    Don't really like Trump, but I low key kind of want him to come back and win in 2024 just to see the reaction and heads spin. Going to have the popcorn ready. Social media and news networks were just hilarious the next day and would be pay to see it happen again.

  • G K
    G K 28 days ago

    Cheapskate van jones

  • Abhinav Singh
    Abhinav Singh Month ago

    This is full of shit again

  • Atta Moghaddam
    Atta Moghaddam 2 months ago

    F u and ur kids buddy

  • Vanessa Park
    Vanessa Park 3 months ago

    Hey Van Jones how do you feel NOW ???? The dude you cried for is now the number one hated person on earth????!?!?!?!?

  • Jon Dough
    Jon Dough 3 months ago

    And cnn claims to be unbiased 🙄

  • Jules talley
    Jules talley 4 months ago

    bwhahahahahahaha...communist putz

  • zenoist2
    zenoist2 4 months ago

    you can explain it by saying you are a leftie and then all of your irrational and childish behaviour becomes crystal clear

  • zenoist2
    zenoist2 4 months ago

    What on earth is this idiot on about with his "whitelash ? Oh its CNN that would explain it

  • John Tebbutt
    John Tebbutt 6 months ago


  • Man with no name
    Man with no name 6 months ago

    Mr. Jones is an Open and Unapologetic Racist.

  • Myra House
    Myra House 7 months ago

    You lot are nuts!

  • Myra House
    Myra House 7 months ago

    Positive overall

  • Donny Detroit
    Donny Detroit 7 months ago

    Verbal Diarrhea!

  • MIC Guardino
    MIC Guardino 7 months ago


  • Princi Dhillon
    Princi Dhillon 8 months ago

    It hard to be parent fr u becoz u r two faced hypocrite ....no matter who president is its nvr hard to parent if u love ur kids .....well it could be hard fr u to parent becoz u r not there real father becoz their father was ur muslim friend or immigrant known one who knocked ur wife ....maybe thts why it was hard fr u to be parent ......becoz being a parent is best thing no matter who sits in White House....soooo plzzzz spare us this overacting n over dramatic dialogues...

  • John jones
    John jones 9 months ago

    You tell them the truth and CNN should be shut down for this propaganda, considering they made up everything

  • Bantu Kingdom
    Bantu Kingdom 9 months ago

    This video is more funny after the 2020 election.

    • In3rcia
      In3rcia 8 months ago

      @Bantu Kingdom I love you

    • Bantu Kingdom
      Bantu Kingdom 8 months ago

      @In3rcia 😂😂😂😂😂

    • In3rcia
      In3rcia 8 months ago +1

      you ain't black

  • Ladyboywonder
    Ladyboywonder 9 months ago

    America is a racist we had a black president with two terms

  • Allan Whitehead
    Allan Whitehead 9 months ago

    Oh my god that that guy is talking it up is scare mongering OMG talk about paranoia talk about the left doing a very good job digging at his reputation you sound like you need to take a Valium and shalax

  • Sewing Lady
    Sewing Lady 9 months ago

    All the neg comments bout this I pray God punish you

    • Brian Maduku
      Brian Maduku 7 months ago

      What type of weirdo prays for the punishment of others. 😕

  • Sewing Lady
    Sewing Lady 9 months ago

    He can't stir up what's already here

  • Sewing Lady
    Sewing Lady 9 months ago

    I love Van Jones I been crying for 63 years

  • lou Albino
    lou Albino 10 months ago

    Low life.

  • Larry Iarossi
    Larry Iarossi 10 months ago

    White lash? Hahahaha Von Jones is.a drama queen. He said almost the exact same thing after Trump and Biden debate, “a friend of mine just told me his son asked if we should get a gun after debate” Von Jones (Paraphrasing)

  • Jay D
    Jay D 10 months ago +5

    Little did he know that he would shed happy tears after Joe Biden won.

    • REX YZ
      REX YZ 8 months ago

      Ofcourse what do you expect cnn leans left and fox leans right both bullshit news networks

  • professorbland
    professorbland 10 months ago

    Explain it by taking them to go talk with a trump voter

  • Paolo Cruz
    Paolo Cruz 10 months ago

    He literally cries every election

  • shelly Hooper
    shelly Hooper 10 months ago

    Van Jones your dog vomit 🤮🤮🤮

    • Crimson
      Crimson 10 months ago

      Shut up, dumbass.

  • Geety Waziri
    Geety Waziri 10 months ago

    Van Jones speaks my mind....

  • Derek Hunter
    Derek Hunter 11 months ago

    How can I get RU-clip to block CNN for me. Jesus...

  • S Man
    S Man 11 months ago

    Like an adult? They’re kids what the fuck do they care

  • Movies For Adults
    Movies For Adults 11 months ago

    CNN’s tool and bitch.

  • Steven H
    Steven H 11 months ago

    How do you explain the best employment numbers the strongest military and safest borders the USA ever had? One simple word....Trump.

  • Silver Back
    Silver Back 11 months ago

    It had absolutely NOTHING to do with race. Van is pissed off because his dream of a Marxist regime in the US has been assailed.

  • fastsr20det
    fastsr20det 11 months ago

    What a puss

  • Wingman46
    Wingman46 11 months ago

    Stupid race baiter.

  • Vader
    Vader 11 months ago +1

    Liberal tears😋😋😋

    • Crimson
      Crimson 10 months ago +1

      Conservative tears 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  • Dougie tumata
    Dougie tumata 11 months ago +1

    Cry me a river (get over yourself your feelings don’t dictate the fact that people
    Have had enough of the previous corrupt ,greedy and biased organisation)
    To say my friends are contemplating moving to another country or what am I gonna tell my children
    Tomorrow - That is literally the most stupid comments I have ever heard in my life
    Stop being a sore loser and move on
    This is exactly the reason TRUMP WON

  • Guy K
    Guy K Year ago

    This black man is real racist!! Oh my God!! It is real?

  • Yogesh kumar
    Yogesh kumar Year ago

    This guy shouldn't be a father.

  • Parker Gabriel
    Parker Gabriel Year ago

    Is this guy serious?

  • freelandsm1
    freelandsm1 Year ago

    Such a drama queen

  • freelandsm1
    freelandsm1 Year ago

    You tell your kids America did NOT want Communism......stupid!

  • Betty Mawanza
    Betty Mawanza Year ago

    Vans Jones you’re a snake

  • TrapSentral
    TrapSentral Year ago

    Love seeing CNN BITCH about this 😂

  • Piero Conte
    Piero Conte Year ago

    What a hypocrite...

  • Deadass New Yawker

    Explain to your kids you a Beta Male

  • Mac Ram
    Mac Ram Year ago


  • Daniel G.
    Daniel G. Year ago +1

    Van Jones is Fake Crying and is embarrassing himself. He was planning this and forced himself to fake cry in order to make headlines. What a total fool ! I feel sorry for his children who will one day see how ridiculous their father looked. I do give him credit for being a good father and bringing his children into stability and a strong family. That said, c’mon, he looks like an idiot and cares about Daca Babies about as much as most people care about crab grass.

  • Boat Rockers
    Boat Rockers Year ago +4

    They’ll be crying again after Trump proves the election was rigged.

    • 8Bit
      8Bit Year ago

      I- nevermind.

    MMA FAMILY Year ago +1

    This is pathetic

  • 3rdDegreeJJBurns
    3rdDegreeJJBurns Year ago +1

    Not sure how he would explain to his kids how weak and pathetic he looked 😂

  • Kimberr Kennedy
    Kimberr Kennedy Year ago +1

    Everyone is laughing their ass off at this boy crying like a damn baby 🤣

  • B Sackett
    B Sackett Year ago +2

    We used to call guys like him pussies and wimps. Still seems fitting.

  • Dennis Brock
    Dennis Brock Year ago +1

    Van just tell your kids how much a bitch you is.

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith Year ago +1


  • Aaron Shaver
    Aaron Shaver Year ago +1

    Jones was right. Look at the Muslim ban, Charlottesville, Kenosha, kids in cages. It all happened. Thanks goodness Biden/Harris won so we can leave this sad chapter behind us.

    • Crimson
      Crimson 10 months ago

      @Collectible & Butik no, fuck YOU

    • Woodsmen #
      Woodsmen # Year ago +2

      There was no Muslim ban.
      Kenosha riots were instigated by radical leftists.
      Kids in cages was implemented by Obama.

  • David Wheeler
    David Wheeler Year ago +1

    POS, he drank his own koolaide 🤮

  • PennStateFan24
    PennStateFan24 Year ago +1

    What the hell is he talking about 😂😂😂

  • Videos Chistosos
    Videos Chistosos Year ago +1

    dude looks dumb crying on tv lol crocodile tears

  • Clark W
    Clark W Year ago

    Did Van Jones say he has enough class? Lol that’s a joke! Smh

  • Boxing Proff
    Boxing Proff Year ago

    This foo always crying.

  • Rob Best
    Rob Best Year ago

    😭😭... 😂🤣😂 Loved it in 2016...love it now in 2020

    • Crimson
      Crimson 10 months ago

      How are you doing?

  • patrisio3
    patrisio3 Year ago

    Be disobedient to the Lord, worship false gods, break laws of the land, have hatred in you, etc. and you will have problems no matter who the president is...whether an immigrant, Muslim, white, black, Hispanic, politician, etc. Not trying to say I am all that because I am not. But as a 48 year old black man having lived in 7 states and visited another 37, I have never had issues in white America. Not with police, not on the job, never. Show integrity, honor, respect, and REAL love (not that pseudo love junk liberals try to push) and you will get it in return. But many don't want to hear that. They rather hear things that sign off on their hellion lives and make them feel better while blaming others for their problems. That's weak. People (left, right, middle) need to shut up, stop all of the victim-hood mess, let the carnal mind go, repent, and seek Christ.

  • patrisio3
    patrisio3 Year ago

    What to tell your children? Tell them to forget all of this political junk and get with the Lord. Tell them to leave the "cares of the world" and the matrix alone. Gone are the days of dignity, honor, respect, moral value, etc. That goes for both citizens and politicians. The past several elections have been nothing but circus shows with no one to really vote for (but rather vote against). I vote because it is my duty as a citizen and I vote for who I THINK can do a better job. But do I put my trust and faith in a puppet I mean president, party, congresses, etc.? Nope. Like the Bible says, cursed is the one that trust in man (and might as well say "man or woman" in today's dumb political correctness world).

  • stephonlee0123
    stephonlee0123 Year ago

    #JPB Boys in the building 🤣😂🤣😂