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  • Published on May 4, 2021
  • yay www.ilikeme.co/ IS NOW LIVE after FOREVER!
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    ✰ FAQ ✰
    what’s your ethnicity? Half English, Half Egyptian
    how tall are you? 5'7"
    where do you live? Cardiff, Wales
    what equipment do you use to film?
    ➭ main vlog camera: canon g7x mark iii ( amzn.to/2UiLbMp )
    ➭ mini tripod: manfrotto pixi tripod ( amzn.to/2Ja1jcP )
    ➭ my fancy camera: sony a7r iii ( amzn.to/39hS3Om_
    ➭ lens: sony 24-105 F4 ( amzn.to/2QJkcaO )
    ➭ main tripod: benro travel tripod ( amzn.to/39nyJiV )
    ➭ lights: godox SL-60W ( amzn.to/2QIWnjf )
    ➭ beauty softbox: selens 105cm beauty dish ( amzn.to/2JfF0m1 )
    ➭ editing software: final cut pro
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Comments • 135

  • Alex G
    Alex G Year ago +50

    Mika’s little voice saying, “Mama I want my dinosaur parts. Can you open it?” ...ugh!! The cuteness!! I can not deal! 😩😍😂👌🏽

  • Genesis Hernandez
    Genesis Hernandez Year ago +2

    Mika is soooo cute, the way you are with your kids I love it Masha’Allah 🥰

  • Sophia Secretary
    Sophia Secretary Year ago +6

    I really appreciate you being so open about your relationship with food. Makes me not feel like a weirdo

  • 👸Princess AmienaTV👸

    Hi Dina 🤗
    Love your channel and hope you get the reno fone in time Insha Allah 😘
    Interesting Ramadaan vlogs kept us well occupied and entertain 😂
    Here wishing you and Sid and kids a fabulous stylish Eid Mubarak from my home to yours mmmmmwah on the cheek😘💖💞🎉🎁💝🇿🇦

  • Maha Fatimah
    Maha Fatimah Year ago +2

    Congratulations!! so happy for this launch and the previous one. We have seen you guys working hard and IA it will be a huge success.
    Much love!

  • K
    K Year ago +22

    Mika is so adorable mashallah 🥰

  • A M
    A M Year ago +1


  • S. Fatima
    S. Fatima Year ago +1

    Loving your energy Dina, kitchen looks exciting too

  • Kyïv stuff
    Kyïv stuff Year ago +17

    I’m also starting my period so I’ve made myself chicken livers (for iron) and a mountain of spaghetti carbs with tomatoes, and pickles on the side. I’m eating it and watching this vlog. So glad to see Dina happy and joking around.

  • Naasira amin
    Naasira amin Year ago

    Congrats on the collection!! 2 collections in 1 months!! Alhumdulillah!! So proud!! ❤️

  • Helpful tips Helpful tips

    Dina Issa vibe I swear. She got that swag!! Periodt.

  • Derry5
    Derry5 Year ago +2

    Kitchen looks amazing can’t wait to see it when it’s finished, I love your taste

  • S Choudhury
    S Choudhury Year ago +3

    Ahhhh Mika is soooo adorable!!!! Ma sha allah

  • Shine
    Shine Year ago

    Very nice couple and team mashallah 🥰
    Good luck for your brand launch guys 🤩

  • CF
    CF Year ago

    Dinaaaaa congratulations on launching the brand!! You’re awesome 😎 🤍💪🏽

  • Spanglish with Taz
    Spanglish with Taz Year ago +25

    when I'm bored as hell ,, but then Dina drops a video and it includes working out .....😭💖!

  • ahmad nasser
    ahmad nasser Year ago

    Your kids has grown a lot may god protect them all love for u guys 😁

  • Z
    Z Year ago +1

    love u guys! enjoying these Ramadan vlogs

  • San
    San Year ago

    You guys are adorable. Miss you guys. Stay safe & blessed 😊

  • yndianna
    yndianna Year ago +18

    No, the hoodie is already sold out 😭 Congrats on the launch Dina & Sid 👏🏾🙌🏾 Can't wait for the restock

  • Shalini Tiwari's corner

    A bowl of millet porridge with raisins and crushed figs is heavenly to have for morning breakfast. Healthy as well as tasty 💖

  • Angela Jean
    Angela Jean Year ago

    Can't wait for items to be restocked. I'm buying 1 of each. Love the collection.

  • Aries Mum
    Aries Mum Year ago +1

    Love the kitchen stuff of dreams x

  • S. Fatima
    S. Fatima Year ago +40

    Wanted the hoodie, looks like its sold out. Hoping that it'll be available soon for Canadian audience x

  • Asra Ahmed
    Asra Ahmed Year ago

    Dina. A vibe. A whole vibe. Sneaky beaky 🤣🤣♥️♥️♥️ I love this human

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani Year ago

    Awwww Dina looks amaaazing!!!! MashaAllah

  • astrochelz96
    astrochelz96 Year ago

    Congrats you guys!!!!! Waiting for the crew neck sweatshirts to restock!!

  • adidja documents
    adidja documents Year ago +10

    While watching your vlog, my African mum walks in wondering if we had a visitor from abroad 😂

  • Al
    Al Year ago

    Hahaha sneaky peaky scene had me dying 😂😂 Dina i just want u to know i love u so so much! ❤ I've been watching u from the start and until now i would watch ur videos over anything. Your the first thing i type into youtube when on it..and pretty much type it every day to check if theres a new vid out.. I have watched every single video of yours and i'll never ever get bored of you 🥰

  • Greenme
    Greenme Year ago

    Loved the pieces, look so comfy and nice. ✨🤍

  • Petra Maynard
    Petra Maynard Year ago

    Don't close off the double doors Dina. They're fabulous! Let there be light!!

  • Anna Fatania
    Anna Fatania Year ago +4


  • Chehrazad C
    Chehrazad C Year ago

    You looked so good in the shoot! 😍😍😍

  • 재
     Year ago +2

    Omg so happy you guys posted 🙈🙈🙈🙈 I've been watching your old vlogs coz I've missed you guys but yay today 😍💕

  • Sid's BARBER
    Sid's BARBER Year ago +4

    Eid mubarak sid and dina

  • Eesha shafaq
    Eesha shafaq Year ago +2

    Omg I just had my kitchen done it took 8 months
    Ily ❤️

  • burganza bollywood
    burganza bollywood Year ago +15

    How you on Vlogadan day 6 when Eid is next week 😭 Love you Dina, wished you could upload more!

  • Shona M
    Shona M Year ago +4

    Sold out already, Congratulations! Will there be a restock tho? I missed it🥺

  • Faaizah Khan
    Faaizah Khan Year ago +8

    The kitchen dance is such a viiiiiibbbbbbeeeee💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

  • Hibaq Obsiye
    Hibaq Obsiye Year ago +21

    My cravings go crazy during my period too. But it's what my body wants so I'm more forgiving 😄

  • Cece Ramirez
    Cece Ramirez Year ago +1

    I made the same sound at the exact same time as Dina when Mika hit himself with the chair lol

  • Keisha Naraine
    Keisha Naraine Year ago

    When are you guys restocking???? I can't wait to buy a hoodie!!!! Love you guys

  • Jackie Ejaz
    Jackie Ejaz Year ago

    Ohhh ginger!!!! Sounds great go for auburn red

  • fr3agy
    fr3agy Year ago

    Loveee youuuu and canzwait for new stuff to come on ilikeme 😍😍😍

  • Sehrish Butt
    Sehrish Butt Year ago

    I have done 13 fasts as well taking breaks in between but it’s good that your vlogging during Ramadan. Inshallah will try to the remainder especially the last days as they are the most vital ones. I love your skipping videos is making me motivated to start exercising hahah 🤣☺️

  • Sugar Rose
    Sugar Rose Year ago +10

    I brought some of her jewelry I spent $300 usd.😬😬 I hope it last. I usually wear soild or hollow real gold. Her style of jewelry is beautiful I couldn't resist. 🤫 the hubby doesn't know.😂😂

  • KweenLatifa87
    KweenLatifa87 Year ago

    Lol I'm eating the honeycomb malteasers right now 😉😋

  • Shar NiE
    Shar NiE Year ago +2

    I lost out on the hoodie my sleeping patterns backwards, fasting, uni studies.... oh well. Sending out good vibes out to the universe, the tracksuit looks siiiiiiiick 😫🧐🤩🤩✴️

  • Anna Swanson
    Anna Swanson Year ago +3

    Happy Ramadan 🌙 ⭐️

  • Artax Octarine
    Artax Octarine Year ago

    Dinaaa where are your trainers from, the ones from the shoot? Also loveeee the ilikeme collection - can’t wait to buy in the restock ❤️

  • emmaleespringett
    emmaleespringett Year ago +1

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOLD OUT ALREADY 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I wanted that black hoodie like mad!!! Please give us a restock Dina. ❤️ from Australia 🇦🇺 xxx

  • The love from mai
    The love from mai Year ago +3

    Loveeeeeee the dancing and singing

  • Ray Mun
    Ray Mun Year ago

    Dina, we are in this together. I work out almost every day and I'm constantly eating and then feel bad if it's one type of food and eat a lot of it. Today it was three Muller yoghurts. I think I might start keeping a food bingeing journal. It's all about self control, but then I think I shouldn't deprive myself. And at weekends it's worse, lots of sweet food. Hopefully I can get it sorted.

  • Manuella
    Manuella Year ago

    I love these hoodies! What size were you wearing in this video Dina?

  • The love from mai

    We need more dancer dinaaaaa

  • JellyShoes605
    JellyShoes605 Year ago

    Your cat is so cute

  • Eza Majewska
    Eza Majewska Year ago +1

    How long would it take for ur hoodies to be in stock love watching u

  • Nas19
    Nas19 Year ago

    Ahh man! I just watched this vlog now to discover you’ve released the ilikeme clothing only to then go on the website and it’s all flipping out of stock! Gutted

  • Lynda Algeriana
    Lynda Algeriana Year ago

    Same here. I want the hoodie. Once it’s back in stock. I shall purchase

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani Year ago

    Sid doing the tik tok 😂😂😂😂

  • S
    S Year ago

    Wait is this the first time we see mika's face!!! Msa angel!!

  • Guel Karatas
    Guel Karatas Year ago

    So amaaaazing

  • souma Cave
    souma Cave Year ago

    Do more videos together

  • Cynthia
    Cynthia Year ago

    I can’t wait until you restock! 😩

  • Tohow Barise
    Tohow Barise 11 months ago +1

    Mohamed youssef married wedding amira love you all me too and I can’t wait to see your family baby boy baby girl

  • damasfi j
    damasfi j Year ago

    You should try the brand simple human for your kitchen ( bin etc )

  • Just Tas xo
    Just Tas xo Year ago +5

    I like me jumpers remind me off something you find in primark! I have a similar one that says smile🤣

  • Afshi786’s OOO
    Afshi786’s OOO Year ago +53

    I wish you had a curvy girl model, because I had how most sweatshirts are so tight at the bottom/bum and does not look flattering.

    • Sara A
      Sara A Year ago

      their fit is quite loose and long thought.. it doesn't sit on the waist

    • Sugar Rose
      Sugar Rose Year ago +14

      I agree, all clothing should use curvy women. My hips and thighs are thick, tummy is smaller. I want to cover my bum too without looking like I'm wearing a trash bag.

  • Nadia Dansani
    Nadia Dansani Year ago

    I had to listen to hear what she said about the milk and it’s frothy not effing 😂😂😂😂

  • Ikran
    Ikran Year ago

    Dina, can i please ask where your workout trousers are from? 😩😍

  • m z
    m z Year ago

    Please can you post on here when you restock I really want one but not on insta to find out as soon as new stock drops 💕

  • Melody Bell
    Melody Bell Year ago +3


  • Be kind
    Be kind Year ago +1


  • shauneez Rigney
    shauneez Rigney Year ago

    Ramadan is literally almost over don’t bother with the ramavlogs babes

  • amel hae
    amel hae Year ago +2

    Look in the lens! Xx

  • Tayyibah Khan
    Tayyibah Khan Year ago

    Lmao dina ur fucking funnyyyy af

  • Raabia
    Raabia Year ago +8

    For something you’ve been working on for 2 years it’s so limited and overpriced ? £55 for a hoodie and £25 for a basic T

  • Rabia Semih
    Rabia Semih Year ago

    I really do hope you have not gone for a Minerva worktop as its the worse material ever! We have had soo much trouble and gone through alot of stress with Magnet!

  • Jaz Khan
    Jaz Khan Year ago +1


  • Aisha Marie
    Aisha Marie Year ago

    I’m so sad! Lol I wanted a hoodie but they’re sold out ☹️

  • NK
    NK Year ago

    the hoodie is sold out! oh well i can wait hahah

  • catsforever :3
    catsforever :3 Year ago +2

    Anyone else triggered by the tap on in the kitchen 😭😭😭😭

  • brightside786
    brightside786 Year ago

    Everything’s sold out ^.^ when will you restock Dina x

  • Smita T
    Smita T Year ago

    Oh man I watched you many many many years back when you used to wear a turned and were pregnant with you 1st (or maybe 2nd) child... how is that you have grown soooo much more beautiful than before!!! Hey, why'd you stop wearing turbans. You have mellowed down SOOOOoOooOo much !! You vlogs were all about you yelling a your husband.. and look at you now... !! Wow!!

  • By Grace
    By Grace Year ago +1

    I think the maltezers took you over the edge 🤭🤣

  • amara pa
    amara pa Year ago


  • ferda begum
    ferda begum Year ago

    hoodie already sold out . we need a restock

  • sohnia ndoye
    sohnia ndoye Year ago +32

    Your house’s been in renovation for 3 years😂

  • Mays Alhalawani
    Mays Alhalawani Year ago +1

    I have been following you since the beginning, and I can tell that you look depressed and unhappy, please take care of your mental health, praying for you 🙏🏻

  • Raabia
    Raabia Year ago +12

    Why’s the hoodies so expensive ?

    • burganza bollywood
      burganza bollywood Year ago +2

      It’s manufactured in England rather than in China or wherever where labour is cheaper, the quality is also better.

  • Hyrunnisa
    Hyrunnisa Year ago +4

    I remember you said your nose gets runny when you eat. I am pretty sure thats because you might have a histamine intolerance. Check to see if you have any other histamine symptoms.

  • Yusra Yusuf
    Yusra Yusuf Year ago

    Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim !
    (Fatwa: 86/87/D=01/1435) The face of a woman is part of hijab; it should be veiled from a non-mahram. She should cover her face with chuddar or burqah while going out or facing any non-mahram, she can open one eye for seeing the way, as it is narrated from Sayyidna Ibn Abbas and Qatada (رضي الله عنهما). It is mentioned in the Quran: يا أيها النبي قل لأزواجك وبناتك ونساء المؤمنين يدنين عليهن من جلابيبهن O prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers that they should draw down their shawls over them. [33:59] It means to cover the entire body including face; since ‘Jilbab’ in Arabic means a chuddar which covers the entire body of a person. They should let the corner of shawl on their face so that nobody can see them. Obviously, after these details, there is no room to say that covering face is not wajib. The Quran explicitly commands to veil the face.
    Allah (Subhana Wa Ta'ala) knows Best
    Darul Ifta,

  • Tohow Barise
    Tohow Barise 11 months ago +1

    Mohamed Youssef 😻marriage 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍Amira

  • Rupa xx
    Rupa xx Year ago


  • Zee A
    Zee A Year ago

    Oh noooo there isn’t any M or L sizes available 😩

  • afsheen syed
    afsheen syed Year ago +2

    First for the first time.love from pakistan

  • Nour
    Nour Year ago

    Dinaaaa which size are you wearingggggg

  • Mona Nabil كلام وردي


  • Tohow Barise
    Tohow Barise 11 months ago +1

    Mohamed Youssef Marriage 💍🤰🤲Amira Love you husband

  • Yasmin Muhammed
    Yasmin Muhammed Year ago

    Dunya over akhira !!!