Britain's Got Talent 2017 Matt Edwards Hilarious Comedic Magician Full Audition S11E05


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  • LM__ 10
    LM__ 10 2 days ago

    I really like this guy.he's so funny

  • Pat Lange
    Pat Lange 3 days ago

    I loved

  • David R.
    David R. 4 days ago

    The only thing I don't like about this is he only does one trick! This guy is hilarious!

  • Rainbowtoyreviews
    Rainbowtoyreviews 6 days ago +1

    I saw the thumbnail...i clicked

  • kalelargaa
    kalelargaa 8 days ago

    Love him 💖💖

  • Vince Oh Myyy
    Vince Oh Myyy 8 days ago

    8:40 is the true example of genuine, pure, love reaction. it's just pure.

    UNREAL REALITY 10 days ago

    I was expecting some usual magic tricks know the casual sleight of hands and distraction ..but this was pure magic...just magic like something out of fairy tail .....Ant and Dec know when to press that golden buZZer that's for sure!

  • Melinda Ensley
    Melinda Ensley 10 days ago

    he is amazing

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson 15 days ago

    Matt Edwards is totatlly AWESOME! This is a really really funny guy. "I like him alot"

  • Toxic Gamer
    Toxic Gamer 16 days ago

    04:08 he has to watch on his hand lol

  • Smarty The Pants
    Smarty The Pants 17 days ago

    Simple nice guy who happens to be f-u-n-n-y.

  • Manal Noly
    Manal Noly 17 days ago

    Looks gay as fuck

  • Mike Tango
    Mike Tango 18 days ago

    fro those two clowns behind stage, . we stop watch this show....

  • Made in heaven me
    Made in heaven me 18 days ago

    I heard him say he is single? Did i?

  • Kaushik Seetharam
    Kaushik Seetharam 19 days ago

    Inspiration.. don't ask me what he did... It's what he is!!!!

  • Ieuan Mills
    Ieuan Mills 19 days ago

    Ugh. I hate this guy already. What a tit.

  • scott Langdon
    scott Langdon 19 days ago

    You know I watch these short moments in someone's life and I become emotional. I have watched this at least 50 times. Each time, I don't care too much for the magic, it's cool don't get me wrong, but the pure enjoyment he offers to us is just intoxicating. He is a GREAT performer.

  • Charlie Riley
    Charlie Riley 21 day ago

    this was 99% comedy and 1% magic

  • The piggy Bankky
    The piggy Bankky 22 days ago

    @0:53 look at her she is moaning and look at Simons face he feels great 😂😂🔥

  • Savana Sings
    Savana Sings 23 days ago

    Ok I'm sorry but, how can you be CUTE, FUNNY AND HOT AT THE SAME TIMEEEEE!

  • person person
    person person 23 days ago

    What if he was doctor who

  • LHT100 V2.0
    LHT100 V2.0 23 days ago

    He sound like beast boy🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Luke BonniciHunt
    Luke BonniciHunt 25 days ago

    TEQUILA !😂

    M.S.C ISLAND 25 days ago +4

    This is God doin his work through you brother. You were born for this. God bless you. Don’t stop doin this. We all love you.

  • aymegospy 666
    aymegospy 666 25 days ago


  • Seb Horne
    Seb Horne 26 days ago


  • KHAOS 1
    KHAOS 1 26 days ago +3

    Mmmmm now who does he remind me of JIM CARREY same energy....... 👌

  • The Crazy Hardscapes
    The Crazy Hardscapes 26 days ago

    Latkaaaaa 😁

  • Amelie Amelie
    Amelie Amelie 27 days ago

    Omg hes so cute

  • Nicole Boyd
    Nicole Boyd 28 days ago +2

    Can't stop laughing can't breath lol

  • Joshua Sison
    Joshua Sison 28 days ago

    3:25 watch it closely his left hand HAHAHA

  • DillyPickle
    DillyPickle 28 days ago

    He was really annoying in my opinion.

  • sanctuarywoods77
    sanctuarywoods77 29 days ago


  • Maria Victoria Gile
    Maria Victoria Gile 29 days ago

    Matt look like a lot woodie

  • Victor Thiros
    Victor Thiros 29 days ago +1

    What a funny act. Golden buzzer worthy indeed.

  • Lori Denham
    Lori Denham 29 days ago

    Great Comedian.

  • SyahirNfs
    SyahirNfs Month ago

    Not what i could bet on.

  • Stefan PRO
    Stefan PRO Month ago

    Im from Romania and he was at an romanian show and its the same stuff he did but still impreses me and makes me laught

  • Abraham Aviles
    Abraham Aviles Month ago

    1:16 minecraft villagers

  • T Fry
    T Fry Month ago

    What a silly pathetic stupid man everybody knows that when he pours the salt in his hand he puts it in a false thumb that he pulls off and puts in his hand

  • Uros Damjanac
    Uros Damjanac Month ago

    Matt's Awesome

  • noname MIKE
    noname MIKE Month ago

    That was awful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fundación C3 (Comisión Colombiana de Coheteria y astronáutica C3)

    I don't really know why I remember Sophie Dee? Is a mistery!

  • Dany D.
    Dany D. Month ago


  • Croatoan Ankou
    Croatoan Ankou Month ago +1

    OMG Matt you are amazing. Love it. I could watch this every second of everyday and wouldn't get tired. Love the reaction of the golden buzzer. You definitely earned it!!

  • Nazeki
    Nazeki Month ago

    3:39 an ape going nuts.
    Makes me uncomfortable.

  • Alotofpushups
    Alotofpushups Month ago

    Does the janitor have a right to use the golden buzzer as well?

  • Elise
    Elise Month ago

    He is a cartoon character. Love it.

  • BlackC4G4M3R GTACOD
    BlackC4G4M3R GTACOD Month ago +1


  • Madeline Larson
    Madeline Larson Month ago

    I like his eyebrows

  • Tony Rod
    Tony Rod Month ago +1

    1:58 I bet the girl has a crush on him look at her she's a gold digger

  • Jaime Fuentes
    Jaime Fuentes Month ago

    HE looks very simmilar to hugh jackman

  • NG -Arabia
    NG -Arabia Month ago

    I felt that this gentleman pains of the 34 years 🌺 Muchas Gracias senior

  • simseg110
    simseg110 Month ago

    Soy de argentina

  • Gera Torres
    Gera Torres Month ago

    he sound like every british nigga

  • Baljeet Sabarwal
    Baljeet Sabarwal Month ago

    last scene😘😘😘

  • Ranjit Suvarna
    Ranjit Suvarna Month ago

    Most awesome guy

  • Adviceptic
    Adviceptic Month ago

    David seems unamused 😂😂

  • joey marquez
    joey marquez Month ago +1

    when ever im bored i always remember this video.. damn.. tears in my eyes again..

  • Hoang Doge
    Hoang Doge Month ago

    Over reaction =_=