Harley-Davidson's New Adventure Bike, Street Fighter, and Electric Motorcycle Announced!

  • Published on Jul 31, 2018
  • Sneak Peak of H-D's 2020 Models that we have to look forward to. Recently announced, Harley-Davidson will be coming out with a new modular platform that will be the core of 3 new motorcycle lines. The Pan America, a Street Fighter Style bike, and a new Custom Cruiser style motorcycle. Matt Laidlaw goes into the details of what we know so far.
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Comments • 385

  • hogman61mike
    hogman61mike 29 days ago


  • Todd Pattison
    Todd Pattison Month ago

    So Harley Davidson is finally after 10 yrs re-visiting Erik Buell's ideas ?
    Hmmmm , , , interesting.

  • Slim Jim
    Slim Jim 2 months ago

    The panAmerican is interesting but I'm guessing Harley will price it out of this world.

  • Steve Wyatt
    Steve Wyatt 2 months ago

    How about the only fucking hybrid?

  • Wesley Martin
    Wesley Martin 3 months ago

    who's to say the new "future custom" isnt just the next step for the sportster line? who's to say this new engine isnt just the sportsters new engine period? the sportster hasnt gotten a new engine since '86 so why wouldnt they keep the sportster line and put a new engine in it?

  • Richard Olson
    Richard Olson 4 months ago

    Great video Matt! Comments seem pretty positive aside from the few "final nail in the coffin" remarks. I've heard the whole thing about HD being behind in the times over and over, and then they announce these new bikes and people still gotta hate!! Damned if ya do and damned if ya don't type of thing I guess. HD will continue to build and sell bikes no matter what, their core buyer thrives on its history and pride of ownership. They'll forever build big cruisers, but its pretty cool to see them expanding into these other markets.

  • Stanley Kania
    Stanley Kania 4 months ago

    Buy Japanese bikes.. Smart people do..

  • fernominal
    fernominal 5 months ago

    I would definitely upgrade the exhaust pipes to a;
    "Screaming Eagle" artificial V-twin sound!!..lol..!!

  • gendoo
    gendoo 5 months ago

    Good on Harley. Harley needs to push the envelope in the industry. They haven't done that in decades. They might find that they no longer be the brand that everyone "eventually buys" in any category anymore. This will be a long hill to climb, but I'm glad they are headed there. Buell never had the brand cache to warrant further development.

  • Beau Bertucci
    Beau Bertucci 6 months ago

    Harley’s are shit 👌🏼💯

  • Paul O'Neal
    Paul O'Neal 7 months ago

    I would put a set of knobbie tires on the pan am...

  • Pete Busch
    Pete Busch 7 months ago

    I think the direction Harley has taken is awesome and hope their new engines, features, and pricing will be competitive.

  • Str88ch Arbuckle
    Str88ch Arbuckle 8 months ago

    well i would like to see this

  • Paintslinger49
    Paintslinger49 8 months ago

    Matt, given the expansion of all these vehicles: will the dealerships at present be expected to handle all these models in their showroom inventories? And won't the demand for more mechanics requiring new training be pressing? Or will there be new ways to market/sell these units? It sounds like a window of just 2 years would mean ramping up on all this in a short time given the present size/capabilities of some of the Harley-Davidson dealerships in America.

  • v c
    v c 8 months ago

    It will only be a success if the dealers want it to be. Remember Buell?

  • Antoine Fleuriot
    Antoine Fleuriot 8 months ago

    The boring electric motorbike sounds crap like a UK battery milk float. Kills the character of a Harley that beautiful potato, potato sound and roar. It might help save the planet but it certainly will kill my interests in Harley Davidson and what there about.

  • mick hanks
    mick hanks 8 months ago

    But then turmps tariffs happened, so don't hold you breth

  • Ligma Bhalz
    Ligma Bhalz 8 months ago

    I really hope they dont get rid of the sportster. Maybe just have one or two varieties and let the aftermarket keep it alive. Personally I'm excited for the smaller displacement bikes, I really think the street line was wasted potential.

  • yakyakyak69
    yakyakyak69 9 months ago

    Harley has been guzzling the lunatic leftist Trump Derangement Syndrome cool aid. Harley does NOT want MAGA and does not want steel and aluminum in the USA so Harley can DIE OF OLD AGE just like their customer base.
    Looking at buying an Indian.

  • lazzyRJ
    lazzyRJ 9 months ago

    They should also make a Livewire variation with supersport styling. Fairings, clip ons, riding position, even fat tires . I know that would be a motorcycle people would want . There were several companies that were building these type of bikes and many people were preordering . A few failed miserably .The problem was going from prototype to production . They didn't quite have the money or the means to get the e-bikes or the companies themselves off the ground. Harley Davidson on the other hand is one of the few companies that can succeed where they have failed . They need to expand their customer base in order to succeed after the boomers can no longer ride . No other company has the dealer network like HD . They can become the future of motorcycling if they only see that they most embrace tomorrow's riders & also realize there will always be a place for the classic Harley Davidson as well. They are well positioned to be the #1 motorcycle manufacturer in the world period. These bikes are a step in the right direction. Really excited for what they have planned for the distant future.

  • BoiseG
    BoiseG 9 months ago

    I'm 53 yo and I gotta say, I can't decide if my next Harley will be a Pan America, or the Street Fighter! I love them!!!

  • Gary Hayes
    Gary Hayes 9 months ago

    Times are changing.

  • Galen Tong
    Galen Tong 9 months ago

    They should have never killed Buell. Look at that street fighter. It is like my Buell XB.

  • Chris Garramon
    Chris Garramon 9 months ago

    Hey Matt, you might forward this idea to HQ, BMW has different displacement options for their 'Adventure Bikes'. Why? WEIGHT! I WANT MY HARLEY ADVENTURE BIKE WITH THE 975cc MOTOR because it will be lighter in WEIGHT, or at least it should be. Unnecessary weight off road is a killer. I DON'T WANT IT!

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  9 months ago

      Agreed but a 1250 doesn’t necessarily weight more. If it’s the same engine.

  • duoglide69
    duoglide69 9 months ago


  • filmcostar
    filmcostar 10 months ago

    that's ironic I had been thinking about a harley adventure bike for some time now and mentioned it would be cool to have a factory adventure bike in your last video

  • Cornelius X
    Cornelius X 10 months ago

    Hopefully, these won't be top heavy. A low center of gravity on bikes like this will be great! Nice bikes looking forward to them. Please comment on center of gravity.

  • David Ruff
    David Ruff 10 months ago

    Matt; something that has not been mentioned is a DCT or auto trans like Honda has out now. Since HD is looking at that market, I would expect they might be working on an auto trans for the internal combustion bikes. Speculation for sure, however.....

  • David Ross
    David Ross 10 months ago

    I hate to be on the negative side of things, but am I the only one that think these new bikes look really cheesy looking? I like that Harley is trying to be more innovative and competitive, but the design doesn't really make me want to be seen on one. It looks like it has a Robocop body with an engine from Dragon Ball Z. Where's the class?

  • Tommy D
    Tommy D 10 months ago

    Matt, Great video. I really like the fat bob looking one, but if it replaces the sportster line, then I hope they keep a sportster price line. Not everyone can do a $25k motorcycle. If they can keep the price down on these bikes, I think it will be a great avenue to a lot if new customers from the dual sport and sports bike worlds.

  • greg k-muth
    greg k-muth 10 months ago

    Why did they dump buell just to bring them back again, another Harley fail

  • scottc95
    scottc95 10 months ago

    i think this will be a total failure in america. why?....because who can afford this? all the people i know that can afford a bike have one and they like the old and loud look on a harley. i dont know a single young person who can afford this .

  • Carhauler 38
    Carhauler 38 10 months ago

    Street Fighter looks awesome!

  • Michael Kastner
    Michael Kastner 10 months ago

    Like all live wires they eventually go dead !!!

  • Neil Shah
    Neil Shah 10 months ago

    Was gonna buy a motorcycle this summer but decided to save up my money from my internship. I can really see myself buying the livewire or the streetfighter in a couple years after graduating college. I think they will do way better in urban environments than the baggers. Then again part of me still wants a 1200cc air cooled engine rumbling under me. decisions, decisions

  • Michael Kastner
    Michael Kastner 10 months ago

    If it wont be bigger better faster than a KTM SuperDuke line then whats the point?

  • Mike Nicoll
    Mike Nicoll 10 months ago

    Award for ugly bike of the year ,find a decent designer please

  • LoudValves
    LoudValves 10 months ago

    marketing concepts .... time will tell ............ "street fighter" LOL Buelll ? where are you ? .... oh that's right... HD executed you ....

  • TJ Bummer
    TJ Bummer 10 months ago

    I'm just gonna buy a road glide when the Dyna is paid for. Hope they don't kill that too

  • Jason Bowers
    Jason Bowers 10 months ago

    Not to toot my own horn but I totally predicted the Pan America was a sport touring model on my blog two days before the announcement. See for your self at wordpress.com/read/feeds/84138163/posts/1939671641 Think HD is hiring?

  • asymptotic singularity
    asymptotic singularity 10 months ago

    Are these made in Thailand?

  • hellzdk1
    hellzdk1 10 months ago

    that adventure model front end looks shit but really like the design of the streetfighter model

  • Greg Roy
    Greg Roy 10 months ago

    KLR650 on meth. yawn

  • Imortis13
    Imortis13 10 months ago

    Looks like harley is just copying the style of what the European and the Japanese are doing to sell in Europe and asia which is odd since the European and asian riders are buying harleys because of their uniquely Amercian style🤔

  • T Lee
    T Lee 10 months ago

    thank you for taking us through the website. . .

  • RKS Georgia
    RKS Georgia 10 months ago

    All positives out of Milwaukee! Thanks for the scoop Matt!

  • neurodoc4u
    neurodoc4u 10 months ago

    I'm excited to see HD branching out. I've owned Buells before, and would love an HD adventure bike. I hope that the 975cc sport model comes in a version that is very sportbike-like, as it kills me to see that there isn't a full-production American sportbike. It doesn't even have to top 200mph to satisfy me; some slight updates to a Firebolt-like capability and I'd have loads of fun with it. I'll still keep my Ironhead though ;-)

  • Donald Grant
    Donald Grant 10 months ago +1

    That's what we need is a dirt bike that weighs 800 pounds. Did you see that thing jump that hill? Looked like a whale trying to fly. Plus you drop it with it weighing 800 pounds and you are going to do some damage that is going to cost you big time. But it you just want to piss money away go for it.

  • Jeff DAvid
    Jeff DAvid 10 months ago

    Ugly, all of them, looks like the Harley Davidson has lost its style and look, I’ll be off to japan for my next bike... don’t want anything made in Thailand.

  • fluffykittynoodles
    fluffykittynoodles 10 months ago

    Me and a buddy were talking about this just the other day; Harley needs an adventure bike that's competitively priced. Im excited to see the outcome.

  • Scoot Jockey
    Scoot Jockey 10 months ago

    I hope and wish that HD go for shaft drive at the rear.I too was gobsmaked when i saw the pic,s of the Pan- American,obviousley a prototype so changes to be done ,get rid of the mirror indicators for sure ( incase of fall) off road ?..Looks top heavy also,BUT all said and done i am really excited at the news.
    Thank you Matt for the information which is easy to understand from a laymans point of view.

  • Monroe
    Monroe 10 months ago

    I am a young guy, actually a millennial, but I have no interest in an electric bike or car. I think they're lame and nerdy. I am interested in the street fighter and the new custom model. I think they'd be crazy to ditch the Sportster namesake, that might be why they are just calling the new cruiser the "custom", maybe they're considering it as the Sporty replacement.

  • Travelingman 1980
    Travelingman 1980 10 months ago

    Only Retardistan could come up with such a shitbox adventure platform!

  • Travelingman 1980
    Travelingman 1980 10 months ago

    Middle weight.......600lbs....lol

  • J Dez
    J Dez 10 months ago

    I really hope HD doesn’t end the Sportster models, yes they need to go into a different direction but it would be a bad move to stop producing Sportsters.

  • Matthew Barger
    Matthew Barger 10 months ago

    the live wire motor thing looks kinda ugly, sort of like the old boxer motor bmw used back in the the day. the flat plank style seat looks like a 2x4 with a peace of vinyl on top. the pan America name sounds to much like pan-am, and there is that plank seat again, also to me the snout needs a more stylish nose job other than that its pretty dope. the street fighter looks great all over. nice seat. the new sporty looks great except the fat front tire in relation to the location of the radiator and no fender guard in between could mean trouble for the fragile radiator and there is that plank seat again. however i like the idea of HD expanding their thinking. i hope they do well in these endeavors. time will tell. as for me know body does cruisers like HD. the sound, the looks, know body does it better. i cant afford one though. hopefully that will change for me with some of these new models.

  • RoadRash
    RoadRash 10 months ago

    Personally, the LiveWire is the one that interests me the most. I have my 2015 FXDL and I already have a 2018 BMW 1200 GS.

  • Dick Johnson
    Dick Johnson 10 months ago

    The adventure bike is FUGLY

  • Gerald Scott
    Gerald Scott 10 months ago

    Canceling the Sportster would be a HUGE mistake. It is the ONLY bike that can give you the traditional Harley experience (sound and feel) for a more reasonable price. That sound and feel IS Harley Davidson, and they are doomed without it. I love my carbureted 1200 Sportster with an aftermarket exhaust.I rode Japanese for decades. I'd sure hate to see H-D build Japanese style bikes (smooth and quiet) Hopefully this bike will be a replacement for the Buell/V-Rod bikes. Maybe it will also replace the hideous and very poor quality "Street" series, especially if it comes in a 500cc displacement for beginners. I'm not against Harley building something new, but they damn sure need to keep what they have. As for the "livewire" it needs to be buried 200 miles deep. It's well past time we got over this battery powered toy fad.

  • nevillegreg1
    nevillegreg1 10 months ago

    Adventure bike, yes!!! But, I have a big 'but'. Unless it is going to up there in performance with the world leaders in this class like BMW, Triumph and KTM (perhaps even the Ducati Multistrada), then it will be a failure. It would be great to see HD return to the cirucit racing scene with the Street Fighter, competing in world class (ie. 'world', not USA) motorcycling racing. 16 new models, hope this is not the typical HD BS, you know, fitting saddlebags, windscreen, sissy bar and a rack to a Sportster and then calling it a 'new' model.

  • Matthew Mccomb
    Matthew Mccomb 10 months ago


  • Edysin Simon
    Edysin Simon 10 months ago

    I do hope they get this product right! The 1st time around! I certainly do wish HD get back into the game with the Pan-American

  • SRTspeed5
    SRTspeed5 10 months ago +1

    Erik Buell was HD's only real chance to remain innovative and relevant as a motorcycle company. If the current CEO and board of directors at H-D have any sense at all they would hire Erik Buell back immediately and give him carte blanche to run things as he sees fit. He was/is H-D's only hope! All that being said if H-D is expecting to compete with BMW and KTM in the Top tier 20K+ Adventure bike segment with this new Pan America concept that they better have their shit together! There are some really, really well developed bikes in those classes. Harley is going to have to win on merit not name in this game. Or they will end up making fools of themselves and be the laughing stock of the motorcycle world yet again...

    • housemover shane
      housemover shane 10 months ago

      I have waited on harley for years to make the bike I’ve been waiting on.
      Test rode the v rod, low rider s with the 110, street glide with the m8, even the 114 fat bob. Walked away every time disappointed I
      No power, limited handling, but most importantly they didn’t fit my requirements.
      Guess I will have to build my own
      Harley it’s so simple
      FXR or FXRP
      Big motor
      7 speed transmission
      Performance suspension
      Smiles for miles
      Hey Harley
      If the pan America is your answer to the bmw or triumph adv bikes that’s fine I guess
      If your going after the dirt adv market
      Go sit on a Ktm 1090, 1290 adventure r
      Go sit on a Ktm 500exc
      Watch Ktm 990 adventure go up the rubicon trail
      Realize that Ktm has spent years perfecting light weight dirt and street bikes
      Realize that they have keep true to there slogan ready to race in what they build.
      Realize how they bought Husaberg, then husqvarna, then merged them back together as one again (read about the 25 yr history of husaberg and how it came to be. How the soul of husqvarna decided that cagiva was not going to be there destiny, how they built husaberg from meager beginnings to what it became In the end with the 70 degree motor before Ktm merged them. )
      I say that because it falls right in line with what SRT speed 5 said. Harley needs someone to remind them where they were with buell, the fxr and where they could be with it today if it was updated
      The aftermarket has shown that there is a desire for that style bike but no harley doesn’t listen
      Buell made other bikes yes but I’m only referring to the fxr
      The buell bikes he made are also up for discussion but that would be on the streetfighter or pan America discussion that I’m not talking about here
      Ktm in the last 10 years has improved by leaps and bounds with all there product lines, overall listening to there base (except for the cry for a true light weight rally bike or to fix the close ratio 6 speed with a wide ratio one on the 690 enduro. I don’t think the 790 will fill that niche but at least there trying something)
      If Ktm was to build a cruiser to go after harley I would say the same thing about Ktm
      Ktm is not perfect not by a long shot ( read airboxes pass dirt)
      But they keep pushing the envelope
      Harley just pushes the envelope you put in the mailbox with that payment every month.
      Harley I’m getting tired of waiting
      I’m 43
      How many more bikes will I buy
      Or am I to old for your new demographic of riders
      I look forward ( Harley Davison) to your reply
      Yeah I know the fxr frame is to expensive to make
      Yeah I know the whole buell story
      Yeah I know that I’m not your target rider
      I want harley to succeed believe me
      But it’s bad that everyone still says the fxr was Harley’s best handling bike (even out handles the mono shock dyna according to the experts
      Not my words
      And it’s 2018- what was the last year of the fxr???????
      Move forward harley not backwards
      The folklore of the fxr with harley is legendary
      When people say hayabusa they know that it’s a fast bike
      When people say fxr they say that was Harley’s best handling bike they ever made.
      Well Harley im waiting

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson 10 months ago

    The Steet fighter looks badass. It reminds me of another bike humm what could it be? I know Buell!

  • lemondog1975
    lemondog1975 10 months ago

    Thanks for the video Matt! I just called my local dealer and put down a deposit for one of the first Livewires. Can't wait!

  • Roberto Acosta
    Roberto Acosta 10 months ago

    Harley fans can go ahead and thank Indian for this. They woke up the moco

  • John Pryke
    John Pryke 10 months ago

    Nice one Matt, very informative.

  • Justin
    Justin 10 months ago

    They’re going under anyways.

  • j.d. thompson
    j.d. thompson 10 months ago

    This is great news for Harley guys that have been looking for a second bike and want something entirely different. Let's hope Harley keeps the Streetfighter trim and well under 600lbs so it compares to other bikes in it's class. The BMW R1200 is 509lbs wet. The Yamaha MT-09 is barely 400lbs. That's what makes these bikes fun.

  • ILoveCostcoPizza
    ILoveCostcoPizza 10 months ago

    Finally, Harley is making bikes for the kids and grandkids of current Harley riders.

  • Theofanis Tsantilis
    Theofanis Tsantilis 10 months ago

    I was sad about the Vrod but now i am very exited for all those good news is time for the old school HD riders to start diet if they want to folk the new age otherwise they can stay in they good old school models

  • Edward Maddox
    Edward Maddox 10 months ago

    Looking forward to test riding that Street Fighter.
    Btw what windshield do you have on your SGS? I'm 6'2" and getting buffeting with the HD 7" windsplitter on mine.

  • Rodrigo LAUREANO
    Rodrigo LAUREANO 10 months ago

    Hello Matt !!! Did you know 2 years ago harley launch a prototype call STEALTH ?!? A max trail 750 cc at the Bangkok auto saloon ? The pan americana looks better now ... but still a prototype... maybe more changes to come ... the stealth it was horrible ugly fucking bike .... hopefully harley do not launch this bike in the past... total failure... either way im not a fan o big trails , for me its a different style of riding a bike and tribe as well... dis you hear that will be 100 new bikes ?!?!? Or models !?!? Custom 5 models , street fighter 9 , pan americana 2... sportster my guess its already gone.... dead of sporsters .... RIP 883 !!!!

  • boarder989
    boarder989 10 months ago

    Yet another bad move in a long line of bad moves in recent years by HD! The brand has lost the magic it once had.

  • Marko-setä
    Marko-setä 10 months ago

    All but PA have too short wheelbase (like Buell or Sportster), look like minibikes me driving those. Or big guy Jay Leno... hope he gets to drive them first (well he did the electric one).

  • Mickey Authement
    Mickey Authement 10 months ago

    Give me a 150-200 mile range on the Livewire and a relatively reasonable recharge time and I would probably buy one just to commute to work and around the city on.

  • Mike Stone
    Mike Stone 10 months ago

    Whatever Harley's decision on any of the bikes, I just hope they make it AFFORDABLE for everyone. I would love to buy American but not for 20k or 30k. I like the Pan American 👍🏼

  • D J
    D J 10 months ago

    I'm excited for the future of Harley, very anxious to see the new bikes and the potential new riders Harley is marketing for. Great videos Matt, keep it up

  • Christopher Foster
    Christopher Foster 10 months ago

    Awesome work Matt thank you for keeping up to date on what's new and what Harley Davidson Is coming out with in the Future

  • Harry Lime
    Harry Lime 10 months ago

    Interesting news. I think they should call at the FA-RT..

  • Unkle t0m
    Unkle t0m 10 months ago

    Holy shit harley was dormant. Id love a DOHC smaller light weight cruiser from them.

  • DSP
    DSP 10 months ago

    Very impressive and exciting that Harley Davidson are announcing their new lineup for the future. I'm very pleased they have taken the steps necessary to compete properly in the marketplace and have risen to the challenge to compete with the other manufacturing firms. I'm confident that Harley Davidson will build a very good and superior product.

  • Dennis Morris
    Dennis Morris 10 months ago

    The dual sport is a brilliant move for hd...

  • Chad Gilstrap
    Chad Gilstrap 10 months ago

    Great treatment of the announcement, excited for this!

  • John Kolinoff
    John Kolinoff 10 months ago

    that street Fighter is going to take off big time! especially with Buell, rider's being out of the loop. this is going to be a big hit hopfully the price tag is manageable...

  • theoriginalmungaman
    theoriginalmungaman 10 months ago

    I hope those push rod tubes are fake! Double overhead cams are the way to go.

  • Devon Morse
    Devon Morse 10 months ago

    wonder with these announcements ahead of the dealer show if there will be anything special announced there this year?

  • Richard Cardone
    Richard Cardone 10 months ago

    It’s about time Harley, as an ex sport bike guy (32 years) and for the past 3 years a Harley owner I welcome this change. It is needed for the survival of Harley. Good luck HD!

    CHRIS MARTIN 10 months ago

    Eric Buell saw that streetfighter and said "You bunch of sorry @$$ Motherf&^%$** SOB's"

  • Sox GoPro
    Sox GoPro 10 months ago

    A few shots fired across Indians bow lol.

  • AR Evans
    AR Evans 10 months ago

    Great to see Harley presenting some clean new models and not trying to mash platforms together as they did with their mid size bikes last year. Exciting times.

  • Praveen
    Praveen 10 months ago

    Good on Harley to bring out an exciting young lineup. Wonder if they will stick with belt drive or switch to chain setup!?

  • dominic coscarelli
    dominic coscarelli 10 months ago

    Yeah. They lost me when they said high end low volume sales. Means super expensive like a lot of their bikes. Which means not a lot of them will be sold here in the USA. So this whole new line of bikes looks like their selling in Europe. The two I see maybe being popular out here are the new custom and the sport touring. The other to went do very well due to it's price tag and small niche market. Also new technology is good and all but the more complex you make something. The more the chances of failure of parts. So don't botch when shit brakes and you have to take it in to get fixed.

  • kc fox
    kc fox 10 months ago

    hope they finally give the bikes some mumbo in the motor department , if the street fighter doesn't come out with over 100 hp there wasting there time

  • Francesco Galli
    Francesco Galli 10 months ago

    The idea of a modular plaform that can replace the various sportsters, streets and the v-rod is pretty cool.
    However, much as I like it in terms of aestetics and appeal, the Pan America is doomed to fail here in Europe unless Harley takes a sharp turn toward technology. Adventure touring bikes sold here, like the BMW 1200 GS or the Ducati Multistrada, are almost spaceships in terms of engine and frame technology, and HD has a lot to pick up in that regard. We'll see what the engine and frame will be.

  • David G-S
    David G-S 10 months ago


  • Rob Lord
    Rob Lord 10 months ago

    Gamechanger for Indian, if they don't keep up they'll be back in hibernation

    WICKEDLEE LOOPY 10 months ago +1

    A slower heavier sports bike that's more expensive than everything else.....just what everyone asked for # NOT

  • Jim Cockburn
    Jim Cockburn 10 months ago

    And they dropped the Dyna series and V-Rod range for these,no wonder H-D are looking to India for their future.For fuck sake !

  • Danny Castell
    Danny Castell 10 months ago

    This is MAGA right here!