ZOE VALENTINE | Season 2 | Ep. 2: “Death”

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • Zoe has a hard time coping with Brody's new girlfriend even though she only likes him as a friend... right?
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    Following the death of her older sister Cleo, Zoe Valentine is thrust into the upper echelon of Attaway High’s social hierarchy. Caught between her old life and her sister’s glamorous world of popularity, Zoe discovers herself and the sister she never knew.
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    ZOE VALENTINE | Season 2 | Ep. 2: “Death”
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  • Brat TV
    Brat TV  Month ago +1978

    What do you think of Zoe's dream?? What do you think it means??

  • Sunshine N’ Rainbows

    I think Zoe’s dream was about her deep,true, feelings about Brody. And she hasn’t realized it but she really likes him.
    More than a friend

  • Zaebrea McClain
    Zaebrea McClain 2 days ago

    Am I really the only one person who doesn’t really ship Brody and Zoe I’m sorry but I just don’t see it

  • alex kerr
    alex kerr 4 days ago

    She likes brotey

  • Victoria Carreno
    Victoria Carreno 5 days ago

    There is so much drama this season

  • Blue Wolves
    Blue Wolves 6 days ago

    I’m going to kill u
    That would def be me lol

  • Cooking Nic
    Cooking Nic 7 days ago

    Everyone is talking bout Brody and Zoe but I feel bad for Zoe's dad

  • Maeleñ C.
    Maeleñ C. 8 days ago +2

    Val:"No more plastic straws in the cafeteria"
    Person:"But i love straws?!"

    Val:"Here try a metal one... They last a lifetime!"

    Me:"Oop- i see a vsco sksksk girl and i oop- that really explain it...

  • Akola Alexandra Naomi
    Akola Alexandra Naomi 9 days ago +2

    wait!Zoe likes Brody?🙊😱WOW!!!! so unexpected.

  • Rashi Rajgor
    Rashi Rajgor 9 days ago +1

    Why the heck is Milo out of the show!!?? Him and Zoe were ship forever! Get Milo backkkk😫

  • Camryn Behling
    Camryn Behling 9 days ago

    who else thinks that the new friend looks like the girl from Sky High?

  • Josie. Imvu
    Josie. Imvu 11 days ago

    the only good show w good acting netflix this

  • Zoe G
    Zoe G 13 days ago

    why does this remind me of a really bad but good wattpad story

  • Zoe G
    Zoe G 13 days ago

    sorry wtf art class was that my art teacher doesn't even teach us art

  • Zoe G
    Zoe G 13 days ago

    bailey being basically a vsco girl I'm cackling

  • Ru Hayes
    Ru Hayes 14 days ago +1

    Wow they really stepped it up this season. Loving Zoe and Isak's friendship, they're too sweet, and they got Bailey Sok!

  • Magela Massarino
    Magela Massarino 14 days ago +1

    “ but i love straws” “try a metal straw” and I oop- skskskskksksksks

  • Liv Taylor
    Liv Taylor 15 days ago

    i SpEnT a ReAlLy LoNg TiMe oN tHiS pLs LiKe

  • Lexi’s Tv
    Lexi’s Tv 15 days ago +1

    When she said the metal straws I was like an I oop skskskskks save the turtles

  • Saffy 23
    Saffy 23 15 days ago +1

    Omg viv is a vsco girl sksksks and I oop-

  • Granger Mudblood
    Granger Mudblood 15 days ago

    OHHHH Viv is a VSCO girl

  • Why Not
    Why Not 16 days ago

    I ship Brody and valentine lol

  • Why Not
    Why Not 16 days ago

    I love Isaac and Zoe

  • Shen_funte
    Shen_funte 17 days ago +1

    Ohhh my gwaddd VSCO girls need to stop
    The trend is going too far even in a movie they have metal straw 😭😂
    Btw i 100% ship issac and Zoe
    From the beginning of the movie and still does

  • Emily Fridman
    Emily Fridman 18 days ago

    What is the zoe valentine music?

  • D’Janaeh Joseph
    D’Janaeh Joseph 18 days ago +1

    Who else jumped when the my heard the knock on the door(I’m listening with earphones).

  • Sarah Hession
    Sarah Hession 19 days ago

    Wait....Zoe likes Brody?

    MARY SIBURT 20 days ago

    I love that art teacher

  • Myshiya Ford
    Myshiya Ford 20 days ago

    i saw a vsco girl on this one metal straws?save the turtles skskskskksk and i oop

  • Zenia
    Zenia 22 days ago


  • Unique hc
    Unique hc 22 days ago


  • Kether Padme Bahloo Chambers

    Where is Milo??

  • Helene Carissimi
    Helene Carissimi 23 days ago

    I feel so sorry for Zoe’s dad

  • Shazan Syed
    Shazan Syed 23 days ago

    Art class teacher is 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gus Burhoop
    Gus Burhoop 23 days ago

    I ship Zoe and Broady

  • Serena Vilardo
    Serena Vilardo 24 days ago

    Anybody else thinks that Zoe low key likes Brody? I do and I ship. Never mind finished it she freaking does like him hell yeah Zoe get it.

  • Yara Abdelmalek
    Yara Abdelmalek 25 days ago

    She is a vsco girl 😂

  • just me
    just me 25 days ago

    There is no way that was page 27

  • Harleigh B
    Harleigh B 25 days ago

    The vsco girls have entered the chat

  • Cara Jennings
    Cara Jennings 26 days ago

    @brat tv that cleo is out there

  • Hailey Bailey
    Hailey Bailey 26 days ago


  • Marina Abroad
    Marina Abroad 26 days ago +1

    Where are Milo, Alison, and Boots?!?! I wanted Boots to come out!

  • Galaxy ROBLOX
    Galaxy ROBLOX 28 days ago +1

    It's called "Death"?! I bet Anna felt hurt because she worked with Cameron Boyce and he passed away not to long ago and now this quickly you come up with a episode titled *DEATH* ?!

  • My Darling Darcy
    My Darling Darcy 28 days ago

    I miss milo :/

  • Gaby's here
    Gaby's here 29 days ago +1

    What's the theme song name?

  • Ellie
    Ellie Month ago

    I love how Ben is just walking in brat shows

  • KomakiChan
    KomakiChan Month ago

    So Zoe liked Brody all Along I kNEW it

  • Paula Lynn
    Paula Lynn Month ago

    Zoe and Brody belong together nooo

  • Kaity Mcgarigle
    Kaity Mcgarigle Month ago

    I don’t like Brody and zoey not together 😫😞

  • Yana Demianiuk
    Yana Demianiuk Month ago

    But, where’s Mace?

  • Samara Galvan
    Samara Galvan Month ago

    the art class drawing part cracked me up lmao

  • let's get some tacos

    guys vivi's a visco girl

  • alysha deceus
    alysha deceus Month ago

    no more plastic straws.......metal straws.....SHES A VSCO GIRL

  • Joshua Ding
    Joshua Ding Month ago

    -Hi, do you know what page we're on?
    Is at least halfway through a textbook

  • Renee Alexandra :3
    Renee Alexandra :3 Month ago

    Now that i think about it, I think Zoe and Kate from total eclipse would make good friends.

  • Luzz Sy
    Luzz Sy Month ago

    Drama drama drama

  • hxney bee
    hxney bee Month ago +3

    Is no one talking about the fact she pulled out a CHARGER NOT EAR BUDS?!?

  • Lei 788
    Lei 788 Month ago

    0:44 that knock scared me so bad!

  • Abrar Alkalifa
    Abrar Alkalifa Month ago

    Isaac: I miss when you two were attached to the hip
    Me: I do two Isaac I do to

  • Lemon Nation
    Lemon Nation Month ago

    *sees Brody and zoe*

    Brat fans: OMG SHIP!!!!