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  • Published on Sep 21, 2016
  • Check out the times that Got Talent judges from around the world have got in on the act! Including the likes of Mel B and Tape Face, Simon Cowell and Keri Graham & Dawn French and a parrot!
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Comments • 993

  • PlayingPickUpPickAxes WithMyFace

    Tape Face a man of creativity alongside the sour trout that is Mel B wearing a toilet seat. Bravo sir, bravo.

  • Peter Mcintosh
    Peter Mcintosh 9 days ago

    Alesha has a dirty laugh. bet she is interesting during a session. got that vibe!!

  • FreedomOrNothin
    FreedomOrNothin 10 days ago

    A standing ovation for a striptease with zero skill....................

  • Grady Martin
    Grady Martin 12 days ago

    I guess stupidity is now talent....typical Hollyweird crap

  • Kristel Mustafa
    Kristel Mustafa 14 days ago

    Omg lol the last one David was super 👌

  • Denisha Za gamer
    Denisha Za gamer 20 days ago

    Didn’t she say b but there is a r

  • Denisha Za gamer
    Denisha Za gamer 20 days ago

    18:52 tryna keep yo man from looking I bet most of the girls doin that

  • Iris Morelli
    Iris Morelli 21 day ago

    I love David hahaha

  • Mystical Magical Art

    Simon is smileing while getting knives throun at him

  • energybengt
    energybengt 24 days ago

    i always thought it bizarre that a stripper act got such approval. weird. not exactly a family friendly act, and not really appropriate for this kind of talent show. again ... weird.

  • energybengt
    energybengt 24 days ago

    can't say Mel enjoyed participating can you? :)

  • Justine Panzarella
    Justine Panzarella Month ago

    The guy back stage fell off his chair. 😅

  • Justine Panzarella
    Justine Panzarella Month ago

    You really put "subscribe to my channel" in the captions, really?

  • Justine Panzarella
    Justine Panzarella Month ago

    I love how Tape Face is funny without even saying anything.

  • Justine Panzarella
    Justine Panzarella Month ago

    How did the bottle just break instantly like that?

  • Adrian Zoladek
    Adrian Zoladek Month ago

    Iris is actually Siri backwards,
    I think not!

  • Squshable9 Ajpw
    Squshable9 Ajpw Month ago

    Tape face is like a 5 year old trying to win agt

  • Chartan7 DNA
    Chartan7 DNA Month ago

    19:50 we all know he wants to🤣🤣

  • Snowy WhiteWolf
    Snowy WhiteWolf Month ago

    LOL Simon and David are so funny

  • Chirayasa :D
    Chirayasa :D Month ago

    The cowboy boy is a what? I didn't hear it

  • Zuley 0w0
    Zuley 0w0 Month ago

    7:15 - 8:48
    How my friends and I felt in 3rd grade double dutching

  • None of Your business

    Alisha’s riots are in some tough shape.

  • None of Your business

    How the hell did people even like Tape Face? Stupid

  • None of Your business

    Ewwww Mel’s attitude was atrocious

  • arfan amani
    arfan amani 2 months ago

    Can simon do a knife act with david

  • Linda Lee
    Linda Lee 2 months ago

    David is a freak and constantly harasses Simon.

  • Mansi Mishra
    Mansi Mishra 2 months ago

    David: What could possibly goo wroong! 😏

  • stephen larreynaga
    stephen larreynaga 3 months ago

    Tape face is my absolute favorite!

  • Savannah Jansen
    Savannah Jansen 3 months ago +1

    Simon with just the lady: let’s do it
    Sees David: OH NO
    Also, his face throughout the whole dance with him😂😂😂😂😂

  • Angelica Joy Frias
    Angelica Joy Frias 3 months ago

    2019? The 2nd vid guys looks like Chris Evans.

  • nicole albors
    nicole albors 3 months ago

    I wonder if Simon and David really hate eche other

  • nicole albors
    nicole albors 3 months ago

    That kid throwing knifes was awesome

  • nicole albors
    nicole albors 3 months ago

    I am just curious have face tape ever talk dose any one here has ever herd tape face voice I love this guys he is so awesome and funny and original

  • Aysh _1990
    Aysh _1990 3 months ago

    i dnt knw y simon removed his cross she deserved for this

  • Priince Chucky
    Priince Chucky 3 months ago

    Please #3 Name ????

  • anniebi
    anniebi 3 months ago +1

    Mel B was like "I'm not getting paid enough to do this bs" 🤣😂😂😂

  • Justyna Czech
    Justyna Czech 3 months ago

    12:15 that kiddo is evil 😈😈😈

  • Randy Miller
    Randy Miller 4 months ago

    Jeff Bishop.....go away

  • CrazyOne 1019
    CrazyOne 1019 4 months ago

    Always listen carefully during magic tricks. The magician at the beginning uses careful word choice to pull off the trick

  • PTL FG2
    PTL FG2 4 months ago

    Spice girl 👧 to toilet girl🚽 how bow da 😂

  • Kayla Therese Jacinto
    Kayla Therese Jacinto 5 months ago

    12:00 to 12:-3 was hilarious listen at the song and look at the actions, PERFECT

  • Linda Lee
    Linda Lee 6 months ago

    Mel B either doesn't like Tape Face's form of humor, or she doesn't like assisting on stage. This is the funniest of Tape Face's routines I've ever seen. Mel B's disdain during the act made it even funnier.

  • craig whyte
    craig whyte 6 months ago

    and I thought Mel B.'s career had gone downhill.................

  • Luisa Valenzuela
    Luisa Valenzuela 6 months ago

    The first one is rubbish tsk

  • theresa Hamby
    theresa Hamby 7 months ago

    i love how that lady got on simon it was so anbarasing

  • Alicia's World
    Alicia's World 7 months ago

    2019 anyone?? XD

  • Mo Ana
    Mo Ana 7 months ago

    Come on I planned it and wrote it myself ... I swear it’s true ... I loved it ..! It was just one of those classic period moments ..!!! I loved it ..!! And yes I knew exactly what I was doing ..!!! Obviously !
    Shock factor ..!!!! I had to ..!!!

  • Bellatrix LeStrange
    Bellatrix LeStrange 7 months ago

    2:15 Mel! Mel! Mel! Mel! Mel!😂😂😂❤

  • Eddy Frog
    Eddy Frog 7 months ago

    Mel c is just coping Mel b with the Asia’s got talent thing tho....

  • Gen Wan
    Gen Wan 7 months ago

    in a world or a country where Clairvoyants didn't win, no wonder an idiot like Donald Trump is the president.

  • Samy Magdy
    Samy Magdy 7 months ago

    Put captions on 1:43

  • Scott Watson
    Scott Watson 7 months ago +1

    Tape face is my favorite

  • Chiara Iannelli
    Chiara Iannelli 8 months ago


  • Hoes Mles
    Hoes Mles 8 months ago +1


    LENA EAM 8 months ago

    اذا عربي لايك

  • Scarlett Anderson
    Scarlett Anderson 8 months ago +2

    The first one was really good😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dont get offended, sweetheart

    Tape Face should've won, just sayin

  • 0kamiko
    0kamiko 9 months ago +4

    18:36 Me when my crush is nearby.

  • Tu Fg
    Tu Fg 9 months ago

    انني لا أحب السعوديه ولا أحب حكامها والموت لكم يا ال سعود

  • Golden Pranking
    Golden Pranking 9 months ago

    I love tape face he funny

  • Roxanne Tinio
    Roxanne Tinio 9 months ago

    Mel B. 😂😂😂😘😘😘😘

  • waves of memory
    waves of memory 9 months ago

    The first like.... 😕😑

    HAIL ME 10 months ago

    Look my chanel

  • _xXBlue StarXx_
    _xXBlue StarXx_ 10 months ago

    who else thinks david is gay

  • F. J. Company
    F. J. Company 10 months ago

    Last one fake

  • Joshua Scohy
    Joshua Scohy 10 months ago

    You now the Hypnodog well it's fake

  • Sophia Gowin2018
    Sophia Gowin2018 10 months ago

    Emily or omily said a b not an r

  • Mendi Nomvelo
    Mendi Nomvelo 10 months ago +1


  • ElectroGrey
    ElectroGrey 10 months ago

    thesew make me feel high af

  • Iana Funtime Foxy
    Iana Funtime Foxy 10 months ago

    David x Simon

  • Kensley Jones
    Kensley Jones 10 months ago

    18:17 simons face

  • Best Friends Slime Shop
    Best Friends Slime Shop 11 months ago

    yay tape face

  • Camii Playss
    Camii Playss 11 months ago

    20:35 mans not hot, red coat edition ?

  • The Amazing World Of Gyft Flores

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    Thank you lets let the comment after mine sink to the bottom

  • joey
    joey 11 months ago