10 Marvel Heroes Who Had To Get Into Serious Shape For Their Roles

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • These MCU Superheroes Had To Workout Like Crazy For Their Roles
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    When you’re watching superheroes kick butt on the big screen, it’s easy to forget that these are actual people. These actors have to undergo incredible physical changes to get them through shooting.
    It’s not just a case of running around the block every morning and drinking a protein shake; complete lifestyle overhauls are required. Diets need to be changed. Workouts need to be so intense that you’ll cry. Brie Larson had to push a 5,000-pound car for her role in Captain Marvel.
    From pumping iron in the gym to seriously restricting what you put in your mouth, these actors and actresses have gone above and beyond to deliver the goods. Join us as we take a look at 10 Marvel Heroes That Had to Get in Serious Shape for Their Roles (And How They Did It).
    We’ll fly past Chris Pratt and his bronzed six-pack, stop off at Zoe Saldana’s unusual schedule and land up somewhere around Chadwick Boseman’s secrecy.
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    LORD NIBBLES 13 hours ago

    Nebula is my favorite..... just saying

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    Holland Hunter 19 hours ago

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    Lilboi 2000 Day ago

    Elizebeth Olson is their older sister

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    Tuva HR Day ago

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    Kameel Irving 3 days ago

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    nadine wang 3 days ago

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  • cmtangiiti89
    cmtangiiti89 3 days ago

    Hugh Jackman has had a history of skin cancer (always getting it removed, 6 times in fact), so that's probably why he had to delay his training for Logan.

  • FaMous
    FaMous 3 days ago

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    I think Scarlett goes through alot

  • Yohane! Not Yoshiko!

    Wow, after alot of hard work, I finally got Thor's shape. All it takes is a LOT of beer, pizza and Fornite.

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    Liz Mowrey 6 days ago

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    Chris Evans is 37

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    Robert Downey Jr
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  • TheDevilWithin
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