Top 10 YouTube Covers- TopX Ep.43


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  • William Huynh
    William Huynh Месяц назад

    RIP Grimmie

  • sofia greaves
    sofia greaves 2 месяца назад

    esmee denters?.... no? okay tea

  • Supreme Lord of the Dark World
    Supreme Lord of the Dark World 6 месяцев назад

    Canon rock by JerryC is the most legendary one

  • Zeus Money
    Zeus Money 10 месяцев назад

    Hate to say this but most of the covers in this list are autotuned..

  • wooden kat
    wooden kat Год назад

    Peter Holland and Jonathon Young have my vote.

  • mait jam
    mait jam Год назад

    R.I.P Christina 😭😭😭

  • Fart Vader
    Fart Vader Год назад

    Sorry, but this covers hold nothing in comparison to Sarah and Rob's "evidence in the furnace" ukelele version.

  • Jason Lynch
    Jason Lynch Год назад

    Pretty good list and very good performances, but no Leo Morachhioli? Seriously...
    Guess we're gonna need to crank the volume up for Metal and Grunge to get any respect around here.

  • Jp Kalishek
    Jp Kalishek Год назад

    Gotye thought that last one was a good cover, and included it in a video of his favorite covers, except one.
    Tay Zonday's. He wanted everyone to go watch Tay's on its own.

  • Caio Henrique
    Caio Henrique Год назад

    It's my very own opinion, but what a hell of boring list... I liked 3 songs and, again, in my opinion frog leap studios has done better than many of these guys...

  • Kelly Chapman
    Kelly Chapman Год назад

    Boyce avenues cover of teenage dream is so adorable if you like them

  • EnderNeko240
    EnderNeko240 Год назад

    a few of these made me want to cry from how beautiful these covers are

  • MuffinApple
    MuffinApple Год назад

    This host need a fidget cube

  • Jon Tillas
    Jon Tillas Год назад

    KZ Tandingan's cover of royals should be here.

  • Swurtle Turtle
    Swurtle Turtle Год назад

    What no Nate Wants 2 Battle!? He makes amazing cover and has over a million subs

  • Ataraxia95
    Ataraxia95 Год назад

    You should do another one of these!

  • Role Victor Sudaria
    Role Victor Sudaria Год назад +1

    Where is Postmodern Jukebox?! they're insanely good and talented and their covers are excellent!

  • Kailee Walden
    Kailee Walden Год назад

    Yet another big company misspells "Stirling" it's one letter off guys! I don't see how that's so difficult.

  • Navins Awesome and Divine Account

    I think the trooper by Steve and seagulls was better than thunderstruck!!

  • ReadySpaghetti 15
    ReadySpaghetti 15 Год назад

    1000th comment

  • Shatter Machine
    Shatter Machine Год назад +1

    RIP Christina Grimmie😔

  • Anna Tori Nagy
    Anna Tori Nagy 2 года назад +1

    Anyone else crying on Just a dream?💕😭

  • charlotte
    charlotte 2 года назад +1


  • Harlan Spinelli
    Harlan Spinelli 2 года назад

    Noah Guthrie was on GLEE!!

  • Duncan Reyburn
    Duncan Reyburn 2 года назад


  • Maddie Knuttila
    Maddie Knuttila 2 года назад

    I thought Shawn Mendes cover of say something would be on here

  • Geoffrey McGinnis
    Geoffrey McGinnis 2 года назад

    check out Andy McKee's cover of "Africa" by ToTo

  • Robert Lenz
    Robert Lenz 2 года назад +1

    Check out rhema marvanne

  • MaggieG
    MaggieG 2 года назад +1

    R.I.P Christina Grimmie

  • An Otaku
    An Otaku 2 года назад

    lindsey rocks :D

  • Mathew Rose
    Mathew Rose 2 года назад

    what about Iprevail's cover of black space?!?! it was amazing!

  • BlueRainBoots
    BlueRainBoots 2 года назад +6

    Also, in terms of Pentatonix having a big production budget, they won their first grammy for a video of a Daft Punk medley that they filmed with an iPad in a kitchen and recorded in a closet. You wouldn't know it from seeing the video, which looks professionally produced and has tons of crazy effects and out there makeup etc. but it was super low budget.

  • Spider-Manda
    Spider-Manda 2 года назад +6

    I wish Christina Grimmie was still alive, that was my favorite cover with her in it.

  • Emily Nelson
    Emily Nelson 2 года назад

    you guys really need to check out Conor Maynard if you do another top 10 covers he's Amazing

  • Tatiana Gois
    Tatiana Gois 2 года назад

    in my opinion the Noah Guntherie (don't know how to spell his last name) should have been a little higher on the list. but at least he was on it. I LOVE his version of sexy and I know it and he is one of my favorite male youtube artists. thanks for reminding me of this AMAZING cover and showing other people who don't know him or just know him from Glee that unfortunately they really didn't show how INSANELY talented he is.

  • Mel D
    Mel D 2 года назад

    I would have added Lauren O'Connell House of the rising sun cover. It's beautiful.

  • Alex Jarrett
    Alex Jarrett 2 года назад +1

    If rob scallon isn't on this list...

  • Potato Biscuit
    Potato Biscuit 2 года назад +2

    Nobody sings titanium better than Christina ♡

    • White Trash
      White Trash 2 года назад

      Potato Biscuit if she wasn't already on for just a dream she deserved to be on for titanium or won't give up

  • Fabiwalker
    Fabiwalker 2 года назад

    Where is Jasmine Thompson? She deseves to be on the list...

  • Nada Hossam
    Nada Hossam 2 года назад +3

    i think just a dream should be number one

  • Chet Border
    Chet Border 2 года назад

    The host needs to get lost

  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 года назад

    Again, no mention of Malukah. She has made one of the best covers, but she wasn't even acknowledged

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson 2 года назад +1

    RIP Christina Grimmie one of the best cover artists.

  • Lively Luna
    Lively Luna 2 года назад


  • BenignAndaHalf
    BenignAndaHalf 2 года назад

    Too bad every song other than Gotye and Adelle are COMPLETE SHIT!!! How bout you include more REAL music in these. Sound synthesizers and auto-tune are tools of talentless hacks.

  • 【cherry pop】
    【cherry pop】 2 года назад


  • logalogalog
    logalogalog 2 года назад +7

    You will never be forgotten, Christina Grimmie.

  • Rumesa Asif
    Rumesa Asif 2 года назад +1

    Just a dream and cups

  • Marie Davis
    Marie Davis 2 года назад


  • A S4V4GE
    A S4V4GE 2 года назад

    came here expecting some yfm

  • Steven Leone
    Steven Leone 2 года назад

    how isn't this list purely dominated by Scott bradlee and the postmodern jukebox? I call shenanigans

  • Firdaus Sk8
    Firdaus Sk8 2 года назад

    radioactive is better cover by ourlastnightband

  • xXreveLuvXd
    xXreveLuvXd 2 года назад

    My homeland and PTX mentioned in same video. Wow.

  • Oliver
    Oliver 2 года назад

    pentatonix? i LOVE you! i loved it when MITCH showed up!!!!

  • Umm. Who?
    Umm. Who? 2 года назад +1


  • Ash Cole
    Ash Cole 2 года назад

    I hope they redo this list, because this was done before Ninja Sex Party's Take On Me, and they could also include Smooth's acapellas

  • Samuel Turner
    Samuel Turner 2 года назад

    Um...why on earth did The Piano Guys get nothing!??!?! not even an honorable mention!!!! WHY!?

  • Squallems
    Squallems 2 года назад

    Didnt you know that the rolling in the deep was obviously auto-tuned.

  • Randomization Entertainment
    Randomization Entertainment 2 года назад +1

    For a split second, you can see Dan looking at his script.

  • Apollyon
    Apollyon 2 года назад

    The guy sang SEXY AND I KNOW IT ... his own way so I will give him a huge thumbs up for that!!! GOOD JOB! IMPERSONATORS your just posers trying to make Google BUCKS off the original singer!! AND that is why there's not many artist anymore out there! COVERS are taking a lot of the money!! SAD if you ask me! Anybody covering a song word for word and makes any money should be penalized for some money owing off popular media sites!

  • Heitor Saldanha
    Heitor Saldanha 2 года назад

    It is a completely outrage to leave out Aaron O'Keefe' Music Foundation's cover of Forty Six & Two, (originaly by Tool), performed up to perfection by children, with the early star Kala Rose!

  • DaBomb8493
    DaBomb8493 2 года назад

    Love me some Lindsay Stirling! I also like TeraBrite though, and I found it weird she wasn't mentioned. Maybe she's not as good as I think XD but I like her.

  • Kam Thompson
    Kam Thompson 2 года назад +1

    ... Pentatonix and some of there covers should have been on here! I am a Lindsey Stirling fan yes, but Pentatonix should have had a place themselves!

  • guru keerthan
    guru keerthan 2 года назад

    noah is just like a fatter alex goot

  • Amelia
    Amelia 2 года назад

    Pentatonix and Lindsey in 2nd place and tori Kelley getting an honorable mention made me so happy!

  • Cam
    Cam 3 года назад +1

    I literally hate walk off the earth...

  • Carson Myers
    Carson Myers 3 года назад

    check out derek cates channel

  • Grizzled Gamer
    Grizzled Gamer 3 года назад +1

    Thunderstruck covered by Two Cellos. Its awesome .

  • Paden Hoyd
    Paden Hoyd 3 года назад

    pentatonix should have been #1!! they totally deserved it!

  • Crybaby James
    Crybaby James 3 года назад +1

    No Conor Maynard??? Not at all!!!?

  • THE Disney Nerd
    THE Disney Nerd 3 года назад

    No caleb hyles? At all?

  • star-lady
    star-lady 3 года назад

    Pentatonix has like two cameramen lmao

  • Jack Wiesenmayer Films
    Jack Wiesenmayer Films 3 года назад

    Anyone else notice the frame of him reading his lines at 4:15 ?

  • Anthony Mappin
    Anthony Mappin 3 года назад

    Where is Chrissy Constanza and Alex Goot doing Kelly Clarkson's Catch My Breath. that cover was amazing

  • Cat Mellark
    Cat Mellark 3 года назад

    Did anyone else notice the glitch at 4:14

  • Daniel Barr
    Daniel Barr 3 года назад

    Where is noelle maracle!? (Aka my cousin)

  • David Azmy
    David Azmy 3 года назад

    Let It Go by Alex Boye has 75M and won an award for BED RU-clip COVER which was what your list was about. HONESTLY WATCHMOJO GET IT STRAIGHT

    • THE Disney Nerd
      THE Disney Nerd 3 года назад

      +David Azmy um it can be horrible. examples: old Justin Bieber, 5th harmony, and alex boye

    • David Azmy
      David Azmy 3 года назад

      +ghrocky100 Music can't be horrible no matter how much you dislike it, cuz a lot of effort is used to make this music and there are people that like it

    • THE Disney Nerd
      THE Disney Nerd 3 года назад

      +David Azmy yes and it was horrible

    • David Azmy
      David Azmy 3 года назад

      +ghrocky100 It doesn't suck did you actually listen to it

    • THE Disney Nerd
      THE Disney Nerd 3 года назад

      Except it sucked. The caleb hyles cover should've gotten the spot

  • Caroline Hansen
    Caroline Hansen 3 года назад +3

    Where is "Daft Punk" by Pentatonix? They won a freaking Grammy for it!!!

  • TheFackSociety
    TheFackSociety 3 года назад

    script reading at 4:14

  • Patrik Axelsson
    Patrik Axelsson 3 года назад

    where dirty loops at?

  • Radcle
    Radcle 3 года назад

    Timeflies HAD to be on the list

  • King Tritty
    King Tritty 3 года назад

    How is niykee Heaton not on here ? That's crazy.

  • Balla Club
    Balla Club 3 года назад

    Always wondered how they get around the whole Music Copyright issue?

  • Addison M
    Addison M 3 года назад

    The only one without autotune or voice modifications in this list is the 12-year-old kid. What a shame.

    • star-lady
      star-lady 3 года назад +1

      +Addison M Pentatonic doesn't use autotune and voice mods...

  • Daniel Saathoff
    Daniel Saathoff 3 года назад

    where is Daft Punk by Pentatonix on this list?

  • Christo
    Christo 3 года назад

    why... why is NateWantsToBattle never on your lists!?! All his covers are amazing!!!

  • Lachlan Willacy
    Lachlan Willacy 3 года назад

    2cellos? Smooth criminal, thunderstruck or highway to hell

    • Lachlan Willacy
      Lachlan Willacy 3 года назад

      Or the somebody that I used to know ukulele

  • D. Andrews
    D. Andrews 3 года назад

    ??? The karmin cover was garbage in my opinion

  • Ashley Gatewood
    Ashley Gatewood 3 года назад


  • Kudou Kun
    Kudou Kun 3 года назад +2

    Wowie, those sure sounded nifty. I can't wait to open the description and click the links to these videos, because they will surely be there as seeing how them not being there would be a huge avoidable inconvenience.
    OH. They aren't here.

  • Moon Child
    Moon Child 3 года назад

    I saw him I was like wow he is cute

  • Seannyboy217
    Seannyboy217 3 года назад

    Anybody else notice the frame at 4:14 where he is reading is script? xD

  • Srinjoy Sarkar
    Srinjoy Sarkar 3 года назад

    between 4:13 and 4:14

  • Russel Garcia
    Russel Garcia 3 года назад +1

    I love Christina Grimmie and I thought she would get first place but then Pentatonix came out as second and I love Pentatonix and I was like who the hell is first and then i saw Walk off the Earth and I love Walk of the Earth wow the youtube artists that i love are in the top 3

  • MusicFrissoner
    MusicFrissoner 3 года назад

    maria aragon's born this way should be on the list

  • James Furfaro
    James Furfaro 3 года назад

    Haven't watch the video yet, but if Tori isn't number one...

    • James Furfaro
      James Furfaro 3 года назад

      well I must be tripping. Simon Cowell must've been behind this...

  • Uncreative Name
    Uncreative Name 3 года назад

    you know you're amazing when your cover is more popular then the original, i am of course talking about paparazzi

  • Roberto Loyo
    Roberto Loyo 3 года назад

    no iron horse or the guy from frogleap!!!!

  • Ty Jones
    Ty Jones 3 года назад

    please do a top 10 comedic music channels

  • D Puselj
    D Puselj 3 года назад +1

    Tori Kelly being an honourable mention is a joke. Her thinkin bout you cover with the beat boxer should have been top 5 as it was live and unedited, single take and effortlessly flawless.