NEW EPISODE! My Puppy’s First Time Meeting BIG Dogs and WAY More! (Dog Training Experience Ep. 9)

  • Published on Sep 4, 2019
  • More puppy socialization and training with other dogs (adult dogs and puppies), people, and more!
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  • Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    I hope you enjoy this second episode this week! Episodes 8 and 9 are so important for socialization tips and more. To get more tips and to be a part of our casual instagram community, join us there!!

    • Lauren Spencer
      Lauren Spencer 6 days ago

      Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution all this socialisation is scaring me. My puppy will be here in two weeks and because of the virus I won't be able to socialise her and I'm worried about the negative effect on not doing so.

    • Cay PrimeOMEGALUL
      Cay PrimeOMEGALUL 6 months ago

      Ri9p3r email THATS his business email

    • Ri9p3r
      Ri9p3r 6 months ago

      Hey zak could you please help our dog we are getting is gonna be 8 weeks old but the dad is a beabull and the mum is a Staffy is it good to let her socialise with other dogs because I've heard they are very vicious towards other dogs please help

    • Kattarina Simons
      Kattarina Simons 6 months ago

      I really love seeing real-life socialization - puppy arrives in 8.5 days and this was really helpful. Thank you!

    • Cay PrimeOMEGALUL
      Cay PrimeOMEGALUL 6 months ago

      Miri The Pro looks like a puppy lab

  • Slime Slime
    Slime Slime 2 days ago

    I don’t have a puppy but you’re teaching me so much I will keep watching

  • Keyri Gamer
    Keyri Gamer 16 days ago

    If your dog it meens he nows that he might be sick so he nows its good

  • Nala Bear
    Nala Bear 20 days ago

    Zak George out here becoming popular

  • Eric North
    Eric North Month ago

    Nice video, but I'm curious about the timing. I just got an 11 week old puppy. Both the breeder and the vet told me I shouldn't take him out around other dogs (or people who have dogs) until he's had his last puppy shots at 16 weeks, for fear of disease like Parvo. Thoughts?

    • Eric North
      Eric North Month ago

      Never mind. Should have read the comments.

  • Lynn L
    Lynn L Month ago

    My 7 month old puppy refuses to listen to me, but she will listen to my roommate. I'm so frustrated.😢

  • lagottessa
    lagottessa 2 months ago

    I am so wondering about how you in the video say how much you appreciate the older dogs' corrections towards Inertia, but I have yet to see a video where you apply any type of correction to her? I honestly am curious to know your thoughts on this.

  • Erin Atkinson
    Erin Atkinson 2 months ago

    Love that mule at 1:35 lol. Thanks for making these videos!!!

  • Adriana
    Adriana 2 months ago

    what do you do if your dog is being bitey towards other/bigger dogs?

    I have a small-medium dog a little over 1 year but is very scared of big dogs, in some occasions he starts to be snappy towards them

  • Naomi T
    Naomi T 2 months ago

    I love the little ribbons and roses you put on her leash and harness!!! She's so cute

  • Lilian Cruz
    Lilian Cruz 2 months ago

    Hello. I live in the East Coast where it's cold and in the middle of winter. Going to outdoor places now is difficult other than Puppy play in a pet store. Any suggestions anyone?

  • Mika Hood
    Mika Hood 2 months ago

    Hi Zak I visit family very often so it would be useful to be able to bring my dog however one of the dogs is very aggressive and I don’t know how to introduce my puppy to him

  • Deep Mindfulness Collective

    Wait, she is 10 weeks old and hanging around trees in the neighborhood? Isn’t that ill advices give other dogs may frequent there?

  • Simba The Doggy
    Simba The Doggy 3 months ago

    I have a cavities King Charles Spaniel,he is 11-12 weeks old we bring him to puppy play he was the smallest but now he has his brother to play with they seem to have forgotten each other though

  • FrancesBaconandEggs
    FrancesBaconandEggs 3 months ago

    Omg, Inertia barking and trying to get the older dogs’ attention because she feels left out and doesn’t know how to get them to play omgggg it’s so cute

  • Alissa
    Alissa 4 months ago

    Hi Zak, what kind of harness do you use on Inertia?

  • Alexander Christensen
    Alexander Christensen 4 months ago

    What breed of dog was brookie? (10:39)

  • KyO
    KyO 4 months ago

    luka improved a lot too from the last puppy lesson

  • Jill Janecke
    Jill Janecke 5 months ago

    My dad buy two clickers

  • Team Qt
    Team Qt 5 months ago

    What breed is inertia

  • Amélie Prévost
    Amélie Prévost 5 months ago

    15:57 😂 poor baby she was scared

  • Joni Warren
    Joni Warren 5 months ago

    How do you socialize when your 16 month old Aussie wants to attack and bite everyone and every dog? Other than us. He has been this aggressive since he was about 8 weeks.

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear 5 months ago


  • Qaz Wsx
    Qaz Wsx 5 months ago +1

    Inertia:*looks anywhere* Ooooooh, that's interesting.

  • Qaz Wsx
    Qaz Wsx 5 months ago +3

    Holy mother of God! That pup is so damn cute. Except to be sued from me if I get a heart attack.

  • Dani G
    Dani G 5 months ago

    I see you using a lot of high rewards like turkey and chicken, but how do you keep high value treats from becoming too common or overused? Do you ever use low value treats in the beginning?

  • Lynn Forbes
    Lynn Forbes 5 months ago

    Zak, you look exhausted! That's how I feel with my 9-week-old. Thanks for this awesome series.

  • Lynn Slocum
    Lynn Slocum 5 months ago

    Will you always put Inertia in a crate when she is in the car? Just wondering how long you use the crate and if you also train how to go places in the car without a crate. Thanks.

  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof 6 months ago

    How old is inertia?

  • Audrey Ochoa
    Audrey Ochoa 6 months ago

    One question... can u do these things even if they r a teacup?

  • Charles Standfast
    Charles Standfast 6 months ago +1

    Your dog is ugly

    Ultrally Gallant Loveable youthfull


  • W0rldCitizen
    W0rldCitizen 6 months ago

    This is a great Video! I've watched most if not all of your videos and I don't recall you bringing her out in these type of public places. You should add this (if I didn't miss it) to your main course because I definately would have started this a year ago with my Bella :) She has learned SOOOO much from your techniques over the year and has turned into a really great 1 year old dog! Still has her issues that I'm still working on happily :)

  • Summer1989
    Summer1989 6 months ago

    Hey Zack! Love your positive teaching for dogs. I have a poodle who would socialize with any human but is vety defensive with dogs. She doesn't know how to interact with other dogs, also growling at them whenever they try to sniff her hello. She would always give very strong warning bites. We are a country that's not very pet friendly nor do we have socialising classes like you have in your country. What can I do to help her?

  • Meme Gaming
    Meme Gaming 6 months ago +1

    Inertia is just about a week older than my new puppy

  • Ryan OHara
    Ryan OHara 6 months ago

    id like to see you do this same training with a 2 year old dog thats stuck in the puppy phase

  • Kennedy Camero
    Kennedy Camero 6 months ago

    I’m just binge watching your videos, I’m picking up my golden retriever in a few weeks and I’m super nervous

  • Ιουλία Κλώσσα


  • JazzkatJonah
    JazzkatJonah 6 months ago

    dig those air max 90s :o

  • Graham Rowland
    Graham Rowland 6 months ago

    great video series Zak

  • Katelyn x
    Katelyn x 6 months ago +1

    I’ve wanted a dog my whole life and I’m getting my 10 week old Shih Tzu this weekend! Your videos are so helpful and I love your training methods 💕

  • Chloe Lynch
    Chloe Lynch 6 months ago +3

    Those older dogs blew Inertia’s mind! Her best training lesson so far- will definitely sort out training like this

  • heidi
    heidi 6 months ago

    I really liked this video in particular - your other videos, that are none-stop sponsors tend to get old and repetitive. Good work.

  • bugbug C
    bugbug C 6 months ago +1

    my aussie 12 weeks i am having trouble with socialization cause of the vaccincations, any tips?

    • Katelyn x
      Katelyn x 6 months ago

      you should socialise her with family members and friends who you associate with often so she is familiar with them, any family/friend dogs that are fully vaccinated should be introduced in your house, puppies are very playful so if you have a well socialised adult dog with your puppy there should be no issues! Good luck with your new puppy 💕

  • Hacker T Dog
    Hacker T Dog 6 months ago +1

    Hey! If you love Zak's videos - check out him training me (the most untrainable dog in the world) on my RU-clip channel!

  • Jessica Hammage
    Jessica Hammage 6 months ago +1

    Surely that dog was correcting too much and too harshly. Dogs under six months are more tolerated for rude behaviour, then as they mature adult dogs begin to correct them more appropriately. This way they get confident and only recieve corrections once they have a really solid positive only foundation, giving them confidence which is so so important during dog-dog interactions. I dislike how the corrections sent her away, rather than just toning it down, she stopped play. Also, you are putting the dogs in an enclosured space without anything much else to interact with, so they can't really chose to ignore each other - do you not want to teach dog neutrality? Also, for the bitey behaviour would pairing her with a yelpy dog be a good idea? So the dog is likely to make a pained noise when her teeth nip them, so she learns her teeth are painful.

  • Olivia Cox
    Olivia Cox 6 months ago

    I was wondering if you could socialize to much?

  • Olivia Cox
    Olivia Cox 6 months ago +1

    When I train my dog people that come with me always say that I give my dog to many treats and I just wanna know if I should not feed him as much (he’s not fat very fit and LOTS of muscle)

    • Adven4U1
      Adven4U1 6 months ago

      aa renee
      Zak makes them the size of a grain of rice

    • aa renee
      aa renee 6 months ago +2

      Olivia Cox Cut the treat into multiple little pieces so that you have more for the amount of one single treat...

  • Ugly Duckling
    Ugly Duckling 6 months ago

    I have a question, if puppies play a little too ''roughly'' won't they just naturally tell each other their limits and then learn this way not to play to rough next time? because i feel that putting the dog away every time just... doesnt make them learn anything

  • R Johnson
    R Johnson 6 months ago

    Hey Zak, Pls remind me which video tells how to teach "down" to a small dog. I have watched so many of your videos, and I just can't remember! Thanks!

  • Lida Verner
    Lida Verner 6 months ago

    I will be getting an 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy at the end of the month. I see you have written 2 books. While I am sure they are both wonderful, which one is the better one for this stage? ..... also, do you have a list of recommended products?

  • truetexangirl J
    truetexangirl J 6 months ago +2

    Zak you must own a ton of shoes because you have new snazzy shoes in every video. I don't think I've seen the same pair more than once 😃👟

  • Enchanted Anime
    Enchanted Anime 6 months ago

    Is inertia fully vaccinated? If not, why is she outside ?

    • Enchanted Anime
      Enchanted Anime 6 months ago

      @Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution thank you for your reply!!!

    • Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution
      Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution  6 months ago +1

      Because socializing a young dog is so important. As I say throughout this series, you have to be careful not to take a puppy to places where lots of other dogs go.

  • cold in modern
    cold in modern 6 months ago

    Thank you for helping me with my dog. i adopted a 6 months old puppy and she is scared outside the house so im trying to socialize her

  • Laya
    Laya 6 months ago +2

    Her and Indy have been apart this entire time?

  • TravelTipsbyLaurie
    TravelTipsbyLaurie 6 months ago +1

    Love how the videographer had a Moscow mule - she earned that

  • Omi Bologna
    Omi Bologna 6 months ago

    12:39 I love that she kind of put herself in time out there😂

  • Yves Joseph
    Yves Joseph 6 months ago

    What kind of puppy is she?

  • kiran kumar
    kiran kumar 6 months ago

    i am from india my dog 9 months old german shepherd always mouthing me and barks all time what should i do and when i walking fast in home are eating are sitting on bed also he was barking on me when i move one place to one place he will barking at me so what to do pleas reply to me please

  • YR Bhardwaj
    YR Bhardwaj 6 months ago

    Should I give my dog fox nut

    PANOS GEORGIOU 6 months ago +1


  • Pam Farmer
    Pam Farmer 6 months ago

    what do you do if you have a 14 year old Beagle and you are bringing in a German Shephard puppy that is bigger than the alpha dog in the home?

    • Pam Farmer
      Pam Farmer 6 months ago

      there is no play...the beagle snaps at the Shepard

  • Jovany Chaparro
    Jovany Chaparro 6 months ago

    Do how to brush there teeth

  • saraco501
    saraco501 6 months ago

    Zak, i'm sure you've heard but there's a salmonella outbreak spreading through pork right now. It's been advised that dog owners stay away from pork products

  • Leilani Gem
    Leilani Gem 6 months ago

    Hey Zak! Can you do videos about training senior dogs and help them get along with annoying puppies? 😁 I rescued a 7 month old puppy from the street and she is super playful which drives my senior dog (she is a rescued dog from a shelter) really mad most of the time, so I'm getting concerned about them engaging in a fight and I don't know how to help them. I love your videos, I've been binge watching them and it's helping me A LOT with both dogs to the point where I can train them both on a leash but at the same time. Thanks a lot for all your work 💕

  • Ashley Shively
    Ashley Shively 6 months ago

    I loved this vid and so did my Aussie pup Zoe! During the part where Inertia plays with Sachimo, she started to use her concerned bark when Inertia seemed scared! I can’t wait to see the next episode!

  • doggy boy 46k
    doggy boy 46k 6 months ago +2

    oh hey, its this guy! when I was 9 years old i got my first dog and watched this guys video all the time im 11 now its so cool seeing this channel again

  • Nia Castro
    Nia Castro 6 months ago +3

    Watching the Irish Wolfhound with Inertia was so cute! He's trying so hard to play but he's so B I G!!! Poor guy haha. Hopefully, Inertia will warm up to him as she grows up.

  • It’sMariTodd
    It’sMariTodd 6 months ago

    How do I get my 4 month old puppy to get back active? All he wants to do now a days is sleep. Also he woke up with a limp, how do I help him? He doesn’t want me to touch it

  • Si Cooper
    Si Cooper 6 months ago

    Hold up whats this puppy called? Inertia? Tell me i'm wrong XD

  • Ye- Idk
    Ye- Idk 6 months ago

    I have a puppy and my cousins dog (70) pounds by the way nips my dog in the neck and my puppy doesn’t really want to play and then my puppy gets aggressive with him and my cousins dog really does it to get my dog mad but my puppy does get on top of him when he is laying down what should i do they play really rough but i cant really say anything because then my family will be like there just playing but my puppy doesn’t really enjoy himself most of the time

  • Mya Hobbs Wunsche
    Mya Hobbs Wunsche 6 months ago

    We are getting our puppy in a week and I’m so exited!

  • Miss Pink
    Miss Pink 6 months ago +1

    How do you keep them safe when they're not fully vaccinated but you want to expose them to as many environments as possible?

  • Steven Universe
    Steven Universe 6 months ago +1

    I could tell she was a border collie because she doesn’t have any fur in her belly (since she’s female), her fur colour and what her fur looks like and her tail, I could also tell cause that’s what my border collie looked like when we first saw her

    ALYSSA HUDYMA 6 months ago

    I love Inertia! Thanks Zak for all of your awesome tips!

  • gemma jones
    gemma jones 6 months ago

    Inersha is so cute I wish she was my puppy

  • OrangiChu
    OrangiChu 6 months ago +2

    I'm have a hard time getting my dog to walk in public. Whenever I take my dog to the vet, pet store, or even a walk on the street, he just stops moving

  • Angelina Gampala
    Angelina Gampala 6 months ago

    You should give support to animal aid unlimited. I saw one of their videos. They saved a street dog to weak to walk. She had scabs all over her body. Now she is all healed!!

  • Alysha Braithwaite
    Alysha Braithwaite 6 months ago +1

    My family and I are preparing to get a puppy and we have loved watching this series! I was wondering, did you have a video about how you chose Inertia? Her gender, breed, where you got her, etc.? I'm really interested since that's the stage of the process we are at right now. We look forward to watching more, thank you for all of the free helpful content!

  • Ashley Collins
    Ashley Collins 6 months ago +1

    Wow, the wolfhound is beautiful!

  • B craftoholic
    B craftoholic 6 months ago

    This was priceless information..
    I just wish you had a older dog at home and I could learn about the bond and interaction at home.. as I was to buy another pup for my shihtzu.. but my 3 yr old phoebe.. seems to want nothing to do with puppies..

    • B craftoholic
      B craftoholic 6 months ago

      @Bree George oh my godddddd... this is fantastic news.. I am getting a Yorkshire terrier pup tomorrow.. and I am going to follow your each and every video and lit breath all of the info.. btw.. because of u my dog knows a number of tricks.. latest being bow down, speak and namaste.. she joins her hands together..

    • Bree George
      Bree George 6 months ago +1

      B craftoholic We do! Inertia will meet our 13 year old dog Indy in our next episode, 1 Week from today 🤗