Sony A7III VS A7sII - Which is better in 2018?

  • Published on Sep 21, 2018
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    I compare the Sony a7III vs A7s II which has been one of the best selling hybrid cameras for video shooters. If you are which is better the a7iii or the a7sii, you have reached the right comparison video. This sony alpha comparison will be shocking at the end. We talk about the a73 autofocus, a7iii vs a7siii lowlight comparison, a7iii lowlight capabilities, a7iii battery vs a7sii battery, a7sii low light. This a7iii vs a7sii video will be the last one you will need to watch. If you want to see a more detailed test of the sony a7 iii vs a7s2 comment below. In the end you will see which sony mirrorless full frame camera is the best for 2018

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  • Dantillosos
    Dantillosos Year ago +7

    Damn! I'm torn between these two cameras for weeks. Getting tired of my Nikon D5100, I have waited two years to finaly buy a good camera i can put to work. And this video didn't help... except the new option to wait for the s3 (ö_ö)
    why is it suddenly so important to have 2 SDcard slots? and how often do you use the low light capabillity of those cameras in your work? And does the APS-C crop for 120p video happens in the a7iii? (didn't have a chance to test it yet) And can you please tell me what kind of SD card I need to fully use sonys? I had an issue testing the s2 because of my too slow SD card.

    • Brian Aiken
      Brian Aiken  Year ago

      @Jake James It's a super dope camera! I love that you love it! :-)

    • Brian Aiken
      Brian Aiken  Year ago

      @PN Films Freaking awesome choice! You will continue to love it for years! :-)

    • Jake James
      Jake James Year ago +1

      @Brian Aiken I've honestly enjoyed the A7III much more.

    • PN Films
      PN Films Year ago +1

      Thank you so much! I ended up getting the A7iii and will use this as my A camera and keep the A6500 for my B camera. I starting to shoot weddings so I need the two cameras. The A7siii will be very costly, so I am happy with picking up the A7iii. It is awsome!... even in low light.

    • Brian Aiken
      Brian Aiken  Year ago

      Sure, I will explain it the non-nerdy way. 1st of all, your lenses will work fine on these cameras until you get the bling to upgrade. In fact, If I were you, I might even wait to upgrade. Sony keeps making promises of this a7siii and I hope they would come through on their promises soon. If you asking the crop question because I said the sony a7sii shoots 120fps cropped, what that means is it is not true true 1080 at 120fps where the a7iii is shooting at true 1080. When you film 120fps on the A7sii it crops in on the footage massively. In other words, in the case of 120fps, the A7iii does a better job. If you do this for money, the a7sii is still the better camera in my eyes but it comes at a cost. The main differentiating factor for me is its low light capability. Hopefully, this answers a handful of questions for you. :-) The camera you have is already pretty dope.

  • John Feather
    John Feather 10 days ago +1

    This is unwatchable!

  • jorge godines
    jorge godines 21 day ago

    You destroyed both cameras

  • Wh4tEverComesT0Mind


  • NaaffaX
    NaaffaX Month ago

    The flip screen is not stupid. I find it useful where i may want to get the camera closer to the ground and take a picture of a person from foot to head without having to lie down on the ground.

  • psy0rz
    psy0rz Month ago

    This video was kind of low energy.

  • 2020 Filmworks
    2020 Filmworks Month ago

    If only the BMPCC 6k had the a7sii low light capabilities.

  • hazim penumbra
    hazim penumbra 3 months ago

    you should be an mma commentator. too much shouting. starting enjoy the vid but then getting freakingly annoyed

  • Eyes in the dark photography

    You try too much man..

  • Avinash Rawal
    Avinash Rawal 3 months ago

    Please come back to RU-clip

  • Wakara
    Wakara 3 months ago +1

    do you live in a cage? lol

  • Michele Cano
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    • MusicLync
      MusicLync 2 months ago

      Lol it's never coming out 😭

  • Stephen Post
    Stephen Post 4 months ago

    What to do if what ya got is a6000..... Guess I'll rent each and compare!

  • Hudson Filmr
    Hudson Filmr 4 months ago

    Very high energy.

  • Toby Wenzel
    Toby Wenzel 4 months ago

    You try to hard to be funny, just get to the point.

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  • Ryan Dela Cruz
    Ryan Dela Cruz 5 months ago +2

    the sIII.... its 2019 now...where is it!?!??!!?!

  • Ill Cinematics
    Ill Cinematics 5 months ago

    I swear the a7sii has a full frame sensor

  • battinisai
    battinisai 6 months ago +1

    Dislike for you over action 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • joseluisphoto
    joseluisphoto 6 months ago

    how about that a7sIII? :-)

  • Catherine TV
    Catherine TV 6 months ago

    hahah)) you're awesome ))

  • ifan yu
    ifan yu 6 months ago

    where is the a7siii?

  • C.A. Huddleston
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  • BadmashFactory
    BadmashFactory 6 months ago +1

    Why is A7S2 is expensive than A73, if A73 is better in most of the tests here?!!

  • Caravan Movies
    Caravan Movies 7 months ago

    Sir what is the difference between 1080p and 4k video ? #CaravanMovies

  • earthbound
    earthbound 7 months ago

    Best video funny as all good French toast 😃👍🏽

  • Kevin Bernardez
    Kevin Bernardez 8 months ago

    Your character makes this video everything 👌🏾

  • AdastraBand
    AdastraBand 8 months ago

    You should take some Humor lessons

  • Kush Carter
    Kush Carter 8 months ago

    if you where canon shooter before SONY hit the like

  • CreaTyvi
    CreaTyvi 8 months ago

    You are stupid man , screaming every 2 seconds.. I stooped watching after 30sec

  • WilczeQ1st
    WilczeQ1st 8 months ago +1

    Daaamn man.. You are like Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool :D)

  • More Travel Please
    More Travel Please 9 months ago +1

    surprised to see all the complaints in the comments, I loved this video, your personality made it fun and interesting but still right to the point

  • beebeeguy69
    beebeeguy69 9 months ago

    Gawwwwwd this guy is annoying. Just do the review. It's not stand up comedy. Because if it were, you'd be heckled off stage. Couldn't stand it and watched another, better comparison review.

  • Jimmy Daamen
    Jimmy Daamen 9 months ago

    I think this may have pushed me from upgrading from my a7 to the a7iii and not the a7ii, mainly cause battery life and the record button lol. But the a7ii is really good too cause they shot blue planet ii or something on it. Nah I'll be happy with the a7iii. Thanks for the vid mate, love your energy and charisma.

  • Dee
    Dee 9 months ago

    Annoying background music, ESP considering your echoing audio isn't that great to begin with

  • mutlunun
    mutlunun 9 months ago

    I cant beat these overacting, shouting freaks on youtube 👎

  • edison9100
    edison9100 9 months ago +1

    holy $@$ this dude is annoying as hell, trying to hard

  • rendezvous009
    rendezvous009 9 months ago

    Why wait for that Sony A7s3 if you are professional and need that low light camera now? If you are amateur you probably don't need that low light camera anyway. That Sony a7s2 is cheap on the second hand market now.

  • iamlem
    iamlem 9 months ago

    Damn that background Music is distracting and too loud

  • Alan Holm
    Alan Holm 9 months ago +5

    Thanks for the video, but you’re so noisy! Sorry mate!

  • Ian Marcelo
    Ian Marcelo 10 months ago +1

    Great video. The ones complaining about your energy are old heads who prefer monotone reviewers.

  • Milind A Kavde
    Milind A Kavde 10 months ago +3

    There is so much of over acting .... your over acting makes informative video unbearable .

  • Juan Pablo Castro García
    Juan Pablo Castro García 11 months ago +1

    Dude this guys is hilarious, you are so funny bro, I'm subscribing just because of that LOL

    • David H.
      David H. 10 months ago

      I did as well for that exact reason.

  • Vasilios Muselimis
    Vasilios Muselimis 11 months ago +1

    Hahaha hey man I so so much dislikes really... I F**** enjoyed this one. 👌😁

  • Austin Tillison
    Austin Tillison 11 months ago

    I needed this video. THANK YOU

  • Astronomer
    Astronomer 11 months ago

    Yo you talk too much. Just tell us.

  • Joel Diaz
    Joel Diaz 11 months ago +1

    So that means the battery life on the A7III is 10 minutes? Cool.

    FULL METAL AUTO 11 months ago

    that flip screen in the a7s is may favorite feature. it allows me to use the camera on a ronin without a monitor.

  • VitusDenis
    VitusDenis 11 months ago

    well, a7siii still not here lmfao

  • Darren Jackson
    Darren Jackson 11 months ago

    Could you be anymore annoying 🤔

  • Spen and Ari
    Spen and Ari 11 months ago

    Love the energy, who said reviews have to be bland?! Thanks for the comparison, I’ve had my eye on these cameras for a while!

  • Matt McFarland
    Matt McFarland 11 months ago +1

    Haha nice video. Surprisingly I thought how crazy you were was really funny. Good work man

  • zDredd
    zDredd Year ago +1

    damn nice video bro ur personality is great keep it up

  • Talento Urbano The Show

    We are friends now, jaja

  • Fer Rivero
    Fer Rivero Year ago

    Ok you just saved my whole music video career! And I love your humour! Thanks for this vid!!!!

  • Crow T Robot
    Crow T Robot Year ago +1

    For astrophotography what would be the choice?

    • Astronomer
      Astronomer 11 months ago

      Crow T Robot I want to know this too. I’ve heard the a7s ii is better.

  • Casher59
    Casher59 Year ago

    A7III or the A7SIII 🤔 I’m planning to save up for one but I don’t know,

  • Raúl Rojas
    Raúl Rojas Year ago

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    Habitualmente los lugares donde debo filmar carecen de luminosidad, o bien hay una excesiva luz de reflectores. Asimismo, otra cuestión importante es el permanente movimiento de los artistas a quienes se filman, por cuanto la estabilización de la imagen es un punto muy importante, como también la calidad del sonido.
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  • mrnomore
    mrnomore Year ago

    couldn't stand this shit for more then 10 seconds. almost 200 dislikes... give it a thought why