I built a GIANT MEATBALL in Minecraft (emotional) - Part 16

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • We build redstone epicly in minecraft
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Comments • 87 080

  • Rachel Walker
    Rachel Walker 2 hours ago

    Who else waits till the very end just to hear the WHAT? U HAVENT PLAYED TUBER SIMULATOR

  • Aino R
    Aino R 3 hours ago

    When Joergen rushed up to hug him... Gosh i've never felt happier.

  • CHi-chan
    CHi-chan 3 hours ago

    Dinnerbone to the right of Sven's tail!! 15:43

  • Aerodactyl 21
    Aerodactyl 21 4 hours ago

    Wait what happen to iron golem

  • Octane
    Octane 4 hours ago


    i felt that

  • Ohcirej Gaming
    Ohcirej Gaming 4 hours ago

    Lmao he watched some mumbo's video lmao

  • raystrife234
    raystrife234 5 hours ago

    Lol can u imagine this nerd's married? Haha...
    Srsly tho all the love to you Poods and Marzia.

  • cheezy
    cheezy 5 hours ago

    "1 2, 3 4.. SVEN!"

  • Rodel Corpuz
    Rodel Corpuz 5 hours ago

    Its water sheeps whool

  • Mad Eid
    Mad Eid 5 hours ago

    I'm so sad to water sheep I miss him

  • Mad Eid
    Mad Eid 6 hours ago

    He used mode for crating that hahahaha lol

  • Mad Eid
    Mad Eid 6 hours ago

    He did go to creative hahaha

  • Marta K
    Marta K 6 hours ago +1

    The chicken dances to the bell

  • Ghost astr0
    Ghost astr0 6 hours ago

    Ho thinks thats a poke ball

  • theMekc
    theMekc 8 hours ago

    хорошо, это круто, РОССИЯ СТАВИТ +

  • The Coolest kid on the Disney Channel

    "Water Sheep means nothing to me"
    *proceeds to make giant monument for Water Sheep*

  • Полина Абрамова

    Русские, если вы есть, откликнитесь

  • Hernes
    Hernes 9 hours ago +1

    Pewdiepie: This is my amazing elevator!
    Mumbo Jumbo: Am i a joke to you?

  • iLikeSpaghetti jeh
    iLikeSpaghetti jeh 9 hours ago

    Pewdiepie: tortures watersheep
    Also pewdiepie: makes a giant meatball for watersheep

  • EagleEye 3000
    EagleEye 3000 10 hours ago

    16:35 isn't it sweet how he comes to you? 😃

  • Ema M
    Ema M 11 hours ago

    Felix don’t u remember....u tortured jeb but.....we will always remember him😖

  • sassytorchic47
    sassytorchic47 11 hours ago +1

    3:33 an easier elevator would be a water one with both a magma block to bring ya down and soul sand to bring ya up X'D no redstone or pistons required lel xp

  • NekrozTFT
    NekrozTFT 11 hours ago

    I’ve been building red stone contraptions for years and I still enjoyed Felix explaining his elevator lol he seemed so proud

  • Lily Ha
    Lily Ha 11 hours ago

    Ok i was actually sad when water sheep didnt come back????

  • The Happy Cajun
    The Happy Cajun 13 hours ago +1

    There needs to be a bunch sheep in the Water sheep MeatBall

  • DeNdReTiC
    DeNdReTiC 13 hours ago


  • Screw T-Series
    Screw T-Series 16 hours ago +1

    "He don't squeal in pain like Water Sheep"
    (,͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • carlos hernandez
    carlos hernandez 17 hours ago

    Ha ha ha ha ok now we can go😅😒

  • nicknugget
    nicknugget 18 hours ago

    guys we should all comment telling Felix to watch the justice for jeb_ music video

  • Jeri Jer
    Jeri Jer 18 hours ago


  • Scrundel
    Scrundel 18 hours ago +3

    The five stages of loss :
    Bargaining and....
    Building meatballs in minecraft

  • Phoenix Naylor
    Phoenix Naylor 20 hours ago +3

    Felix’s pet: *dies*
    No one:
    Felix: hE wAs LiKe A fAtHeR tO mE

  • Cotten Gacha
    Cotten Gacha 20 hours ago +7

    If Sven and jöergen aren’t in RU-clip rewind 2019 I’m gonna be super pissed

  • Julia Ledda
    Julia Ledda 21 hour ago

    “ I need to stop playing around”
    2 seconds later
    “ ItS ThReE a.M. aNd I aM hErE tO sUmMoN wAtEr ShEeP”

  • Challenge boi Gaming
    Challenge boi Gaming 21 hour ago

    In one of your episodes make a water elevator

  • Paddy Legos
    Paddy Legos 22 hours ago

    i saw him boiiiiiii

  • CyberHance 2004
    CyberHance 2004 23 hours ago

    Notch would be proud of you.

  • _ZombieDude_
    _ZombieDude_ 23 hours ago

    Felix: Hasn’t played Minecraft since it first came out
    Also Felix: Builds epic red stone elevator
    Me: Plays Minecraft daily, but cannot even make a simple repeater work.

    • _ZombieDude_
      _ZombieDude_ 12 hours ago

      It doesn’t matter, he still knows how to make the redstone work like a champ, while I can barely make a lamp turn on.

    • anamethatisnotmyrealname penguin
      anamethatisnotmyrealname penguin 17 hours ago

      You know he's using creative mode right?

  • christian coakley
    christian coakley Day ago +1

    keep rewinding the beginning of the episode, it sounds epic

  • Antti Boy87
    Antti Boy87 Day ago


  • RampageLP
    RampageLP Day ago

    A thousand parts of Minecraft? Well, sorry to tell you, but that's nothing new, someone else took that title already.

  • 100F
    100F Day ago +1

    😥 I miss water sheep 😥

  • Shantini Natesan

    The thing that you call a weird baby will save you when you die

  • Lisa Gloria
    Lisa Gloria Day ago +1

    Sven is wolf, not dog

  • Graham Whittle
    Graham Whittle Day ago +1

    16:36 made me cry

  • ramona mj
    ramona mj Day ago

    I wanted too see how he made it :( the process behind tha masterpiece

  • Gaming Squares GD

    I bet all that wool was the countless watersheep wool

  • AlexBear
    AlexBear Day ago

    Episode 9: Rescuing Sven
    Episode 17: Rescuing Jeorigen

  • MR_YT chu
    MR_YT chu Day ago

    Are you cheating to build to meatball

  • Zephyr PC
    Zephyr PC Day ago

    tf? different pc from last ep..

  • Caleb Foster
    Caleb Foster Day ago

    Kinda embarrassing lol I just built a legit elevator



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  • рома клешо оф кленш

    Пикша давай дружить не пысы мне клиенты со я дебил

  • noitsmehannah
    noitsmehannah Day ago +8

    felix: *hears something from the portal thing* Watersheep?!!!

  • Faded Pandas
    Faded Pandas Day ago +1

    Its a masterpeice

  • Faded Pandas
    Faded Pandas Day ago +1

    Im assuming it took 6 hours to make that all

  • KB Games
    KB Games Day ago +2

    i got a ikea ad about meatballs on this vid

  • Elizabeth Arbanas
    Elizabeth Arbanas Day ago +1

    We should get a soundtrack

  • lame gamer
    lame gamer Day ago


  • Tabatha Rose
    Tabatha Rose Day ago

    I want water sleep

    OGAG ATUPMA Day ago

    14:14 omg the wood is medium rare cooked

  • sr jungkook
    sr jungkook Day ago

    Gaymers jest

  • selena shangguan

    I just cant my god what is this frickidi meatball and why is it so fuxking epic ???????

  • Robert Allen
    Robert Allen Day ago

    I thought a dispensor was uh..... TrASh cAn

  • M T
    M T Day ago

    "I dont even know why it works"
    coding 101

  • Flame Gamer
    Flame Gamer Day ago

    Something: *dies*
    Pewds: "he was like a father to me..."

  • samurai slice ck
    samurai slice ck Day ago +1

    It goes 1, 2, 3, 4, SVEN!

  • Macie Murphy
    Macie Murphy Day ago

    U should make a grave for water sheep

  • Daniel Panucci
    Daniel Panucci Day ago

    The redstone elevator in the meatball was impressive. Nice job Felix.

  • Noon with NOODLE

    Pewds: is Swedish
    Also pewds: and I’m proud to be an American

  • Zelda_ TheGachaAlpha

    JOERGON!!! Why was he there 😂😂🤣 I thought he was lost forever 😧

  • Duong Sahra
    Duong Sahra Day ago

    Pho with meatball