He's The Top Result On Google For 'Idiot'

  • Published on Dec 15, 2018
  • Iowa's Republican Congressman Steve King had some serious gripes with Apple. So he raised them with the CEO of Google.
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Comments • 1 821

  • Clyde Vee
    Clyde Vee 3 days ago

    yep, he's an idiot alright.,...

  • dwasifar karalahishipoor

    SiliCON valley. Not silicone. That's something else.

  • gridsleep
    gridsleep Month ago

    Has anyone ever called Steve King a racist on camera, and what was his response? Did he try to lynch them or burn a cross on their lawn?

  • some bastard on the internet

    Dear Rep. Steve King,

    Ads and search results are generally tailored based on the user's prior searches and browsing history.

    Which means the question you asked Mr. Pinchai should have been directed at your granddaughter.

  • Pavel Adamek
    Pavel Adamek Month ago

    Greatest country in the world my ass. These members of Congress have the thinking of communist censors.

  • scott paton
    scott paton Month ago

    Oh God, Stephen Colbert has to be the most useless idiot of them all

  • Cole Gowdy
    Cole Gowdy Month ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about the dude in the background at 1:33????

  • Dillon Moreno
    Dillon Moreno 2 months ago

    who Stephen Colbert?

  • Uaine Diabhal
    Uaine Diabhal 2 months ago

    You've got to love how ridiculously out-of-touch these political dinosaurs are. One more reason we need to purge the a lot of the "ancient mystics" from our elected offices; not all, but maybe 90%-95% at least. Bernie stays though; we aren't giving up Bernie

  • penguine19
    penguine19 2 months ago

    He is an idiot. I post that he is an idiot all the time. Lol. Then hashtag it. Lol.

  • chairmanofrussia
    chairmanofrussia 2 months ago

    What’s a 7-year old doing on an iphone?

  • RavellXIV Robinson
    RavellXIV Robinson 2 months ago

    Somebody needs a burn heal!

  • Donald dollar Trump
    Donald dollar Trump 3 months ago

    There was a problem with the internet connection

  • J C
    J C 3 months ago

    IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!! THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE AND GET YOU IMPEACHED!!!! Can you read that Don??? I wrote in big letters and kept the words really little and easy to understand without a bunch of ...................................................... you know what I mean 🤣

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith 3 months ago

    Did Anyone else go on google and search idiot during the video?

  • Khan Afridi
    Khan Afridi 3 months ago +1

    Yeah trump is idiot

  • Quabledistocficklepo
    Quabledistocficklepo 3 months ago

    Does Colbert have a punchable face or not?

  • Wodinn
    Wodinn 3 months ago

    it's actually discouraging that our congress has literally no fucking idea how technology works.

  • Alwin Sebastian
    Alwin Sebastian 4 months ago +1

    सुनडर पछै 🤣🤣

  • eClass eTutor
    eClass eTutor 4 months ago


  • Hunter Lane
    Hunter Lane 4 months ago

    Now everybody that used to swear by google and is a trump supporter will say anything they can think of discredit google. Im starting to think trump is a genius and is using himself to prove how fickle and petty people have gotten.

  • Rosita A. Huff
    Rosita A. Huff 4 months ago


  • LovinLife
    LovinLife 4 months ago

    This is another reason we need term limits.

  • Polla Fattah
    Polla Fattah 4 months ago

    2:50 How can we ignore the man with the hat and mustache

  • littleblueclovers
    littleblueclovers 4 months ago

    Ok but that genuinely not googles fault. If people make posts with the word “trump” and “idiot”, the connection will be made regardless of the company’s political standings.

  • Adriana Tellez
    Adriana Tellez 4 months ago

    00:56 was me

  • Pam Heumphreus
    Pam Heumphreus 4 months ago

    Everyone knows Trump is the gold standard for IDIOT!

  • Mark Sloan
    Mark Sloan 4 months ago

    Google moron also, and Trump shows up (although not at the top, more like the fifth or sixth).

  • Armie 321
    Armie 321 4 months ago

    2:06 I love how he puts away the non existent phone

  • Helen Amirian
    Helen Amirian 4 months ago

    And why does a 7 year old need an iphone....

  • Spyder Webb
    Spyder Webb 4 months ago +1

    Oh my goodness...... trump did come up....and 2 of his son's after that !!!

  • mihaela huban
    mihaela huban 4 months ago

    i googled " bad hombres" wohoo that was fun 😂😂😂 . "Wall" was good too, a lot of Trump and bricks- oh " build a wall" search is good too

  • Brindyz Zamora
    Brindyz Zamora 4 months ago

    I googled Idiot and its true!!

  • Bob Rees,Jr
    Bob Rees,Jr 4 months ago

    Are you making fun of my home state congressman? Shame on you. #LMFAO..

    • Bob Rees,Jr
      Bob Rees,Jr 4 months ago

      Hey ask the CEO of Google if he likes my idea about "solar charged" laptops and mobile phones.. see thinkORANGE on Facebook..invented by an Iowan. #LMFAO

  • Josie Fox
    Josie Fox 4 months ago

    How does it show up on a 7 year olds i phone??? What is a 7 year old even doing with an i phone?? How fucking spoiled is that? Perhaps the parents could police their child's internet use like real parents!? If that kid were British then I'm afraid some other kid is going to hit it over the head and run off with that shit!! Seriously!

  • Nhel Olaco
    Nhel Olaco 4 months ago


  • tommyt1971
    tommyt1971 4 months ago

    And we’re happy to report that the “idiot” search in Google still works juuuuuuuuuust fine!

  • leslie easton
    leslie easton 4 months ago

    Obviously Google works just fine.

  • Leif Johnson
    Leif Johnson 4 months ago

    Steven King - Moron of the Month - (non-Trump division).

  • Shiro Lee
    Shiro Lee 4 months ago

    I just had to confirm that and yes google does not lie haha.

  • Rohit Pathak
    Rohit Pathak 4 months ago

    Thanks to this, Trump is likely going to be one of the top image results for "idiot" at least for the next decade.

  • Paul Findlay
    Paul Findlay 4 months ago

    Jeff Goldboom's smart brother.

  • James Toth
    James Toth 4 months ago

    Anybody else see the guy with the top hat and mustache

  • Vicki Bee
    Vicki Bee 4 months ago

    Well for God's sake, if you ACT like a goddam IDIOT all the time you're going to get consequences for it SOONER or later.
    They need to get a ficken CLUE.

  • Peter Romero
    Peter Romero 4 months ago

    Loving the comments below. Classic! What a “great” time to be alive. 😂

  • HenryManson
    HenryManson 4 months ago

    LOL ok, 17 of the first 20 "idiot" images ARE trump pix ^^

  • A-Reading Lady
    A-Reading Lady 4 months ago

    Yup, it works ... the first half dozen images were you know who. 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Vikram Ganapathineedi
    Vikram Ganapathineedi 4 months ago

    I enjoyed the comedy but you chose to ignore the most important question asked, which was about pushing the latino votes in KEY states.

  • alebrije 1800
    alebrije 1800 4 months ago

    ???! It's a matter of fact.... hahahah!

  • OneTwo Three
    OneTwo Three 4 months ago

    LOL!!!! HAHAH it does, it does, theres hundreds of them and a couple of his idiot children..BWhahahahahahah!

  • Jerardo Rosario
    Jerardo Rosario 4 months ago

    Seriously Maybe just maybe u could out done PIZZA pizza if u do count ur blessins, but u will never in a mil yrs OUT DONE STUPIDITY of donald trump ifu do it then u have hit, MEGA JACKPOT , BOY!!!

  • thomas rogers
    thomas rogers 4 months ago

    Maybe the parents of your granddaughter, mr king should know what she is playing on her phone!!!! She is too young to have a phone!!!

  • Sandi Billingsley
    Sandi Billingsley 4 months ago

    December 30th if you Google the word idiot and hit images you still get Donald Trump pictures.

  • Ville Hardén
    Ville Hardén 4 months ago

    Him putting the non-existent phone in his pocket at 2:07 is the funniest part.

  • Dustin Tankersley
    Dustin Tankersley 4 months ago

    Why are you on my feed? You have no clue.

  • Korean Turbro
    Korean Turbro 4 months ago

    How was the guy with the mustache completely unmentioned? hahaha

  • kat lover
    kat lover 4 months ago

    Why would she search the word idiot, I did and there was trump, I wonder if I type other. Words that describe him I’d find him.

  • hobbicles28
    hobbicles28 4 months ago

    The following is known to few an because of this, let those who read further, understand this comment an be aware of the consequences of this knowledge.
    I have proof our Government knows how to time travel. (it’s unknown if the current idiot of cheese is aware of...
    Well anything really, but it’s especially doubtful he knows anything about time travel) lol
    Now if you are using an iphone, or any type of device allowing you to get to a calendar, then The proof is in your hands.
    Even a physical calendar has this ability.
    As you stop reading for a moment, you start to become aware that if you now desire, you can decide on a date in the future and notice it’s there.
    Check any date an you will find it. Freaky. Eh.
    Now This is where shite gets even more unnerving, when you discover you can accurately find a day or year on any calendar.
    Notice you can look into the future an visit the past as well.
    There are only two highly likely scenarios.
    The first one, our government uses time travel to be sure of the accuracy of each calendar.
    Or the second equally plausible scenario: our government is working with aliens to discern the future date they set up and print future calendars.
    Remember truth is stranger than fiction.

  • Ahmed Elfky
    Ahmed Elfky 4 months ago

    Damn, the search results for idiot is still DJT 😂 !

  • Needing Less
    Needing Less 4 months ago

    Not just under IDIOT should trump's picture come up. It should also me under: Rat, Snake, and Liar.

  • BTSandromeda
    BTSandromeda 4 months ago

    google is fair play. It simply collects data on what people google for topics/help/Reactions/opinions/DIY/etc. Then the algorithm is created to teach its algorithms 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rae Lynn
    Rae Lynn 4 months ago

    Ms. Lofgren is my new favorite. My son pointed out if you Google an image for TREASON, Trump's name also pops up at number one.

  • Ali Beltran
    Ali Beltran 4 months ago

    We did it Reddit!

  • Phantom. Mdc
    Phantom. Mdc 4 months ago +1

    Why does a 7 year old have an I phone

  • DoubleM55
    DoubleM55 4 months ago +1

    The reality is even worse than "Idiocracy" movie portrayed it. Why do we always chose the most stupid people to lead us? Sad.

  • mxgirl918
    mxgirl918 4 months ago

    Dear Congressman,
    Not only is iPhone made by a different company but maybe you as a mature male adult should teach your 7-year-old grandchild about discretion and responsibility instead of blaming it on tech companies.
    From a non politically aligned elementary schoolteacher

  • Devon Graham
    Devon Graham 4 months ago

    This video having 1.1 million views is proof that society has collective brain damage.

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 4 months ago

    When you live in a false reality, reality has a way of kicking you around.

  • rachy ausome
    rachy ausome 4 months ago

    So what if Google hates trump, nobody has an inalienable right to be treated nicely by a search engine

  • Paul Shaw
    Paul Shaw 5 months ago


  • Marina E
    Marina E 5 months ago +1

    If you don't want a 7 years old to be confronted with content from the internet, don't give her a device with access to the internet.

  • Kumar Trendzz
    Kumar Trendzz 5 months ago

    Indians knws hw to deal with issues

  • caydee chanelle
    caydee chanelle 5 months ago


  • DewDee
    DewDee 5 months ago

    I cracked up hard at "Luckily, that's when I get up anyway!"

  • Shana Simmons
    Shana Simmons 5 months ago

    Google trash search Trump comes up so instead of Trump tower its trash tower

  • Donna Bruce
    Donna Bruce 5 months ago

    WAD. Works As Designed. Next question?

  • Reek Z
    Reek Z 5 months ago

    Late night shows need to find a new main topic. The Trump jokes are dead and over.

  • sam dekwat
    sam dekwat 5 months ago

    I tried to verify the theory. I googled "idiot" and guess what: Google displayed mostly pictures of Trump.
    Just to be sure, I tried to reverse-engineer the theory and Googled "Trump".
    Google only displayed pictures of an idiot.
    It works both ways.

  • Seetiyan
    Seetiyan 5 months ago

    Yo . . . what the heck is up with that Monopoly guy?!?!?!

  • TheBusyJane
    TheBusyJane 5 months ago

    What is morimba?

  • a hellenic pagan
    a hellenic pagan 5 months ago +1

    Sounds like the search engine is working perfectly to me

  • Inderpal Dhami
    Inderpal Dhami 5 months ago +1

    “Idiot search brings Trump picture... seems to be working” perfect timing and hilarious the way Stephen said it 😁

  • Amy Williams
    Amy Williams 5 months ago


  • Blueberryymuffin
    Blueberryymuffin 5 months ago +1

    No matter what people say. I still love Google

  • Cody Reber
    Cody Reber 5 months ago

    Look at the mustachioed person in the background

  • Nafisha Ahmad
    Nafisha Ahmad 5 months ago

    Im ok with that. What better word.

  • Tim Perks
    Tim Perks 5 months ago +1

    If you also type in moron trump shows up go figure...the internet has spoken.

  • Tim Perks
    Tim Perks 5 months ago +1

    Lol I checked it is true trump shows up lmao😂😂

  • J Arnett
    J Arnett 5 months ago

    Let me guess... Daddy Donny? Knowing this channel I will be suprised if it's anything else.

  • Giovanni
    Giovanni 5 months ago

    If you Google a****** under images a picture of Stephen Colbert pops up

  • tiffany hirst
    tiffany hirst 5 months ago

    A 7 year old with an iPhone

  • maria mendoza
    maria mendoza 5 months ago

    Google is working perfect, we all know the orange moron is an Idiot his own staff said it. Guess who new it better, The Russians, right

  • Colin Cleveland
    Colin Cleveland 5 months ago

    Type "does" into google

  • Akash Ganesan
    Akash Ganesan 5 months ago

    The senator did say that it could've been an Andriod as well. You are doing the same thing that Fox News does. You guys could've picked a bunch of other things that show how badly prepared the Republicans were but you went for this. If this is humor, I think people's standards are dropping. God, I miss Jon Stewart! Well, at least we have the Patriot Act and John Oliver so that's something to be happy about.

  • Bomb Liechtenstein
    Bomb Liechtenstein 5 months ago

    The monopoly man in the back

    CUTTING EDGE 5 months ago +1

    Typing libtard and I got result of Colbert and Kimmel .

  • Lori Schachle
    Lori Schachle 5 months ago

    oh no, Jon missed a sound effect! :O 2:07

  • Nazim goraya
    Nazim goraya 5 months ago

    Even I searched for the “Idiot” 😂

  • mavrick0925
    mavrick0925 5 months ago

    Funny how libs want think it’s ok to put our president down when they don’t like who it is but say one thing about a democratic president and they lose there mind

  • AlphaWolvesGamer
    AlphaWolvesGamer 5 months ago

    Try to find ANY of the Patreon drama going around right now without using the specific trigger phrases, and you'll get nothing.
    It's censored, and the searches are bias. lol