The CHEAPEST Waterproof Action Camera on Amazon! The Akaso Brave 5

  • Published on May 15, 2018
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    The Akaso Brave 5! The main reason I recommend GoPro anymore is its waterproof without a case. But I found another camera on Amazon that can do the same thing, so is GoPro worth buying anymore?
    Lets find out!
    Akaso Brave 5
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Comments • 92

  • Darlene Elvidge
    Darlene Elvidge 19 days ago

    Buy the Akaso brave 4, it’s real small in size.

    • JK
      JK 17 days ago

      Darlene Elvidge is the quality good?

  • Theodore King
    Theodore King 2 months ago

    Gotta be a novatec

  • alex aolaolagi
    alex aolaolagi 3 months ago

    Review starts at 6:17

  • ankit 9119
    ankit 9119 3 months ago


  • Peter Nacken
    Peter Nacken 4 months ago

    Great find! For some reason I can't find that cam on European amazon ... not any other action cam that is waterproof without case ... somehow tricky to google, as it just shows all kinds of cams that are waterproof WITH case ... but at least your video came up. Found anything else like that?

  • Дмитрий Антушев

    In Russia this camera sold under brand Rekam Xproof.

  • Stealthy Hydrogen
    Stealthy Hydrogen 6 months ago +1

    Compare Akaso's cameras with YI's cameras!

  • Joshua C.
    Joshua C. 7 months ago

    It's kind of difficult to me for this to go up against the Gopro (4) Session, which can be had for $100 refurbished.
    It can't 4k, but it can 1080p60 with REAL waterproofing without a case, and many gimbals include a mount to support it - something that would be QUITE important to you, because it's not stabilized.
    It's also a little harder to use, depending on a variant of the old style GoPro two-button interface to change any settings without using the app. That said, it has a relatively friendly variant if all you need is to change picture and video mode settings, and its "one touch" functionality makes it an excellent "grab and go" worry-free camera.

  • Michael Bryant
    Michael Bryant 7 months ago

    I read in another review image stabilization is for photos only and videos require the Gyroscope setting on to provide video stabilization

  • Sindu Prayatayodha
    Sindu Prayatayodha 8 months ago

    Akaso v50 vs brave 5

  • Sky1
    Sky1 9 months ago


  • Jack Lim
    Jack Lim Year ago

    Good action cam!!! akaso brave 5

  • Elite tv
    Elite tv Year ago

    Any other waterproof right out of the box budget cameras out there?

  • Screenshot4aLL
    Screenshot4aLL Year ago

    yi lite or mijia????
    i need to know which one should i buy............

  • carroll6
    carroll6 Year ago

    Is the Yi Lite better?

  • stranger
    stranger Year ago

    Would you prefer this over onreal 4k?

  • Cornelius Maximilianus

    image quality looks like shit

  • Candy_Jar
    Candy_Jar Year ago

    Yi lite or this asako

  • Milton Richards lll

    How about getting longer thumb screws for your gimbal to increase the size of the holder on the gimbal

  • D K
    D K Year ago +3

    Would you still recommend the Yi Lite over this?

    • Allison Hooker
      Allison Hooker Year ago

      @HELLO PATTAYA I actually returned my YI Lite when I received the Brave 5. Very sharp image quality, even in low light conditions. A tiny bit saturated but more accurate than alot of budget cams. The YI Lite has ALOT of noise in low light and when filming against different colors. Even noticed it on Sky. The Brave 5 is very smooth with very little noise and cheaper. The mic is horrible though. The YI is a great cam, but there are better options out there around YI lite price (firefly 8se). I even put the Brave 5 up against the v50 pro and the v50 pro is HORRIBLE on sharpness. Very blurry. The YI would be better in post, ALOT OF POST not raw

      HELLO PATTAYA Year ago +1

      Yi lite is better.

  • Steve  Fernando
    Steve Fernando Year ago

    Review the new Akaso pro plenty

    • Allison Hooker
      Allison Hooker Year ago

      HORRIBLE CAM. Alot of function but too cheap of a lens. Not sharp image AT ALL. Had two of them. The Brave 5 is VERY sharp and lively without post. Not too saturated

  • SUV Tropics
    SUV Tropics Year ago

    You should review some good non gopros like the sjcam sj7, firefly 8s, t5e or yi 4k+.

  • yad 09
    yad 09 Year ago

    Yi lite or this action camera better?

  • Gideon Williams
    Gideon Williams Year ago

    Can you review the Apeman A80 2018 version from Amazon? It's a popular camera and not many people have reviewed the newer model

  • Regular Guys Outdoors

    Does this camera have a setting for adjusting the angle of the lens/FOV like 70, 110, 140, and 170?

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  Year ago +1

      No unfortunately it doesn’t, or if it does I couldn’t find it

  • no checked bag
    no checked bag Year ago

    I have a Zhyiun Smooth-Q gimbal and the Akaso Brave 5 fits in it securely without any adapter. I also have had a tiny bit of moisture inside the door after some extensive surf filming. I believe it may just be condensation as the battery gets pretty warm during use. To be safe, I've been using the outer case if I am going to be submerged, but use it bare for splash zone activity.

  • felix uper
    felix uper Year ago +1

    hey every day dad i want to make a RU-clip channel but should i get this camera for my videos? i dont know so im asking you i think you know more about cameras so yeah. i got the eken h9s but i cant listen to my voice in the eken h9s so thats why i also want you to help me if i should keep this camera or get the akaso or what should i do to get the audio working in my eken h9s.

    • felipe macias
      felipe macias Year ago

      hey never mind my eken camera is working ok now i dont know how but its working fine now

    • felipe macias
      felipe macias Year ago

      also do you think i cant hear the audio of my eken h9s because of the memorie card i got cuz the book of the eken h9s says its only compatible with a 16gb and 32gb and i got a 64gb so i think thats the problem

    • felipe macias
      felipe macias Year ago

      hey its me but in another account and yes i do

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  Year ago

      Are your trying to get a primary camera? Like one to do narrative talking head kinds of shots?

  • Ryan Sondak
    Ryan Sondak Year ago

    The 1080p quality doesn't look all that bad, but the yi camera are a better deal! Awesome video😎

  • Les Learning
    Les Learning Year ago

    From what I have read anti-shake is only for pictures and this camera doesn't have EIS like the Akaso Brave 4 which has both. I like the Brave 4 better for this two reasons.

  • Kristopher Crawford

    Hey are your going to look at the akaso v50 Pro?

  • Butch Fagan
    Butch Fagan Year ago

    Have you seen the Removu camera and stabilizer for gopro? Might be worth a review!

  • aaAliN
    aaAliN Year ago +1

    Hey I just got my dslr, I wana strat RU-clip, what program do you use to edit your videos? Please I need help Thanks

  • Anvar Lite
    Anvar Lite Year ago

    What will you recommend buying? Sphero or anki cozmo

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee Year ago +1

    Hello, I saw in your 25,000 Subs video that you use a macbook pro for your editing. I was wondering what processor your's has as I am trying to find the right one to edit gopro film. Thanks

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  Year ago

      It’s a 2015 i5 MacBook Pro 13. That’s one of the highest priorities I have to update but I haven’t had any problems so far.

  • Drew Gossett
    Drew Gossett Year ago

    Bruh, you know that you can buy longer thumb screws at the hardware store. Go get some if that's the issue with the gimbal. Heck. Maybe get something 3D printed that will fit the mount and the camera.

  • Helge Johnsen
    Helge Johnsen Year ago +2

    What about Olympus TG-Tracker?

    • Aldo
      Aldo 6 months ago +1

      @The Everyday Dad and what about the Shimano CM 1000 action camera? Is waterproof without a case

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  Year ago +1

      I’ve thought about trying one out but I don’t like the crazy wide angle, too much fisheye distortion makes me feel nauseous 😂

  • Jacob David Wilson

    “What separates the action cameras from the inactive cameras”
    I don’t know, just a recommendation for switching that line! Love the videos! This is really a great channel for us low budget filmmakers! I much appreciate all you’ve done thus far, now subscribed with two of my accounts!

  • Riaan Jacobs
    Riaan Jacobs Year ago

    I have a Ion Air 2 that is almost 5 years old and the image quality is still par with budget Yi models and waterproof etc but is the company dead?

  • BlazeTomBay
    BlazeTomBay Year ago

    Akaso V50 Pro review next ?

  • Carlos Jaymalin II

    Nice video TEDD!🖒

  • Anish Visuals
    Anish Visuals Year ago

    Your videos are awesome ❤️🔥

  • Joshua Malalang
    Joshua Malalang Year ago

    Everyday dad. Can you please review sjcam sj8 pro. Vs Yi Lite vs. Gopro2018

  • Syed Ali
    Syed Ali Year ago +5

    Great video. Akaso just released the v50 pro which is getting pretty great reviews. Please make a video for that if you get a chance.

  • Canadian Drone Hub

    nice review

  • Pete Murray
    Pete Murray Year ago

    A kayak fishing camera?

  • Supermonkey 1964
    Supermonkey 1964 Year ago

    I pronounce it uhhhhkha(Long A)so (like the word so). But anyway the unstabilized footage looked better than the stabilized to me. But video quality really didn't look that good at all. I found the V50 on an Amazon Lightning Deal for $87.99. So i think it's a better camera with better video quality even without the Touch Screen. :)

  • Deigoboy75
    Deigoboy75 Year ago

    Nice video as always!! Have you tried the Akaso V50 Pro? And if so is your favorite still the Yi Lite? Thanks in advance!!

  • John Klopp
    John Klopp Year ago

    Oh man, I was so hoping this would be it!

  • Carson celmer
    Carson celmer Year ago

    Please do the vivitar DVR 786 action camera please please please

  • Emerson Tapia
    Emerson Tapia Year ago

    Hi brother can you recommend a camera in around $800 please

    RICK HALBUR Year ago

    Thanks good review

  • black banana bear

    Hey! Dad!. Equalize the music volume with your voice. Misic is wayblouder than your voice. You blowing up our ear with that music. Love your vids. Don't take this as trolling.

    • Matt Johnson
      Matt Johnson Year ago

      yep, I have made this comment before. You're not alone.

    • Brad Veas
      Brad Veas Year ago

      Ernesto Rodriguez 👍

  • timsmotorcyclediary

    It's a good budget camera but nowhere in the same league or replaces a GoPro Hero 5 or 6 Black. 4K 24 fps is not the same as 4K 30 fps. Plus the Akaso doesn't have GPS which to me is another great feature of the GoPro Hero 5 and 6 Black. I recently purchased the GoPro Hero 5 Black in a bundle from Costco Canada for $350 CAD. The camera itself worked out to approximately $176 USD. I would say to search for the Hero 5 Black bundle on sale from Costco or anywhere else. It's more than worth the approximately $92 USD premium over any budget camera. For someone on a strict budget, this is still a good value for a waterproof action camera. The truth is 1920x1080 is still more than sufficient for HD video recording.

  • Kristopher Crawford
    Kristopher Crawford Year ago +1

    Awesome Video Sir! So you suggest the yi lite as the best bag for the buck?

    • Kristopher Crawford
      Kristopher Crawford Year ago

      The Everyday Dad have the done anything to fix the image stabilizer warping look? The reason I ask is that I am looking for a action camera to strap to a helmet or chest mount without a gimbal

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  Year ago

      Thanks so much! And yeah its almost a year old but for the price you cant beat the yi lite for function and image quality.

  • GetOutTheHouseGoFish

    Nice review :-) sticking with a session for waterproof without a case . Only a bit more 👍

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  Year ago

      Thanks so much! Yeah I need to try out another session, the problem is they don't work well with gimbals either. I was really hoping this one would be able to pull that off.

  • Andrey Starenky
    Andrey Starenky Year ago

    I've used a different model akaso 4k with WiFi and everything works fine for me (as long as I can get the video out of it 😂)

  • SZretired
    SZretired Year ago +1

    Enjoyed your video. Clear, concise and most important, HONEST. As far as the camera, personally I would wait and save my pennies. But that's just me. Tnx again for a great review. 👍

  • jasssson18
    jasssson18 Year ago

    Driftinnovation cameras have been waterproof long before gopros were. They also had screens on them long before gopro too. Unfortunately their sales have taken a dive! Guess gopro had that going for them.

  • Mark Attardo
    Mark Attardo Year ago +2

    Is your gimbal waterproof?

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  Year ago +1

      It’s super water resistant but I don’t think it would survive if I straight dropped it in water.

  • Nate The Great
    Nate The Great Year ago +4

    1/4 20 on the bottom right out of the box is pretty dang sexy! Seems like a ok camera maybe as a secondary on a motorcycle!

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  Year ago

      I know right? More mounting options makes me happier 😁👍