2018 Fat Bob 114 ci Review - Harley Davidson

  • Published on Oct 1, 2017
  • 2018 Fat Bob 114 ci Review - Harley Davidson.
    Finally, i got to take the Fat bob out! In a nutshell, i loved it. Still think i'd end up customising it quite a fair bit. Great platform for HD. Please note that I had to deal with the following conditions on the test route which made the review less white knuckle interns of pushing the bike more.
    1) British horrible wet weather
    2) Wet roads
    3) New bike (13 miles on the clock)
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Comments • 193

    BİRKAN TÜRKOĞLU 3 days ago

    İnşAllah, Allahın izniyle bir gün bundan aynısı bana da nasip olur..🙏🙏

  • Buzz Boonay
    Buzz Boonay 3 days ago

    Can a big guy like 6 ft 220 lbs look normal riding this or is this bike small?

  • John Swanson
    John Swanson 11 days ago

    Can this bike be modified to mid-control? It seems like a good handling bike that I’d like to track for fun and be able to move around on.

  • Custom Rider
    Custom Rider 23 days ago

    Hi guys like this massege i promise im back you.

  • Alain Brisebois
    Alain Brisebois 27 days ago

    So...Again, if you want a new Harley to move , gou got to spit MORE AND MORE MONEY .

  • Jeremy Saunders
    Jeremy Saunders Month ago +1

    Would like the speedo above bars in my field of vision avoiding looking down !

  • Jean BIGNOIZ Noisette

    The intro music is on point 👌🏾👌🏾🏍🏍🏍

  • cliffy amo
    cliffy amo Month ago

    Great video mate! I ride two Harley Davidson's around the beautiful Island of Cyprus and video my rides, this one could be my third? If I can get hold of one with that waiting list! Subscribed!

  • UnoWild
    UnoWild 2 months ago

    Just a Review, goes right into changes and opinions

  • Lacky Luciano
    Lacky Luciano 2 months ago

    The best Harley ever made its Night Rod Special!!!!!!

  • jap338kx
    jap338kx 2 months ago

    All of these great European bikes, why would you get a Harley Davidson?

    • jap338kx
      jap338kx 2 months ago

      @Ray Black I have not had the pleasure yet

    • Ray Black
      Ray Black 2 months ago

      jap338kx have you ridden a new fat bob?

  • Mitchell Erickson
    Mitchell Erickson 3 months ago

    Rode a 2018 fat bob with a stage 4 117 kit on it. The power was ok, but the ergonomics ruined it for me. I absolutely hated it. I'm 6 feet tall and I felt so cramped. Just my experience though, give one a try if you can

  • Iggy nor
    Iggy nor 3 months ago

    Sounds rubbish

  • A Adan
    A Adan 3 months ago

    Never die before you ride. Really loved it.

  • keechmabreeks
    keechmabreeks 3 months ago

    Are you sure that's a stock exhaust ?

  • john stabler1000
    john stabler1000 3 months ago

    I saw a photo of the fat bob in a magazine and immediate fell in love I ordered on new from Leeds Harley Davidson and took delivery of her November 2018 and have to say not disappointed love her I was a Suzuki man not now .

    NEIL LEGGOE 4 months ago

    Question ?? Just looked at your review on the Indian scout and just looked at this review on the harley !I'm in the market for a bike ?
    these 2 have now caught my eye ,
    which one of these is the best in your opinion??
    The bike is only going to be used for work and home , freeway riding is involved at 110 kph then city riding at 40 to 60 kph
    See my drama ????
    Have a honda cb 500 now that's doing the work
    What do u think ????

  • Jeff Stiller
    Jeff Stiller 5 months ago

    Who in God's name is an expert on anything? So I don't care what your review is the bike sucks because it's naked there's no protection at 200 miles an hour with such a big bore bike

  • Snipes Fella
    Snipes Fella 5 months ago

    Imo it's the best looking harley! And I have a VROD

  • John Ambler
    John Ambler 5 months ago +1

    Would buy one tomorrow if the Thai government would drop their crazy 200% import tax making this bike three times more expensive here than anywhere in the world shame really as I love the bike too.

    • Karam Levi
      Karam Levi 3 months ago

      John Ambler I lived in TL for 2 years n think this bike would be cool in TL. I joy st got the 114 and have 1600 miles on it now.
      Here’s the problem for TL... it’s a heavy bike 675lbs. On sandy roads aka concreate roads with sand if she slipped it could be a serious problem.
      I lived in Samui n Phuket for 18 Months n 6 in Bkk.
      Ide bring my bike there but if I had to buy a bike ide go way lighter but then again who cares what I say 🤗 get what you want n have fun!
      Fun is fun!
      Take care mate n stay save farang.

  • Bongo Spongo
    Bongo Spongo 5 months ago

    Very nice bike i like the looks imma order one right now

  • Stanley Kania
    Stanley Kania 5 months ago

    Fantastic looking bike

  • Robert Polkamp
    Robert Polkamp 6 months ago

    What idiot at Harley Davidson allowed this bike to go into production with an 3.5 gallon fuel tank? Short term memory fail on the production of the immensely capable and fun XR1200 that could be in a second or third gen by now if it had reasonable fuel capacity... HD is off its meds and stocks sliding to single digits.

  • cvsisinthehouse
    cvsisinthehouse 6 months ago +1

    Love all the British lingo- Cheeky, spot-on, sorted, brilliant... sounds like Wheeler Dealers dudes.

  • Joey Diaz
    Joey Diaz 6 months ago +1

    "I'm coming to a crossroad and I'm not talking about my life" lol

  • Tham's World
    Tham's World 6 months ago

    it is nice though for sure! Great review

  • Clayton Murray
    Clayton Murray 6 months ago

    “ I’m gunna say it... that jappy lookin headlight 😂😂😂”

  • Drew Yager
    Drew Yager 6 months ago

    Don’t worry. This bike can handle the rain even on new tires

  • Jorge C.
    Jorge C. 7 months ago

    Did you get muddy from that short rear fender?

  • Erik Rise
    Erik Rise 7 months ago

    I purchased mine last December and my only serious issue is the amount of water it throws on me from the rear tire. I took it to a bike show and took 2nd and its still stock. Younger crowd loved it.

  • Fur Balls
    Fur Balls 7 months ago

    Looks like it has brand new tyres on it?

  • Kid Rides
    Kid Rides 8 months ago

    Ok, ill go rob a bank or something then go straight to the dealer...

  • harshit chawla
    harshit chawla 8 months ago

    Can a person of height 5.4 can ride it..?

  • RetiredGuy Adventures
    RetiredGuy Adventures 8 months ago

    Ride actually starts at 4:27

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez 8 months ago

    I have a 17 streetglide but I'm seriously considering a fat bob for my second bike to take shorter rides

  • Chapperz 994
    Chapperz 994 9 months ago

    Beautiful bike

  • rajjbt
    rajjbt 9 months ago +1

    What music was that ?

  • Eidrian111
    Eidrian111 10 months ago

    Can you review a R NineT for a comparison?

  • KEO
    KEO 10 months ago

    thats sick!!!

  • ed3tun
    ed3tun 10 months ago

    Damn that’s some narrow roads!

  • Devendra Singh
    Devendra Singh 10 months ago

    Iam planning to buy far bob ... but whay iam concern about is the ground clerance .. we all knw how small speed brakers are in mumbai...so i wanna ask does it touch the small creeky brakers on mumbai streets?

  • timothy tallent
    timothy tallent 10 months ago +2

    HOLY SHIT i thought you were driving on the wrong side of the road!

  • Audrius N
    Audrius N 11 months ago

    The only thing i didn't liked about was only brake pedal position. too low.

  • rav
    rav 11 months ago +2

    How much was it?

  • Aussie Rider
    Aussie Rider 11 months ago

    i Want to see one of these bikes equipped with the lowering kit. Or someone put airbags on it and make a bloody video already. And more stage 3 and 4 kits!! is that asking too much? lol

  • niconjones
    niconjones Year ago

    Small awkward tank, weird peg position, a cheap Chinese looking led headlight, sounds like a weed wacker and looks like a Japanese vmax. Yep...I’ll pass and buy a used Dyna.

  • Frank Wood
    Frank Wood Year ago +1

    In 2017/2018 I just want to know how long Harley Davidson is going to get away with a chain primary drive system? A new motor, new technology, better cooling and they are not using or designed a gear drive primary.
    Harley-Davidson can keep the traditional primary cover for appearances but go with a smoother and lower maintenance gear drive primary.

  • Mark X
    Mark X Year ago

    Vmax 1700

  • Mikhail Alexandrovich

    Nice bike, but man England looks like a hole where gits and retired ocupational safety officers go to die.

  • Brandan vicich
    Brandan vicich Year ago +3

    If I ever went to Europe I don't think I could get used to driving on the other side of the road

    • Billy Farn
      Billy Farn 10 months ago +6

      only in the British isles you ride on the left

  • Cheef Cherokee
    Cheef Cherokee Year ago

    Well it deff sounds like shit .Who makes this bike ? Sounds like stock jap bike .

  • G_m Gh
    G_m Gh Year ago

    How would you compare this to the outgoing V-rod?

  • Gilvan Souza
    Gilvan Souza Year ago

    Michael? Is that you?

  • Dennis Sutton
    Dennis Sutton Year ago

    Short, fat, squat designs on all the hD

  • Derekm
    Derekm Year ago

    Pleasant review, but don't understand how you can have a "nice" clunk out of the gearbox!! I cringe when I clunk a gear on my V Star! In my younger days, gearshifts used to be silent.

  • Hicham A. Boukhatem

    what's her max speed?

  • M McBride
    M McBride Year ago +1

    I've been thinking about this long and hard (since the beginning of my beer) and I have a solution to your issue with it always raining when you want to review a new bike. First, you'll need to recruit a few friends. The more the better. Second, get everyone into the North Sea. Third, push the U.K. further toward the center of the Atlantic Ocean. That's it. You're welcome.

    • M McBride
      M McBride Year ago

      Cheers. I'm an American but I grew up in Ipswich so I can sympathize. I live in Florida now but, honestly, I actually miss the weather over there. Ride safe.

    • Motonewbrider
      Motonewbrider  Year ago

      Best comment 😂👍

  • tonysopranosleftnut
    tonysopranosleftnut Year ago +1

    Any good for a 6,3 bloke??

  • Bill Bright
    Bill Bright Year ago

    Those roads are much more hedge lined than I’m used to. Hope animals don’t jump out at that clip.
    Deer, elk, moose a real danger on my roads.

  • Jim Germata
    Jim Germata Year ago

    Picked up my FB 107 yesterday and put 352 miles on it today. This is a fun ass bike and it loves to rev. Ride hard or stay home😎

  • StevieDee
    StevieDee Year ago +4

    You do the best reviews on the planet 🌎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥watching from 🇨🇦

  • notafraid06
    notafraid06 Year ago +4

    Hopefully your muslim overlords will allow you to ride bikes in the future. It might not be haram

    • Allen Parsens
      Allen Parsens Month ago

      It is the Jews pulling the strings. Don’t believe the dis info.

    • man0z
      man0z 2 months ago +2

      Jews run the UK just like the US soo......

  • YTG
    YTG Year ago

    are forward controls or mid controls good for people above 6 feet...??

  • Ajay Baliarsingh
    Ajay Baliarsingh Year ago

    The head light is looking awsm.

  • Toby
    Toby Year ago

    How was the clutch? I rode a 2017 Breakout for a day on some twisties and my left hand nearly feel off!

  • Curi0u50ne
    Curi0u50ne Year ago

    Oh shit that exhaust pluming for me is a no no.

  • Osprey Kuatthro
    Osprey Kuatthro Year ago

    Song name?

  • GSA
    GSA Year ago

    HP, Harley won't tell you, there is a reason for it, 50HP hahahahahah

  • The Bearded Rooster

    Exactly what I want..

  • Colin Bell
    Colin Bell Year ago


  • Elder Rusty
    Elder Rusty Year ago

    Sees bike: half chub
    Starts up bike: full chub

  • Deathstroke 0331
    Deathstroke 0331 Year ago

    If only I had an extra 20k somewhere....

  • Bernard Clark iii

    Wow looks like a big Harley Davidson dirt bike, homely looking thing.

  • Arwel Thomas
    Arwel Thomas Year ago

    Picking up my new 114 Wed.Agree with you about changing rear guard. Where can i order one in this country? Good video

  • Marcus Sol
    Marcus Sol Year ago +2

    and I just became your 12,000 sub . . .cool

  • tryarunm
    tryarunm Year ago

    1:11 "In true British style it's now starting to rain." You dont know how lucky you are. To ride the new Fat Bob, I mean :)

  • Rubu Ramm
    Rubu Ramm Year ago

    Love it 😆

  • Dustin Keim
    Dustin Keim Year ago +1

    Nice bike but in no way worth 19k.. plus poor resale value

  • Ali A
    Ali A Year ago

    you move your head alot man, I got a headache.

  • Balken Kreuz
    Balken Kreuz Year ago

    Where did you get the HP numbers since not even HD wants to say?

  • Paul Graham
    Paul Graham Year ago

    Sat on one and the mcn show in London last week very impressed and felt really comfortable.......I’ve got a victory highball, used to have the Harly night train years ago......I’ve got a test ride sorted at Oxford Harley Davidson as soon as the weather turns......great review cheers 👍🏼

  • Django
    Django Year ago

    The horn reminded me of The Road Runner 😂

  • Skully
    Skully Year ago

    It’s a Great bike. I Love mine. I’ve been lucky to have owned quite a few Harley’s over the years, loved them all and still do. But this one does it for me I love it soooo much. Well done Harley this is the all in one Harley Davidson, Fun, Fast, Looks Ace, Handles Great, So comfy it’s got it all. It’s my every day Harley. Some people don’t like the change but what I say is You love your choice of Harley and I love mine This One. Each to there own. Ride One. My last bike was a Low rider S which was great but I Love this more.

  • Robert Krawczak
    Robert Krawczak Year ago

    Beautiful bike meant to perform. Almost bought one several months ago. The 3.6 gallon gas tank killed the deal. A regular ride of 220 miles or more is done often. In the far west mountains and deserts a range of 140 miles or so is unacceptable and may find me out of gas and no stations anywhere around. Maybe next years Fat Bob's will have a 5 gallon tank and allow this bike to actually do what it should was built for; long comfortable riding on a performance machine. Not looking for gas or just riding to grandma's or the Harley dealership!

  • Ben Martinez
    Ben Martinez Year ago

    Yuppie bikes. They used to be blue collar.

    • will M
      will M Year ago

      I'm buying one and I'm a Paramedic...Not all Yuppies Mate. (Although I am concerned a little about that image...)

  • TheLastLordOfEmber

    i seen one of these for the first time in the local harley shop and i loved it , had a mad max look to it with the aggressive looking tires and appearance . i leaning towards buying one of these in april / may :D but i want the matte white one , i think that color is very nice on that bike .

    • John Brayson
      John Brayson Year ago

      Decided to buy the new 114 after taking a few Harley bikes out 4 a test 2 months ago. Left the FatBob 114 till last. As soon as I took it out I knew it was the bike I’d buy. Put a huge grin on my face. By the way loved your post on this bike which I viewed after deciding to buy the bike. Top video.

  • chezka latayan
    chezka latayan Year ago

    Test rode this yesterday has lots of torque and super beefy I’m use to sportsters so this one felt like a beast great bike man just not my taste. Picks up real quick with the 107

  • Patrick bennett`
    Patrick bennett` Year ago

    i dont actually know what happens with new tires. what? do they suck at first?

  • yevi nazrullah
    yevi nazrullah Year ago

    nice borber

  • Roy C
    Roy C Year ago

    Does it vibrate? Please answer bro

    • chezka latayan
      chezka latayan Year ago

      Roy C very smooth ride vibration isn’t too bad on it it’s actually really smooth and a beautiful bike

  • ripmax333
    ripmax333 Year ago

    very nice looking bike, But for me i would prefer that it had mid controls.

  • Starlord Biker
    Starlord Biker Year ago

    What about the brakes ? Is it good ! Because on my test drive those foot brake is not good . What's ur opinion ?

    • Starlord Biker
      Starlord Biker Year ago

      Motonewbrider is it safe to buy because I booked one .

    • Motonewbrider
      Motonewbrider  Year ago

      Doc VG the foot bake is slightly angle more upright than it should be so that needs to be adjusted.

  • Deepak Chauhan
    Deepak Chauhan Year ago

    Someonegift me this bike TIA

  • athreya kethar
    athreya kethar Year ago

    It is a very good cruiser

  • GraeffenKellerHaus Creative Works LLC

    The Fat Bob is for Fat Boys...I'll pass... them on my Ducati or cruise on a Triumph Bobber.

  • Ben  Daulton
    Ben Daulton Year ago

    I want one in the matte red, but I also want a Ducati monster and I already have an iron which is pretty basic has in my mind some of the best lines of any HD. It's also my first motorcycle so little bit sentimental.
    You are spot on about the headlight. It gives one an idea of traveling when lanterns were used.

  • S G
    S G Year ago

    Excellent review...
    What are pros & cons of Fat Bob vs Breakout?

    This will be my very first road bike. I've rode mx bikes, but never a road bike before.
    I love the simplistic & minimalist look of this bike.
    Is this a good choice for first road bike?
    I fell in love with this bike when I walked into the HD showroom and saw 2018 Breakout Black ( it was first bike closest to the door ).
    I was intimidated at first.
    It seemed so big & too heavy compared to MX bikes. But after sitting on it for awhile, off & on for ~ 2 to 3 hrs, ( I was in showroom for 6hrs straight hrs 1st day & visited HD couple more days where I sat on it some more & felt more comfortable with weight ).
    Although they allow test drives I don't have a motorcycle license. They mentioned there's school I can go to on weekends to get on bike training & also pass written test and get license / certified.
    Majority of my rides will be less than 125 miles.
    However, I could see myself occasionally wanting to go 200 and rarely 300 or 400 miles one way?
    Sales people tried to convince me to buy 2018 CVO Road Glide because they said eventually it'd be a lot better because of all the additional features; however, although I could purchase the CVO, I like the simplistic & minimalist look of this bike...
    If necessary as I become better & more familiar with road bikes / breakout, I could purchase CVO Road Glide later, in addition to the breakout, if I really get into long distance riding.
    Is this bike ok for riding twisting roads in mountains?
    Would wind resistance against my body be an issue at 65 to 70 mph?
    Any thoughts & suggestions would be appreciated.
    I plan to get black version.
    There's 107, 114 & 117, which engine should beginner start with?
    I saw somewhere that tank on this is smaller 3.5g vs 5g. Again I love streamline look of this bike; however, some mentioned range is much more limited between refueling, 164 to empty ( 47 * 3.5 ) but should refuel at 1/4 before empty ~123 miles.
    Is that a problem?
    Some said it would / could be in group ride where other riders have 5g tanks and could go ~50 more additional miles before refueling.
    Thanks in advance for sharing..."

  • Omar Adham
    Omar Adham Year ago

    would i be able to ride this if im 167 cm tall (5.5 inch approximately).
    would any shot rider here lend me an advice on what's the optimum seat height for me ?

  • Andrew Hepburn
    Andrew Hepburn Year ago

    A fantastic Harley. Really want one of these!

  • upside downdog
    upside downdog Year ago

    WTF feels like a Suzuki? Buy one of those.