EKEN H9R 4K Action Camera - WOW

  • Published on Nov 25, 2018
  • Eken H9R 4k action camera | Review | Eken H9 Review India | Eken H9 / Eken H9R | Budget action camera under $50 | 4k action camera for $50 | Cheap action camera 3500
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    In this video I bring you guys a budget action camera called the " Eken H9R Ultra HD 4k Action Camera ". The "Eken H9R 4k action camera " is a good for every day use , vlogs etc . This is the new 2018 model with brand new packing. Video quality is good. Comes with wifi remote and more. I have included sample Eken H9R video clips and photos in this video for your guys to watch.This is a cheap budget 4k action camera, go pro clone.
    BEST BUY LINK : goo.gl/mfgTnc
    This budget 4k action camera video covers
    Eken H9R Unboxing
    Eken H9R Design and build
    Eken H9R pros & cons
    Watch this completely to get the idea if you should buy Eken H9R cheap budget 4ka ction camera in india
    Please do ask if any queries about this Eken H9R I will answer them
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  • Tech Shan
    Tech Shan  Year ago +27


    • 4844ankur
      4844ankur Year ago

      Can you make tech video on budget drone also.. looking for that... thanks..

    • Harshit Yashwardhan
      Harshit Yashwardhan Year ago

      So any more action canera with higher battery life

    • Sumit Ram
      Sumit Ram Year ago +1


  • Daily vlogs
    Daily vlogs 4 months ago

    Bro i am from India.... I want to order this... To mount in my helmet.. Please sent me the link

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  4 months ago

      link is already in description

  • Erin Zaid
    Erin Zaid 4 months ago

    Can i use 8gb sdcard

  • Vlogging Rahul
    Vlogging Rahul 6 months ago +1


  • NoobMan TV
    NoobMan TV 6 months ago

    Binge watched many of your videos, and just fell in love with your humor. And also love the fact that almost all of the gadgets you show are very budget friendly. Am sure, you will become a huge channel one day.
    Love from Uttar Pradesh. :P

    ARUNACHAL BOY 7 months ago

    External mic.. Option yes or no....

  • Abu Bokor Siddique
    Abu Bokor Siddique 7 months ago

    what about the longevity of Eken H9R ??

  • Medical Jankari
    Medical Jankari 8 months ago

    Bro noise play vlog vs H9r ? buy

  • GediTeSwaad
    GediTeSwaad 9 months ago

    does it has own ROM or i need external cards??

  • Mohit Revankar
    Mohit Revankar 9 months ago

    please send some best action cameras under 7000

  • Vignesh V
    Vignesh V 10 months ago

    Suggest me TV box 1080p is enough

  • Doichin Doichev
    Doichin Doichev 11 months ago

    When I was younger I tried to put my phone in one of the holes in my bike helmet so that it's like an action camera. Of course it fell on the ground 😂😂😂

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  11 months ago

      haha . i am sure you can relate to this 😂😂

  • Rider PK
    Rider PK 11 months ago

    Its have cash on delivery ??

  • Rider PK
    Rider PK 11 months ago

    Dude whats about battery back time

  • Rider PK
    Rider PK 11 months ago

    Banggod its safe ???

  • Nitheesh JR
    Nitheesh JR Year ago

    Brou do a meetup in vgp

  • Yasin Hasan
    Yasin Hasan Year ago

    Hi please aap mujhe bta do
    Mera camera a gya banggood se
    Uski resolution setting change Nahi ho rhi h bss 1080p pe he select ho rkha hai

    • Yasin Hasan
      Yasin Hasan Year ago

      @Tech Shan thanku very much
      Mai pareshan ho gya tha

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago +1

      Beacuse u have to use class 10 memory card .

  • My Dream
    My Dream Year ago

    Sir kya is me mic nahi lagata hai

  • Yasin Hasan
    Yasin Hasan Year ago

    Bhai apka camera kitne dino mai a gya tha banggood se

    • Yasin Hasan
      Yasin Hasan Year ago


    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      it depends on location and customs clearance time . so wait patiently

    • Yasin Hasan
      Yasin Hasan Year ago

      @Tech Shan Maine order kya 28 Dec dekha Raha hai usse phele ayga ki nahi

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      10 to 12 days

  • Pabitra Karmakar
    Pabitra Karmakar Year ago

    Without custom fee?

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago +1

      you dont get customs if you choose india direct mail shipping method while placing order

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago +1

      yes ... please see the video fully. i have said that..

  • Vijay
    Vijay Year ago

    Action camera in 3.5K is superb,Budget price and good quality

  • pprashantgoud Perewar

    super action camera. i really love ur videos and a big fan of urs. I live in chennai too (puzhuthivakkam) .

  • Preyas Prathap
    Preyas Prathap Year ago

    you're are underrated bro..hope u get 1M SOON....❤❤❤

  • Michelangelo D
    Michelangelo D Year ago

    Great vid😀, take care from Montréal, Québec, Canada

  • akshay kadam
    akshay kadam Year ago

    Not bad for a budget action camera 👍
    One more thing... Have you tried connecting a micro usb type microphone for recording audio externally??

  • Anirban Halder
    Anirban Halder Year ago

    Looking great in this price point
    Fantastic video SirG.

  • Hetal Vin
    Hetal Vin Year ago

    Thank you for detailed video. 😊👍

  • - Me 2019
    - Me 2019 Year ago

    Battery is not so good but who cares😒
    We can't get much better cam on this price range ✌️✌️
    : Thumbs up for Great unboxing

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago +1

      well infact i see it the other way. 1 hour is better as i dont want to continuously run the cam. if needed you can get additional spare batteries and use them to prolong time

  • Sandy Subba
    Sandy Subba Year ago

    sir how is the battrry backup of this action cam

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      i have said that in the video .. 1 hr. you can get additional spare batteries

  • Sandy Subba
    Sandy Subba Year ago

    awesome video love u sir❤

  • Vishal Giri
    Vishal Giri Year ago +3

    Cheap but great 4K action camera, loved it!!

  • prashanth amanchi

    Eken H9R 4k action camera is good , Great Video Sir

  • IndiCoder
    IndiCoder Year ago

    You made a video about it before I guess

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      yeah but now its the new branded package and covered a lot of things that many had asked related to the camera.

  • Jagadish Dash
    Jagadish Dash Year ago +1

    Video quality is osm and also a osm action camera under 50$


    Bohot a66a Laga Shaan sir 😍😍😍😎😎


    As always you rock ,,,,,, what about company reliability in case if it damaged ,,,,how good it camera quality plz compare with any smartphone which is close to it

  • Shubh Kukreja
    Shubh Kukreja Year ago

    Awesome 😍 loved it ❤️

  • General Step
    General Step Year ago


  • Shibanu GOGOI
    Shibanu GOGOI Year ago

    7:10 Golden Beach

  • anto pious
    anto pious Year ago

    Hi Shawnee.. Do we have any adjustments, like zoom, focus, etc. in it? What would be the resolution for pictures?

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      no adjustments.. resolution is max 4608x2592

  • Spook Tv
    Spook Tv Year ago

    Super thalaiva

  • Vivek Sharma
    Vivek Sharma Year ago

    Does it have gyroscope in it?

  • Ajay Chauhan
    Ajay Chauhan Year ago

    Wow! 😍

  • Melmelmax gomes
    Melmelmax gomes Year ago

    Great VDO ! Good budget 4kcam😎 .u test products that we don't know of.👍👍 Kudos to you!! wish u ran with the cam while filming (some action) 😉😉😆

    • Melmelmax gomes
      Melmelmax gomes Year ago

      @Tech Shan hahahaha 😂 good one

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago +1

      well it is a raining day dont want to slip and fall ... haha !

  • GURU M
    GURU M Year ago

    Spectacular video.....

  • Ccir
    Ccir Year ago

    Nice one. 👍🏼

  • Lohith A
    Lohith A Year ago

    Hey Shan, is there any option to record the video without that fish eye effect, the narrow field of view doesn't matter but is there an option?

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      well not on this. but you can flatten it via editing software. try the xiaomi ru-clip.com/video/odebBJVcjD4/video.html which has inbuilt option to turn on and off that

    BEING BENGALI Year ago +2

    Always the best. TechShan do a QnA episode.

  • Aman 08
    Aman 08 Year ago

    Its Just Amazing An 4K Camera With Bunch Of Features At 3,500 Amazing. Quality Also Looks Good With Aquaman😜 Nice Video Shan

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      haha surprising it is now 2700 with the coupon during the sale. insane.

  • Ghoghari Sanjay
    Ghoghari Sanjay Year ago

    As always..superb video..🔥..
    Superb camera..with a superb features..at a superb price...👍✌..

  • Abhiraj Kumar
    Abhiraj Kumar Year ago +2

    Budget Friendly Best Camera 🔥

  • Bala Krishna
    Bala Krishna Year ago

    Interesting product! I should purchase it...

  • Roudrashis Hota
    Roudrashis Hota Year ago

    Great video .. you have made me feel tempted and make some unplanned expenditure 😬

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago +1

      haha now its 2700 on sale with the coupon. dang ! 😍

  • Balamurali Ganeshapandy

    Gr8 effort in bad weather too... impressed😍

    ARYAN JHA Year ago +2

    I know you are the best but I recommend u to start your video in hindi and just see the results

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      my hindi is not clean and i dont do something i am not confident about just for the sake of numbers. english is a universal language BTW any one could understand and with subtitles it makes it even more clear. but i do get your point hard truth about youtube these days.

  • Pritish Parihar
    Pritish Parihar Year ago

    All videos seems like fish eye lens shoot? Can we switch to normal?

    • Pritish Parihar
      Pritish Parihar Year ago

      @Tech Shan thanks for taking out time and replying that fast.

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago +1

      most action cameras are like that to give you the wide angle. you can flatten it via editing software if you dont like that. you may try the xiaomi action camera which gives you the option to shoot with that as well but that is an expensive camera

  • Rushil Thakkar
    Rushil Thakkar Year ago

    Love from ahmedabadd

  • Utkarsh Patel
    Utkarsh Patel Year ago


  • Anurag
    Anurag Year ago +4

    Really an interesting action camera by eken for the price of ₹3.5k it's bang for buck..I know the stabilization is not upto the mark but it's not bad at all.. *_Boost Yr Energy With Red Bull👌_* .. Thanks For Detail Video sir👍

    • Anurag
      Anurag Year ago +1

      @Tech Shan so for the price of ₹2700 I don't have any complain about this eken action camera... appreciate yr hard work for making these types of Amazing Video 👍👍

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago +1

      yeah would have been good to have EIS but again still at this price i wont expect that. well now its 2700 with that coupon 😱 in the sale

    VISHAL GEDIYA Year ago +1

    🔥🇮🇳🔥WOW So Helpful Video🔥🇮🇳🔥