Sara Molina Details Tekashi Restaurant Shooting, Doesn't Believe Shotti Stole from Him (Part 10)

  • Published on Feb 26, 2019
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    In this clip, Sara Molina details the shooting that occurred at Phillipe Chow last year, of which rival crews representing Tekashi engaged in gunfire outside the crowded New York City restaurant. Molina says she was with Tekashi right before the shooting, and was in a car down the avenue when she heard the gunshots. From there, she describes why Tekashi distanced himself from Shotti and Tr3Way, while suggesting that his former manager didn't actually steal from him.
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  • Samo Sheppard
    Samo Sheppard 2 months ago

    Why are people defending SNITCH-9 here??? He the BITCH in this scenario! She ain't no criminal she don't have to tolerate HIS bullshit! People get this all wrong - she don't look like a gangster to me. And SNITCH-9 has already sang like Pavarotti let alone a fucking Canary! Typical abusive narcissistic wannabe who the SECOND shit goes wrong is going to put SCORES of people in the pen' for LIFE probably when that punk was the one bankrolling this with that HORRIBLE noise they call his "music".

  • Ness Cruz
    Ness Cruz 2 months ago

    She looks like that gorilla emoji😂😂

  • Christopher Burciaga
    Christopher Burciaga 2 months ago

    Those side burns and hair line yo she got gel in her hair

  • sdiallo372
    sdiallo372 3 months ago

    She gets polished she's going to be a 10...easy.

  • Anna Johnson
    Anna Johnson 5 months ago

    Sara has loyalty to herself and their daughter. 69 cut a deal does that deal include his children? No. It includes him alone. And for the ppl calling her a Thot thats super hypocritical. This man had STD’s, babies, beat her, violated her and then tossed her and his child out. No man and I say man does no bullshit like that period. Even if they not gonna be together. Then he does a plea throwing all these ppl under the bus. But no where in that filing has there been or is there any protection for his children, no where has he sent money for his kids. But he got time for some chick he just met! GTFOH. Sara dont owe him shit. I hope she goes on to be very successful for the sake of her and her daughter. Sara will be the one protecting her daughter when she getting bullied for her father not only being a rat but not being there. Because he thought he was a thug/thot instead of being a rapper and living a good life. She has had to live out all this drama in the public eye so she should get to say whstever she wants! Write a book, get on a show. Whatever her dream is. She went through a lot of Bullshit with 69. And even in this criminal case its all about him. So Sara do you and whoever she slept with or didnt. The day he decided sleeping with all these chicks and being disrespectful is the day he lost the priveledge to tell Sara to do any damn thing. Sara rise in whatever way you see fit. You dont owe him or nobody a damn thing. Be happy!!

  • Jela Stevens
    Jela Stevens 5 months ago

    Y’all sound like terrible people. She revealed that this man did unspeakable things to her & y’all expect her to still owe him loyalty? fuck him.

  • Everyday Toilet
    Everyday Toilet 5 months ago +1

    El Chapos wife sat on trial denying he was a drug dealer.. this girls doing a tell all lol

    • H L
      H L 5 months ago

      That's because El chapo's wife was with a real one.

  • Brendon King Davis
    Brendon King Davis 5 months ago

    Her mouth sound juicy

  • Simple Re
    Simple Re 5 months ago

    Yo somethings fishyy, why is she talking big for shotti???

  • Mi Ra
    Mi Ra 5 months ago +1

    She has a really stupid looking face

  • Angel Sepulveda
    Angel Sepulveda 5 months ago

    3 houses on his neck daaaamn

  • Dwan Shamburger
    Dwan Shamburger 5 months ago

    Shotti was bosshog

  • Sheldon Cooper
    Sheldon Cooper 5 months ago

    She a bigger rat than 69

  • Tae Dreams
    Tae Dreams 5 months ago

    God please protect me from women like this

  • D Banks
    D Banks 5 months ago

    Shottie a real nigga . He told” both of his bitches to leave” 69’s BM & Sky 😆 before the funk went down

  • DJ Fanatic
    DJ Fanatic 5 months ago

    This bitch hurt &
    Bitter 😭😂🤷‍♂️

  • Jasmine Celestin
    Jasmine Celestin 5 months ago

    Wow so Alexis Sky lied on love and hip hop because she said she almost got shot like she was in the restaurant when it happened, but Sara says they were sent home in a car when they heard shots hmmm

  • Casanova102986
    Casanova102986 5 months ago

    for some reason her mouth makes you stare at it.

  • Jj Stevens
    Jj Stevens 5 months ago

    Of course the hoe gonna side w shotti, she was fucking him.
    Thats what hoes do

  • Brasi novic
    Brasi novic 5 months ago +1

    Shotti only stole her Pussy juice

  • Coza King
    Coza King 5 months ago +1

    How can you not believe shotti stole from him? The feds are the ones who determined that to be true which added time to shotties indictment, how can you argue that? 😂😂😂

  • Louie Alouie
    Louie Alouie 5 months ago

    Take that fucking gum out your mouth! Ghetto af

  • DANGER !!!
    DANGER !!! 5 months ago

    This broad has a skin problem too...She aint fooling me with all that make up on

  • Daniel Arias
    Daniel Arias 5 months ago

    Dam 69 deserves everything he has coming. How you gone make it rich and not bring your family out the hood?? Fucking bitches instead of your baby mama? Hanging out with fake friends than real one? 69 should of just gone to jail. At least he would of protected his real fam n friends from all this shit. but he had to go snitch!! fool is dum dum dum lol

  • J. BODDY
    J. BODDY 5 months ago

    She so Dumb. She saying he snitching but she letting off the Snitch clip 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jack Bone
    Jack Bone 5 months ago

    She definitely give shotti them cheeks. She smiled everytime she saw him and wearing his deathrow jumpers.. that def = cheek shenanigans

  • BookieLover Q
    BookieLover Q 5 months ago

    Dis woman is kinda SLO

  • Curtis 23
    Curtis 23 5 months ago

    Shotti beat this

  • Goons Gang
    Goons Gang 5 months ago

    This bitch is ungrateful!

  • Goons Gang
    Goons Gang 5 months ago

    This bitch is no good! Trash hoe

  • Terror Home
    Terror Home 5 months ago

    yall remember when Vlad kept asking everyone about Slim Jesus? 6ix9ine is Vlads new Slim Jesus 🤣

  • Chris Waters
    Chris Waters 5 months ago

    She just dusty women scorned. She gone get her baby father killed. She say she stopped doing IG. But now she doing VLAD the fed informant. FOH💯

  • DirtySouthFlorida3
    DirtySouthFlorida3 5 months ago +1

    Lol at officer Vlads long pause and ..........Ok.

  • Grosero Aguilar
    Grosero Aguilar 5 months ago


  • 6IX9INE
    6IX9INE 5 months ago

    In my jail cell got my playing this white boys music he stoopid

  • Deezy Tha Don
    Deezy Tha Don 5 months ago +1

    I don’t care what anyone say, I like this chick 💯

  • Keith Stiltner
    Keith Stiltner 5 months ago

    This girl slowwww

  • Ty- district
    Ty- district 5 months ago

    Might as well interview her daughter since that's all she talks about

  • DirtyMoney410
    DirtyMoney410 5 months ago

    she fine af, Tekashi rat-9 turned his back on her this his karma

  • Damien Daes
    Damien Daes 5 months ago

    Sticking up her bf shotti like he didn’t steal shit saying he didn’t . Then saying he didn’t pay people so y wouldn’t they steal from him

  • sara Allison aka Miss true Freeman

    She's not very smart

  • Dert Magurt
    Dert Magurt 5 months ago +1

    I dont care shes sexy to me. If ya'll think this women is bad you need to meet my daughters mother. Atleast Sarah has somewhat of a reason for her actions.

  • Anna Lexi
    Anna Lexi 5 months ago

    *_Wow it does sound very disorganized.. Hope he learned his lessons.. It’s good to have trustworthy ppl on your team.._*

  • 2 PAC
    2 PAC 5 months ago +1


  • George Croney
    George Croney 5 months ago

    Why does every story sound like a lie, by her face expression
    Just watch her face and listen and try to believe a single word
    Half of the shit is boring and probably true but she got a weird way about her, this snitch9 shit making more and more sense

  • George Croney
    George Croney 5 months ago

    A smile wouldn't hurt, thank god she's not a waitress

  • Rogelio Hernandez
    Rogelio Hernandez 5 months ago

    Her voice is so annoying

  • Lil'RobForever — #ForeverGang

    ......Shotti takes Alexis out the car, tells y’all to go home, soon as you leave you hear shots...
    He still didn’t fucc and he still didn’t steal from Tek...? oh... lol.

  • Aset Goal
    Aset Goal 5 months ago

    She is a hoe... bitch confused and also she look like a dumbass hippopotamus with that down syndrome looking eyes holy shit. No wonder 69 beat her dumb ass up. I would've done the same shit. I would never hit a woman or a lady because they deserved respect but I would smack a thot and dumb hoe like her anytime!!!

  • Colongil
    Colongil 5 months ago


  • F J
    F J 5 months ago

    Sara LYING obviously

  • Kevlo Escobar
    Kevlo Escobar 5 months ago

    Man she not snitching WTF y'all dumb ass shit

  • Flame Flame
    Flame Flame 5 months ago

    Bitch is ah disgrace

  • T Money Mula
    T Money Mula 5 months ago

    Stop interviewing bitter baby moms with out the baby dad there she makin it seem like 69 don’t do for his kids nobody kno the truth but they gone listen to this bitch

  • michael gladney
    michael gladney 5 months ago

    I wish I had her ducking my dick

  • weople23
    weople23 5 months ago

    She really don't know s*** they kept her ass in the dark

    BLACK MASSA 5 months ago +1

    Even though her shoulder to neck ratio is a bit off something about her makes me just wanna slide the tip in

  • Big Brock
    Big Brock 5 months ago

    They can use this in court she just snitched SMH bitches

  • galaxyz spotify Google play

    1.7x way better thank God

  • Chris Donahue
    Chris Donahue 5 months ago +1

    She is not as smart as I thot she is . Very low IQ , a fucking disappointment to her mother.

  • Humberto Alanis
    Humberto Alanis 5 months ago

    imagine her without make up

  • dexter giovanni
    dexter giovanni 5 months ago

    smh Im done with this lol lml !!!!!!!!!! this is a real shame. smh she isnt, and was never on his team for real. she seen and knew he "wasnt organized" and she even assumed why "because he doesnt wanna pay anybody" so if you knew that, youve not only identified the problem, but also broke it down and figured why. so after, what did you do to rectify, or try to provide a solution to the problem ? nothing !!!!! because you were just along for the ride, to get what you can get, and once you realized he wasnt rockin with you like that, you started to get mad and wanted to see the ship sink. instead, he threw you off lol, and threw you a Life jacket, and told you to swim. and if you cant, you bound to drizzown lol lml !!!!!!!!!! why sara ?!?!? smh females like her are atrocious to me. and the saddening part is, you can see she has the potential to be a good companion, she chose to not be. and thats what got her where she is now with him, and shes mad because hes moved on, and happy. and she isnt. 🤷🏽‍♂️ May GOD BLESS Her IN JESUS CHRIST HOLY ALMIGHTY NAME

  • Mpho Abrams
    Mpho Abrams 5 months ago

    Every video of this thot - I am pressing the unlike button - FOH HOE!!!

  • Clifton Jones
    Clifton Jones 5 months ago

    This bitch is horrible

  • Michael Mackson
    Michael Mackson 5 months ago

    This a clown ass bitch bro on my kids 🤣😂

  • Whoiskingshawn
    Whoiskingshawn 5 months ago

    This bitch out here telling everything she the feds foreal😩

  • jaytoowavii
    jaytoowavii 5 months ago

    this is embarrassing! Tekashi a rat & this bitch on some next timing! Even tho he’s wrong for putting his hands on a female she’s soo wrong for talking on 69 situation rn

  • Zozo Rivas
    Zozo Rivas 5 months ago

    69 was the Betta boy shotti was the one really gangsta saving 69 from getting beat up 😂🤣😭

  • J Mizzle
    J Mizzle 5 months ago

    She reaching for some type of fame 🤦🏾‍♂️ shit is just sad 😔

  • BadBadLeroyBrown
    BadBadLeroyBrown 5 months ago


  • rick rich
    rick rich 5 months ago

    nasty whore still on shotti dick. dumbass bitch, the nigga was booking shows and collecting money and the nigga was in the uk while that nigga was fucking ur slut self

  • chris255N
    chris255N 5 months ago

    Stands by the fucker who tried to kill the father of her child bitch u should’ve gotten beaten more often

  • Hits TV
    Hits TV 5 months ago +1

    Never trust a hoe that don’t know nothing about the streets🙅‍♂️ ... she really putting her self in danger 😫

  • Brian Cartwright
    Brian Cartwright 5 months ago

    His business fucked up thought shottie was spose to manage all that? She sounds shady to me

  • Ty Amendon
    Ty Amendon 5 months ago

    I want this wigga vlad shot smh somebody plzzzz...