Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Each Other • Draw Off

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • The gang tries your #1 most requested subject - each other. Who do you think captured their partner's likeness best?
    With special guest Stephanie Alexander!
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    Jackie Lee _itsjackielee
    Kevin McShane kmcshane
    Jason Pierre jasondreamsstuff
    Brent Sievers brentsievers
    Kyra Kupetsky kyrakupetsky
    Cintiq Displays
    and Ergo Stands
    provided by Wacom
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Comments • 4 796

  • Sandy P
    Sandy P 9 minutes ago


  • Catherine Reid
    Catherine Reid 43 minutes ago

    Why do all the people on the left have hand things

  • - milkqteaa-
    - milkqteaa- 2 hours ago

    Kyra has the best in my opinion

  • Jane Lawrence
    Jane Lawrence 4 hours ago

    I love stephanie's art style!

  • Ferhat
    Ferhat 6 hours ago

    Jackie is annoying to me and her humor is really bad.. just my opinion

  • Santos Colon
    Santos Colon 6 hours ago

    Oh no baby u drawin that girl wayyyyyy to good lookin shrek wouldve been fine

  • ben m
    ben m 7 hours ago

    Steaphanies a good artist

  • ben m
    ben m 7 hours ago

    Kevin and Jackie seem like they’ve been best friends for years

  • Teairra the idiot child ÓwÒ

    _Jason’s wife is very disappointed_

  • Sangita Naik
    Sangita Naik 8 hours ago


  • 『Mo 』
    『Mo 』 9 hours ago

    Jason’s drawing looks like he wants to end himself

  • NITSUJ 92
    NITSUJ 92 9 hours ago

    Jackie... Be mine

  • PJeeza
    PJeeza 12 hours ago

    I want bevscomic here

  • Leon Games
    Leon Games 12 hours ago +1

    Jason x Brent
    J E N T

  • Leon Games
    Leon Games 12 hours ago +1

    Kevin is the guy from the private investigator cookie thing

  • dcirymjlk
    dcirymjlk 13 hours ago +1

    *i love stephanie’s drawing*

  • Divya Raviraj
    Divya Raviraj 13 hours ago

    Kyra has done such a fun job!!!

  • Angelica Tejero
    Angelica Tejero 14 hours ago

    Stephanie's Drawing 💖

  • Expresso Depresso
    Expresso Depresso 15 hours ago

    Jason: Im jason

  • Alosmolimin Robert
    Alosmolimin Robert 15 hours ago

    why do they act so surprised

  • Snackbar
    Snackbar 16 hours ago

    I guess, some artists are better than others.

  • Selina Lauren
    Selina Lauren 17 hours ago

    Kevin and Jackie is the highlight ok? 🤘😂

  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar 19 hours ago

    How about the challenge of Japanese anime characters

  • Hannah Kiessig
    Hannah Kiessig 20 hours ago


  • WolfandKassie YT
    WolfandKassie YT 21 hour ago


  • •Milk Tea•
    •Milk Tea• 22 hours ago

    Kevin and Jackie are the best ppl

  • Ellie Marie
    Ellie Marie 22 hours ago


    *Jackie’s drawing of Kevin looks like a ditto*

  • Melina Martinez
    Melina Martinez 22 hours ago

    Awww I ship Jason and Brent 😪

  • Ryan Lin
    Ryan Lin 23 hours ago

    Lol the other artists are great but Jackie and Kyra are my favorites

  • Susan Xo
    Susan Xo Day ago

    I love Jackie and Kevin together 😂

  • Faith Enns
    Faith Enns Day ago

    Omg I herd "YOU LOOK LIKE CHIKEN " from Kevin to Jackie

  • Allison Peterson

    I remember watching this, it was my first video ever
    Love you guys

    • Romy –
      Romy – 7 hours ago

      Allison Peterson But this video came out only 3 weeks ago and they haven't upload a newer one yet.

  • Gigi Walczak
    Gigi Walczak Day ago +2

    Everyone’s taillights about Jackie and Kevin but like did u see Stephanie

  • Brazen Brunette
    Brazen Brunette Day ago

    God bless

  • Dean Lee
    Dean Lee Day ago

    Jackie: I’m gonna cry
    Kevin: Stop it
    Jackie: From disappointment
    Kevin: ....

  • ZeXplain 1
    ZeXplain 1 Day ago

    Did I just watch buzzfeed video? lol

  • [ B u b b l e s ]
    [ B u b b l e s ] Day ago +1

    I draw anime-

    OMHSSHKH Day ago

    0:00 Kyra: hey I'm Kira

    L: I've got you know Kira.

  • Alexandra Miller

    Kyras drawing first is definitely my favourite

  • Shuriken AMV
    Shuriken AMV Day ago +1

    8:08 just keep repeating

  • Bia rio
    Bia rio Day ago

    I love animators

  • madi uwu
    madi uwu Day ago

    Both Kevin and Jackie are moods tbh-

  • sioSIN SIN
    sioSIN SIN Day ago

    Jackie's first drawing, in the thumbnail low-key nailed it 😂

  • isimsiz biri
    isimsiz biri Day ago

    i love watching artists support other artists

  • rose
    rose Day ago

    Stephanie and Kyra have a nice chemistry together. So cute ♡♡♡

  • Sai Bhatia
    Sai Bhatia Day ago

    Jakie and lee Jackie chan and bruce lee

  • Ryan Ghirardi
    Ryan Ghirardi Day ago +1

    “Kevin,not a lot of hair “
    “Jackie,not a lot of driving skills”

  • keisha kamillah
    keisha kamillah Day ago

    was this just an episode of artists being wholesome with each other

  • w a h o o
    w a h o o Day ago

    Stephanie and Kyra's are both so pretty I can't choose!!

  • nomad18074
    nomad18074 Day ago

    4:48 - 5:02 😂

  • Fin Admin
    Fin Admin Day ago

    I was waiting for this tooo happen I wanna see part two

  • Creative Geeks
    Creative Geeks Day ago


    OMG why is this actually so funny

  • Mati
    Mati Day ago +1

    He's straight? 0_o

  • Rifu Luka
    Rifu Luka Day ago

    7.42... did she say whispers of heart?? If it's what I'm thinking.... this is the first time someone has ever mentioned it...❤❤

  • Shlea
    Shlea Day ago

    Jackie and Kevin are such a funny combo.

  • Awesome Sauce
    Awesome Sauce Day ago

    You should invite the drawfee guys and mix everyone up to have different partners

  • Gabi Saraiva
    Gabi Saraiva Day ago

    stephanie and kyra i’m just... i love talented and hardworking women ahhh!!!

  • MoreEddyX
    MoreEddyX Day ago +1

    So... Who is animator and who is cartoonist?

  • Rosa Brazeal
    Rosa Brazeal Day ago

    I love them all. This episode I really liked Kevin and Jackie. Like Great-ah-me. Oh Kevin. 🤣🤣

  • G Wagon
    G Wagon Day ago

    Which ones are the animators and which ones the cartoonist?