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GOT7 Jackson "Made It" M/V

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018
  • GOT7 Jackson "Made It" M/V
    2018.09.17 MON 6PM
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  • evelin gil gonzalez
    evelin gil gonzalez 3 hours ago


  • Igot7 Markeu
    Igot7 Markeu Day ago

    โอ๊ย เจอกล้ามหน้าท้องเฮียเข้าไป 🐢💚 ตายยยย~~~

  • Cheyanna Zamora
    Cheyanna Zamora Day ago +1

    God he's perfection

  • รัก มาคร์ แบม

    💓💓 love got7

  • Jessey Boe
    Jessey Boe Day ago

    Tbh this is his best damn song 💀💀💀 i dont even like his new one...still love him though

    ARMY AGHASE Day ago


  • Paewa Kotbuppa
    Paewa Kotbuppa Day ago


  • Sawayaka MarkBam.Ahgase하지만

    TEAMWANG day of Jackson

  • Lidia Gaytán
    Lidia Gaytán Day ago

    Mi hermoso!!!😍 Esto le sube el ánimo a cualquier !!

  • No Jam
    No Jam 2 days ago

    Focus and asking myself 'Is he wearing a skintone shirt?'

  • Kenia Artarita
    Kenia Artarita 2 days ago

    Esto es Jackson Wang perfecto

  • 산하김
    산하김 3 days ago

    與你的傑克遜王身體死最好嘅粵語同 got7 中國 "猛禽" 💚💚💚🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰

  • Daph army
    Daph army 4 days ago +1


  • -didi gege7
    -didi gege7 5 days ago +1


  • BTS_ SF9
    BTS_ SF9 6 days ago +4

    My mom: u did it
    Me: I "MADE IT"

    I STAN WHO I STAN 6 days ago +2


  • Chandana Nayeneni
    Chandana Nayeneni 6 days ago +2

    its soo freaking hot!!!

  • Chandana Nayeneni
    Chandana Nayeneni 6 days ago +2

    Jacksonnn U made it

  • บลูเบอรี่ ซีสพาย

    สุดยอดไม้ไปแล้วจ้า เสียงพี่แจ็คสัน is so bad เกรี้ยวกร้าด

  • TH SOL
    TH SOL 7 days ago +1


  • Phran
    Phran 8 days ago

    Made it temaiken

  • Phran
    Phran 8 days ago

    Que guapo waaaaa

  • Buttbag Chi
    Buttbag Chi 9 days ago

    I'm sorry.

  • Kim Taehyung‘s Wifey
    Kim Taehyung‘s Wifey 10 days ago +4

    There‘s nothing he can‘t do. He‘s just perfect.

  • Hồ Ngọc Khánh
    Hồ Ngọc Khánh 10 days ago +1

    You made abs Jackson ah ^^

  • taepcy
    taepcy 10 days ago +3

    Tbh i‘m still not over this

  • Ioana Valentina
    Ioana Valentina 10 days ago +1


  • TH SOL
    TH SOL 11 days ago +1

    Jackson :)

  • -khit-theung- naa-
    -khit-theung- naa- 12 days ago


  • Niswa Basyaa
    Niswa Basyaa 12 days ago +1

    You are an illegal

  • 「yeeun's my religion 」

    Why is that so short?! ;-;

  • 「yeeun's my religion 」

    And then there are ppl who say no one in got7 can rap

  • Evelyn Nunez
    Evelyn Nunez 13 days ago

    Yo. Hook it up with Rm #

  • Kenia Artarita
    Kenia Artarita 14 days ago

    Ojalá en su gira mundial cada uno de los chicos actúe cantando su canción k grabaron en solitario para el disco de lullaby

  • ไก่ น้อย


  • tear_ 04
    tear_ 04 18 days ago


  • Princess Coco
    Princess Coco 19 days ago +2

    Antis: Jackson can't ra-
    Ahgases: *Shoves this vid mercilessly on their faces*

  • linda kiding
    linda kiding 20 days ago +1


  • กัส วรรธนะ

    I love you. jup jup!

  • Cindy Amelia
    Cindy Amelia 25 days ago +2


  • Isabelle Lee
    Isabelle Lee 27 days ago +5

    The song says it all...GOT7 & Jackson Wang made it where global popularity is concerned. Jackson rocks here!!! He is totally in his element - looks and sounds so damn wild and sexy, like a dark unbridled stallion.

  • ARMY
    ARMY 27 days ago

    I want a comeback like this for GOT7🔥

  • Daniesh Aqiesh
    Daniesh Aqiesh 28 days ago


  • Nongkham Sar
    Nongkham Sar Month ago +1


  • Melissa Ang
    Melissa Ang Month ago +5

    Nisar Acar earlier commented that she "kinda like jacksons solo songs more than the group songs". To be frank, it's the same for me too. Jackson's own style of singing and rapping really stands out! I think he can do phenomenally well as an individual artist but also continue to be an invaluable member of GOT7. His singing/rapping parts in GOT7's songs are minimal but his stage presence and personality...absolutely huge! Plus, he's damn hot and good looking to boot! If there's no Jackson in GOT7, it will be the group's biggest loss and I probably won't be so into GOT7 as I am now.

  • Mecca Brown
    Mecca Brown Month ago

    DAMN DAMN 🔥💓💚

  • Daniesh Aqiesh
    Daniesh Aqiesh Month ago

    Jackson ❤️

  • spring baby
    spring baby Month ago

    our swagger boy🔥💚

  • TH SOL
    TH SOL Month ago +3

    Dawn of us
    Okay 👌

  • spring baby
    spring baby Month ago +3

    best rapper in jyp💚

  • Van D
    Van D Month ago +1

    I'm still here streaming

  • mads army
    mads army Month ago +3

    Jackson insiste em fuder com meu psicológico.

  • markbam ship is my word

    แรฟดุๆ ไปเลยเพ่....ไม่ต้องนอนตื่นดี555

  • Nzano lotha
    Nzano lotha Month ago +3

    Jackson yes you made it u made it....I want brother like Jackson

  • Daniesh Aqiesh
    Daniesh Aqiesh Month ago

    Here after GOT 7 mv "Eclipse"

  • Thanaporn Prueksawan


  • bleachmist
    bleachmist Month ago

    AIYA!!!...The 1600 ppl who hit dislike prob TOO shook that he got no shirt on!.. (Jackson!....Put a shirt on! >o

  • TH SOL
    TH SOL Month ago +2

    Jacksoooooooooooooon 👍

  • Lydia Benn
    Lydia Benn Month ago +1

    His abs 😍😍

  • Daniesh Aqiesh
    Daniesh Aqiesh Month ago

    Support GOT 7 new comeback "Eclipse" tomorrow 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • nasya kanzathya s
    nasya kanzathya s Month ago +4

    this is just jackson being rude to ahgases 😍

  • พัชดาพร สังฆวงค์


  • luciana vega
    luciana vega Month ago

    Me tiene muy mal este vago lcdll

  • 잭슨 wang IVONNE
    잭슨 wang IVONNE Month ago


  • Amirah Zahrani
    Amirah Zahrani Month ago +2

    Jackson 😱

  • Puangpet Nasaan
    Puangpet Nasaan Month ago +1

    Jinyoung ally

  • Sara Razo
    Sara Razo Month ago +2

    honestly this song should be longer! it has such an amazing beat!

  • Daniesh Aqiesh
    Daniesh Aqiesh Month ago +1

    Jackson husky voice

  • bé doww
    bé doww Month ago


  • Anita Yao
    Anita Yao Month ago

    My boy 🔥

  • Valen Mac donel
    Valen Mac donel Month ago


  • Daniesh Aqiesh
    Daniesh Aqiesh Month ago

    On fire🔥

  • yulensi '
    yulensi ' Month ago


  • Deniz Eski
    Deniz Eski Month ago

    i love you jackson

  • 王丹妮
    王丹妮 Month ago


  • Daniesh Aqiesh
    Daniesh Aqiesh Month ago

    My jackson wang 🔥

  • 洩莎蘅
    洩莎蘅 Month ago


  • Lili Camilazer
    Lili Camilazer Month ago +1

    I love Jackson ❤

  • Daniesh Aqiesh
    Daniesh Aqiesh Month ago +1

    Here after oxygen mv 🔥

  • Noorjahan Ahmed
    Noorjahan Ahmed Month ago +4

    UrGh sTOp EaTinG RIce JACksoN i NeEd SOme😭

  • Realll Swan
    Realll Swan Month ago


  • Thavin JT
    Thavin JT Month ago

    เพลงนี้พี่เกรี้ยวกาจมากเว่อ ยอมแล้วววว >

  • Melitssa Zoomiloomie
    Melitssa Zoomiloomie Month ago +2

    Tbh he is someone everyone can love, he is just so lovable.

  • Jessey Boe
    Jessey Boe Month ago +2

    This is the best song hes ever made so far tbh

  • Maria Friedemann
    Maria Friedemann Month ago +1

    It's my Birthday

  • Cheyenne Rodr
    Cheyenne Rodr Month ago

    I love this song!!!!!!

  • agust d
    agust d Month ago +2


  • wang eman ethio
    wang eman ethio Month ago +1


  • Lei Chang
    Lei Chang Month ago +1

    So proud of you Jackson. You made it and still making it. Will support you in every dream and every goal that you want to achieve. Keep up the great work. ❤

  • Kiara S u n
    Kiara S u n 2 months ago +1

    "Made in china" :0 no perdón xdxd

  • Nut Nut Nut Wowww
    Nut Nut Nut Wowww 2 months ago

    나는 소리가 좋아.

  • Roshjiaerson Wang
    Roshjiaerson Wang 2 months ago

    He is freaking Wang

  • Karina Rivera
    Karina Rivera 2 months ago

    My bais is jackson wang we have sex

  • Larissa Marjorie Ruedas Gonzalez


  • Roshjiaerson Wang
    Roshjiaerson Wang 2 months ago +1

    King Jackson Wang

  • shahad ashraf
    shahad ashraf 2 months ago +1


  • Fresia Tordesillas
    Fresia Tordesillas 2 months ago

    Eres perfecto 💞

  • Roshjiaerson Wang
    Roshjiaerson Wang 2 months ago +6

    I love him I came here after oxygen

  • TH SOL
    TH SOL 2 months ago

    Se ve muy bien
    Estoy viendo oxygen en un teléfono y el otro Made it😍

  • zs c
    zs c 2 months ago