I put a LIFT in my 2 CAR GARAGE!!

  • Published on Dec 18, 2016
  • Hey friends! Today I’m soooo pumped to show you guys the new 4 post Bendpak HD-9ST lift and give you an overview of how it works! I really hope you enjoy! Sorry its such a long video, I really wanted to provide a lot of info for anyone else considering this install! Thanks for watching!!
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Comments • 478

  • WolfMannHD
    WolfMannHD 5 days ago

    Do you think two can fit?

  • dontilgon
    dontilgon 7 days ago

    Where did you get the drip trays

  • V10CodeMonkey
    V10CodeMonkey 18 days ago

    Maybe I missed it, but what are you garage dimensions, width/length wise?

  • Samuel Schneider
    Samuel Schneider 6 months ago

    it's an Elevator bro

  • AllThingsPaintball
    AllThingsPaintball 8 months ago

    Would you mind letting me know what the dimensions of your garage are? I plan to install one inside a 20x20 garage and want to have a visual comparison.

  • Andrew Armament
    Andrew Armament 8 months ago

    What is the height from garage floor to ceiling?

  • Ey Thats Pretty Good
    Ey Thats Pretty Good 8 months ago +1

    Something cool about having a car lift is that it makes your 2 car garage into a 3 car garage :D

  • Nunya Bizness
    Nunya Bizness Year ago

    Seems kind of tight width wise. I would be kind of worried about pulling off track on one side or another. I've been looking at the narrow one. Think I'll check out standard width If it'll fit in my garage.

  • Thesheepdog
    Thesheepdog Year ago

    How tall is your ceiling? Good video 👍🏼

  • Curtis Dickson
    Curtis Dickson Year ago

    Electricity set up please to run this. 220v? 110v? Breaker size needed.

  • Scott Fass
    Scott Fass Year ago

    I'm in DC metro. Who was your installer? Great video!

  • Scott Fass
    Scott Fass Year ago

    Outstanding. Just starting the same process. Thanks. Also in DC Metro. I have a Corvette Grand sport. Like the model but might have to go with wider one.

  • blairo15
    blairo15 Year ago

    Nice mate! did I see that there are no bolts in the posts? Obviously designed to not run them maybe?

  • Jeff Johnson
    Jeff Johnson Year ago

    Plate on front of STI is unfortunate (ugly), I’m in NV and we aren’t required to run them.

  • Riddem79
    Riddem79 Year ago

    Just followed you on Instagram.
    Btw, what camera are you using?

  • Forsyth HotRods
    Forsyth HotRods Year ago +1

    how tall are your ceilings to start with?

  • mstang61
    mstang61 Year ago

    How much would the wider lift impede on the other car bay?

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  Year ago

      In my small garage it'd be annoyingly wide. If you have a bigger garage it'd be no issue obviously.

  • mstang61
    mstang61 Year ago

    How much did it cost to have installed?

  • alstrains60560
    alstrains60560 Year ago

    Nice video...how many inches is it from your garage floor to the bottom of your beam (lowest point of your garage)? Also, how high are your highest ceiling point?

  • R H
    R H Year ago

    Great job with the four post lift.
    1. Now have you been thinking about heater for the garage(if so, what kind).
    2. Have you been thing about the Lift Master 8500, where the motor is on side of the door.
    3. What are you using to help guide you up on the lift, when putting the car on the four post lift.
    4. Who are you going to get, to do the maintenance on the lift ( or have you thought about that/one check).
    5. Do you like where the lift is located for the controls (lift up and down).
    6. Would you change that location of the controls , if the four post lift was not anchor down.
    I did install the four post lift, I used Rick The Tool Man(he is in DC area/Fredericksburg) .
    I found some great LED lights for the garage at Costco. Item #922363 ,Winplus 45” LED Utility Light with Motion Sensor (Price:$39.99). I caught them on sale and they light up the garage and I have been thinking about LED for the four post lift.

  • J A.
    J A. Year ago

    Anyone else see the jumping gas needle @ 3:00 in the M3? What is going on with that?

  • William Dager
    William Dager Year ago

    Awesome!.. Thanks for sharing. I have a BMW 850 and would like to do similar in my 2 car garage. Could park the SL55 under it and the daily on the other side. I'll keep watching.

  • Nghi Tran
    Nghi Tran 2 years ago

    Saw a Subie STi, then an E36 M3. sold! subbed. keep up good work.

  • OQS
    OQS 2 years ago

    Is that an ISIS flag on your neighbors lawn across the street?

  • Richie Cue
    Richie Cue 2 years ago

    For your Sti and M3 are you using the lift on the wide or narrow setting?

    • Richie Cue
      Richie Cue 2 years ago

      T-WRX thanks. Had to re watch it. I ended up ordering the HD-9... Thanks for the detailed video much appreciated.

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      This is the narrower HD9ST so it's actually full time narrow setting, there is no wider option. The entire lift is narrower overall for small garages.

  • Steve Chen
    Steve Chen 2 years ago +1

    How high are the ceilings in your garage?

    ROB NAVAEI 2 years ago +1

    Did they have to bolt this to the garage floor ?

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      It is not required to be bolted to the floor. Its designed to be mobile if needed. I used it for like 4 months or so without bolts and decided to have it bolted to the floor!

    ROB NAVAEI 2 years ago +1

    can you tell me how high you garage ceiling is ? thank you.

  • myls mylspen
    myls mylspen 2 years ago

    If you were to pull an engine you don't have room for a cherry picker in front. I think you needed a bigger garage

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      I'd just back onto the lift for an engine swap. But I wouldn't need a lift for storage if I had the option of getting a bigger garage. For storage it works great.

  • YeehaaKankinin
    YeehaaKankinin 2 years ago

    Did you consider backing the STi on the lift?

    • YeehaaKankinin
      YeehaaKankinin 2 years ago +1

      Sorry dude meant if you backed it on would it give you anymore roof to lift, aka garage door not in the way

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      You could do it but because the sti is so wide you'd just need to be careful/have a spotter.

  • Samuel Schneider
    Samuel Schneider 2 years ago +1

    It's got an epic motor!

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Yeah that thing is massive!

  • Shawn Graves
    Shawn Graves 2 years ago +1

    How tall is your garage? I am remodeling mine, and this is for sure a goal. the 3 cars are an GD Sti, Prius, and a Forrester...

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      11', I actually released a video like 5 mins ago with my FAQ's about the lift. No pressure but it might be helpful if you are doing the remodel soon!

  • Adam Smyers
    Adam Smyers 2 years ago +1

    Nice. Heard good things about this brand also my company delivers these.

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Yeah man the quality is top notch, excited to get them on!

  • Brian Brueckner
    Brian Brueckner 2 years ago +1

    I don't know if it was mentioned, but if you mount a full body mirror horizontally above your kids toy car pulling on the lift will be much easier

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Yeah someone did mention it, I've not done it yet, but its on my to-do list! Thanks dude!

  • Jose Sandoval
    Jose Sandoval 2 years ago +1

    your video keeps freezing on me

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Check the internet connection mang! Or blame the youtubes!

  • Austin Canty
    Austin Canty 2 years ago +1

    What are those yellow DRLs? They look awesome

    • Austin Canty
      Austin Canty 2 years ago

      T-WRX how do the high beams look? you should post a lighting update in your next upload

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      I got them from SubieLED!

  • Hubert Chung
    Hubert Chung 2 years ago +1

    What is the price of the lift? Could u have refused the lift due to the scratches? You should have asked for a discount for the scratches

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Unfortunately that's a part of the freight shipping, it'd be almost impossible to get one in perfect condition. But yeah I could have refused it for "damages". The lift runs $2850 with shipping!

  • Mac Cheese
    Mac Cheese 2 years ago

    The installer blew chunks, the cables are hanging down loose when the lift is resting mode. That shouldn't be them cables could hit the car below. Call that installer back.

  • MrBat000
    MrBat000 2 years ago +2

    i would dream of having such a large garage with a car lift. My garage is only single and you can barly move around. Your lucky!!

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Thanks man! I'm loving it!

  • npsit1
    npsit1 2 years ago +1

    Ok.. I did that 11 years ago. It was a 2 post though.

  • Lx89Fox
    Lx89Fox 2 years ago +1

    how tall is the roof man.? its nice by the way.!!

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Thanks! 11 feet.

  • GiuseppeM
    GiuseppeM 2 years ago +2

    I made a timelapse of the installation of an HD9 if anyone is interested: ru-clip.com/video/0EsW7llK5IA/video.html

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago +1

      Cool man!

  • heith123
    heith123 2 years ago +1

    Thanks for the video! Is there any way you could measure the height of the runway when it's fully lowered? I have a Challenger Scat pack that has 5inches of ground clearance, just trying to see if it will rub when driving onto the lift.

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      4.5 inches is the actual height of the runways. My M3 is pretty dang low and it has no problems! They also sell longer approach ramps for really low cars.

  • Shanghai Gaming
    Shanghai Gaming 2 years ago +2

    Can u remove the drip tray

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Yep, drip tray comes out in like 2 seconds. It's just laying on some rails.

  • Revengeful Lobster
    Revengeful Lobster 2 years ago +1

    Really not too bad of a cost for what you get. Congrats man!

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Thanks man!

  • Steve JOnes
    Steve JOnes 2 years ago +1

    I like this lift alot better were the tires actually sit on the lift compared to were they sit on the frame, i'd feel alot safer under the car on a lift like this. keep up the awesome vids.

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago +1

      It's a lot safe for storage. It does make suspension work a little more annoying, but it can be done!

  • Urbex Zack
    Urbex Zack 2 years ago +1

    I had the Titan SDPL-7000 installed along with a sliding bridge jack. Since I've been doing all of my own repairs and make some money on the side.

    • Urbex Zack
      Urbex Zack 2 years ago

      It's been very helpful with it I can do all kinds suspension work control arms, ball joints , tie rod ends, rack and pinion jobs. Too many things to list. I have titan sj35 would recommend.

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      How do you like the bridge jack? It's on my list of things to buy!

  • Diana's World Of Fixing Things

    Cool lift! and great video. I love all of your cars. I have a 2016 and 2003 Subaru Forester that I work on myself.
    I am looking at extending my one car garage to a 3 car garage. Probably adding 450 square ft and getting a lift. I really like that one you have. Looking forward to looking at more of your videos. I plan to do side hustles and get paid. That's the plan. Do you plan to make side money with your lift? Your neighborhood looks nice. Well at least the house across the street. What do you do for a living if I may ask. I've been a maintenance mechanic for 35 years so I really want to learn a lot more about cars. Let's see, I've done oil changes, front wheel bearings, brakes and oxygen sensors. I want to purchase a good scanner when I start making money. Good luck to you buddy and I hope you are able to answer my questions. Take care. :)

    • Diana's World Of Fixing Things
      Diana's World Of Fixing Things 2 years ago +1

      I'm so happy for you. Thanks for the reply.

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago +1

      Thanks man! I'm a software engineer as my day job. I don't really plan to make money with the lift, but I do plan to let my friends use it as needed.

  • Brian Kiro
    Brian Kiro 2 years ago +1

    I spoke to the BendPak salesman this afternoon. I am looking at the HD-9XW. Looking to park an SUV under my car. Great video!! Now to talk to the Mrs and get the final approval ;)

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      haha nice! Good luck with the misses!

  • Rodencio Montemayor
    Rodencio Montemayor 2 years ago +1

    Thank you for all the info. If you don't mind what is the ceiling height of the garage and maybe someday I can do he same.

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago +1

      11', thanks for watching!

  • Bully Hunter
    Bully Hunter 2 years ago +1

    So... when are you gonna invite me over to use it?

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Haha funny, I've already had neighbors stop by.

  • HKMediaChicago
    HKMediaChicago 2 years ago +1

    I just realized something, great video - question though - the posts are not drilled into the concrete, at least it doesn't seem like it, is that not an issue?..

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Nope, not required with modern 4 posts unless your garage is on a slope! They actually sell caster kits so you can move them around a shop etc.

  • harrygatto
    harrygatto 2 years ago +1

    Thanks for the video. I would have liked to have heard about the depth and type of concrete required for the floor. If you fix a large, cheap mirror to the end wall you can easily see where your wheels are when driving onto the lift.

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Good tip on the mirror! I linked the PDF manual for the lift, all the specs are in there if you need it. But basically no crazy concrete is necessary. it's like 4" thick minimum I believe.

  • James Griffin
    James Griffin 2 years ago +1

    Looking for the follow up video where you give your garage dimensions, but can't find it. Can you point me to it? If you haven't done it yet, can you reveal the numbers here? Esp, how tall? Also, what about your garage door? Assuming you had to change that, too, to a different design?

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Sure man you can come check it out! But yeah 11' ceilings!

    • James Griffin
      James Griffin 2 years ago +1

      I'm in Manassas. Any chance you'd like a visitor so you can show it off in person?

    • James Griffin
      James Griffin 2 years ago +1

      OK, I re-sorted comments by "newest first" and now I see it's 11'. Same as mine. So I just need to get that same garage door and I'm in like Flynn!

  • Bbchow84
    Bbchow84 2 years ago +1

    Would the FXT fit under the M3 without the cargo basket?

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago +1

      Without the cargo basket there is like ~1" to spare. So it'd be close!

  • Tommy M
    Tommy M 2 years ago +2

    I know you said your ceiling height is 11', but what is the height underneath that beam?

    • Tommy M
      Tommy M 2 years ago

      Awesome! Thanks! My ceiling is 9', but I plan on storing a couple of older, lowered cars that aren't very tall. Hopefully I'll have enough space taking into account the thickness of the deck and the fact that the lock points are 4" or so apart.

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago +1

      Beam is roughly 13" so approximately 10'. Luckily its not centered in the garage and will almost always be over the hood of the vehicle!

  • Joshua
    Joshua 2 years ago +2

    Is there anyway you can share some insight on your garage door carriage system? Specifically pictures of the motor, track, and attachment to the door?? I had a garage door company quote me for high lift garage doors $3300! I am an engineer and thought your set up would work and then saw your video!! Same as my setup just up higher!! @thelast99vr4

    • Slick Will
      Slick Will 11 months ago

      I'm definitely interested in how your door is set up... I have 10-11' ceiling buy standard door so track an door opener hang really low compared to ceiling height

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Hopefully I got you covered in IG, if not let me know!

  • dexter tolentino
    dexter tolentino 2 years ago +1

    This is gonna be my garage set up haha. I'm In a process of getting an sti and my wife forester

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Noice! Great minds think alike!

  • Henry Lee
    Henry Lee 2 years ago +1

    Dude. You're a freaking BOSS w/ this lift. Car lift is like penis enlargement; all of the male neighbors want it and their wife frowns at the idea until their husband got it and put it to good use.

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Haha good thing I don't live on the main road, most of the neighbors are oblivious!

  • Cha Due
    Cha Due 2 years ago +1


    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Haha I hear you, it took some convincing to get my wife to agree as well!

    • Cha Due
      Cha Due 2 years ago +1

      I want to do my garage but having to convince my wife is another thing all together! I like to see people who love cars and have great garages. Yours looks great!!! I might get one one day my friend and until then enjoy it!!!

    • T-WRX
      T-WRX  2 years ago

      Thanks dude!