Lost Ancient High Technology Of Egypt Full Lecture

  • Published on Oct 20, 2018
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  • TokyoXtreme
    TokyoXtreme 22 seconds ago

    If the 23° axial tilt is a result of a collision from 10,000 BC, does that mean that the precession of the equinox is only as old as that collision?

  • I know you’re Right
    I know you’re Right 22 hours ago

    @9:18 copper pipes did that?? Through granite!!!! Ok Seems legit.

  • S Dew
    S Dew 2 days ago +1

    drilling them holes with primitive tools is hard, not impossible, you can use metal tools with granite dust, as long as you use a material with the same hardness as what you are cutting into, for example:
    brien stop explaining everything with the line "they had to have used diamiond dust, and that is a modern thing", their is more than 1 road that leads to rome!!!,
    for example a granite block being cut/sawed by a copper saw and sand.

  • avindra ramnarine
    avindra ramnarine 2 days ago

    Who ever these ancient people were hiding from they were eventually found and attacked from up above by their enemies.. It was an interplanetary attack..

  • avindra ramnarine
    avindra ramnarine 2 days ago

    \why emphasis extreme heat from the sun.. Why not a cosmic planetary attack... With that kind of damage..

  • The Dude
    The Dude 2 days ago

    Anyone who wants to see how you can lift 20 tons by hand should watch this guy. ancient monoliths ru-clip.com/video/E5pZ7uR6v8c/video.html

  • Threecreation Leather

    I saw a video demonstrating how the "impeller " lotus vase could be used to make rope.

  • Greasy Limpet
    Greasy Limpet 3 days ago +2

    Thanks for the video. It was done in a very informative, calm manner, without trying to sensationalise the subject.

  • Time Bandit
    Time Bandit 3 days ago

    Looks like nuclear damage to me and not solar plasma.

  • Gabriel Olsson
    Gabriel Olsson 3 days ago +1

    History is subject to change.

  • Richard Mcginnis
    Richard Mcginnis 3 days ago +1

    the "knobs" on the stones are from the pours when the stones were formed and if anyone knows anything about casting then 99.9% of the time castings have these and that goes for everything from plaster to brass to cast aluminium

    • Greasy Limpet
      Greasy Limpet 3 days ago

      Richard Mcginnis, do you think that the same technology was used in other places, ie Peru, where there are ridiculously large stones with knobs on some of them? The same sort of thing seems to have happened there too, Macchu Picchu has obviously been built over by people with a much lower capability than the original builders.

  • Banon45
    Banon45 4 days ago

    the heat marks are signs of a battle were grey aliens used their lasers and ray beams to protect humans from hostile reptile aliens. duh

  • Bruce Bigbie
    Bruce Bigbie 4 days ago

    I’m just going to say it..........Dynastic Egyptians kind of sucked.........

  • betterseatsinc2010
    betterseatsinc2010 5 days ago

    another sick old pitty guy. has nothing to do on his retirement.

  • Neil Yakuza
    Neil Yakuza 5 days ago

    We did not make that stuff.

  • robinrutschman
    robinrutschman 6 days ago +5

    How much longer is the mainstream scientist going to deneigh these facts????? Great job Brien!!!

    • Alexandru Rohozneanu
      Alexandru Rohozneanu 15 hours ago

      @I know you’re Right For cutting granite watch this ru-clip.com/video/qeS5lrmyD74/video.html .As for lifting heavy stones, they could have used elephants. People underestimate how smart ancient peoples were

    • Alexandru Rohozneanu
      Alexandru Rohozneanu 15 hours ago

      @robinrutschman They don't test the rocks for carbon dating they test organic elements found at the same depth. if not they measure radioisotopes like potassium40. As for cutting granite watch this video ru-clip.com/video/qeS5lrmyD74/video.html

    • robinrutschman
      robinrutschman 20 hours ago

      @Alexandru Rohozneanu Carbon dating requires organic carbon. In other words it had be be alive at one time. Rocks are inorganic, no organic carbon. Please go back to school and this time try to learn some science, OK? By the way granite is 7 on the hardness scale. Copper is about 5. How do you propose they used these tools to cut this type of stone? Please try to use you brain and think about what you are saying.

    • I know you’re Right
      I know you’re Right 22 hours ago

      Alexandru Rohozneanu 40 ton blocks. That’s 88 000 pounds!! You really think that could be lifted with ropes and cut PERFECTLY with copper?l tools? And one stone every 2 minutes? But still you just think......uuhhhhhhh ok, that all seems fine and though we can’t do it today with the most high technology there has ever been, I’m sure the Egyptians done it with copper and sand and rope. The FACTS, you are asking about are right in front of you. Some of the rocks are up to 500 tons. So the math and wise up.......... and now cue the stupid response!!

    • Alexandru Rohozneanu
      Alexandru Rohozneanu Day ago

      @robinrutschman before calling someone stupid, learn what a fact means.MORON!Just because he says that those cut rocks are far older, that doesn't mean shit. That's not how science work RETARD. You need evidences that those rocks are older. Like carbon dating, or whatever. And no, this guy is wrong. You don't need a blade with diamonds to cut granite

  • Paul McDonald
    Paul McDonald 6 days ago

    It seems as if outsiders know more about Africa that African themselves how come it is always outsiders lecturing us about African history,Whatever you find in Africa was created by Africans because of racism this is painful for outsiders to accept,The creative energy never create any idiots Africans represent darkness from where light comes from the light first emerge from the dark.

  • Diabolic Shape
    Diabolic Shape 6 days ago +2

    He's using an 'Apple laptop' ....Proof he doesn't understand technology

  • Eddie Williams
    Eddie Williams 7 days ago

    Fact finding and Truth is essential to the sustenance of any civilization. To suppress this for personal gain is self-destructive and contributes to the fall of any civilization where this suppression is allowed to exist.

  • wms72
    wms72 7 days ago

    Why spell your name differently? Brian Forrester or Brien Foerster

  • SnowTiger45
    SnowTiger45 7 days ago

    This guy is an idiot and obviously doesn't know ANYTHING about Engineering or Geology.
    For one thing, you don't need diamonds to cut granite. Granite can cut granite but then so can Quartz and Corundum.
    The sarcophagus lid that fits perfectly down into the sarcophagus was not cut out of the box the way this clown suggested. It was cut or sliced off the main block thick enough to chisel the tight fitting step in the lid. It wasn't shaped while being taken from the main block. That would just be stupid and not even possible today.
    A dowel with grit could have been used to drill holes, although I admit those were some pretty special mortises. But then with this idiot, that might have been done by today's machinery and not have anything to do with ancient Egypt. But then garnet grit in water in cloth or leather could polish the Pyramid Cap.
    This clown really has no idea what he's talking about. He's looking for holes where there are none.

  • Boyd W
    Boyd W 7 days ago +1

    I believe that the society that was on earth before the great flood of Noah’s time was very advanced, and possibly more advanced than we are now. They probably traveled to the Moon and possibly Mars.

    • wms72
      wms72 7 days ago

      And possibly left the pillars on Mars and its moon, Phobos

  • Ceri Jones
    Ceri Jones 7 days ago

    Egyptians pioneers in recycling.

  • Sailing Ozzie
    Sailing Ozzie 8 days ago +6

    Plazma from the sun? I find your lack of faith disturbing, they were obviously wiped out by the Death Star.

  • Jari Haukilahti
    Jari Haukilahti 8 days ago

    Another high Iq scentist or ..man that think iq was lower every year since today and even our parent generation was morons -IQ were 1-2 point lower every 2500 years , not 50.

  • crissyhowes
    crissyhowes 9 days ago +10

    face palm, "I can't think of a way so it must be space aliens" ?

    • mappyfrappy
      mappyfrappy 2 days ago

      Yes, completely explainable 4k years ago. Please do tell professor.

  • ned kelly
    ned kelly 9 days ago

    At 37:26 he shows a foot. In the British Museum, there is an enormous stone hand, finely polished, I am guessing 4-5 feet across the knuckles. When I saw it, my first thought was how huge a statue it must have come from. My hand measure about 3 1/2 inches across the knuckles, excluding the thumb, and I am 69 inches tall. So in round figures, 20 X. Using that, and the more conservative estimate of 4 feet on the hand in the museum, it would have come from a statue 80 feet in length overall.

  • ned kelly
    ned kelly 9 days ago

    Infrared sattelite imaging has shown more pyramids underground, which we have never researched at all. So there is more to learn. Plus authorities and Zahi How Ass have prohibited western archaeologists from excavating many areas where GPR shows voids. It is as if they don't want any new discoveries. Or perhaps they are afraid that new research will blow their conventional theories out of the water.

  • ray0tj
    ray0tj 10 days ago

    All of scientific consensus '' This is most probable how it's done.''
    One single man '' Let me show you wrong.''
    Sure Sherlock .... -_-

    • Vytis Agafonovas
      Vytis Agafonovas 7 days ago

      Yes, for some people it is hard to part away with theyr knowledge when facts clearly dictate otherwise. In this case he beleaves that they did not have the technology to do this and comes up with suplements to back up his knowledge.

  • Allat Goddess
    Allat Goddess 10 days ago

    "little pyramid hit at the top and an ingredible, intense heat." Now that we have that technology,
    it sounds like a laser. The U.S. military just revealed they had such a weapon.

  • Allat Goddess
    Allat Goddess 10 days ago

    All that extreme heat damage. YOu don't think the islamics did made a great effort to burn all of these, after they conquered Egypt? According to their koran, they're obligated to destroy any pagan object.
    As for the pyramid casing stones, etc. they're missing. Guess where they turned up? In islamic mosques and other bldgs.

  • Atomkey Sinclair
    Atomkey Sinclair 10 days ago

    Hmmm - water jet cutting would be more feasible me thinks. There is certainly enough abrasive (sand). If they had a simple method of pressurizing it - it would be just as effective as diamond.

    • Atomkey Sinclair
      Atomkey Sinclair 9 days ago

      @Karl P I do in fact. Hince the title "lost ancient high technology"

    • Karl P
      Karl P 9 days ago

      Do you have any concept of high the water pressure is in a water jet cutter? That's why it's such new technology today, the pressure is enormous and the cutting head is a marvel of modern materials and precision tooling technology.

  • Atomkey Sinclair
    Atomkey Sinclair 10 days ago

    9:26 plasma cutters leave a similar striation in steel. ~ A noted article in Popular Electronics (a long time ago) postulated the pyramids were shielding for a reaction system of some kind deep under ground in the center most position. Why would someone want to ionize the atmosphere back then? That some folks came along and used them to bury Egyptian Pharaohs some time later seems incidental. But what of it anyway? Someone packed up their gear and left it seems.

  • Daniel Coetzee
    Daniel Coetzee 10 days ago

    So all these various structures, monuments and statues and sculptures in different locations were all destroyed by "intense heat" but the surrounding landscape and farm lands in between were not affected....! That seems very selective and deliberate to me. It raises the age old question; "Who dun it?"
    Why was it destroyed? How was it destroyed? By what or by whom?
    I wasn't convinced of the "intense heat damage" until they showed the statues at 37:00 and 38:00!
    Could this be destruction events of Biblical proportions similar to that of Sodom and Gommorah ? The question begs the asking!

  • StoneVee
    StoneVee 10 days ago +1

    So much evidence show's the Egyptians had nothing to do with ANY of these structures.

  • kalymnos77
    kalymnos77 10 days ago

    ru-clip.com/video/QxuibIaQmsw/video.html I have a problem. We are told that the deep hieroglyph and that the stone is burnt are predynastic but the cartouche seen on the stone is that of Ramses II traveltoeat.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/wpid-Photo-20151207161827211.jpg

  • mike dakin
    mike dakin 11 days ago

    what was the point of this video other than to show examples without any explanation of the 'lost ancient high technology' . you sir are an embarrassment to science . Ever heard of Occam's Razor?

    • mike dakin
      mike dakin 9 days ago

      @Karl P he has proved nothing , however, he has made some wild assumptions . Have a look at some of his other work and conclusions . It doesn't bode well.

    • Karl P
      Karl P 9 days ago

      It is more than sufficient to prove the Dynastic Egyptians were incapable of this technology and show massive blast/heat damage on megalithic structures. The specific technology employed to scoop out, move, cut these structures is way beyond our understanding, how do you expect Foerster to give you an answer to that?

  • Orson Trowse
    Orson Trowse 11 days ago

    Sounds very military

  • Y User
    Y User 11 days ago

    Where is the evidence that the pyramids were built by anything other than the civilisation itself? He is saying, if he can't fathom something, then it doesn't exist, which is completely absurd.

  • darren marchant
    darren marchant 11 days ago +1

    it is clearly impossible for you to understand how they could move those stones into place because you don't know how to do it yourself.

  • AB Baby
    AB Baby 12 days ago

    I can drill better than these but I don't have tech to make a UFO. So, why would people who can make UFOs have trouble making simple holes?

  • nineball26
    nineball26 12 days ago

    wait also they can make lathes high speed with gear reduction, arhamedes.. and they CAN cut those stones to a mirror finish, not saying they did, but all you need is an animal or fish glue, and diamond dust which they had access to, you coat the hemp string in glue, roll it in diamond dust then make a cutter using the string , sorta like a wheel system or however, many ways to configure, they had time and manpower..
    however it wouldn't surprise me if they had a LOT of modern technology, however, how much? did the other worlds bring walmart sized hardware stores? not likely, I would imagine they brought only essentials much like a survivalist would in alaska living off grid, then you make tools out of the earth and so forth..
    main tools to make tooling, they used manpower for much of it, they could have brought a water or plasma style cutter? that's my guess otherwise it would have taken 10,000 years to cut all that stone, and there is a LOT of precision work in that stone, specially the carvings of statues,

    • nineball26
      nineball26 12 days ago

      the aliens show them how to built ships and barges out of wood, locks a taught them of hydraulics, with water and so forth, it wasn't until modern times when man was taught modern technology as we have it today, there was the teachings of the industrial age then the teachings of the information age..
      my guess is out leaders are trading them for the knowledge?
      if Russia didn't get the yellow cake, maybe someone else did?

  • nineball26
    nineball26 12 days ago

    also that impeller looks like a water pump, part of it is missing, it doesn't work by spinning it has a diaphragm on the other side, when its pulled it allows water to enter, then when it moves the other direction the diaphragm seals up there fore it can push the water, you can see the shaft, install, this shaft was more than likely manpower, ran on a crankshaft style setup either a gerbil wheel or a horse run merry go round style? maybe animals ran it who knows?
    it appears as if they weren't finished making it, so maybe it broke and they canned it?
    short of some sort of movable anti gravity you would use water to move these giant stones around so they made locks and gates and siphons all sorts of water canals they could manipulate the water and control the flooding of the Nile..
    thats another thing "oh the great flood did them in..
    welp it was a great flood every season so they must have had a way to control it just like they did at Sim Reep, Cambodia.. the one where the movie was made, they did the laser imaging from the satellite and discovers that city once was one huge square with all sorts of waterways, again, water carried things to and fro..
    also why I say different worlds with different species brought these workers they made in their image here, maybe they bred them who knows?
    but there wasn't just one species here mining, there were many, why WE have so many colors and looks, different worlds
    and why we have at least 4 majorly different construction styles and appearances, all stone for the most but those are the architects of the different worlds.. not regions of a planet, worlds of maybe even different galaxies?
    @ 10:27.. siphon pump diaphragm chassis..

  • Y User
    Y User 12 days ago +2

    Based on the level of your intellect it would be impossible for you to get dressed in the morning.

  • zdcyclops1 lickley
    zdcyclops1 lickley 13 days ago

    This gentleman is wrong about how the stones were cut. I have watched 2 men drill a hole in limestone using a copper tube, a cord and bow to turn the tube back and forth. Sand is poured into the tube. The cord is looped around the tube and attached to the bow. Two men pull the bow back and forth, the sand does the cutting. When the hole is deep enough, a wedge is used to break the core free.

    • KJD
      KJD 12 days ago

      Limestone is as soft as butter compared to granite. I hope you do realise that...

  • nineball26
    nineball26 13 days ago

    I never did believe the pyramids were built by humans, its not a natural hum structure... rectangles ARE, why most modern homes began as rectangles and our ancients peoples were huts, domes, round, a pyramid serves as no practical purpose for a human, none whatsoever, its my honest opinion humans are just leftover slaves, hear me out, the earth was loaded with precious materials we are not aware of as it was ALL mined out hundreds of thousands of years ago, in fact I believe the dinosaurs were DESTROYED by an alien race
    so that race COULD mine earth of its precious resources.. mankind makes no sense on planet earth at ALL, ever.. just showed up all the sudden, religion wants to say adam and eve, science says we evolved from a basic life form? huh, the universe is 14 billion years old so earth is around 10 billion, the liars will say stoopid shit like 4 billion, even then? we just showed up int eh 100,000 years huh?
    and in a short 300 we have almost destroyed it> huh, why all the sudden did man start evolving so quickly as in the industrial age when he had thousands and thousands of years to discover the same thing with the same brain? it doesn't ADD UP PEOPLE!
    I do believe the pyramids are a tomb, but not like one would think or they want you top believe, the rear burial is BENEATH the pyramid!!!! the sarcophagus!
    ancient Egyptians were visited by these beings during what we call anniversary's or memorials, a GREAT being dies here on earth, either in battle or of natural causes, instead of taking said being home the greatness achieved here on earth it was decided to bury the being here on earth and INSURE that being would remain here for an eternity, or the length of the earths existence, that's why the being is BENEATH the pyramid,

    when we go to a cemetery do we dig up our dead or get next to the coffin? NO! we see the headstone or marker and call it good, the PYRAMID IS the headstone or marker, and these beings visited earth on memorials annually or whatever their years or whatever are..
    IMHO that being is no longer in the universe, why they stopped visiting OR, they decided that since they were unsuccessful at destroying ALL of the slaves they used to mine the precious materials from planet earth that they would donate earth to the humans that survived, that's WHY we have so many different looking species of humans are earth different colors and so forth..
    now stick with me, these beings genetically created us with these different looks and colors for a reason, the different looks and or colors denoted a workers place in the mining process, its why some are tall, some are short and so forth, they created smaller humans such as Asians to get in small places and crevices to mine the material..
    taller ones where taller humans were needed, the different colors denoted perhaps rank, whites may have been something like management or lets say the equivalent of a soldier ant.. did all the security aspects, something to that effect..
    OR.... get this, the different colors were for different thermal regions, blacks worked in the colder regions, black retains heat, whites worked in colder regions, white reflect heat, that seems more reasonable it was a region thing, why the mayans and aztecs, Incas and many many more.. different regions and body shapes for the type of mining cave mining you want short miners.. hill mining you want tall miners
    if they have to hike a easy to get there you want short stalky strong legs and upper torso, if they picked their minerals from higher up overhead a taller, you get the point may not be precise but like that..
    there also may have been competition as well for the minerals here on earth,mo one owned it but different beings designed the different races we have on earth, the whites were the genetic work of a species off one world totally unrelated to say the Mayans who ere the work of a species from another world of beings..
    different types of humans genetically created by different artists or engineers what have you, towards the end of the mining when resources were basically depleted a war broke out over the remaining deposits and OR who was going to own or rule the earth
    IMHO the earth was not hospitable for ANY of the species from other worlds, its why they did not stay or inhabit the earth, could be there just wasn't the right type of atmosphere or gravity? something along those lines, but they did war over who got the last of the resources.. and they got them all or the majority like gold, maybe there were HUGE massive deposits we will never know about because they took it all, maybe there were HUGE massive flows of gold, some above ground some way underground, some may even have been covered with ice flows?
    ONE THING HOWEVER S CERTAIN! NO human was capable of constructing the pyramids and all it took but was UNABLE to kick start the industrial revolution! it just doesn't add up considering the minds that built the pyramids were OBVIOUSLY a whole lot smarter than today's humans for the simple fact, they had nothing to go off of or build from like humans today, we learned so much from our ancestors from hunting to agriculture to metal working to mining to dwelling, basically EVERYTHING, look at us today?
    if an ancient people built the pyramids who did they have to learn from? cave men, you can't build a pyramid based off a stick and grunts?
    then in a time when most people thought the earth was flat you have , Newton, Plato, Da Vinci, Archimides and so forth? huh? and those guys who knew of astronomy yet they didn't have the means to even see the moon close up? no fooking way then the mathematicians? GTFOH!
    here is a guy not intelligent enough to make toilet paper out of a tree, something so very basic and rudiment yet he could calculate the speed of light and all sorts of other extremely complicated problems?
    they say "genius" FUGG THAT!!! that's BS, can some people have a brain that works a hole lot better than others, OBVIOUSLY! however like I said before you have to have something to build off of, that's how evolution works, it builds from previous whatever, tosses out the useless and non logical and builds on what works and whats logical..
    did it NOT dawn on anyone that it was sort of suspicious that all the sudden there is a madman on the loose running an extremely powerful and hateful race that started a world war then suddenly out of no where they thought of jet propulsion? radar? um splitting the atom? they had nothing prior to work off of!!!!!
    and I do think the ancient Egyptians did TRY to make a pyramid, and its the failed ones we see all over, the wrong angles and the one that starts at one angle and then goes into another, they built their ramp the WRONG distance from the quarry, the ONLY way human could build a pyramid was to insure that from the quarry the ramp to the TOP of the pyramid would need to be a 6% grade no more, so when you are finishing the top of the pyramid, your sloping road to the top is RIGHT AT THE QUARRY! bet you money if you did the calculations the top of the pyramids they fubared are a 5% grade from the quarrys the rock came from!
    guaranteed, obviously the other world being who constructed the real ones the good ones had modern technology, cranes and so forth, those square holes that go 100ft down? those are for crane anchors, gives them stability, most likely stone counterweight, you are not traveling through space with millions of tons of construction tools like counterbalance and crane platforms, you use the natural resources of the region and my guess they were pulled out and then carved into a statue, who knows prolly floated down and erected here and there..
    I believe the ancients did do some stuff as they were trying to mimmick who they were told were Gods, YES the other world beings told them they were Gods as they raised them, remember they created them, taught them their own different languages and so forth
    also why I think my theory the different races were genetically created by different worldly beings, the DIFFERENT languages, you cannot convince me humans too ignorant to get out of their own way are capable of created complex languages, NFW!!! alphabets and number systems, math? nope nuh uh.. humans are too ignorant, it was TAUGHT to them! you think man is idiotic today? how smart do yu think they were 6000 years ago? yea OK, capable of complex engineering mathematics yer wiped his ass with his hands... um OK...
    wake up people! nothing adds up!!!!!!!!!
    its not whats IN the pyramids, its whats UNDER THEM!
    I would bet anything not from this world... GUARANTEED
    the pyramids of Giza are headstones, or the equivalent, maybe a mass headstone who knows?

    • nineball26
      nineball26 13 days ago

      @ 12:45, that's a model, just like we do today there were prolly many entries for the design, that was one of them..

  • evan King
    evan King 13 days ago

    clearly you are not a scientist. no detail - just your opinion based on pictures.

    • nineball26
      nineball26 13 days ago

      fugg does a scientist have to do with engineering, architecture and construction technique? not a fookin thing....

  • Sn8k3
    Sn8k3 13 days ago

    @6:55 We do, they are molded geopolymer "rock/bricks", so the protrusions are present as to let the air out of the casings' "blow off valve".

  • Chloe wilson
    Chloe wilson 14 days ago

    And people say that the Middle East is backwards. What happened to those 2 civilizations in S. America, the Aztecs and Incas?

  • Willow
    Willow 14 days ago

    Joseph was inspired by God and brought great technology to Egypt. This continues till the Exodus at which point they were wiped out. The destruction was on purpose...

  • Willow
    Willow 14 days ago

    Love the pictures, the years used not so....

  • Willow
    Willow 14 days ago

    Yes indeed, those are statues of Senmut at Tanis.

  • Willow
    Willow 14 days ago

    I think some of the damage to the obelisk is on purpose. If these are the ones Senenmut erected (Moses), after he left Egypt they started to destroy all things associated to Neferti and Senmut....

  • Richard Harrison
    Richard Harrison 14 days ago

    Anything you film appears to make you quite stupid...

  • once upon a dime
    once upon a dime 15 days ago

    Scoop marks to me look more like they were chiseled or maybe melted. I don't see it being done with no hammer.

  • no name
    no name 15 days ago

    Another quasy-scientist made by Internet.

    • Gilda Gottlieb
      Gilda Gottlieb 13 days ago

      Please learn how to spell "quasi" before criticizing others.

  • R S
    R S 16 days ago

    So basically, the dynastics or more recent Egyptians ( more or less Arab invaders ), were graffiti cultural appropriators , who should be found and slapped about their elongated heads.

  • Matt Lavers
    Matt Lavers 16 days ago

    guess guess guess that's all he can do what a load of bollocks just because he don't know how something was done.

    • Gilda Gottlieb
      Gilda Gottlieb 13 days ago

      Please learn proper English grammar to criticize people with. "... doesn't know" not "... don't know".

  • 51tomtomtom
    51tomtomtom 16 days ago

    American liberated from Brits, but not from the "imperial" called medieval measure system

    • 51tomtomtom
      51tomtomtom 13 days ago

      @zdcyclops1 lickley : Wrong ? Stupid French ? You're a typical arrogant ignorant , but just one of many ......so don't worry , you're in the right country with the right president (" I bombend Iran......or was it Irak ?") . Have a look at this (American TV-Show) ru-clip.com/video/Gj4fRDgKy4c/video.html or this ru-clip.com/video/_mWtWz_aGyk/video.html
      For sure NASA and the army uses metric system , even ALL computer do , they cannot allow themselves ignore the time which passed since using steam-boats etc.. By the way ALL countries (0fficially !) use Metric besides Myanmar, US, Liberia. Even GB (officially) but
      than they fall back in their horse carriages.......

    • zdcyclops1 lickley
      zdcyclops1 lickley 13 days ago

      Wrong. The official measurement system of the United States IS the metric system. The armed forces use it NASA uses it. The people said OK and ignored the metric system. Why? Because each person has a picture in there heads of an inch, and also all of their memories of when they measured anything. The only need for the metric system was to simplify the math. The French invented it because they are stupid and lazy.

  • Social Media Meham
    Social Media Meham 16 days ago

    The show called anthropology expert, is relying on the same things as organized religion, which is appeals to ignorance, appeals to incrugality, and an appeal to a slippery slope. He throws together so many high unlikely claims that, it's easy to get folks to believe any of them as, any single claim begin believing individual claims which seem less increadible when compared to them all together. Basically, if he can get folks to believe one thing unfounded by facts, he can get them to believe others until they believe anything. Organized religion does exactly what he be is doing, just as this guy and others who push such conspiracies are the laughing stock of true archeologists and anthropologists the claims of organized religion are likewise unreasonable by those who know science and human history

  • Patryk Matusiewicz
    Patryk Matusiewicz 16 days ago

    I like how in the beginning he claims that pyramids must be much older b/c there is a pattern of extreme heat weathering on them, completely ignoring that they sit in the middle of a desert lol.

  • Insaf Jaleel
    Insaf Jaleel 17 days ago +1

    In the Qur'an, it says to go through the Earth and see what was the end of the former people's. It is amazing that though they had such incredible masonry technology, they could not prevent whatever apocalyptic event that stopped them in their tracks.

  • Mark West
    Mark West 17 days ago

    Actually the granite boxes and gold seem strangely similar to the arch of the covenant, and powers it warned of? If they built those with imported stone in 30 yrs that had a power source at s min.. u can’t cut granite and finish it with sand and copper hand tools... in my opinion

  • Mark West
    Mark West 17 days ago

    The stones appear very similar to the vitrification process, where electricity is injected in the earth and basically in cases in glass, I’ve seen some stones in Mayan culture that were very similar

  • frank scott
    frank scott 17 days ago +2

    You have no idea what the dynastic Remetch of 5600BC were capable of, nor do you understand the scale of the Nile Valley civilizational complex from which the proto-dynastic families were descended. All this negation of dynastic capabilities comes at the price of dismissing inquiry into early dynastic material culture. Nevertheless, there is a strong Middle Kingdom (circa 1700BC) tradition of wonder at the monuments that they had inherited and there is a great dal of speculation about who built them. There are references in Middle Kingdom literature to the zepi time, a time that perhaps belongs to an earlier historical cycle...pre 10,000 BC.

    • Y User
      Y User 12 days ago +1

      He offers speculation with no proof

  • Azizan Midon
    Azizan Midon 17 days ago +5

    Your theories is not firmly backed by evidences. Again, too much assumption.

  • reppich1
    reppich1 17 days ago

    Mystery monger and snake oil merchant, just throwing shade and no better theory than more mystery to sell.

  • O. Aa
    O. Aa 17 days ago +1

    As always a fantastic video from Brian F. Continue the great reveling of these obviously more advanced people before us. But it should be obvious now, that the earth gets reset every 6-10000 year, by some sort of cataclysm.

  • Mzawa Wa Africa
    Mzawa Wa Africa 18 days ago

    Your just guessing. Let the world knows how built the pyramid.
    Black people build all what you claim today. What a shame to cover up things thats speak its self?

  • Cephas D. Johnson
    Cephas D. Johnson 18 days ago


  • Privilegedsoul
    Privilegedsoul 19 days ago

    What do you think about the pre adamic period. The gap theory in genisis between verses 1 and 2. That would explain, for example, the atlantians. They supposedly had technoglogy beyond what we can think, and in the bible, if you need the verses and chapters it could be provided, they spoke about cities long ago. How could that be if adam and eve where the first? The Lord makes everything perfect, so in genisis 1, the earth was null and void and dardkness was upon, that means something happended. Look at our ice age, it was global. Life itself was shut down, frozen over in a matter of seconds. Ask yourself the question, why did God shut everything down?

  • iEuno1
    iEuno1 20 days ago

    @42:30, I am wondering how it would have fitted on wheels, to make it fit practically tight to the walls with the wheels. And then, find a way to move them on the corners, from horizontal to vertical. The system has to withstand gravity of the 100 ton block both horizontally, and vertically. Maybe ropes or another system was used to move it. I remember that water was used before, but I don't know if they would fill this system tunnels with water, and have some device to lessen the weight, which would fit inside, like wood.

  • Roboboy
    Roboboy 21 day ago

    Enoch also explains the fallen angels help build these pyramids around the 🌎. they where teleportation devices, with reflective limestones to be signaled by other galaxies or stars. after the fallen angels took on wives and created giants. it got so messy they had to ask God to fix their messes. so God dismantled all the telepads throughout the world but you will find some still shooting power, but if you repair one and ascended you still have to pass the watchers, which you have to be deemed worthy to pass the first levels of heaven. which is possible, because Enoch encountered them, and ask them questions. below the Bermuda triangle they are two pyramids that might be still active, hence the disappearance of ships and planes. and also feel you have to be above during a star alignment to teleport. so sometimes you got wait above the pyramid to align what goes on the other side your guess is good as mines. but seeing it can take a whole ship shows how powerful it can be. if someone rich enough to fix these ports can break on a discovery or vise versa can be catastrophic. it proves that everything in the bible is real and we are scratching thesurfice of how magical this world really is. if you patient enough like myself, we will wait for yeshua to escort us to levels of heaven and see all these things in his time. scientists can speculate to the end, but the punishment and ruins of our winged friends handiwork shows some things we should leave to the creator of all creations.

  • manaka muhammad
    manaka muhammad 21 day ago

    Where is the egypt?.

  • Cory Jeffreys
    Cory Jeffreys 22 days ago +1

    Brien, Thank you so much for doing this. I enjoyed every minute and I understand even better now again thank you...

  • Cory Jeffreys
    Cory Jeffreys 22 days ago

    Homeage, that cause most people just have no brains and are bored thank goodness for people like us who appreciate stuff like this.

  • Morris Kolsky
    Morris Kolsky 23 days ago


  • 1roarinhorn
    1roarinhorn 23 days ago +1

    with all those scorch marks and broken statues big G must have been real mad. seems like the ancients got a bit ahead of themselves.and deserved what they got.
    just in case anyone gets weird I am not religious.

  • David Jaycox
    David Jaycox 23 days ago

    Its pretty simple. They were more advanced then us about 3000 years ago. Just read the Bible. Its in there.

  • iEuno1
    iEuno1 23 days ago

    Ah, so, they could have irrigated the desert, if they were controlling the water to elevate and transport stones on water barges through the land by flooding it.

    KENNETH ROBINSON 23 days ago +2

    I’m sorry...I have a very open scientific, engineering leaning mind, and I don’t buy this guy’s reasonings. Make no mistake about it, it’s all his reasonings. In one breath he says it was done during or before “those people” had the knowledge or technology to accomplish the tasks. Then he says it couldn’t have been done before the 19th or 20th century when certain tools were invented. HOW DOES HE KNOW? Just because you can’t explain with a certainty that a certain group of people didn’t do something doesn’t mean they didn’t do it.
    In contrast-did the ancient Greeks build the coliseum? How about those temples? And the 6,000 year old computer they found at the bottom of the sea in the wreck of a Greek ship? By this guy’s logic and reasoning, they couldn’t have done those things either.
    Then there are the Mayans....🤷🏾‍♂️

    • TKSnatch
      TKSnatch 20 days ago

      Plus his own reasoning is flawed. He says that there are no torch marks because the ancient people had advanced torches but then says the hieroglyphs inscriptions were done by the Egyptians who he says didn't have advanced torches. So where are the soot marks left by their torches? How did they see inside the pyramids?

      Chances are as the pyramids are built from the ground up, these were carved in situ and then the pyramids were built around them.

    • phapnui
      phapnui 20 days ago

      When an entire scientific field is discounted, I know the ride is going to be fun.

  • Otukuaho1
    Otukuaho1 23 days ago

    Whats he saying when he says "bathsalts"

  • Gerrie Warner
    Gerrie Warner 23 days ago +4

    The boxes were fuel tanks. They put them down there thinking they would survive and could use them later.

  • Thestripper
    Thestripper 24 days ago

    12:46 It's not exactly true that you need a harder material to shape another material. You do not need a diamond to shape a granite rock. A sandstone, a toothbrush, your hand or anything will do. You just need a lot of time and a lot of material.

    • phapnui
      phapnui 20 days ago

      Water shapes everything.

  • Morrile1
    Morrile1 25 days ago

    When all these 'items' where made the Egyptian race didn't even exist. Most of the 'proof' is within the Sumerian Tablets.The Sumerians lived eons before the Egyptians came along...

  • T Mst
    T Mst 25 days ago

    Hieroglyphs = dynastic graffiti

  • Kerry Emmerson
    Kerry Emmerson 26 days ago

    Listen dumbass. I've told you this before but you choose to ignore it.
    The boxes erte carved out of rock found right there where they are. That's why the lid and box match. That's how they fit where they are. Remove the gold and limestone and then instea of busting up and removing the heavy hard stuff, carve boxes and leave it there.

  • Kerry Emmerson
    Kerry Emmerson 26 days ago +2

    Unfortunately, listening to and taking at all seriously, this Brien gentleman, will only place the mysterious even further from reality.

    • Kerry Emmerson
      Kerry Emmerson 14 days ago

      @Michael Moniz Still waiting or is forever over.
      Ok, jokes aside...Aahh, what cuts are you referring to and I dont recall having said anything about them OR the pyramids. Because I didn't. My comments, if you are interested to know, were on Foersters attempts at solving these and other mysteries but his methods of doing so, in my opinion which I am entitled to, are sadly not unlocking any portals to the unknown. This is particularly frustrating for me because I know things about the Cuzco walls and their construction that he and everyone else seem to be searching for but he cannot hear as his ears are not turned on.
      Same with the general masses too. They dont want the answers to how the hell such precision was achieved because they want the UFOs, aliens and giants to have built them as they want to keep their minds open to the possibility that there is a heaven. That this isn't all there is. Everlasting life etc.
      The kings present a d past know the secrets of the walls but dont want to disclose it. To do so would jeopardize 2,000,000 visitors a year and the income that supports the people of Peru and has done ever since the guys who made these striking optical wonders and their puzzling ability to stump a whole race for eons as to their making.
      Are you following me? Or even interested in what I ha e to say or were you merely hoping to start a pointless argument without substance for the sake of it.
      Which is cool. You know, whatever. It would just be productive to have one, just one, person online to understand my theory.
      My theory is what I believe is reality. It eli ates a the impossiblilities that surround the current baffling wrong answers .
      The answer is so simple. I could make these walls. So could you.
      Maybe before my time is over here I could attain the popularity of this guy or even his own interest, and introduce some new ideas and really unravel things. Or maybe not.
      Leave it a secret for anothermillenials, the way the locals want. To keep good the secret keeping income safe.
      Time is all we have. But time we have not.

    • Kerry Emmerson
      Kerry Emmerson 19 days ago

      @Michael Moniz Calling someone you dont know a dumb fuck is inconsistent with that which might be said by someone who possesses the intelligence I believe you are gifted with.

    • Michael Moniz
      Michael Moniz 19 days ago

      Did you finish your Zahi Hawass book yet dumb fuck?

    • Michael Moniz
      Michael Moniz 19 days ago

      While that may be partially true, do you have one example of how those cuts could have been made? I'll wait.... probably forever

  • Paul Morgan
    Paul Morgan 27 days ago

    You are another American idiot with conspiracy theories coming out of your ass.

    • phapnui
      phapnui 20 days ago

      Excellent summary.

  • JiffyJV
    JiffyJV 27 days ago

    9:45 - looks like waterjet cut marks

  • John Gordon
    John Gordon 28 days ago

    Being an athirst your assertions will have validity so it is easy to populate theories by excluding a large amount of contending ideas regardless of the fact that dating a subject is circumstantial to pre agreed ideologies.

  • ID entity
    ID entity 28 days ago +1

    the pyramids, monolythic stones and statues are all made by planking and casting (geopolymer). that´s proven since the 80s. but the "shafts" in the video are still quite thrilling and nevertheless egypt is a trip...

  • D1str1ct
    D1str1ct 29 days ago

    Why in the construction of the great pyramids is the foundation never spoken about? The timing only seems to account for the main body but we know the foundation needs to be strong enough to support the building. How long did It take to construct the foundation and what size and how many stones were used?

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI Month ago

    Extraterrestrial Composition 👽 🎶

  • Diallo Khari
    Diallo Khari Month ago

    @9:49 he points out the granite cut with a saw. he says it could only have been done by a diamond tippled saw and that such diamond tips were only invented 100 years ago... what an idiotic statement. Most of the modern tools used in construction today from the ruler to the plumb line and countless other inventions... even the toilet... existed in Egypt and were conceived of by modern men til the 1800s ... this guy and his fallacious statements ... and predynastic just means earlier than you have any knowledge of... smh

  • Emma Fitzpatrick
    Emma Fitzpatrick Month ago

    The only way to know about these things is to visit the country. Do the tours. See for yourself how advanced and great they were..smarter than us obviously ....a lot of destruction to the temples and really everything in Egypt was done in the early 20th century.... currently I don’t recommend it as a destination ,,,to bloody dangerous ...

  • Modern Modern
    Modern Modern Month ago

    Building of the Pyramids and RA’s arrival and Chinese language creation meet same time; BC 1790.

  • Matt Szlaga
    Matt Szlaga Month ago +1

    Still saying the Pyramids are fake. Meanwhile, well actually ten years ago about, some average stature middle-aged guy in Michigan goes and builds Stone Henge single-handedly. Go figure.

  • gnosticnihilist
    gnosticnihilist Month ago +2

    Pyramids are cave temples for ritual initiation into the brotherhood of the snake serpent dragon. Death and rebirth ritual initiation. For knowledge of the afterlife and your soul

    • gnosticnihilist
      gnosticnihilist Month ago

      Read Thracians script decoded

    • gnosticnihilist
      gnosticnihilist Month ago

      Read the Kolbrin Twice born

    • gnosticnihilist
      gnosticnihilist Month ago

      Secret societies can not tell you they do the ritual. And they certainly will not tell you they are too corrupted and afraid to complete the challenge. Actual death and rebirth. Three days in the tomb.

    • Dgaf brapman
      Dgaf brapman Month ago


  • gnosticnihilist
    gnosticnihilist Month ago

    Can you prove ancient people did not have cement or concrete? No it is impossible. So why is this taught as fact? F**king lying professors of vested interests

    • gnosticnihilist
      gnosticnihilist Month ago

      @kim Dierichsen knowing it is concrete is not the same as telling. Freemasons are sworn to deceive.

    • gnosticnihilist
      gnosticnihilist Month ago

      @kim Dierichsen read the Kolbrin. King Arthur's sword in stone is actually sword in concrete

    • kim Dierichsen
      kim Dierichsen Month ago

      So you claim that with all our technology we are not able to identify cement and/or concrete by analyzing the components?The romans invented concrete, there are no examples of artificial stone being produced before that.And if there were we would be perfectly able to prove if they did.