Brunch at 7-ELEVEN VS LAWSON in Tokyo Japan

  • Published on Jul 8, 2018
  • Convenience stores in Japan are great for tasty cheap food, and two of the more popular stores are 7-Eleven and Lawson. Today I try a bunch of food from each to see if they carry better products than the other.
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Comments • 12 757

  • Christopher Kresser
    Christopher Kresser 3 minutes ago

    Dawg I got full just watching this

  • FastRide
    FastRide 2 hours ago

    jackie chan?

  • Mirai Saito
    Mirai Saito 3 hours ago

    I want it all☹️❤️

  • xXJohnXx Runner
    xXJohnXx Runner 5 hours ago


  • Jupiter Jones
    Jupiter Jones 11 hours ago

    I’m legitimately jealous

  • anggi
    anggi 11 hours ago

    really wanna go to convience store right now, in Japan of course.

  • angela elgario
    angela elgario 13 hours ago

    He looks like my Math teacher in junior high school. Hehehehe

  • Secret- Prodigy
    Secret- Prodigy 13 hours ago

    5:04 oh their's a hand!

  • Secret- Prodigy
    Secret- Prodigy 13 hours ago

    Matt Stonie wants to know your location.

  • iBxpe
    iBxpe 14 hours ago

    Ching chong weng sang wang cho chi li

  • Tristan's bass tutorials


  • Loveechans
    Loveechans 23 hours ago

    United States: Couldn’t be me

  • Deron Tanzil
    Deron Tanzil Day ago

    Brunch yea suree to me i could eat that For 3 days but keep up the work

  • Dr IP
    Dr IP Day ago

    Visit Japan! where expectation meets reality.

  • Xoxo Mae
    Xoxo Mae Day ago +4

    Im super jealous! I wish we had 7 Eleven like this in the U.S.

  • Kawaii Sakura
    Kawaii Sakura Day ago

    The food in Japan is amazing!

  • Jo C
    Jo C Day ago

    What the. What about Family Mart???

  • supremelegal
    supremelegal Day ago

    It is surprising that he likes everything he eats isn t there anything that is unlikable

  • iiicxctus Official

    *I am Mexican and I mostly have Vietnamese friends and I love boba so much!!!!! And I want the last bum he tried it looks so good!!!*

  • Joshy 1445
    Joshy 1445 Day ago


  • Regulations
    Regulations Day ago

    I hate american food that looks so good

  • Nyash-Myash BLYAT
    Nyash-Myash BLYAT 2 days ago +2

    Never have i ever cried in jealousy over someone eating a convenience store's foods before

  • Jimin’s Wifeu
    Jimin’s Wifeu 2 days ago

    He probably gained 10 pounds

  • K M
    K M 2 days ago

    And the guy is cute too.

  • K M
    K M 2 days ago +1

    Why can't they have Japanese food in North America 7-eleven.🙄 Hey um giving 7-eleven a good idea. Come on North America

  • MustacheGhostY
    MustacheGhostY 2 days ago

    Just watching this. I can taste taste what he eat

  • Sky_Gameing
    Sky_Gameing 2 days ago

    Background music name pls 21:17-22:43

  • Kash Kalvakota
    Kash Kalvakota 2 days ago

    it is really upsetting me at how he's eating the Strawberry Cream Sandwich on its side :D

  • terp02Andrew
    terp02Andrew 2 days ago +2

    Pippin 'what about second breakfast' would be a good pairing in one of these videos.

  • afdsasdfa asdfasdf
    afdsasdfa asdfasdf 2 days ago

    Idk how people can eat that much food. I get full sooo fast. after 1 bowl of ramen id be full.

  • ejay Kocchi
    ejay Kocchi 2 days ago

    Try 711 in Philippines

  • Gelato TM
    Gelato TM 2 days ago

    At 16:32 anybody know that’s called ? Look bomb asf🤤🤷🏽‍♂️

    • yamadago
      yamadago 19 hours ago

      That's "Ice No Mi".(アイスの実)
      It is a kind a sherbet ice ball.

  • Slaytanic Zaddy 666
    Slaytanic Zaddy 666 3 days ago +1

    I'm not ashamed to admit that the whole time I lived out there, my diet consisted mostly of Lawsons food. At least a couple times a week. Then I come back and see XXL double stuffed burritos and hot pockets... I was incredibly sad.

    JOK3RS GHOST 3 days ago +3

    1 like = one more yen for this man to spend in japan

    Make him have money for more 711 please

  • Zakiry
    Zakiry 3 days ago

    I’m British 7 eleven isn’t a thing here, I’m just guessing the ones in America are terrible and probably filthy while this looks delicious

  • Ayla Andrews
    Ayla Andrews 3 days ago

    I’m literally eating instant noodles while watching this 😂

  • Gabriel Rudgeri
    Gabriel Rudgeri 3 days ago

    Jackie Chan is a youtuber now ?

  • Mystic 11
    Mystic 11 3 days ago +1

    B . R . O . T . H

  • George Jewel
    George Jewel 3 days ago

    Do you play guitar?

  • YourNubLoL-TTV
    YourNubLoL-TTV 3 days ago

    he edited the bounce to the bread watch at slow mall when he recaps it

  • Devil's Advocate
    Devil's Advocate 3 days ago

    Michilin Star ramen is selling for $14 USD at least. Worth it?

  • Mannix_DIEッ
    Mannix_DIEッ 3 days ago

    Ur mom gay

  • lily
    lily 3 days ago +7

    he put back the onigiri 🍙 :(

  • neoria
    neoria 3 days ago


    FENRIR-ART 4 days ago +1

    Beerus: PUDDING!
    Pudding: Who is screaming my name?

  • Ahanaf Rusho
    Ahanaf Rusho 4 days ago

    Do you have a science channel? I feel like I saw you before or you look same... I'm sorry if I offended...

  • AbdiOkc The Third
    AbdiOkc The Third 4 days ago

    Does this guy ever call anything bad😭

  • Imti Long
    Imti Long 4 days ago

    How can i import this foods to india😢😢

  • David Norman
    David Norman 4 days ago

    I have had many a lunch at Lawson. Loved the cheese buns

  • Enrique Rodriguez
    Enrique Rodriguez 4 days ago


  • Bertha Romero
    Bertha Romero 4 days ago

    The 7-11s here did not have the selection they do in Nippon and not as good either

  • micky wow
    micky wow 4 days ago

    Omg yes

    F1ZZY_DR3AMS 4 days ago +1

    I don’t know what that white stuff is 😏

  • Babywolf_ Playzz
    Babywolf_ Playzz 4 days ago

    Why can't be the other 711 over here in american be like that and have ramen and some cookies and mostly every tea

  • Itsmyartspace Artist

    My kids and I use to live off the fried tofu with hot mustard at 3:17 and Onigiri when we traveled around. What the heck is the broth? I would love to make it again for them. They love to drink Milky, C.C. Lemon, and Calpico. Thank you for any help with what the broth is.

  • Endymion766
    Endymion766 5 days ago

    I'm too afraid to eat from 7-11s in the US because the food looks like it's ready to give you stomach flu. But the food in the Japanese one looks really safe and tasty.

  • Kristen225
    Kristen225 5 days ago

    wow, how is that food/drink all so cheap?? Our convenience store items are usually more than $1 each and they certainly don't have that type of quality. What is Japan doing differently?

  • Jiminie Pabo
    Jiminie Pabo 5 days ago

    Mochi roll...? Reminds me of someone very famous around the world that is from korea... South Korea specifically

    • Iris Astrings
      Iris Astrings 5 days ago

      Jiminie Pabo kim jong un? He’s been to South Korea before.

  • Erick Phallack
    Erick Phallack 5 days ago

    Mike plzzzz dont speak with food in your mouth

  • Chase and Petie
    Chase and Petie 5 days ago

    Out of every kind of video on RU-clip from planes' video games' animals' and anime I watch Some guy killing my stomach with ...........................

    7 eleven!!!

  • chromegnats
    chromegnats 5 days ago

    Can I get the award winning ramen in the US?

  • Sara Hunter
    Sara Hunter 5 days ago

    the way his voice sounds makes me think that he is trying to make it sound...idk...cooler? like he is trying to sound cool. but he doesnt. he sounds like he's trying too hard. its like he talks at the back of his mouth. this is america. speak at the front

  • Sara Hunter
    Sara Hunter 5 days ago

    does he speak every fckn language

  • JuicyRussianMartini
    JuicyRussianMartini 5 days ago +5

    After this vid I had to subscribe. And now I will start packing my bag to move to Japan for all the eats lol

  • Voo Doo
    Voo Doo 5 days ago

    ᗷ ᖇ O T ᕼ

  • Wddah Shyroom
    Wddah Shyroom 6 days ago

    Jacky son

  • Carson Palacios
    Carson Palacios 6 days ago

    can you buy some of these instant noodles online?

  • adriel loh
    adriel loh 6 days ago

    And I quote " This tofu taste like a legit tofu"

  • Ernest Ells
    Ernest Ells 6 days ago

    That is so different from America America 7-Eleven it’s mostly just a bunch of junk food it’s some good food but mostly junk food that is so different actually looks good

    XROMEX YT 7 days ago +1

    5:08 Dat face do

  • Errol Seemangal
    Errol Seemangal 7 days ago

    You eat 3,000 calories in one sitting. You gotta respect that.

  • Jake da Skater
    Jake da Skater 7 days ago

    26:44 "mmmmm"😂😂

  • dickwintered
    dickwintered 7 days ago

    This video is as satisfying as your meals. I get so excited with the food you get to eat!

  • ilikefartjokes
    ilikefartjokes 7 days ago

    Is it not a general rule to NEVER eat 7 eleven food everywhere?

  • Mr.Angry
    Mr.Angry 7 days ago +10

    I love how Japanese people take very simple things and make them with so much attention to details so that even an egg sandwich at a 711 looks like a masterpiece

    • Christopher Harvey
      Christopher Harvey 4 days ago +2

      I lived in Japan for years and they do that with EVERYTHING. It's amazing.

  • Eric Belinc
    Eric Belinc 7 days ago

    Ericsurf6 went and Lawson’s, looked really really yummy. He also goes around to all the vending machines. Love this channel along with ericsurf6, check it out.

  • XInfernoslayerXYP Beast

    You know 7 elevens in America act like there broke 🤔 i wish i was in Japan or Taiwan

  • Cool panda
    Cool panda 7 days ago

    you have a really good appetite.

  • RO SÉ
    RO SÉ 7 days ago

    Did you eat the onigiris?

  • ProdiJoe
    ProdiJoe 8 days ago

    Thought he was getting food for the entire week or something....

  • ProdiJoe
    ProdiJoe 8 days ago

    Miss your good beyond science videos

  • Vincent Vermeer
    Vincent Vermeer 8 days ago

    how can you fit all of that in your stomach. i wish i could do that. i am over 6 feet and over 200 pounds, but no way i could eat all of that in one go.

  • otniel rajendra
    otniel rajendra 8 days ago

    If you haven't go to Indonesia I recommend you eating beef rendang

  • master mazzy
    master mazzy 8 days ago

    So basically it took him a few day to cross the road

  • NSO O
    NSO O 8 days ago +3

    Me at the start of the video: haha he got too much
    Me at the end of the video:NANI🧐🧐

  • SpeedyRacer XD
    SpeedyRacer XD 8 days ago

    This puts my maruchan instant noodles I got in an American 7-11 to shame

  • Eddie Love
    Eddie Love 8 days ago

    Anyone else watch this guys' videos and totally feeling short changed by your 7-11 in the US?

  • Brayan Ruiz
    Brayan Ruiz 9 days ago

    Men make everything into sandwiches

  • freakin tomatoes
    freakin tomatoes 9 days ago

    thanks for the tour of 7 eleven in japan because im gonna be going to japan in 2 more years

  • zdule1999
    zdule1999 9 days ago +2

    Love this channel

  • Chicken Speed
    Chicken Speed 9 days ago

    is it worth a plane ticket from the U.S. though 🤣

  • 100,000 subscribers with 0 videos

    When this man says he's starving, he really means it

  • ConfusionFusion
    ConfusionFusion 9 days ago

    Even the prepared food under the heat lamps looks WAAAY better than anything in an American 7-11. Here we have greazy pizza dogs that look like they’ve been rolling around under the heat lamps for weeks, and probably have been. I’m so jealous. I’m ashamed to say that we Americans have incredibly low expectations and standards to match.

  • ARIX P90
    ARIX P90 9 days ago

    Literally nobody:
    Strictly dumpling eating a feast in the corner: DONT TOUCH ME

  • Devon Asher
    Devon Asher 10 days ago

    Watching this baked makes me want to raid a seven eleven even though we dont have the same stuff :/

  • The O Face
    The O Face 10 days ago

    *i really want to dip my sushi in the broth*

  • Ashwin Bellaram
    Ashwin Bellaram 10 days ago

    There is no ways you could have eaten all of that on 1 sitting 😄

  • coo_v
    coo_v 10 days ago

    please Mike I'm begging you on my hands and knees just give me even 10 dollars and let me loose in there

  • Christian O'Neal
    Christian O'Neal 10 days ago

    When I lived in Japan we used to love to get the 7 Eleven beef bowls. I was in the military in a small town and we would go in to the store at the end of a night out and buy all of them. It became a race to be the first person back after a night out. Those buns are amazing too!

  • CurryBoy
    CurryBoy 10 days ago +1

    Like Lawson comment seven eleven