Nick Saban responds to UCLA QB Josh Rosen's comments on "football and school"

  • Published on Aug 10, 2017
  • Alabama head coach Nick Saban responds to comments made by UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen during a recent interview regarding academics and college football. Rosen used Alabama to make his point saying, "OK, raise the SAT requirement at Alabama and see what kind of team they have."
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  • Pam Mckellar
    Pam Mckellar 5 months ago +2

    Clemson 44 Alabama 16 .....

    • Drewski
      Drewski Month ago

      You won... get over it, keep winning. Congratulations!

    • KEWE
      KEWE 3 months ago +1

      Pam Mckellar 24-6

  • ckennedy309
    ckennedy309 5 months ago

    All of these comments about Nick not wanting to pay the players blah blah... Nick works with a set of rules that have been given to him. Everyone gets a copy but you.

  • _ goodwin10k
    _ goodwin10k 5 months ago

    I dont think he could have answered that any better

  • marcus armstrong
    marcus armstrong 7 months ago

    He can say shit like that because he's a millionaire or close to a billion

  • marcus armstrong
    marcus armstrong 7 months ago

    Even white players slavery

  • marcus armstrong
    marcus armstrong 7 months ago

    Pay those dam kids for risking their health and life fucking slavery

  • 55 scuba
    55 scuba 7 months ago +1

    Old school success vs spoiled rotten brat . I'l listen to the guy with multiple championship rings.

    • 55 scuba
      55 scuba 5 months ago

      @Robert Ridley ... just because he's Jewish doesn't mean he's right. Old school vs snowflakes... I'll choose the winner and experience over religious choices.

    • Robert Ridley
      Robert Ridley 5 months ago

      @55 scuba you're the one with a Star of David as your avatar

    • 55 scuba
      55 scuba 6 months ago

      @Robert Ridley... what does him being Jewish have to do with this ?

    • Robert Ridley
      Robert Ridley 6 months ago

      Rosen is also Jewish, so I'm surprised you're not on his side.

  • Jeremy Rider
    Jeremy Rider 7 months ago

    Most if not all players are there on a scholarship. Think how much a education at AU c9st per semester. So I think it equals out just fine. While the players are there they eat whatever they want. Get free team clothes etc.. Not to mention play for the greatest coach ever. ROLL TIDE

  • Stef Mid
    Stef Mid 7 months ago

    And this my friends, is what makes him the absolute best coach to ever coach college 🏈 thus far!
    #RTR 🐘

  • Jim Weems
    Jim Weems 8 months ago

    Way to say it like it is and should be Coach! Go Irish!

  • Noah Fulks
    Noah Fulks 9 months ago

    Josh Rosen is just a whiny entitled prick

  • Shawn Wilkerson
    Shawn Wilkerson 10 months ago

    Sick of Bama's dominance but much respect for Coach Saban! He is after all, a former Don James pupil !! Go Dawgs !!

  • Shawn Wilkerson
    Shawn Wilkerson 10 months ago

    Josh Rosen is a wuss who won't amount to crap in the NFL...BUST

  • Oketa Ojok
    Oketa Ojok 11 months ago

    Roll Tide.

  • Rolls royce
    Rolls royce Year ago

    well said Nick😊👍👍

  • jay thomas
    jay thomas Year ago

    Who is this...Joe Rozen? and he plays for who? smh...never heard of him

  • RedSkaal
    RedSkaal Year ago

    Football sat's actually don't carry that greatly from Florida to bama to UCLA. And Bama graduates their guys at a very high rate

  • 7700Purplexity
    7700Purplexity Year ago

    If you ever wanted to know why Nick Saban is as good as he is, study this video very carefully, and you will find your answer.

  • The Jumpmaster
    The Jumpmaster Year ago

    This guy could probably be a preacher if he wanted to. He is so driven. Always positive.

  • Dez E.
    Dez E. Year ago

    I happen to like Nick Saban a lot. He may not be the kindest man in the world, but there is no denying that he cares about all of his players and coaches. He has given coaches second chances to redeem themselves. Bobby Bowden is still the perfect coach in my mind, but Saban is a master at running an organization like Alabama. Go Noles!!!!!!!

  • wayne atkinson
    wayne atkinson Year ago

    It's all about winning football games and how does Alabam explain Reuben Foster, the latest violent creep funneled into the NFL, replete with criminal offenders that come from big time college programs like winning is all SEC? But Saban should explain why Foster was there in the first place. A character guy?

    • 100anti
      100anti 9 months ago

      I'm sure their helping him strengthen his character.

  • DewtonBrothers
    DewtonBrothers Year ago

    you think the coke and dasani are glued to the podium? Like grrrr product fucking placement!!!!

  • mario short
    mario short Year ago

    A Alabama player agreed with Rosen shut up nick ain’t a great coach he paying players it ain’t hard to coach a team full of 5 stars please stop giving him so much credit because when Miami did it it’s a problem but Alabama great yeah ok gtfoh

  • Jeffrey Li
    Jeffrey Li Year ago +1

    why is that Dasani so murky?

  • Salvadore Andretti

    Ha that bottom of rust stripper looks delicious

  • ???? ¿¿¿¿
    ???? ¿¿¿¿ Year ago

    Josh Rosen is a spoiled little rich kid that has everything handed to him in life if I had a top pick I would not draft him I just don’t feel like he has that passion to be a great QB but that’s just me

  • MelonHead1848
    MelonHead1848 Year ago

    That Dasani looks disgusting

  • New Lion
    New Lion Year ago

    People need to stop saying this guy is a great football coach. He is a great COLLEGE football coach period. If he could do this at ND where academics are well above at a higher standard than alabama, then i would be impressed. Most of those guys that play alabama cant even speak proper english

  • 7700Purplexity
    7700Purplexity Year ago +1

    Probably one of Nick Saban's better responses to a question from the media. Hey, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

  • Notblind808
    Notblind808 Year ago +9

    UCLA is a better academic school, but Alabama breeds nfl talent. Rosen chose the academic school because his ass won’t make it to the nfl. Kids go to bama for nfl dreams, and that’s what Saban does. Alabama is the nfl’s farm team.

    • Robert Ridley
      Robert Ridley 6 months ago +1

      Starting qb in nfl

    • VM805
      VM805 11 months ago +2

      Pretty sure Rosen is cashing NFL paychecks now.

    • Notblind808
      Notblind808 Year ago +1

      I also know he’s entering the draft and suppose to be a high pick. He just won’t make the cut and that UCLA degree is a good backup

  • NZA
    NZA Year ago

    I mean being a student-athlete is tough you have to wake you up before everybody else does when your a student athlete you have to balance doing well in the classroom and doing well on the field as a student-athlete but don't be wrong student-athletes are spoiled sometimes

  • jmaal2345
    jmaal2345 Year ago

    I love his answer.

  • Evan Harris
    Evan Harris Year ago

    Well most of the guys going to Alabama are going for football and will probably make it to the NFL, so in some cases the academics aren’t the biggest deal. Just like Kentucky, Kansas, etc for basketball. You could say the same thing with Harvard vs UCLA. Rosen sounds butthurt that UCLA is booty and can’t beat Bamas second string.

  • Christopher Sheffield

    Nick Saban didn't say 1 word here that isn't true. I agree with him completely. However...If the cusp of the question was indeed referring to players getting paid, which maybe it wasn't?...I would be able to swallow his answer a little easier if he wasn't being an advertiser for Coke while conducting his Q & A. I mean think about it, a large number of these players come from little money, so college athletics is not just tough mentally and physically, as it should be, but it's hard financially for both player and family. Meanwhile, coach is making side money on top of his millions just by sitting a damn coke product on the stand? These kids are making a lot of people super rich while they get the "experience"? Experience reigns supreme, to be sure, but it would be a much better experience for a lot of athletes if they had a crumb from the golden table they produce for. Pay them an allotted, equal amount of living expense money. Ain't talking bout who's the highest bidder.... Then we'd end up like our government.

  • Ben-Laden Bernanke

    Rosen is just jealous because he plays in a sport that is considered "the other sport" at their school. It's the reverse for the cross town rival in Cardinal and Gold. And plus the fact that they beat SEC, TAMU in the opening weekend and the Aggies hung with the Tide and I'm sure that factored into the reason for his comment. Saban hit the nail on the head because in any sport their is the opportunity for the athlete to pursue an academic road that without being talented enough in that sport he would never would have walked on campus. I heard many other coaches like Bob Stoops and Mack Brown address this same issue and they said the very same thing. Plus, the fact Rosen focused on SAT scores (heck he might have scored near 1600 he's a smart cookie) but it's the grade-point average and body of study that is bigger factors than a standardized, man-made test based on the Dept of Education national standards. Plus their are many bias in the test not just racially and grade-point average and the type of degree that the student-athlete is attempting to attain is very underrated at any level.

  • Korean Jesus
    Korean Jesus Year ago +1

    josh rosen always talks shit, he will get his ass kicked, last year he mocked texas a&m and lost(this year he won) watch what happens if bama takes on ucla, make it happen.

  • Alex Dodez
    Alex Dodez Year ago

    This country doesn't "get" a guy's philosophy like Saban has. Just old school hard work. Keeping the hammer down. People/coaches/mentors like Saban are a dying breed.

  • Matt Sewell
    Matt Sewell Year ago +1

    Rosen was right. He called out the Ebony Tide for the what they are ......

    • Reginald Massey
      Reginald Massey 6 months ago

      Yep, the ebony tide! Black players make that team!

  • Sasuke Jaeger
    Sasuke Jaeger Year ago +4

    "University" *wink wink* of Alabama #inbredsdonthaveschools

  • clevelandiota
    clevelandiota Year ago


  • Michael Toebe
    Michael Toebe Year ago

    A lot of truth.

  • richjim1
    richjim1 Year ago

    grow up!

  • KevinCummings Fitness


  • KoreanMusicSubs
    KoreanMusicSubs Year ago

    No one ever said it would be easy. If it's too much work for you, choose one or the other.

  • Ramkumar Vedagiri

    those kind of 2 of days and stuff is fine in the old days, but nowadays players study film. they probably have more film sessions meetings now more than before. the physical workouts probably decreased, but the mental workouts probably increased, but I don think Rosen was speaking for himself. Rosen is probably fine with what he has. he comes from a wealthy background. he leans left and all that stuff. but the money that is being made in College football to pay Saban his 7-10 mil a year salary while these players get nothing is probably what is the biggest frustration is. Tebow even joked about in the Daily Show about how Urban Meyer had a million dollar bonus if they won national championship and he teased about asking Meyer for stuff. these players like get fluff classes where they probably dont even do they work. I think the UNC Chapel Hill case with the paper classes proved what we all knew. so the combo of fluff, players risking long term injury, the money the NCAA and College Coaches make (lookin at you Saban) probably lead to Rosen saying these things.

  • Tay Jackson
    Tay Jackson Year ago

    Someone get this man some dancing shoes ! Dancing around the damn question 😑💯 these kids should make money and he don't want that tho

  • Martin Smallwood
    Martin Smallwood Year ago

    I'm surprised Saban hasn't tossed that Coca Cola bottle at someone yet during a press conference lol.

  • Brian J. De Palma

    A 4 year degree means almost nothing. He takes advantage of kids...HE'S DISGUSTING.

    • Hector Rodriquez
      Hector Rodriquez Year ago

      Brian De Palma How so??? This system is dictated by the ncaa, universities and the media based on the interest we as college football fans have in the sport. These players aren't minors their adults making adult decisions to play football in exchange for an education and the chance to play in the NFL.

  • Brian J. De Palma

    Saban is a slave holder that makes millions while they get 3 hots and a cot.

  • Buccaneer_9
    Buccaneer_9 Year ago

    Rosen's not wrong. Alabama is a football factory and a degree from that "school" is a joke. If they had the admissions standards like Stanford, UCLA, Notre Dame, Michigan, etc they wouldn't have the on-field success that they've had. This goes for pretty much every school in the Southeast except UNC, Duke & Vanderbilt.

  • Kelly Hill
    Kelly Hill Year ago +1

    Entitled millennial snow flakes. Life isn't easy. Accomplishments are not simply going to be giving to you. You've got to wake up and fight each and everyday. Sacrifices and adversity builds character, which this world could use more of.

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith Year ago

    Says there the same but they play 2 more regular season games and can add two more play off games and they use to all end on January 1 but now they go two more weeks. The also travel more with regular season games across the country. The UCLA kid was right it is a full time job. Everyone is getting paid but the players.

  • Altitude Magic
    Altitude Magic Year ago +1

    Coke and ATandT dont care.

  • Chadwick Willingham

    Omg that is what is wrong with America today, if he can't handle quit and join the other useless youth in cali

    • Broke Malone
      Broke Malone Year ago

      yeah and slaves had food and shelter, they were messed up for every wanting more

  • Usa France
    Usa France Year ago

    How would he even know what 1 full time job feels, he is getting a free education from a very good school. Buck up cupcake.

    • Broke Malone
      Broke Malone Year ago

      his point is that the ncaa makes billions of dollars and doesnt pay its employees

    • Broke Malone
      Broke Malone Year ago

      my point is your telling him to "buck up cupcake" when ur a pussy yourself

    • Broke Malone
      Broke Malone Year ago

      stfu bitch u wouldnt survive 1 second on a D1 football field

  • Mr. Manhattan
    Mr. Manhattan Year ago +14

    I bet bama class schedules are just pre algebra and elective phys ed classes at the 100 level smh "sport management" majors

    • Joe Armstrong
      Joe Armstrong 4 months ago

      Yeah buddy, Where has UCLA finished in the last ten years ?

    • 100anti
      100anti 9 months ago +1

      @Broke Malone lol too funny. Sports management is good for life too.

    • Broke Malone
      Broke Malone Year ago +4

      stop talkin about the 1 college semester you took plz

  • Jonathan Knight
    Jonathan Knight Year ago

    I was just waiting to see if he's a Coca-Cola guy or a Dasani guy... #productplacement

  • Daniel Magnuson
    Daniel Magnuson Year ago

    I don't like Saban but I agree with all that he just said

  • Edward Brito
    Edward Brito Year ago +1

    It's not like a job cause they don't pay you in money...

  • Franz Haas
    Franz Haas Year ago


  • Chris Stevens
    Chris Stevens Year ago

    Saban will take whatever stance benefits him and his goals!

  • Alfred Selle
    Alfred Selle Year ago

    What's wrong with water looks cloudy

    • Justin B
      Justin B Year ago

      Alfred Selle Its cold...

  • Nathan Dewberry
    Nathan Dewberry Year ago

    Why is the coke and water bottle more in focus than he is?

    • Broke Malone
      Broke Malone Year ago

      but fr dasani is some nasty shit. i get a headache from drinkin tht trash

    • Broke Malone
      Broke Malone Year ago

      cause its fucking cold u retard lmfao

    • Nathan Dewberry
      Nathan Dewberry Year ago

      Alfred Selle --- well I sure am thirsty now!!!
      I am thinking we are seeing his grey or white shirt through it making it look cloudy
      Also I have no idea what he said cause I was thinking abut the bottle the entire video! They really are more in focus than he is!!!

    • Alfred Selle
      Alfred Selle Year ago

      Now answer this what's wrong with that water looks cloudy

    • Alfred Selle
      Alfred Selle Year ago

      Nathan Dewberry they wanna make sure u focus on them so u buy coke products

  • Anubis Ra
    Anubis Ra Year ago

    I see why this man program is always successful!!

  • Mr Tibbs
    Mr Tibbs Year ago +2

    Getting rich off the backs of college athletes. I would think Saban would a little grateful.

  • PatsFan89
    PatsFan89 Year ago

    Well put Saban!

  • Bro Pru
    Bro Pru Year ago

    The words job and work offended him because he knows it's true but don't want to pay these young men.

  • Jay steven
    Jay steven Year ago +1

    Josh Rosen is a pussy ass Jew

  • Chad Mccullar
    Chad Mccullar Year ago

    Who gives a damn what that gonzo lookin muppet said.

  • Krimson Haze
    Krimson Haze Year ago +55

    I wasn't blessed to be 6'6" 270lbs and run a 4.4 so I didn't have these types of opportunities that Mr Rosen has. I make a halfway decent living being a union pipefitter/welder but I'd LOVE to trade places with Josh Rosen and goto a great school on a free ride and play football at this level. And if he wants to see what real life is.. he can come take my spot working 7/10s in a hot ass steam plant. I promise he would hush and go running back to being a student athlete with a smile on his face.

    • Squeaky Reed
      Squeaky Reed 5 months ago

      @Broke Malone go tell your mom to make me a sandwich! You, and Rosen, wouldn't know the REAL WORLD if it kicked you in those baby nuts you tell your gamer buddies are BALLS!

    • Ronnie Tarleton
      Ronnie Tarleton 5 months ago

      Dear sir I worked construction for 50 years most of the 50 was in pipe played football for 8 year's and wouldn't trade neither

    • Derrick Meade
      Derrick Meade 5 months ago

      Starting I meant

    • Michael Bey
      Michael Bey 6 months ago +1

      I believe the term "free ride" is an absolute misnomer...perhaps one of the biggest. These kids earn it and they get what they get (good ...bad...indifferent)

    • James Mayden
      James Mayden 7 months ago

      I always wonder, why do you people like you think it's a "free" ride? I also wonder if you are really being honest when you say that you would trade places? Being hit by dudes that are 300 pounds that run 4.7 40 times REALLY sounds like fun, especially doing it every week for 4 months. Just as you have earned a chance to be employed by your employer, these kids earn a scholarship. Just as you have obligations set by your employer, they have to the same standard. Just as you create more wealth for your company than you get for yourself, these kids generate much more revenue for the institutions, and coaches like Saban, than the value of said scholarship. My grandma taught me that there's no such thing as a a free ride. And after two torn acl's, three dislocated fingers, and the pounding I subjected my body to in order to gain my degree, I can clearly tell you I can't agree with you that it was "free". And btw, not complaining and I know I chose to do it, just like whatever you chose to do whatever you do in life, it's just that I find it offensive that people project my earning and maintaining my scholarship was somehow just a piece of cake.

  • TJ G
    TJ G Year ago +6

    It's gross seeing the soda and water brands paying to be on display while players make zero money.

    • chad belanger
      chad belanger 8 months ago

      Seriously? First of all Coca-Cola makes dasani water, so it's just coke advertising, but what is the difference from a coke bottle on display than the commercials you see during the beloved games you watch on tv every Saturday? Coke, all those commercials, and especially home depot and not to mention Nike, Adidas, and under armour symbols on the uniforms of players are spending (not making) a crap load of money so you can watch your team and other games on tv. If you take that coke bottle away, the commercials you see, and home depot, lowes, etc.......guess what? You wont be able to watch a single game unless you buy as ticket and go to the game yourself.

  • Jfree Frijas
    Jfree Frijas Year ago +2

    Coca Cola wins this conference!!!

  • mindispower91
    mindispower91 Year ago

    Agree with what Saban is saying. But how can you take him seriously as he stands infront of an at & t back drop all the while a coke and Dasani bottle are glaring into my eyes. $$$$

  • Jonathan Dooley
    Jonathan Dooley Year ago

    Very well stated

  • Oliver Kent
    Oliver Kent Year ago

    People our slamming Rosen but he's right both of those things are full time activities, they say to master something you have to spend 10000 hours doing it, most people can't even do that for one thing let alone 2

    • Jbum26
      Jbum26 Year ago

      lets not delude ourselves into thinking that the student athletes have the same rigor as non student athletes in courses. There is a reason so many people who could barely do standard high school course work end up having 3.5-4.0s in classes that have objectively difficult pass rates close to 25-30% when they never even show up to lecture. They are brought to the school to play sports, education is secondary and if you're good it gets taken care of. Especially considering kids I know that play in the top D1 level could barely pass FCAT their senior years are graduating with Stem degrees on top of all the time they spend playing football. It is what it is though, not to take credit from the student athletes that do work hard (the few from the big sports and most of the athletes from the less popular sports) as there most certainly are people that do.

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago

    Is that water condensated or is something just mixed into it

    • Broke Malone
      Broke Malone Year ago

      everyone knos saban loves vodka and coke

  • ryan
    ryan Year ago

    I don't think Saban cares what he has to say. Rosen is overrated anyways.

  •  Year ago

    What a dumbass that player is, any halfwit knows that players on these division one teams very rarely if ever go to class. With the money those athletic programs bring in, even the chancellors know that those players all get free passes to not have to go to class.

    • Broke Malone
      Broke Malone Year ago

      if u played D1 u would kno everyone jus doesnt get a pass, even star players... yeah ofc ther is favoritism but u really over estimate how ez it is

    • Connor Leahy
      Connor Leahy Year ago

      jetshockey5 Lynch is a loud mouth but super smart. You realize he did most of the Seahawks players taxes while he played there right? Get a clue😂

    • Connor Leahy
      Connor Leahy Year ago

      jetshockey5 legit universities like Stanford, Cal, and UCLA require kids go to classes

  • Levidini673
    Levidini673 Year ago

    It almost feels like a parody when he talks about how his experience was so similar to what they're going through. Then you realize how perfect the Coke and Dasani bottles are set up, and sabans pulling 8 mil a year haha.

  • Taige Timmermann
    Taige Timmermann Year ago +2

    Meanwhile he makes 8 million a year while the boys he leads and struggling to get enough to eat every night.

    • Reginald Massey
      Reginald Massey 6 months ago

      Not to mention at bama home games with regard to the state of alabama you realize those fans are some racist mofos who despise black people, and we make that team what it is.

    • VM805
      VM805 11 months ago

      Dude do you watch college football? Do you see how big these young men are? How the fuck are they "struggling" to get food?

    • Richard Roberts
      Richard Roberts Year ago +2

      Taige Timmermann Scholarship atheletes may not have the money to buy the new Jordans, but I assure you they don't have to worry about eating. They are fed well, and for free. Every meal, every snack.

  • C.I.A The Central Intelligence Agency

    Lol why is coke and Dasani are on the stand ? Is Nick Saban really drink one after another lmao

  • i was never here
    i was never here Year ago +4

    Richard Sherman said the same thing 2 years ago. These schools don't care about your education they just want you to win games for them you're done

  • Julius Escano
    Julius Escano Year ago

    UCLA would lose to Alabama by at least 28 points, they wouldn't even score a field goal

  • Nebula Jo
    Nebula Jo Year ago

    All these students and fans need to shut the fuck up if you aren't or have never been a student athlete in college

  • Shawn C
    Shawn C Year ago

    But they take bullshit easy A classes just to graduate on time. Really shouldn't be an issue

  • SG03
    SG03 Year ago

    You only need a 2.0 so all you have to do is occasionally show up and sometimes do work

  • Keith
    Keith Year ago +52

    I'm an Auburn fan, but dammit do I love Nick Saban.

    • fmg92jr
      fmg92jr 5 months ago

      You aren’t an Auburn fan then.

    • Marvelous184
      Marvelous184 Year ago +2

      this isnt suppose to happen but im okay with it WDE

    • Keeba Sims
      Keeba Sims Year ago +2

      Keith im a bama fan, and I like gus malzahn! hey, let's keep it in the state! You're a decent person by the way, you didn't curse this man, or say anything about this dumb topic he's having to talk about! roll tide, and war eagle!

  • Peter Rodby
    Peter Rodby Year ago

    Most Alabama players can't even spell SAT. (Stanford Achievement Test)

  • Jamie McCaslin
    Jamie McCaslin Year ago

    I do not care for Saban because of what he pulled on my Dolphins but gotta give it to him those were some wise words and the truth a little hard work never hurt anyone

  • Ben Barnard
    Ben Barnard Year ago +1

    Sabans voice makes me want to clear my throat.

  • kozmobillions
    kozmobillions Year ago +1

    He couldn't cut it in the NFL and Pete did. Great recruiter but a shot coach.

  • richjim1
    richjim1 Year ago +59

    Most players that do graduate do so with useless fluff degrees because the course work is a joke. For others like Rosen who's pursuing a legit degree, there is no such thing as sleep during football season. Give the kid a break when he spouts out the hypocracies built into the system to make sure the golden goose keeps delivering.

    • Marketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies
      Marketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies Year ago

      richjim1 and you got zero idea what any of em are studying doink

    • Rick Bennett
      Rick Bennett Year ago

      richjim1 didn't play ball did ya ?

    • Marv Bauer
      Marv Bauer Year ago

      Josh Higdon j

    • Josh Higdon
      Josh Higdon Year ago

      Brett McKenzie exactly. Being rich in today's economy (the coveted 1%) is 250k per household. That's a shame in the era of technology we are in. I think ol Richie there is thinking of the silicon valley billionaires. Not the general population. Exactly what he's doing with comparing student athletes to the general study population. He's lost in his own little world.

    • Josh Higdon
      Josh Higdon Year ago +2

      richjim1 do you really think that the academics are equal to the basic student base AND the athletes? If so, ocean front property in Tennessee? These elite guys and gals have about 20% of studies that the rest of the school population deal with. Schools are fine with that because of the benefits these big names draw to the school as a whole.

  • Randall S
    Randall S Year ago

    Josh Rosen is a bitch ass pussy😂

  • 3finger10
    3finger10 Year ago +5

    Saban sucks.....

  • I Needa Goth Queen
    I Needa Goth Queen Year ago +1

    I think it should be a choice

  • David Mosteller
    David Mosteller Year ago

    Josh made some comments about the quality of education at Clemson. It would almost be worth seeing Clemson underachieve this year so they could play UCLA. I'm sure Christian Wilkins, Dexter Lawrence, and Collin Ferrell would love to explain to him about getting educated by Clemson.

  • Jackson Flowers
    Jackson Flowers Year ago +1

    Let's not act like there aren't some dumbass people who are athletes in college and have no business being there. When I was in college I saw a lot of athletes. Some were smart but a lot of them had to cheat to pass. Some didn't even know how to read. As long as you can play ball the schools don't really care. They just want you to be eligible. Schools should actually care more about their players and actually try to get them educated. I saw some guys who played football when I was in high school go to college and end up back home in 4 years working a minimum wage job because they didn't make it to the NFL. They weren't even worried about school they just wanted to play ball. If you think this type of stuff isn't happening at every school in the country you're delusional.

  • Alec
    Alec Year ago

    He's the dumbass Alabama doesn't even have an SAT requirement

    • All Alone
      All Alone Year ago

      RelicHunter adventures The average isn't 1190 for them trust me 😂😂. I know the site you're basing it off of but it's not even remotely close to accurate

    • Hector Rodriquez
      Hector Rodriquez Year ago

      Alec But let's remember in the real world it's not about where you went to school or your GPA, it's the results that matter ...

    • asdfguz57
      asdfguz57 Year ago

      RelicHunter adventures those are some high achievers 😂

    • Jeremy Terry
      Jeremy Terry Year ago +1

      Alabama takes SAT scores at a minimum of 1080 with the average admission being 1190 out of 1600

  • Rob Saunders
    Rob Saunders Year ago

    Curious how much he was paid by Coke and Dasani to position those bottles where they were clearly in view. He really is a total winner! Go Nick! Play BYU again, please!

    • Jeremy Terry
      Jeremy Terry Year ago

      Why do the beverages matter? Wth does byu have to do with anything?

  • Gary White
    Gary White Year ago +23


    • Matadorstudio
      Matadorstudio Year ago

      He'll yeah NFL The national FOORball league!

    • Buccaneer_9
      Buccaneer_9 Year ago +1

      Gary White You spelled foobaw wrong! #hayseed

    • Connor Leahy
      Connor Leahy Year ago +1

      How can you call anyone an idiot with your misspellings and piss poor grammar? Sped

    • Charlie Chocolates
      Charlie Chocolates Year ago

      Gary White
      Yaw? Must've went to Alabama.

    • Gary White
      Gary White Year ago

      Nicholas G Did you realy say something that stupid? We got playoffs now bud. Where yaw at??