Incredible Two Stroke Engine Build!

  • Published on Sep 26, 2018
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    Enjoy this recap of my CR250 two stroke engine build!
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  • Cameron Niemela
    Cameron Niemela  9 months ago +209

    Engine is going in the frame soon! What bolt do I put in first?

    • CrazyShock
      CrazyShock Month ago

      When you put it in a frame give the engine to me. I want it.

    • charlie brownau
      charlie brownau 2 months ago

      Are you willing to release the plans for free on the internet as open source / royalty free ?

    • sshizy
      sshizy 2 months ago

      Hope you feel better soon

    • Aaron Anderson
      Aaron Anderson 5 months ago

      You need a lathe, start kicking out alum and ti bolts. Really like the ceracote

  • Eric Bacus
    Eric Bacus 2 days ago

    Hi, new subscriber here. Watched your videos and i learned a lot specialy when it come to.overhauling. i also have my yamaha rs100 a 1989 model, building it from scratch to a scrambler/tracker. You can check it out in my channel. PEACE!

  • Thomas Mahoney
    Thomas Mahoney 3 days ago

    Thanks Oppie! Great video.

  • Justin Bryan
    Justin Bryan 7 days ago +1

    Have to give you an unprecedented amount of respect for your knowledge and craftsmanship. Your work ethic must is out of this world and you can tell you take pride in your work. I applaud you sir for the cleanliness of your work, and your work area as well! Keep it up man!

  • Quentin Rance
    Quentin Rance 9 days ago

    Great work and thanks for taking the time to video publish Cameron!

  • حيدر طارق
    حيدر طارق 11 days ago

    Arbic ❤️😍

  • Praque Forqsk
    Praque Forqsk 16 days ago

    Not a fan of two strokes myself but I must say you know your stuff. Where did you learn all that?

  • hosin mahmodi
    hosin mahmodi 16 days ago

    How are you
    I have a crf 250cc 2009 .
    I dont know why very hard turn on
    can you help me. please

  • Ken Behrendt
    Ken Behrendt 17 days ago

    One can find a design for a genuine working perpetual motion wheel here:

  • Angel Romero hd
    Angel Romero hd 18 days ago +1

    Excelente amigo buen video un saludos desde República dominicana

  • Adam Chapin
    Adam Chapin 19 days ago

    Weres the pipe at

  • Atkore
    Atkore 26 days ago

    What a pleasure to "swallow" your images. Thanks a lot for sharing

  • yz125 big b
    yz125 big b 27 days ago

    WHATS THE CASE CLEANING BRUSH TOOL??? Did you get it at harbor freight?

    ARUNK LEZAT 28 days ago


  • Into The Adventure
    Into The Adventure Month ago

    Who would dislike this

    EL GRAN LEON Month ago


  • Bruno Kerbaul
    Bruno Kerbaul Month ago

    Excellent job !
    So clean

  • Triangulo Santana
    Triangulo Santana Month ago


  • murcielagoligero
    murcielagoligero Month ago

    hola cameron excelente trabajo, ya me suscribi, te mereces un 10

  • mohd noorain
    mohd noorain Month ago

    Wanted to see that engine running.

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh Month ago

    What thing you use to clean rust and oil from engine

  • Womb Raider
    Womb Raider Month ago

    i am fully erect

  • Mokrane Kaced
    Mokrane Kaced Month ago

    good repair thank you for the vedio

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez Month ago

    You know what?! I enjoyed your video just the same kiddo! Thank you. Very interesting stuff.

    HMV AUDI Month ago

    waoo quá tuyệt vời :)

  • Steve Mamooshka
    Steve Mamooshka Month ago

    What kind of paint do you use that requires baking? Is it some type of epoxy? What brand? Where to buy it, ETC.

  • Ken Behrendt
    Ken Behrendt Month ago

    You'll find a design for a genuine perpetual motion machine here:

  • SpecialStealth
    SpecialStealth Month ago

    For the first time in my life I see a relation between an engine and Human, I felt if I was watching a surgical operation beautifully gracefully done 100%.

  • nineball26
    nineball26 Month ago +1

    that clutch is bigger than the clutch on my 170hp Hayabusa engine... yup

  • ふぅふぅ
    ふぅふぅ Month ago +1


  • Phước Nguyễn
    Phước Nguyễn Month ago

    Do you sell this bureau?

  • Mohd Ismail
    Mohd Ismail Month ago

    2 stroke bike always great at the bottom but the bloke piston and ring always being crazy

  • akis anwnymos
    akis anwnymos Month ago +1


  • tukang stel rante
    tukang stel rante Month ago

    mata polish mya pake mata polish apa ya

  • Yamaha Rider
    Yamaha Rider Month ago

    Very impressed. Excellent skills and quality video!

  • Black Light
    Black Light 2 months ago

    Put some hair around it. 7:27

  • Deli Susanti
    Deli Susanti 2 months ago

    Terbaik 😁😀😆🤔

  • FABIANO Lima
    FABIANO Lima 2 months ago

    Vc faz faz uma revisão do motor por guamto

  • insert name
    insert name 2 months ago

    the outer race fit of yuor crank bearings seamed fairly loose, shouldnt they be a light press fit. NIce work BTW

  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell 2 months ago +1

    one day i have to get my NSR150SP going again... i miss my lil squit box! something about twostrokes on road bikes...
    (and yeah, i know...this is a CR...)

    actually makes me wonder if i could drop a CR250 in there... could i find an upgrade stator for it?
    now that would REALLY be fun!

  • Leonel Chaverria Garzón
    Leonel Chaverria Garzón 2 months ago +2

    Very clean, a really god job!! hellow from Colombia!

  • Kaki Kurakura
    Kaki Kurakura 2 months ago +2

    i really like the clean environment of your workshop. its almost like an operating room in a hospital.

  • mike probst
    mike probst 2 months ago

    Awesome build with nice tools.

  • aleon1018
    aleon1018 2 months ago

    Ron Howard's clone.

  • muna pää
    muna pää 2 months ago

    You have finnish last name

  • ptarka
    ptarka 2 months ago

    Now that is a thing of beauty!

  • al dolny
    al dolny 2 months ago

    dude, you will never acheive anything with bearings THAT easy to insert unless u freeze them.

  • The Snyder Family
    The Snyder Family 2 months ago

    How about just a motor build?

  • Santos  A. Capardo
    Santos A. Capardo 2 months ago

    and how much?

  • Santos  A. Capardo
    Santos A. Capardo 2 months ago

    hi how can afford that engine stand or what you call that holding the engine while you assemble or disassemble?

  • 307 Dirt Riders
    307 Dirt Riders 3 months ago

    I have a 02, I’ve been sitting on for a few years, definitely going to follow your build! Awesome work!

  • bare nekid
    bare nekid 3 months ago

    wow this guy looks like 'Opie' from Andy of Mayberry. 'Cept this one ain't likely to be a world famous movie director/producer,

  • khanh ca mau
    khanh ca mau 3 months ago


  • T38 Talon
    T38 Talon 3 months ago

    Just a thought, you build this stunning engine but then do a pan and scan when it's finished. I don't think the camera ever stopped moving, zooming or panning at the end. How about a nice still picture from each side. I can pause and take a nice long look at your excellent work... Just a thought...

  • Akim Basir
    Akim Basir 3 months ago

    Whats the chemical used for cleaning up the crankcase?

  • HalfLifeAMD
    HalfLifeAMD 3 months ago +2

    Approx 24 hrs of race get to do it all over again...unless these modern engines have got better.

  • Craig Monteforte
    Craig Monteforte 3 months ago +1

    Awesome build i was impressed on that case the last one i cleaned up was a Honda 650 four that was still together and on the frame i used a Dremel to polish the case it was winter time in the North East and i had to work on the project in my living room yep I’m happily divorced but in my defense the bike was parked in a walk in closet that was built specifically for that motorcycle i do have one more Honda to do and it was my Fathers early 1960s street 90 that has been inside since 1963 and is relatively clean for as old as it is miles are pretty low and after seeing your results I’m going to try your way when i get to it due to a Traumatic Brain Injury ( not motorcycle) related I’m between shops so its on hold For now but there is a issue with the kick starter that i have to pull the case apart for plus i want new gaskets and a visual of the inside for peice of mind I’m pretty sure my case can look close to yours with some TLC because it was never weathered hard

  • Craig Monteforte
    Craig Monteforte 3 months ago +2

    Sweet build i really liked the way you got that case looking so nice the last one i did i Polished a Honda 650 four with a dremel and the motor stil together on the frame i had never seen the wheels you used although mine came out pretty well yours came out nicer obviously pulling apart the parts was way better unfortunately my project was done in the winter in the northeast and i was working on the bike in my living room

  • Sakari M
    Sakari M 3 months ago

    hotrods crank... nonononono

  • Vitalij Petrasevskis
    Vitalij Petrasevskis 4 months ago

    Hi. I got a question. I have Yamaha DT 125 1995year whist gear box oil is better to use and oil for petrol mix which is the best

  • Tawfik BEN-GAMEIA
    Tawfik BEN-GAMEIA 4 months ago

    Very very nice job.

  • thai giau
    thai giau 4 months ago

    Chào bạn nhé cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẻ

  • fdhugo1
    fdhugo1 4 months ago

    Hi Cameron, Love your channel!. Any chance you could do an engine rebuild on one the following bikes. TZR250 3XV, NSR MC21/28 or RGV VJ22/23 ? Any Reverse Cylinder would be awesome.

  • Lepa
    Lepa 4 months ago

    6.38 what is that color, cant find it anywhere.

  • Maxime J
    Maxime J 4 months ago

    Amazing work.... you're a beast ! See you from France ✌

  • Vic Dreessen
    Vic Dreessen 4 months ago

    Hi there, may I ask where the crankcase stand came from?


    здоров хребет

  • Steve Opperman
    Steve Opperman 4 months ago

    I am curious about how you paint the engine parts. What method are you using? Is that just regular "paint"? Or is it like cerakote or powder coating? Also new to the parts cleaner and sandblasting. What cleaner are you using? What kind of media and how fine is it?

  • mohider khana
    mohider khana 4 months ago

    no testing ?

  • 1966Hemi426
    1966Hemi426 4 months ago

    Nicely done. Just beautiful. 👍🇺🇸

  • steven bartlett
    steven bartlett 4 months ago

    Why would people downvote this? Good on ya, Very nice!!!

  • Stanley Schäfer
    Stanley Schäfer 4 months ago

    Better than porn😍

  • Flying High
    Flying High 4 months ago

    Some serious porn music

  • Rick James
    Rick James 4 months ago

    i work at a powder coating shop it comes in handy for my bike . looks good !

  • dcrush1970
    dcrush1970 4 months ago

    The quality of your builds is ridiculous

  • Rex drabble
    Rex drabble 4 months ago

    An old saying,,,,You will go far son,,,,Applies perfectly to you Cameron!!

  • George Lue
    George Lue 4 months ago

    Beauty in every way

  • Dee B
    Dee B 5 months ago +1

    All I can say is your probably one of the best engine rebuilders I have ever seen and how a perfectionist you are at how you take your time and work very careful. Best of the best here bro Keep up the amazing work man. :)

  • ซอ' อัพเกรด!


  • Richard Joyce
    Richard Joyce 5 months ago

    Idk too much about clutches, why was it wet? I think I’ve heard of a wet clutch before but i don’t know

  • OM terna19
    OM terna19 5 months ago

    nk gambar e kok onk kenalpot e cok

  • KarmaCadet
    KarmaCadet 5 months ago

    WOW you certainly have some patience and dedication to your craft. That's some extremely impressive work.

  • Waitaminute 69
    Waitaminute 69 5 months ago

    What is this thing called 2:40 with what do you wash it?

    • Cameron Niemela
      Cameron Niemela  5 months ago

      It is the parts washer shown in this video

  • RAYDOGLOC Coolest shots

    Outstanding work dude 👍🏽 I couldn’t of done better myself.

  • AM CC Channel
    AM CC Channel 5 months ago

    Perfect .

  • Rana Bakar
    Rana Bakar 5 months ago

    Awesom view

  • Mike383HK
    Mike383HK 5 months ago

    Wow, we were using Lectron carburetors over forty years ago and they were great then. How are they now?

  • Yammannuru Venkata Rama Krishna Reddy

    Bro I have doubt can 2 stroke motorcycle can have slipper cluths

  • Rocco de Heer
    Rocco de Heer 5 months ago

    Beautiful man,

  • XXzenon Ionnex
    XXzenon Ionnex 5 months ago

    Was dat big metal fly wheel looking thing that he put all those circle things with metal things on the end inside of

    • XXzenon Ionnex
      XXzenon Ionnex 5 months ago

      Never mind it's a clutch I've never seen one like that

  • one truth
    one truth 5 months ago

    Good as new.
    Great reconditioned rebuild.
    Beautiful man, I had a RM 465 and I'm going to get a KX 500 next year, cannot wait. I'm subcribing to your channel.

  • TheVideoZombie
    TheVideoZombie 5 months ago

    Nice work, looks awesome

  • 1keykneedeep
    1keykneedeep 5 months ago

    Something very calming and relaxing about these videos.

    BOB SMALLWOOD 5 months ago


    BOB SMALLWOOD 5 months ago


  • gloverelaxis
    gloverelaxis 5 months ago

    use a fucking audio compressor dumbass

  • timm white
    timm white 5 months ago

    ....Nice build! Nothing much better than building your own project bike with your personal wish list in it, firing it up, and taking that sucker out on the track to see how it rips! Best wishes Cameron, that bike outta garner you some trophies! ...and it looks to me like you've kicked cancer's butt, Be Blessed.... : )'

  • fuceye
    fuceye 5 months ago

    shelf queen

  • Nuno Raposo
    Nuno Raposo 5 months ago

    Lindo my frend