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Sounds from the Sideline: Week 4 vs WAS | 2022

  • Published on Oct 3, 2022
  • Sights and sounds from the sideline of the Dallas Cowboys game vs the Washington Commanders, at AT&T Stadium on Sunday, October 2nd, 2022.
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Comments • 509

  • Dj Cobbs
    Dj Cobbs Month ago +471

    It’s impressive watching Jason Peters being active for this team, he’s a professional and leader.

      KAMIKAZE Month ago +1

      lol he out now

    • Alexander Israel
      Alexander Israel Month ago +1

      2023 Roster / Free Agent
      Tony Pollard - [ should have pay early ]
      5 years / 35 million
      15SB - 1 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5
      - cap hits: 4, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5
      ( Zek Cut 2023 ( 11m ) Cap Hit [ +5m ] )
      3+1v years / 24 million
      10SB 1, 5, 5, 2.5v + 3incentives
      cap hits: 3.5, 7.5, 7.5, 2.5v
      OFFENSE (24)
      Quarterback (2)
      Dak Prescott 6'3 220
      Will Grief 6'1 220
      4th Rd Pk) QB Cameron Ward 6'2 223 Wash St
      Runningback (3)
      Zek Elliot 6'0 224
      Tony Pollard 6'0 209
      Rico Dowdle 5'11 208
      (ps) Qadree Ollison 6'1.5 230
      (ps) Malik Davis 5'11 202
      Wide Reciever (6)
      Cee Dee Lamb 6'2 205
      Michael Gallup 6'2 212
      Noah Brown 6'2 210
      Simi Fehoko 6'4 222
      Kavonte Turpin 5'9 160 (rs)
      Jalen Tolbert 6'2.5 200
      (ps) Brandon Smith 6'2 220
      James Washington 5'11 215 IR
      Tightend (3)
      Dalton Shultz 6'5 260 ( + )
      Jake Ferguson 6'5 250
      Peyton Hendershot 6'4 245
      Sean McKeon 6'5 242
      4th Rd Pk) TE Will Mallory 6'5 250 Miami
      6th Rd Pk) TE Jahleel Billingsley 6'4 230 Texas
      Shultz out
      Offensive Line (10)
      Tyron Smith 6'5 320
      Tyler Smith 6'5 325 ( T1a )
      Matt Waletzko 6'7 318
      Tyler Smith 6'5 325
      Jason Peters 6'4 328 ( T3 )
      Darnell Wright 6'5 335 Tenn
      Tyler Biadasz 6'3 315
      Matt Farniok 6'5 315
      Alec Lindstrom 6'3 305 BC (ps)
      Zach Martin 6'4 315
      [ Darnell Wright 6'5 335 ]
      Terrance Steele 6'6 320
      Josh Ball 6'7 314
      2023 (trade up using 5th)
      2nd Rd Pk) OL Darnell Wright 6'5 335 Tenn

    • leather face
      leather face Month ago +24

      Instant leadership. Definitely a Hall of famer

  • Daniel Carrillo
    Daniel Carrillo Month ago +442

    Man I hope we can hold on to Quinn. This D is so much fun to watch

    • Daniel Carrillo
      Daniel Carrillo Month ago +1

      @Richard Reese true plus Micha came out and said he'll go play wherever Quinn is

    • ShotgunTeo
      ShotgunTeo Month ago

      Feel free to check out my Ceedee Lamb mix!

    • Richard Reese
      Richard Reese Month ago +2

      I don’t know of a defensive coordinator that would walk away from having 2 future hall of Famers on defense, especially at the very start of their careers.

    • Dark
      Dark Month ago +2

      Me like quinn

    • Roro Brown
      Roro Brown Month ago +1

      Indeed, we've seen nothing, but impressive changes!!....imagine what he could do for the rest of the team😔

  • Ali Syed
    Ali Syed Month ago +446

    Jason Peters was a great addition to this team, brings solid leadership.

    • MyTardisGosWhosh
      MyTardisGosWhosh Month ago

      @J Villanueva oh ya huh...he is a quiet dude

    • J Villanueva
      J Villanueva Month ago +2

      @MyTardisGosWhosh tyron is a naturally quiet guy. absolute beast of a man but hes quiet. I met him once and he looked almost shy to get the attention

    • D Traveler
      D Traveler Month ago


    • Carlos Montgomery
      Carlos Montgomery Month ago +2

      @Doomsday 72 yeah not sure there's a man that loves the game more then Dan Quinn...hope to keep em til he retires

    • Doomsday 72
      Doomsday 72 Month ago

      @Carlos Montgomery yeah everyone was hating on that pick up but DQ takes Fowler with him. Fowler just plays better in a DQ defense

  • Jsimmons_76
    Jsimmons_76 Month ago +445

    I love how diggs is recognizing the double move there setting up

    • yourmomsfavorite
      yourmomsfavorite Month ago

      Smart kid he's always been a smart player I wish he would play in phase tho

    • Picasso
      Picasso Month ago

      @PriceLife you never played highschool varsity balled whatsoever and it shows lol no db is thinking about being set up on an in n out. Literally l. they run the sun ass plays in highschool. you watch film they do the same routes dames everything. yeah no

    • southwesttexasm
      southwesttexasm Month ago

      @PriceLife Says YOU...hater.....smh

    • 23 aup
      23 aup Month ago

      @PriceLife hater

    • PriceLife
      PriceLife Month ago +1

      Those are high school level reads bruh cmon lol

  • shortrader
    shortrader Month ago +137

    I was running so fast, i got in front of CeeDee's Ass... now that's poetry right there

  • likewhoa
    likewhoa Month ago +68

    I wish these were an hour long.

  • NFL World
    NFL World Month ago +182

    Peters is a true leader. Veteran guy been here a few weeks already the voice of the O-line. Much respect

    • Benito Luera
      Benito Luera Month ago

      The left side is on lock down. Tyron can retire.

    • Dallas Born
      Dallas Born Month ago

      He let them know their beating themselves.

  • TurtleLoverrrrrrr
    TurtleLoverrrrrrr Month ago +227

    Trevon posting top 5 stats this year and nobdoy talking about it

    • Swaggy Dee
      Swaggy Dee Month ago

      Haters gonna hate 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Stephen Martinez
      Stephen Martinez Month ago +1

      I expected this.

      BL3SS THA GODFATHER Month ago +18

      They quiet because trevon ain’t just jumping routes he forcing incompletions and cutting yards

    • KHY 001
      KHY 001 Month ago +11

      Good, better to stay under the radar

    • Noahthegoat06
      Noahthegoat06 Month ago +4


  • TheFlutecart
    TheFlutecart Month ago +92

    I love this Cowboys team. We got something here. The sauce is real. Lets go Cowboys!

    • DakMyCat
      DakMyCat Month ago

      Only difference from recent years is we’re making our field goals now. It suck’s to drive down field just to miss a field goal. Now we’re making them and from far.

    • Wayne Walton
      Wayne Walton Month ago

      @Deonte Swing for me it's that 90s d . At one point u couldn't even throw on whatever side deion was on.

    • Deonte Swing
      Deonte Swing Month ago +2

      @mojo schmee Ahhh I been here since 1981 age 6😏 ! I don't know about the best ever , that doomsday dee and the 92 93 95 teams would have something to say about this team being the best Cowboys defense ever🙄....They got to get a Superbowl ring B4 they even in the best Cowboys defense ever confo ! But this defense is good😁👍

    • Tyson Thomas
      Tyson Thomas Month ago +1


    • mojo schmee
      mojo schmee Month ago +4

      Being a fan for 40+ years, this is the best defense I've ever had the pleasure to cheer for. I'm in.

  • Justin Bradley
    Justin Bradley Month ago +61

    every sound of the sideline Diggs is always predicting plays... I love it! hope we keep this win streak going! DC4L! Let's go Cowboys! Bring on LA!

    • mojo schmee
      mojo schmee Month ago +2

      That may have been the best game of his career. But just wait, his very best games are all ahead of him!

  • Anthony Diaz
    Anthony Diaz Month ago +80

    give the video editors a raise. great choice of music and timing.

    • Isaac Bustos
      Isaac Bustos Month ago +3

      Right ?? The quality on this is better than some of the stuff on the nfls channel

    • Relex
      Relex Month ago +2

      facts, these videos are amazing

  • k.asante714
    k.asante714 Month ago +136

    Z.Martin is a legend.

    • Sherry Marcell
      Sherry Marcell Month ago +1

      @The Fabled Wingnut 😂🍷✌️

    • The Fabled Wingnut
      The Fabled Wingnut Month ago +5

      First. Ballot. Or we fucking riot.

    • mojo schmee
      mojo schmee Month ago +2

      ...if there was ever a post that would have been justified to use all caps, this was the one...

    • J M R
      J M R Month ago +19

      To think all of those "fans" who wanted Johnny Manziel and were angry with the Zack pick. A HOF lineman falls to us. Just so great at what he does! Hope he gets a ring with us.

    • Agustin Jaramillo
      Agustin Jaramillo Month ago +12

      Yeah that dude deserves a ring no matter where he wins it.

  • Ruminating 15
    Ruminating 15 Month ago +148

    Respect to AB for remembering the plays and watching Film. He's had a great year so far and doesn't get enough credit.

    • K Hayes
      K Hayes Month ago +2

      @Alexander Israel U r right. Al Harris said AB plays well and people need to put some respect on his name.

    • J Money
      J Money Month ago

      @Alexander Israel People are also saying that stupid people think Anthony Brown is a good CB 👊

    • Alexander Israel
      Alexander Israel Month ago +3

      @J Money people are saying that stupid people think that good cornerbacks don't give up touchdown passes. But smart people know that stupid people just say anything.

    • Picasso
      Picasso Month ago

      it’s funny because AB was ranked top 10 last season in coverage but people only remember the bad games ONLY. lol no knowledge at all from idiots

    • Alexander Israel
      Alexander Israel Month ago +1

      @Derick Hescht some imbecile wrote that AB was trash😒

  • The Table
    The Table Month ago +266

    I agree with Parsons. All black with royal blue letters would be sick 🔥

    • AfroGrannies
      AfroGrannies Month ago

      Nahhh Steelers got enough black. These commanders jerseys looked like an off brand of Steelers. Soooo ugly

    • Mark Villalobos
      Mark Villalobos Month ago +1

      I have a black Cowboy's jersey with grey numbers and lettering with Royal blue trimming. It's 🔥🔥 #21

    • Jio Valdez
      Jio Valdez Month ago

      I’m not sure black royal blue would fit us tho

    • jsdzx
      jsdzx Month ago

      @David Hickey , and on that I think that’s why we don’t ultimately succeed. Too stuck in the old way of doing things. Trying to replicate the 90s. The cowboys brand is ultra successful but I think it need to tweak some of the traditions

    • David Hickey
      David Hickey Month ago +4

      Unfortunately I don't think they'll ever do it. It's like the Yankees. They won't change

  • Bryan Lopez
    Bryan Lopez Month ago +52

    The motivation this team has in and out will take them sooo far!! This is amazing!!

  • leather face
    leather face Month ago +72

    I love the defense communication on the sidelines

  • Chad Black
    Chad Black Month ago +71

    Big Peters Rallying the troops!! Solid win keep it up boys!!!!!

  • Ronin
    Ronin Month ago +51

    Parson is on to something, That would be a sick ass uni all black with a royal blue. Call it dark star 🔥🔥

    • Gilbert Acosta
      Gilbert Acosta Month ago +2

      My friend had a Deion Sanders jersey with that color scheme back in the day

    • BanDANa Dan
      BanDANa Dan Month ago +2

      @Sev Hurd They actually did have that color combo for one game I think wayyyy back. I had a Marion Barber black and blue Reebok jersey.

    • Sev Hurd
      Sev Hurd Month ago +5

      Not gonna lie...i have one already lol. You know that bad boy is not an official jersey lol but i have an all black jersey with the royal blue star and numbers. Its a Zeek jersey lol

    • henryjw15
      henryjw15 Month ago +1


  • Matthew Ward
    Matthew Ward Month ago +37

    Man, I miss seeing Randy Gregory on the sidelines. Man's was a fool 🤣

    • NavyVet
      NavyVet Month ago

      lol thats a strange comment. I never even think of gregory. They guy was a waste for years and JJ stood by him and helped him and then he turned his back on the team. I could care less that he is gone. We are a better defense without him. He was not committed to this team at all.

    • G FC
      G FC Month ago +2

      Karma Got him this weak.. for talking so much smack

    • rudy Marquez
      rudy Marquez Month ago +1

      @kI or collins

    • kI
      kI Month ago +3

      No one missing Gregory lol

    • Cave Man
      Cave Man Month ago +4

      This has to be a Randy Gregory burner account!!

  • LandLord From Alabama
    LandLord From Alabama Month ago +28

    Malik Hooker has came through Big Time. We all knew he had talent but I wasn't aware of his leadership and its great. Man this Saftey room is ridiculous ‼️🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Sam Howard
      Sam Howard Month ago +1

      Malik Hooker is clutch , and swag 😎

    • J Smith
      J Smith Month ago +2

      Notice the success the D is having now that we finally solidified the position these last two years with draft picks and Key free agency additions . I just wish we would’ve did it sooner we had some hood D’s but the safety position was always an Achilles heel . We don’t give up the huge play through the air anymore

  • Qoafz -
    Qoafz - Month ago +4

    I love how the defense is recognizing communication is key haven’t seen much communication in past years🤍💙💯

  • Ben Snyder
    Ben Snyder Month ago +29

    Love dak pumping up cooper

    • Vincent Dillard
      Vincent Dillard Month ago +11

      Man yes Dak was helping Cooper and giving him encouragement. I like that. That's what a positive team leader do .

  • Neon Green
    Neon Green Month ago +10

    This Cowboys team got something going, we got alot of talent, and chemistry. I'm enjoying our team😁

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay Month ago +7

    That, right there, is how you do Sounds from the Sideline. You play the highlights reel, and then you show the players' reactions to them. It's like watching the game all over again, but while watching it with the players on the sideline. That. Was. Awesome! On to the Rams game! Let's go!

  • KumaC
    KumaC Month ago +6

    “Look like me when I played Running Back, back in little league. I was FIRE!” Classic 😂😂😂 This was so much fun to watch 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Trey Chapo
    Trey Chapo Month ago +18

    God I love this defense. The energy they play with is amazing. The defense can seriously take them to the Super Bowl. The offense just needs to make plays when they need to and they can go all the way.

    • Anthony Wilson
      Anthony Wilson Month ago

      Definitely Defense Win Gams. Let’s Go Cowboys.

  • Dw9983
    Dw9983 Month ago +22

    D-Law to C.D " Appreciate the opportunity! ". We up 2 scores now so they gotta throw it more. Time to call the DOGS! Love this team!

  • Reeyad Ali
    Reeyad Ali Month ago +19

    Wr#7 breaking down the route they anticipate McLaurin to go to. That’s love for the game and knowing not only your position but your opponents position a lot more makes his awareness next level. Also that communication with all those Dbs and linebackers is elite

  • RobReal
    RobReal Month ago +13

    1:40 dak is a true leader right there

  • Wesley Aeschbacher
    Wesley Aeschbacher Month ago +12

    The chemistry between this team is crazy vets rookies jus locked in

    • J K.
      J K. Month ago

      They dialed in. I love the Cowboys

  • Currykanzler
    Currykanzler Month ago +6

    This defense is just so much fun.
    Best part is that they still young and about to enter their primes. Especially d line and dbs. Then we got the perfect amount of old dogs keeping the young guns on track. This D will be elite for at least 3 years

  • kI
    kI Month ago +21

    “He looks like me when I played running back, back in little leagues” 😂

  • Garrett Ellenor
    Garrett Ellenor Month ago +4

    I’m loving the communication and brotherhood on this team

  • Lupin
    Lupin Month ago +22

    Jason Peters is so cool man even though he played for our rivals he's showing love to this team and being a true leader

  • Renee
    Renee Month ago +3

    I always look for the sound from the sidelines every week! We have the best social media teams.

  • Darryl Smith
    Darryl Smith Month ago +23

    At last, there is finally some heart and leadership on this team, the Cowboys are only going to get better.

  • Britt Johnson
    Britt Johnson Month ago +4


  • Chase Flores
    Chase Flores Month ago +8

    This group seems super tight knit. They really ride for each other. Dak’s injury may have been a blessing in disguise. Early season adversity made everyone rally together

    • DJ GFlow
      DJ GFlow Month ago +1

      Yep, after Dak and Tyron got hurt everyone put a nail in the cowboys coffin. Now the team has a “us against the world” mentality

  • Amanda Haid
    Amanda Haid Month ago +6

    I love how they cheer and respect each other!! I love my Cowboys!!💯💯♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Cecil Hurt
    Cecil Hurt Month ago +2

    It's crazy even more so then last year when the defense is on the field my eyes are glued to the TV, because I legit feel a sack, int, pressure, or forced fumble is possible each play. Best feeling ever and so far haven't seen to many offenses in the league that are scary looking.

    • Chris Comedy
      Chris Comedy Month ago +1

      I swear, Sometimes i need to calm down and realize that defense needs a breather

  • Vampagan
    Vampagan Month ago +1

    More of these videos. I love being in the sideline huddle. Go Cowboys!

  • Marquis Suber
    Marquis Suber Month ago +11

    This team feels different. Stay focus fellas and lets prove all the haters wrong. DC4Life

  • Mama's Audrey  cooking
    Mama's Audrey cooking Month ago +2

    Love it can't get enough ❣

  • Jazmine Lilianna
    Jazmine Lilianna Month ago

    The motivation this team has in and out will take them sooo far!! This is amazing!!

  • Jazmine Lilianna
    Jazmine Lilianna Month ago

    The motivation this team has in and out will take them sooo far!! This is amazing!!

  • Ike
    Ike Month ago +13

    Great video 📹. You guys always do great! We appreciate it 😁👍🏾

  • Dan Tran
    Dan Tran Month ago +1


  • alexhdz512
    alexhdz512 Month ago +2

    Jason Peters speaks nothing but truth when he said “They can’t stop us, we’re stopping ourselves” 💯

  • Jesus Garcia
    Jesus Garcia Month ago +20

    We definitely need to get all black unis with some royal blue in there.. Jerry if your watching this please get another uniform going!!

  • Iron Goose
    Iron Goose Month ago +4

    Dallas has new young talent that haven't tasted losing for long periods of time and at this point the sky is the limit.

  • Mike Carter
    Mike Carter Month ago +2

    Love these videos us fan love to have the ability to see and hear what goes on on the side lines. This just show fans that these dudes are human just like us.

  • NazzTheDon
    NazzTheDon Month ago +6

    This offensive with Cooper just make me Smile then you here that defense just Talking I love it

  • Jazmine Lilianna
    Jazmine Lilianna Month ago

    every sound of the sideline Diggs is always predicting plays... I love it! hope we keep this win streak going! DC4L! Let's go Cowboys! Bring on LA!

  • Quenton Dak1Fan Hepburn

    I ❤ The Side Line Sounds

  • 150 GT Jay
    150 GT Jay Month ago +13

    That’s what I’m saying I wish we had all black and royal blue jerseys too😭💯

  • jose godines jr
    jose godines jr Month ago +2

    This has been a fun blessing! Go Cowboys!

  • WestillRock 5ringz
    WestillRock 5ringz Month ago +21

    Let's get them Rams!!💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Paris McCray
      Paris McCray Month ago +3

      It's turn up time 😤😤🔥🔥🔥

  • Real NG
    Real NG Month ago +6

    The cowboys all black unis would look absolutely Fire I agree with parsons

  • Sherry Marcell
    Sherry Marcell Month ago

    And the Emmy goes to "Sounds From the Sidelines"🏆... Freakin' love these😁🤍💙

  • Aaron Chapman
    Aaron Chapman Month ago +1

    The 2022 Cowboys are so easy to root for ❤️ I'm a fan regardless but they're making it real easy right now

  • Jabbar D.
    Jabbar D. Month ago +1

    Man I get chills listening to sounds from the game, as a Cowboy fan makes me want to put on a jersey! lol

  • DeVaughn Franklin
    DeVaughn Franklin Month ago +1

    Finally been waiting for a new one 😅 Lets Go Diggs 💙 Welcome back Gallup

  • Maria de-flower me now

    I love how diggs is recognizing the double move there setting up

  • Victoria 💋𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛

    I love how diggs is recognizing the double move there setting up

  • RainyKat
    RainyKat Month ago +33

    I love how they put appropriate subtitles over all the swear words. :D

    • 34blackula
      34blackula Month ago

      @A guy named Kirby Yeah I busted out in laughter at that one myself.

    • A guy named Kirby
      A guy named Kirby Month ago +2

      @34blackula That was my favorite!

    • ancientautumn
      ancientautumn Month ago +5

      @34blackula that was funny as hell😂

    • 34blackula
      34blackula Month ago +14

      (I Concur)

  • Darryl Smith
    Darryl Smith Month ago +3

    Go Forward Cowboys, the RUSH is on!

  • Patrick Browning
    Patrick Browning Month ago

    These sounds from the sidelines are some of the best videos on RU-clip

  • Dylan Barron
    Dylan Barron Month ago

    I love your videos bro. And I still can't believe how much effort you put in to these videos.

  • Tibette Movement
    Tibette Movement Month ago +1

    I was at this game, live asf. Let's go Cowboys Nation!

  • Mariame Traoré
    Mariame Traoré Month ago

    This is amazing. I love the Tevin no footage edits

  • Aaron
    Aaron Month ago

    "Sounds from the Sideline" perspective make us older guys like me, remember their football days. Your fans are counting on your great team you have this year Cowboys. Hundreds of thousands of fans, if not millions. No pressure lol

  • Kode 11
    Kode 11 Month ago

    Watching the offense get us so fast when bland got that pick. That was awesome!

  • Wendi Stewart
    Wendi Stewart Month ago +1

    Love watching Rush throw!

  • Mamadou Dramé
    Mamadou Dramé Month ago

    I like how the last 2 have a more fantastical feel over the realistic mobs.

  • Jazmine Lilianna
    Jazmine Lilianna Month ago

    Peters is a true leader. Veteran guy been here a few weeks already the voice of the O-line. Much respect

  • Jazmine Lilianna
    Jazmine Lilianna Month ago

    Peters is a true leader. Veteran guy been here a few weeks already the voice of the O-line. Much respect

  • Averi Demarcus
    Averi Demarcus Month ago

    I really like the one that goes from B Long bouncing on the tree. I tried to make a lineup to there but couldnt find a consistent reference for it. Well done.

  • Agustin Jaramillo
    Agustin Jaramillo Month ago +3

    Zack a fucking stud, love his passion for the game. This dude deserves a ring

  • Mike and Leah
    Mike and Leah Month ago +1

    You could tell the players weren’t as up for this game as they were for others. And they still won by 2 TD. I don’t think people realize how good this team can be when Dak gets back.

  • learn2xpand!
    learn2xpand! Month ago +1

    Jason Peters signing doing wonders for the development of this line

  • Dj Cobbs
    Dj Cobbs Month ago +22

    I’d be down for all black, Gray and/or royal blue Jerseys

  • Cory the goat
    Cory the goat Month ago +8

    I like how Diggs and Gallup called each other big play!

  • dirtyhundo
    dirtyhundo Month ago +2

    Not even gon lie them boys be lit. make me wanna be on the sideline 😂😂

  • PiffMonster
    PiffMonster Month ago

    Wow, amazing production. Unreal camera angles.

  • hipnautikboy1
    hipnautikboy1 Month ago +1

    missing some kearse. cant wait for him to come back!

  • Arthur Roberto
    Arthur Roberto Month ago

    One game at a time, LET'S GO COWBOYS 🤠 ⚪️ 🔵

  • KnightBreed
    KnightBreed Month ago

    I dont know how far this team is gonna go, but no matter where it does, I'm not gonna have nothing but mad, mad, respect for the team that Dallas put on the field this year.

  • Bazz27
    Bazz27 Month ago

    Love this team man

  • CowboysVS The World
    CowboysVS The World Month ago +1

    Our defence has strait up dogs and D Quinn is pressing all the right buttons getting the best out of them at all 3 levels. The Boyz have been playing a beautiful rendition of complimentary football the past 3 weeks. Good team win. Go Cowboys!

  • DoMo LoMo
    DoMo LoMo Month ago +19

    Diggs haters quiet as fucking mouses this year. Imagine that?

    • Teflon Breed
      Teflon Breed Month ago +1

      @kI facts🤣🤣

    • kI
      kI Month ago +5

      No they’re still talking yet their excuses is he hasn’t faced good wr and when he does face good wr their excuse is the qb sucked and when he does face good qb and good wr the excuse will be the qb had no time to throw the ball lol

    • BallsOutBob
      BallsOutBob Month ago

      Shhh... Diggs in da house ya hear? Go Cowboys!

    • RyTrapp0
      RyTrapp0 Month ago +5

      Meanwhile, Jalen Ramsey gettin BURNT too lmao

  • JediRalts
    JediRalts Month ago +3

    Notice how Rush found Heinicke after the game. Backups gotta stick up for each other.

  • XxSalmon
    XxSalmon Month ago

    Every time is see CeeDee Lamb, I imagine him busting out singing "Blame it on the rain" 🤣

  • Alicia Morgan
    Alicia Morgan Month ago +4


  • Jazmine Lilianna
    Jazmine Lilianna Month ago

    Jason Peters was a great addition to this team, brings solid leadership.

  • Jazmine Lilianna
    Jazmine Lilianna Month ago

    Jason Peters was a great addition to this team, brings solid leadership.

  • Jazmine Lilianna
    Jazmine Lilianna Month ago

    Jason Peters was a great addition to this team, brings solid leadership.

  • Izzy May IS ready
    Izzy May IS ready  Month ago

    Jason Peters was a great addition to this team, brings solid leadership.

  • Darren Dunn
    Darren Dunn Month ago

    I love this team.

  • D Hankins
    D Hankins Month ago

    I love what our def has become

  • Goldeye
    Goldeye Month ago +2

    Dak always engaged no hate on this team nothing but support for each other people from the outside world n some Cowboys fans wants to make it players vs players or Rush vs Dak it's can the team get a win n keep winning regardless of the QB