Singapore Airlines BUSINESS CLASS Food Review! San Francisco to Singapore 17 HOUR Flight

  • Published on Jan 29, 2019
  • Singapore Airlines asked me to try out their business class ultra long-range flight. It's the first time ever nonstop flight from San Francisco to Singapore. But before boarding the plane, I stopped by the lounge area, and they make a delicious, darn good burger! And you can order as much food as you want! On my flight to Singapore, there were a lot of great meal choices to choose from, and the food was pretty good for airplane foods.
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  • Strictly Dumpling
    Strictly Dumpling  7 months ago +1713

    Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for watching the video 😊 just now got word that I was nominated for a Shorty Award and it has nothing to do with my height. This is all because of your support and love over the years and for that thank you all sooo much! If you would like to vote, here is the link 😊😊 honor just to be nominated, thank you guys again so much for this! 😊

    • True Native
      True Native Month ago

      Hola from Arizona❤new to your ch. boiiii you can eat, lol l gotta tummy ache just watchn u eat lol... But those noodles you eat l👀k yummy tho!!! How do u fly without anxiety??? I couldn't do it!!!!

    • Hercules Baterna
      Hercules Baterna Month ago

      man you gotta buy a new camera. your fps looks low. but still great video and great food

    • Jessica Nguyen
      Jessica Nguyen 4 months ago

      Strictly Dumpling does the airlines paid for your ticket to Singapore ?

    • Kate Adams
      Kate Adams 5 months ago

      won't let me vote anyway good job

    • ExAN__07
      ExAN__07 6 months ago


  • Rots Hañzo
    Rots Hañzo 20 hours ago +1

    After seeing this video I want to become a business man

  • Timothy Jue
    Timothy Jue 4 days ago

    What's the name of the song you used in the BG at 10:00 into the video? Thanks!

  • Heather Long
    Heather Long 5 days ago

    You and Emmamadeinjapan should collab. Look her up if you dont know her already.

  • MicheleChris Gander
    MicheleChris Gander 6 days ago

    How do you eat so much and stay in such good shape! I’m full watching you, but love it!

  • 1MrBryn
    1MrBryn 11 days ago

    Even as an economy flying pleb, Singapore airlines is still always amazing. Their staff leave the rest of the entire industry miles behind.

  • Monica Nguyen
    Monica Nguyen 13 days ago

    Mikey Spend a lot of money 💵 Business Class was Expensive

  • K Comm
    K Comm 16 days ago

    ....aaaaaand how luxurious are the restrooms?

  • brandons productions
    brandons productions 17 days ago

    Mike can I be your best friend?

  • Dustin Do
    Dustin Do 19 days ago

    Go to sweden not good at food planes but very nice

  • Dustin Do
    Dustin Do 19 days ago

    Not sweden?

  • Maddison Young
    Maddison Young 20 days ago

    You should try Scottish food

  • Benedict Seow
    Benedict Seow 25 days ago

    Welcome to Singapore! Yes it's so good. Come back again soon! 😊

  • Real M
    Real M 29 days ago

    Emirates AL: We are the best airline.

    Singapor AL: Hold Mike Chen's camera!

  • omgitsmejeff
    omgitsmejeff Month ago

    To be honest the business class meals were very ordinary, especially for business class, you get that for economy

  • Brittany Garfunkel
    Brittany Garfunkel Month ago

    You are a beautifully magical being! 💖💖💖

  • Doug Scott
    Doug Scott Month ago

    How are you not 150kg?

  • Jerome Pickus
    Jerome Pickus Month ago

    the food you had at your hotel looked much better than the airplane food.

  • Lex F.
    Lex F. Month ago

    You didn't Book the Cook? Mikey, how could you mess that up?

  • I stubbed My toe
    I stubbed My toe Month ago

    2 years ago I went to Taipei it was fricking 16 hours and then to vietnam it was 4 hours
    16+4= 20 *big head* i smart

  • Happy Michie Worriah

    Wa 17a flight omg safe ?

  • XRP Xtra Rice Please

    What is the name of the chicken soup ?

  • rainy day
    rainy day Month ago

    The flight was like a vacation in the sky.

  • Chien chung Goh
    Chien chung Goh Month ago

    Chilli crab and hokkien mee are quite popular food too

  • Chien chung Goh
    Chien chung Goh Month ago

    The small quay teoy is called hor fun

  • saikiran reddy
    saikiran reddy Month ago

    Come to india again

  • Douglas Meyer
    Douglas Meyer Month ago +1

    Isn't it wonderful that these people don't PAY for anything ?

  • Hitguy 43
    Hitguy 43 Month ago

    Wakes up and is the first person to order a burger... What a life

  • Sam Omurov
    Sam Omurov Month ago

    Every inch of your body is stomach

  • Sam Omurov
    Sam Omurov Month ago

    Every inch of your body is stomach

  • Suh Dudz
    Suh Dudz Month ago

    Omg i saw my coworkers in this video but i didnt work this flight when it first started too bad i wasnt there

  • IamKorry That’sme
    IamKorry That’sme Month ago +3

    I love how you turned a long travel time to a fantastic journey for eating 😂😂😂.

  • Zaxeru Cozare
    Zaxeru Cozare Month ago

    What did mike say At 15:57 😂

  • MarieGT
    MarieGT Month ago +1

    Watching your videos makes me wanna ride a plane again. But business class. If only I can afford it 😂 Economy doesn’t compare!

  • Nathalie C.
    Nathalie C. Month ago

    Mike, dearest, you have a trick to help us get the most travels at a better rate? All these travels you do are so amazing but at the end of the year that must be so expensive.

  • Kristian Cherv
    Kristian Cherv Month ago

    The flight was 17 hours long and the video was 17 minutes long *cue Illuminati song*

  • Ye TypicalMusicCovers
    Ye TypicalMusicCovers 2 months ago +2

    Mom: Son, what are you watching?
    Mikey: *Loud Moaning*
    Me: A food review...

  • Harith-DaboY
    Harith-DaboY 2 months ago

    I am watching this at 2 am and now i am so damn hungry

  • I'm Not-Tarded
    I'm Not-Tarded 2 months ago

    Why does he have so many subscribers?

  • Gremmy Le'Pew
    Gremmy Le'Pew 2 months ago +1

    The best airline, never disappoints!

  • rachel rabbit
    rachel rabbit 2 months ago

    Mike : I have always wanted to go to Europe
    Mike : Paris
    Me : Dang it

  • Pao Xiong
    Pao Xiong 2 months ago

    where do you find all these food, where im at only see McDonald, Burger King, Taco Bell, Carl's Jr and etc...

  • alisha tripathi
    alisha tripathi 2 months ago

    Mike i have a question. Why in every flight travelling food eating video you don't chose indian food on the menu. I mean it's also in asia and you eat every asian food except it ?

  • Allan Fifield
    Allan Fifield 2 months ago

    The Burger!

  • Legion
    Legion 2 months ago +1

    Mate why do you look like Jackie Chan in the thumbnail?

  • balamuqq
    balamuqq 2 months ago

    Qatar Airways be like.... hahaha that's cute

  • Anna Z
    Anna Z 2 months ago

    man i love long flights. sleep, food, movies, in the sky? practically heaven

  • Julius Wijaya
    Julius Wijaya 2 months ago

    Yoo Mike, where did you eat that thick noodle with chicken cutlet. planning on visiting there again soon and definitely would love to try it

  • Secret Diary of a Foodie

    Wished you showed the whole menu (didn't see breakfast options), and did you skip the dinner starter & switch the dessert to the one from the other menu (explanation would be good about whether you can switch items)? Expected more comprehensive review for those that look to these before booking flights.

  • Secret Diary of a Foodie
    Secret Diary of a Foodie 2 months ago +1

    17hr flight is nothing 😂 Fly from Australia to anywhere in Europe & it's 20hrs++ 😉

  • Cynthia Li
    Cynthia Li 2 months ago

    Singapore airlines is the best airline I’ve ever flown on!

  • chiuna2000 /// Drift99999
    chiuna2000 /// Drift99999 2 months ago +2

    Finally you get the credit you deserve. Congratulations! Hopefully, more airlines reach out to you for the same thing.

  • TXPilot
    TXPilot 2 months ago

    Hi, I'm flying SIA business class on the a350 in a few weeks. It looks like the middle business class seats have a much wider area for your feet compared to the window seats. Can you confirm?

  • Amy H
    Amy H 2 months ago

    I giggled out loud when he said "especially when you've got great reading material" XD

  • Sujit Basu
    Sujit Basu 2 months ago

    Your video is very good please make other videos of the other airlines .

  • Slot Winner
    Slot Winner 2 months ago

    Was this a Paid advertisement? It definitely sounded and had a feel as though this was disingenuous.

  • Zhouyuelin
    Zhouyuelin 2 months ago

    the lamb and the beef in the burger were probably thicker than my entire cheeseburger..

  • PangakoSayo1
    PangakoSayo1 3 months ago

    It looks like u already belong to Singapore hahaha

  • Keng Oei Quek
    Keng Oei Quek 3 months ago

    BTW, there is a direct, non-stop flight from NYC/New Jersey to Singapore :D

  • Leong Leonard
    Leong Leonard 3 months ago

    Yo Chen, how do you finish all the food man?!