"Perma-Sleep" MUK AND ALOLAN MUK TAG GX Deck, Sleep Lock And Poison Combo

  • Published on Oct 29, 2019
  • "Perma-Sleep" MUK AND ALOLAN MUK TAG GX Deck, use Mareep to sleep with Slumbering Forest, than switch using Drifblim into Muk Tag GX for Poison.
    Deck List: pastebin.com/KCdd0c4A
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Comments • 31

  • N
    N Month ago +1

    Big fan of the Kimetsu no yaiba music

  • Anthony Lillard
    Anthony Lillard Month ago +1

    GG I was Moujii and played the Gardeon Deck. :)

  • Brandon Dowdy
    Brandon Dowdy Month ago

    I quit pokemon and kinda forgot about Donald tbh. Nothing against the guy, hes a laid back down to earth but I got bored with it. Especially when they change the rule on no supporter first turn

  • FS brew
    FS brew Month ago +1

    Cool deck dude lol. Isn't there a way to slip in some komalas for when they're already poisoned and asleep for dat axtra 60 damage?

  • Dimitris Kontoleon
    Dimitris Kontoleon Month ago

    15:44 I miss something? Just 2nd attack does 120 damage is not enought?

    • KotCR
      KotCR 12 days ago

      The Tool card the Gardeon was holding makes it immune to damage from Psychic Pokémon attacks.

  • Trusek
    Trusek Month ago

    This Mareep stun-lock seems to be pretty broken imo

    • Nico Corn
      Nico Corn Month ago

      With that stadium yes if you dont have 3 or 4 stadiums or some sort of field blower in your deck little mareep can be annoying but isnt broken

  • Local Maple
    Local Maple Month ago

    If you don’t want to play Koga for healing, might I recommend a MewDuo? The Tag GX for both Pokémon can have the same cost. The choice is to heal all Tag Teams for over 400 damage, preventing prizes loss, while dealing 200 damage for a potential Prize or three; or paralyzing one Pokémon and hoping they don’t have a Switch to prevent the loss of prizes.

  • Doctor Brain
    Doctor Brain Month ago

    I was in that streem

  • Mofei zation
    Mofei zation Month ago

    I have played this for a month now
    And it will get better post cosmic

    • Hite
      Hite Month ago

      Which cards are you thinking of? Cynthia & Caitlin?

  • megazilch
    megazilch Month ago

    Hey bro.....lowkey, the gurenge cover bumps 👌👍

  • Niko Untalan
    Niko Untalan Month ago

    Metal symbol. This deck is done.

    • Nick Johnson
      Nick Johnson Month ago

      How many people do you actually run into using Cobalion though

    • Niko Untalan
      Niko Untalan Month ago

      @dag dag point taken. Atleast someone would build other non-mainstream decks like this one.

    • dag dag
      dag dag Month ago

      even a broken card like that no one will play because there are even more broken cards out there

  • Adam Holbrook
    Adam Holbrook Month ago +6

    Donald, you are the reason that I started playing PTCGO. Been playing with my boy on TCG for awhile. Thank you for your videos.

  • hevvy
    hevvy Month ago +4

    This deck looks so, so much fun.
    Your misplays are getting worse tho...

  • Artemis1
    Artemis1 Month ago +2

    You should try a drifblm with raichu tag team or silvally gx

  • Edward Heiler
    Edward Heiler Month ago +1

    I dig the eye covers

  • Albert Wright
    Albert Wright Month ago +1

    in the first game you played against Moujii, who is a famous ptcgo twitch streamer as well :D

    • Anthony Lillard
      Anthony Lillard Month ago

      @Splendid Evil Sorry, no youtube yet. But I stream daily on Twitch.tv/moujii :)

    • Splendid Evil
      Splendid Evil Month ago

      Does she have a youtube channel? I would like to subscribe.

  • Gengar Phantom
    Gengar Phantom Month ago +6

    Another broken card that will make expanded and standard events more toxic than what they are, ty Pokémon for ruining the game and making it a broken total mess.
    Ps: In other news Guled Liban likes to play with my fat sweaty poke balls.

    • dag dag
      dag dag Month ago +1

      the truth is out there

  • Local Maple
    Local Maple Month ago +2

    I ran MukDuo in Expanded. Dragalge prevented manual switches, and the Dust Stadium poisoned Trainer Switches. Oh, and Ariados to Poison both Actives; MukDuo loved healing off that.

  • Guled Liban
    Guled Liban Month ago +6

    Another awesome card that will make expanded and standard events more fun than what they are, ty Pokémon for improving the game and preventing it from becoming a broken total mess.

    • dag dag
      dag dag Month ago +1

      this is NOT how mafia works

  • William Grubb
    William Grubb Month ago

    I love your vid can you shot me out next vid

  • Cole Weget
    Cole Weget Month ago

    Terrible deck