Darcy Oake: Illusionist Defies Gravity Making Heidi Klum Float - America's Got Talent: The Champions

  • Published on Jan 22, 2019
  • How did he do it?! The finalist from Britain's Got Talent breaks boundaries by making Heidi Klum float in the air!
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    Darcy Oake: Illusionist Defies Gravity Making Heidi Klum Float - America's Got Talent: The Champions
    America's Got Talent
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Comments • 2 178

  • Danny Chu
    Danny Chu Day ago

    mel b was too fat, so he chose heidi

  • James barbato
    James barbato Day ago

    There’s no way Agt wasn’t in on this. Check out his performance on Penn and Teller he did not fool then.

  • ohy bgd
    ohy bgd 2 days ago +1

    This girl Haidi needs to calm down , she is very instable .

  • GuessWhoNot
    GuessWhoNot 3 days ago

    Darcy has powers inexplicable to the human race.

  • mikerosales15
    mikerosales15 4 days ago


  • 9mm Berreta
    9mm Berreta 5 days ago +1

    Chuck Norris approved.

  • Gireth Paul Sanchez
    Gireth Paul Sanchez 7 days ago

    4:19 melbies left nipples peeking

  • stephen westwater
    stephen westwater 8 days ago

    answers in a postcard, awesome

  • hamada Ahmad
    hamada Ahmad 8 days ago

    يخرب بيت امك 😮😮

  • Rubiela Gomez
    Rubiela Gomez 9 days ago

    There has to be a wire !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Akhil Dev singh
    Akhil Dev singh 9 days ago

    He is my winner

  • T'aariq Saif
    T'aariq Saif 9 days ago +1

    The only magical act that has no explanations in the comment section!
    I think this act is true magic happening right infront of our eyes

  • Данило Мастер

    Как тваю мать он это делает? ??😨😨😨

    WSWSSN 9 days ago +1

    โอ้ววว มายยยย ก๊อดดด

  • Hamid Jalal
    Hamid Jalal 9 days ago

    Only explanation:
    This is scripted
    Or God is real , he created Jinns & Islam is the true religion & Qur'an is the word of God..
    And i believe its the latter

  • John Yap
    John Yap 9 days ago

    Wtf thats insane

  • roger johnson
    roger johnson 10 days ago

    The audience is so gullible and deceived. They simply don't know about the spirit world. This man is a sorcerer. These people are ignorant to the devices of the devil.

  • roger johnson
    roger johnson 10 days ago

    He is literally demon possessed and doing his magic and illusions
    by demons. Look at his satanic tattoos. He serves the devil. He sold his soul for fame and fortune. WHAT IS IT TO GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD AND TO LOSE YOUR SOUL?

    • PoSeiDoN VeNuH
      PoSeiDoN VeNuH 9 days ago

      Are you saying that the devils from hell came on stage and them being invisible, we couldn't see them lifting up Heidi into the air? Wow that's amazing. Where can I meet you?

  • Birax James
    Birax James 10 days ago +1

    This act has been previously done by Magic Maddox on BGT 2018 , Simon saw that already but still looks confused

    • Passanger 2016
      Passanger 2016 7 days ago

      @Birax James ok mate i will

    • Birax James
      Birax James 7 days ago

      Passanger 2016 this trick was originally performed by Magic Maddox last year, darcy has copied him

    • Birax James
      Birax James 7 days ago

      Passanger 2016 bro check that out

    • Birax James
      Birax James 7 days ago

      Passanger 2016 ru-clip.com/video/xB83_Z5jX74/video.html.

  • Truth Crusader
    Truth Crusader 10 days ago

    How on earth did he do that?????!!!😃

  • Sunishtha Nangal
    Sunishtha Nangal 11 days ago +2

    The judges were doubles!

  • sb studio99
    sb studio99 11 days ago +3

    Omg how the doing this. ..
    It's really amazing. ..
    Keep it up guys. .

  • Rohit Pandit
    Rohit Pandit 11 days ago

    Hes the best

    FRONT BLOW 11 days ago

    If you check it in slow motion you'll notice

    I still don't know how he did that

  • prince avakin
    prince avakin 12 days ago

    this man is powerful

  • Arjun Kudtarkar
    Arjun Kudtarkar 12 days ago

    This guy is very sexy

  • Igor Summer
    Igor Summer 13 days ago

    Как он это сделал ? Кто скажет ?

  • Marouane M
    Marouane M 13 days ago

    He sold hes soul bruv

  • Danica D'costa
    Danica D'costa 13 days ago

    The secret is in the "random" volunteer's left hand. Look closely at around 5:04 when the camera goes behind. His left hand is covering a black mechanism stick which is holding her up. When the camera goes behind what you see is the stick mechanism as its all black and Doug's palm cannot be seen. Then when Darcy comes into his position he carefully places his left leg in the same spot as Doug's left hand right behind the mechanism to cover up the mechanism before asking Doug to put his left hand down. Then he puts his hand under her head to show there is nothing there but does not do a full round circle. Notice then he asks them to put their hands up again before he brings her down. By the time they show us the shot from behind after Heidi has been brought down, the mechanism has already been removed when Doug placed his hands up again while Darcy was bringing Heidi back down!
    Darcy has likely taken inspiration from this one and amped it up by removing the plank! ru-clip.com/video/fPs9pqb5QNg/video.html

  • Michael Tongia
    Michael Tongia 13 days ago +1

    Pause it at 5.15 you can clearly see her dress is hanging below her legs but not at her back, she's clearly being held up by something he should've waved his hand all the way underneath her not just by her hair.. Nice try Darcy!

  • Sóc Sờ Bai TV
    Sóc Sờ Bai TV 13 days ago


  • eka andriansaputra
    eka andriansaputra 13 days ago


  • GT Adrenaline
    GT Adrenaline 13 days ago

    Lol but is not gold button

  • Ramesh Guruji
    Ramesh Guruji 13 days ago

    Which judge is gay?

  • sojibur rahman
    sojibur rahman 13 days ago +1

    #Darcy Okae done Everything to won this show. i still think he could deserved the title..because he done everything which we never seen before him. but he Couldn't 😞sad for him but he is a real superstar!! 😍😍

  • Debrian *
    Debrian * 13 days ago

    Why are people still doing levitation? Thats 100 years old now. Enough. Make your own trick

  • sike3000
    sike3000 14 days ago

    need to see this guy on penn and teller fool us

  • Manoranjan nayak
    Manoranjan nayak 14 days ago

    Newton to Jesus thanx god m not alive 😁😁

  • Fanny Asteria
    Fanny Asteria 14 days ago

    her dress is a paid actor

  • Ahmed Alirag
    Ahmed Alirag 16 days ago

    جميل جدا دارسي 👍🏽😎😋

  • Hakan Karal
    Hakan Karal 16 days ago

    he is cool i like this man

  • Dhaval Sakaria
    Dhaval Sakaria 17 days ago +3

    now, i have to ask for a refund for my physics college class :P

  • Azrul Zainal
    Azrul Zainal 19 days ago


  • are you kirring mi irrriya??


  • are you kirring mi irrriya??

    he’s brilliant. he’s just ... SO HOT AND GOOD WOW

  • Nick T
    Nick T 21 day ago

    its so cool like l was floating.......well you were floating

  • G.M.D. BeSt
    G.M.D. BeSt 21 day ago

    Демон! Иисус знает, что с ними сделать.

  • Rajababu Hussain
    Rajababu Hussain 22 days ago

    How is possible???

  • Wani Kentang
    Wani Kentang 22 days ago

    no surprise, what is frankenstein from death race doing in here?

  • Eshan Seepersaud
    Eshan Seepersaud 22 days ago +6

    Newton has left the chat
    Newton's apple has left the chat
    Gravity.exe is not responding
    Brain.exe has crashed

  • magic wand
    magic wand 24 days ago +1

    This woman have to lose that gaddemn weight.... she's got to lose em weight meen ..
    Yeah this is no magic here Heidi is a paperweight and can float anyways ....
    Well my wife weigh 360 LB ... she either lose those weight or ...
    Time to bring Mel B home ... that African Queen is fukin hoTTT !

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 25 days ago

    It's funny that Howie chose a man from the audience. Usually they choose women, but this was pre-planned. It's also funny how Heidi didn't hesitate, questioned Darcy, or acted scared at all. She was in on it. What a joke.

  • saitama ACE
    saitama ACE 25 days ago


  • Sadhan Jamatia
    Sadhan Jamatia 26 days ago

    But you really have a beautiful physical look

  • Gabriel Alves
    Gabriel Alves 26 days ago

    Ta agora quero entender como ele fez isso.

  • AhyariNet
    AhyariNet 26 days ago

    Go here if you want to hear judges comment. Not my channel. Thank me later :)

  • Ritesh Kumar
    Ritesh Kumar 26 days ago

    wow Darcy.. Big fan... hats off !! Thou i have seen this with 0.75 playBACK speed .. sadly i couldn't got anything. ..

  • Razan Mamoun
    Razan Mamoun 26 days ago

    I love that man

  • Boheng Huang
    Boheng Huang 26 days ago

    Anyone notice where howie was looking at when she floats and his hand when told to grab legs but he reached for... just a joke the camera would have noticed it

  • Rohit Sharma
    Rohit Sharma 27 days ago +3

    Mannn he deserve to get a golden buzzer

  • Limon Samaddar
    Limon Samaddar 27 days ago

    How is this possible..mannn????

  • pope 1960
    pope 1960 28 days ago


  • docmedia Mlambo
    docmedia Mlambo 29 days ago

    Anyone with the link for a full video with comments?

  • Penus Enourmus
    Penus Enourmus 29 days ago

    He basically inventet levatation

  • Tony Kong
    Tony Kong Month ago

    Hey man how did he do that
    Lol I’m super stoked

  • Beep Beep
    Beep Beep Month ago

    This is camera trick, HEIDI definitely knows it and AGT also included in conspiracy to make whole world fool on RU-clip.

  • The AsianJutsu
    The AsianJutsu Month ago

    Is this really happening? I ll hv to start as a magician now.

  • Leo Huo
    Leo Huo Month ago

    I really want to try this out because I have never experience Zero G and this man needs to come do this on me

  • Izzy Rosado
    Izzy Rosado Month ago