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  • cedric Bossman
    cedric Bossman 7 months ago +23992

    The alarm clock was the best one. Rocky never disappoints . The family is great

  • ネズコチャン〜
    ネズコチャン〜 4 months ago +869

    To all the people who are saying that he's feminist: learn to take a joke✨
    Linda knows that her dad's gonna check if she did her routine or not so she's prepared, is it any hard to understand that?

    • hey
      hey Month ago

      @xerox it's weird especially from a guy

    • Dr. Mouse
      Dr. Mouse Month ago

      @xerox if you’re talking about the actual definition where everyone is equal then nothing. I would be a feminist. But how people are using it now, it’s men bad, women good.

    • Jackson Idle
      Jackson Idle Month ago

      For real bro Jesus Christ

    • Miss_Strange
      Miss_Strange 2 months ago +2

      @Avantika N the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. - Google. Yes it is clearly annoying. Technically feminism is just the power to abuse men. They literally nag on for days Abt how hard it is to be equal. Yes we all are equal but in my opinion I think it's a little stupid. 💀 Btw this is my OPINION I dont by any means to offend anyone. Good day to all of you human beings. :) BTW if you are a feminist, good for you. :) It's not my life.

  • Enola Rupu
    Enola Rupu Month ago

    I can't stop watching this beautiful family 😍 u make me laugh all the time!..

  • vick n
    vick n 4 days ago

    I love seeing Sammy's 'innocent' reaction❤️.

  • Sherwin Ferrer
    Sherwin Ferrer 4 months ago +235

    Dad's really love Thier daughters 🤣 just like my dad

    • Gacha cookie Cove
      Gacha cookie Cove 7 hours ago

      I love my dad but he is a privacy invader

    • Rhonda Hill
      Rhonda Hill 11 hours ago


    • Pros
      Pros 9 days ago

      True, but would be better if both parents treated both daughters and sons equally

    • Gladys Gathege
      Gladys Gathege 25 days ago +1

      Thats true

  • Livy with an E (and CC)
    Livy with an E (and CC) 7 months ago +5458

    I just love that he so nice to his daughter and thoroughly checks his sons.🤣

    • Gloria Quindao
      Gloria Quindao 3 months ago

      @anthony well the girl problay listen to her dad so why should the dad mad at her?

    • Willie Benning
      Willie Benning 4 months ago

      @anthony and that happens like that on real life for real. I totally agree.

    • anthony
      anthony 5 months ago

      @m00nj3lly Same goes for you.

    • m00nj3lly
      m00nj3lly 5 months ago

      @mei lan tsang 🧢

    • m00nj3lly
      m00nj3lly 5 months ago

      @anthony never, im just saying you only care because you are a guy. if it was the opposite you would be saying nothing.

  • Shyanne Crane
    Shyanne Crane 2 months ago

    The furrha family always finds a way to make me laugh!

  • Krishna Raj
    Krishna Raj 17 days ago

    I got to laugh everytime when I see Sammy... I like this family a lot...

  • LeakCentral
    LeakCentral 3 months ago +17

    Just want to say thank you for always bringing great content ❤️

  • Chris Bowen
    Chris Bowen 3 months ago

    Lol... I LOVE this family,especially the dad

  • Rebecca Lucas
    Rebecca Lucas 7 months ago +3435

    Sammy was showing his ears like he knew it was all good 😂 no qtips in the ear canal though. (Audiologist videos will stop that very quickly 😂)
    Linda knows what dad's expecting, always nails it!

    • Mavi·🏵️
      Mavi·🏵️ 7 months ago

      Q-tips and sexism hmm very interesting for the human replies noted ✍️

    • TheDiamondMaster 
      TheDiamondMaster  7 months ago

      @Witch Of Candies I wasn’t talking about inside the hole part, I meant around the inside of the ear.

    • TheDiamondMaster 
      TheDiamondMaster  7 months ago

      @Dillon Mcculley no not in the ear. Around the ear 👂 like not in the hole part, but around it. Know what, never mind.

    • みそり
      みそり 7 months ago

      @Astra good for you if you have nerves in there, because unfortunately it doesn't help everyone because if it did there would be no cases of burst eardrums from qtips. You shouldn't need to clean your ears unless it's built up, and if it is there are remedies to solve it. Using a qtip (unless just using it to clean the outer parts of your ears) can push the wax further down your ear and cause blockage.

    • Astra
      Astra 7 months ago

      @みそり Well last time I checked I had nerves in there to help me out. I'd go nuts mentally if I couldn't clean my ears, and don't get me started on magical liquid cleaners, cuz they don't actually scratch that (metaphorical, generally speaking) itch, and sometimes actually make it worse

  • Malvika Rk
    Malvika Rk 4 months ago

    I love your family and your videos! Lots of love to everyone ❤️❤️

  • Kkaiirz2
    Kkaiirz2 3 months ago +1

    You never fail to entertain 💖

  • KylieOMG_LOL
    KylieOMG_LOL 2 months ago

    Y’all make me cry laugh sometimes 😂

  • Maria Lolica
    Maria Lolica 11 days ago

    Linda is always the golden child 😂

    A PERSON 5 months ago +5265

    He treats his daughter like a queen.Wenever he sees he's like at your service my queen.

    • Chloie Loves Cookies
      Chloie Loves Cookies 3 months ago

      Its his wife

    • Ava Jacob
      Ava Jacob 4 months ago +2

      Yes my dad is the same

    • Goldenaustin99
      Goldenaustin99 4 months ago +1

      @zainabs knutsels she gets him designer cuz he's nice to her and gives her enough money to be able to afford it

    • charming kiitty
      charming kiitty 4 months ago +2

      its good he does shows his sons how to be treat wewmon and shows the gurl that being treated like shit is not normal

  • Fortnite Videos
    Fortnite Videos 2 months ago +1

    I love how the daughter is always the favorite

  • Madeleine Priest
    Madeleine Priest 3 months ago +1

    Hahah this will never get old this is soooooo funny I love it 😍

  • Green
    Green 4 months ago

    We can all agree that these shorts just make our day much better. 😁

  • Ziakhan
    Ziakhan Month ago

    I love when Sammy makes such a funny face because I'm laughing sooooo much that I can't stop🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Meredith Twinn
    Meredith Twinn 7 months ago +2563

    I love how his daughter is just like perfect

    • DK Metcalf
      DK Metcalf 6 months ago

      @• Twisted Wonderland Freak • do the dishes

    • KingYoshi
      KingYoshi 6 months ago +1

      @Munkhtsolmon Namnansuren When the boys are never portrayed as the golden child, I can see why.

    • Munkhtsolmon Namnansuren
      Munkhtsolmon Namnansuren 6 months ago +2

      @KingYoshi I know men are sensitive creatures they are very emotional but that doesn't mean they can get mad at all kind of things like girls being the golden child

    • KingYoshi
      KingYoshi 6 months ago

      @Giorno Giovanna I think that, while it is a skit, some people will genuinely think that boys are like this and will judge us based of this video, when in reality, most boys are the polar opposite of this.
      I do agree with what your saying thoe.

  • hh
    hh 2 months ago +1

    ♥️ how he treats his daughter

  • Kevin123
    Kevin123 21 day ago

    LOL I 💕💕💕 the part where the daughter is just perfect its so funny LMAO!!!

  • sam safi
    sam safi 3 months ago

    I can’t stop rewatching this 😂😂

  • SHAMCY^_^
    SHAMCY^_^ 3 days ago

    Dad's just really love their princess❤️😂

  • i know im dumb but,
    i know im dumb but, 6 months ago +3266

    its the exact opposite for me. as a daughter of strict parents, i feel like my dad is way tougher with me than my brothers.

  • Athena’sREELlife
    Athena’sREELlife Month ago

    Haha I love this channel! I have four bros and I’m the only and oldest girl so I can relate 😂😂😂

  • Manisha Badal
    Manisha Badal 3 months ago

    I love this family they are so funny keep it up and keep posting videos like this 😂🤣😂👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾😂🤣😂🤣👍🏾😂

  • Soraxx&sobbing
    Soraxx&sobbing 4 months ago +2

    it’s not a mistake✨ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • Pat Samuel
    Pat Samuel 4 months ago

    I wish he was my neighbor 😂😂 he should be a comedian

  • Issa Nesheiwat
    Issa Nesheiwat 7 months ago +6882

    The “Welek!” Literally got me laughing so hard


    The way he tells his daughter beautiful like always this is what my dad does it with me i think dad's always love his daughters more than his sons and moms always love her sons more than her daughters

  • Rishi Nigam
    Rishi Nigam 4 months ago +1

    Literally me and my dad trolling my bro.

  • Kriya Singh
    Kriya Singh 15 days ago

    Dad always love their daughter 💗💗💗

  • Lauren Williams
    Lauren Williams 4 months ago +1

    Wow Daughters are the favorites 😂

  • almighty m
    almighty m 7 months ago +2515

    When you realize grown kids have a bed time 😂

    • IBROCK 476
      IBROCK 476 6 months ago

      @rosa🖤 yeah its possible
      everything is possible its up to you
      It all comes back to you... You want to make a change for the better or not...

    • rosa🖤
      rosa🖤 7 months ago

      @IBROCK 476 is it possible to learn that power cuz my sleep cycle is f*cked

    • Wolf. exe
      Wolf. exe 7 months ago

      I'm 15 and I have to sleep at a a certain time, I have to bring my phone and ps4 controller downstairs each time I go to sleep

    • fifa.m
      fifa.m 7 months ago


    • Messa Yousa
      Messa Yousa 7 months ago

      And it’s 11pm

  • Greta Mazza
    Greta Mazza 2 months ago +3

    I just love how the boys get treated by the dad rudely then when it comes to the ladies...Beatiful like normal go to bed honey


    The alarm clock one is so relatable 😂

  • Lynda Tuttle
    Lynda Tuttle 4 months ago

    Love Sammy. At least there was saw dust. He could have said something else. As usual, Sammy is the prince of physical comedy!

  • abiplays
    abiplays 4 months ago

    I love ❤️ this family

  • shannoooo
    shannoooo 7 months ago +8356

    Daddy will always love his princess 👸❤
    No matter what will never shout at her ❤
    That's the bond !!

    • nico nico nii
      nico nico nii Month ago

      Now thats just so messed up isn’t it

    • You yeeted your last haw
      You yeeted your last haw 4 months ago

      My grandpa literally used to treat his daughters to be tough, especially to my mom, that's why she was a tomboy.
      And not like spoiled princesses.

    • You yeeted your last haw
      You yeeted your last haw 4 months ago

      Not really

    • Mx Rex
      Mx Rex 6 months ago

      @Jir(Ayan) *haha* I am asain.

  • GL!T€H
    GL!T€H Month ago

    Really relatable to these families :^

  • Osvaldo Magallanes
    Osvaldo Magallanes Month ago

    Linda always has to have a pass with her dad that’s cute boys are suppose to be more cleaner then women/ 😂😂 and look at Linda better then her own siblings lol.

  • Elizabeth's CatCircus

    Such a big family! And of course the girl is the perfect one lol! 😭😭

  • Anime
    Anime 3 months ago +2

    ✨this is a masterpiece✨

  • makayla
    makayla 6 months ago +4677

    I have 3 Brothers and I'm the youngest. This is exactly how my Dad was 😂 may he rest in peace 😌

    • Britni Rakowiecki
      Britni Rakowiecki 3 months ago

      i am sorry

    • DestiniChild
      DestiniChild 3 months ago

      I’m sorry for your lost! God bless him and you! ❤️

    • Gg
      Gg 3 months ago

      Im the youngest and i my family act me as a middle child

    • Krishnankutty K
      Krishnankutty K 3 months ago

      These guyes never grow up

    • ×Ray×
      ×Ray× 4 months ago

      @• mxshulx • same lol

  • Grace Correia
    Grace Correia 4 months ago +1

    Damn now I want to have that kind of life🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kesha Ebamba
    Kesha Ebamba 4 months ago

    Sammy is very funny 😂

  • Kacey Sleight
    Kacey Sleight 3 months ago

    😂🤣 I absolutely love this🥳🥳

  • Angie R.
    Angie R. 4 months ago

    I love how all the boys have to do this one thing before they sleep and the girl gets ready before so she can go to 💤😴

  • Omar Iraq
    Omar Iraq 7 months ago +2430

    The second he said “Walak” I knew he was a pure Arab dad. Especially how he screams to all of his son but not his daughter😂

    • Ashley
      Ashley 6 months ago

      @Omar Iraq bruh

    • Omar Iraq
      Omar Iraq 6 months ago


    • Omar Iraq
      Omar Iraq 6 months ago +1

      @Ashley he said it to one of his sons, and “Walak” is for me

    • Ashley
      Ashley 6 months ago

      @Omar Iraq yea and he said welek.

    • Omar Iraq
      Omar Iraq 6 months ago +1

      @Ashley no, there is a specific way how to say it. Welek is for girls, and Walak is for boys.

  • Rodrigo Sanchez
    Rodrigo Sanchez 4 months ago +1

    Me right there having a soft voice to my sis😂😂

  • Shadow Bay
    Shadow Bay 3 months ago

    The wife always has the good treatment lol

  • Gamer GJW GaelJennaWillow

    I want to have dad like him 😂 🔥❤️I meant what I ssid

  • IzzyAndStuff
    IzzyAndStuff 4 months ago +1

    Omg, I wish I had a dad.

  • Sangeetha Pathyam
    Sangeetha Pathyam 5 months ago +161

    This family never fails to make me laugh 😂😂

    • Doneiko Johnson
      Doneiko Johnson 2 months ago

      Grle. JJ

  • Gangstahhh_
    Gangstahhh_ 3 months ago

    I'm the oldest and the only daughter of the house so I can relate 😭✋

  • Lucas Rounds
    Lucas Rounds 4 months ago

    This is honestly hilarious

  • Corvin Ahmed
    Corvin Ahmed 4 months ago

    I like how the girl is the dad's favorite child 🤣

  • ♡MOXXY♡
    ♡MOXXY♡ Month ago +3

    I love how the girl is perfect

  • Happy Tagged
    Happy Tagged 6 months ago +340

    😂🏆😂I find it really adorable how grown up his kids r and still need routine checks by their eager dad🤩💖💖

    • Eva Ross
      Eva Ross 6 months ago +1

      No people make these videos. 😂

  • Casey Chapell
    Casey Chapell 4 months ago

    Yes girl always gets her way🤣🤣🤣

  • _luvly.mel0dy_
    _luvly.mel0dy_ 4 months ago

    the daughters never forgets morning routines

  • Briii MaskedSniper
    Briii MaskedSniper 2 months ago

    Hahahah Yes! me and my siblings!

  • lexi frank
    lexi frank 3 months ago

    It's the "Beautiful like normal" for me🤣

  • Dion Onix
    Dion Onix 6 months ago +3435

    I love how we said that the daughter is the best child but in the text he says my kids will never grow up

  • Angela Cacciotti
    Angela Cacciotti 3 months ago +1

    So funny I could watch it over and over

    99GAMERFF 4 months ago

    The daughter always gets away 😂

  • 🌴TesoroPrivatBeachResort🌴

    Favorite child 🤣

  • _Piggo_
    _Piggo_ 4 months ago

    It’s not a mistake, it’s a ✨masterpiece✨

  • Vinfo Gaming
    Vinfo Gaming 7 months ago +7189

    Meanwhile in my house
    Mom: "hey how you sleep last night"
    Me "sleep? Bold of you to assume I slept"

    • POTA diala 🥤😈
      POTA diala 🥤😈 7 days ago

      I always sleep at midnight because I'm 15

    • Kimo
      Kimo 6 months ago

      @SewageGaming123 uhuh, this is a joke right? Cause I said that as a joke

    • Starlight Mina
      Starlight Mina 6 months ago

      Mom: "You're up early."
      Me still awake at 6am: "yup..."

    • R 3I
      R 3I 6 months ago

      I'd get a slap in the face if i ever say that- ;-!

  • cherry blossom
    cherry blossom Month ago

    Love all your guys videos 😍🙂

  • no name
    no name 3 months ago

    I love how the cocomelon doll is just laying behind

  • xAngelicx_flwer_x
    xAngelicx_flwer_x 3 months ago

    Sammy is so funny when he looks into the distance

  • Josette Le'Coquette
    Josette Le'Coquette 7 days ago

    ‘Beautiful like always’ only Linda😂 She makes him proud🫶

  • Ava Buckner
    Ava Buckner 5 months ago +84

    These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better 💚

  • Party Team
    Party Team 4 months ago

    This is actually kind of relatable, because I’m a daddy’s girl

  • Fatima sadat
    Fatima sadat 2 months ago

    i love this kind of dad

  • John Odisho
    John Odisho 4 months ago +1

    I love this vid I watch these vids every single day this is amazing 🤩 haha also funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Angela Brown
    Angela Brown 4 months ago

    hilarious boys :)

  • 💙Teabaaaa💙
    💙Teabaaaa💙 7 months ago +216

    I love this family, I relate to most of their videos lol keep up the AMAZING work and Congrats on 1million u really do deserve it❤️

  • I Heart Isaiah
    I Heart Isaiah 4 months ago

    I'm the middle daughter but I get the most love 😂😅

  • Shelby Rondeau
    Shelby Rondeau 3 months ago +17

    “You wet your bed twice!”

  • Jaidyn Gibbs
    Jaidyn Gibbs 10 days ago +1

    The ear check lol 😂

  • Coolity Mc. Awsomesause

    Hahaha! Love this

  • Tabassum Jabeen
    Tabassum Jabeen 7 months ago +676

    Fathers love their daughters a lot . I miss my father too much even at the age 65 . Love from Pakistan

    • Infinity
      Infinity 6 months ago

      I’m from Pakistan too!

    • Random Cuelo
      Random Cuelo 7 months ago

      @Azaan Sabir sis what? I just said that how you treat you kid (especially girls) can stay as they get older

    • Azaan Sabir
      Azaan Sabir 7 months ago

      @Random Cuelo ok, now the girl isn't ready for the "real world" now what?

    • Michał Sikora
      Michał Sikora 7 months ago

      @Tabassum Jabeen for crying out loud dont bring god into a convesation like this

    • Tabassum Jabeen
      Tabassum Jabeen 7 months ago

      @Hanako_bathroom_gh0st please don't expect return from anyone except GOD . GOD bless you

    BESMIR CARAJ 4 months ago

    The way he treated the boys though lol

  • Saloni Singh♡
    Saloni Singh♡ 4 months ago +1

    This happens when you're the only girl in the kids..!! 😂

  • Elilie
    Elilie 2 months ago

    I love your channel it makes me laugh

  • Vynida Lopes
    Vynida Lopes 4 months ago +1

    Way to go DAD!!!!!

  • House Flipping Dakoda

    I'd be so mad if I was already sleeping. 11!? That's late for me sometimes. I struggle with my sleep. Sometimes I'm tired as soon as I get home from school.

  • Oddie
    Oddie Month ago

    Yall are my favorite 😍

  • gary berkley
    gary berkley 2 months ago +2

    Girls are always prepared huh😙

  • natalies-editz
    natalies-editz 5 months ago +1771

    the fact that he is SO nice to his daughter and mean to the all the boys!
    Edit: ty for 1.7k likes ♥️

  • Angela Stapleton
    Angela Stapleton 4 months ago +2

    I love how you yelled at the boys and just let your daughter go to bed

  • Shirley Namudeche
    Shirley Namudeche 2 months ago

    I love this family

  • RedLionPackers
    RedLionPackers 2 months ago


  • Gamer_Sara_23
    Gamer_Sara_23 3 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣 so funny

  • Childe
    Childe 7 months ago +1034

    The way he sniffed her and became calm sent me to the roof 💀