r/insaneparents | “YOU CAN *NEVER* DATE MY DAUGHTER!"

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • r/insaneparents - these parents defy logic, but they are very funny to laugh at...
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Comments • 1 689

  • Redditor
    Redditor  Month ago +554

    Subscribe for good luck! Also, $200 giveaway when we hit 200k subs...

    • The Me
      The Me 10 days ago

      give me money

    • Ewoud Demeestere
      Ewoud Demeestere 11 days ago

      I really don't get why some of these child don't call the police for
      1. Their parents stealing their money
      2. Their parents getting angry cuz they made it so they can't find them anywhere they go

    • A very Creative name
      A very Creative name 24 days ago

      2:06 what happens if the parents catch the kid jacking off

    • Cool Syts
      Cool Syts 26 days ago

      Damn, that $200 is worth more then me!

    • RayKay Productions
      RayKay Productions Month ago

      Redditor I like it when you break character and laugh

  • Thomas Buelens
    Thomas Buelens 34 minutes ago

    7:14 We actually keep saying that to my brother: "Well look who finally left his den!" and he always took it well, we all find it pretty funny and he does too. But I can agree that it can get annoying.

  • 86_percent Sam
    86_percent Sam 58 minutes ago

    Doesn’t Antifa mean Anti-Facist. Why is that bad?

  • Symbiote Soda
    Symbiote Soda 9 hours ago

    How DARE you be gay because your genetic makeup that you can’t control!?
    *B L A S P H E M Y*

  • Silver Comet
    Silver Comet 10 hours ago

    So glad I wasn't raised by awful parents

  • The Flowering Inferno
    The Flowering Inferno 11 hours ago

    Even though I’ve told my parents multiple times that I’m a lesbian, I’m still not allowed to hang out with my guy friends. My dad literally said that he would sit in between me and my friend when we were planning on seeing a movie together. We ended up calling it off because the whole reason we wanted to see it TOGETHER was so we could spend time TOGETHER.

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark 12 hours ago

    I'm starting to get concerned because my parents get mad at me over 89's and sometimes 90's

  • Calum Wilson
    Calum Wilson 15 hours ago

    Why does this video give me the urge to beat the shit out of every one of the parents that are in this video

  • Gerardo Razo
    Gerardo Razo 17 hours ago

    1:09 pretty accurate

  • lightsidesoul ***

    i can see most of these posts being told to the grandkids, and ending with the sentence "And that is why grandma/pa is never allowed to watch you alone."

  • SpearsBoyz
    SpearsBoyz Day ago

    I’ve notice a pattern with most Insane parents, they almost always downplay mental health issues

  • Winona Bair
    Winona Bair Day ago +1

    Omg the u can’t date my daughter parents make me mad. It’s not like u own them and control everything they do for there entire lives

  • Gale Anderson
    Gale Anderson Day ago

    The taking away the clothes thing is fucking creepy and I'd watch out for cameras in the bathroom from now on if I was that chick, just sayin'. Some of these people need to be reported. ffs

  • The mr Pope
    The mr Pope Day ago

    Fucking boomers

  • PeachVampires
    PeachVampires Day ago

    „i already told my kid-„
    well go ahead and tell him you lied because i can see a lot more of that in the future

  • Abbi Sully
    Abbi Sully 2 days ago

    6:39 This is literally what my friends step mom did to her. She wanted to get away from her toxicness and move in with his bioligical mom. Step mother was saying his little sister was crying and trying to guilt trip him. She moved anyway. His mom is super nice, I've had been over there a few times, but now his mom is in a mental hospital so he had to go back to his step mom who now moved. His mom was our 7th grade science teacher...

  • Ink Sans
    Ink Sans 2 days ago +1

    Holy shit is that a motherfucking jojo reference

  • Ink Sans
    Ink Sans 2 days ago +1

    Hitler is anti-communalist because he didn't go trick or treat when he was a child

  • Stuffie Stage
    Stuffie Stage 2 days ago

    2:47 those are memers

  • Low Health Hero
    Low Health Hero 2 days ago


    I'd just double down and quit working for the rest of my life until they kick me out.

  • mentally hilarious cat lady

    Is that a Jojo reference

  • Ramen Tango
    Ramen Tango 2 days ago

    Boss music plays when you enter r/insaneparents

  • bookl0ver
    bookl0ver 2 days ago

    Parents: Kids these days are absolute snowflakes who can't handle differing opinions and lifestyles
    Kid: Hey, I support the left and want to fight for climate change.
    Parents: BLASPHEMY.

  • Commandbaker333
    Commandbaker333 2 days ago +2

    Punishing someone by taking away their clothes

    Never heard that one before

  • Hydrospade8000 - Games - Animations - and More!

    3:44 should have been a choosing beggars...

  • Joost H
    Joost H 2 days ago

    "Adam and Steve" whahah

  • Aidan McElroy
    Aidan McElroy 3 days ago +2

    I hate when parents (unfortunately usually fathers) think that their children need their approval to date. 🤦‍♀️

  • Esperanza Pepico
    Esperanza Pepico 3 days ago

    Parents: why don't you go outside?
    me: goes outside
    Parents: why do you go outside too much

  • Greyson Nicholas
    Greyson Nicholas 3 days ago

    1:42 really? I counted and looked through all my records, and lowest I got in my life in 95%

  • Kyran Earl
    Kyran Earl 3 days ago

    if there is one thing I have taken away from this is that trick or treating =antifa and socialism

  • los cristianos
    los cristianos 3 days ago

    So i need to say this:
    My room Was supposed to be a kitchen
    But when we moved out they had taken the kitchen to where my room was supposed to be
    That means that my room is a freaking open space that connects to my mom’s bedroom,meaning that if she leaves his room she has full open view of all my room

  • Anonymous Studios
    Anonymous Studios 3 days ago

    But Halloween is the only time of the year where I can dress up however I want without paying $50+ to do so

  • JD DW
    JD DW 3 days ago

    2:43 that’s just wrong.
    No. 1 Terrorist threat
    No. 2 you’re restricting someone dating your daughter, meanwhile your over here fucking some lady.
    No. 3 If you keep that attitude up, she’ll be the end of your entire bloodline.
    No. 4 The new rule was essentially just the other 10 combined.
    No. 5 Your parents probably let you date someone, so why not let your child date someone?
    No. 6 It’s just fucked up.

  • Aaron Foster
    Aaron Foster 3 days ago

    Would you rather have an entitled or insane parent?

  • Micah Carpenter
    Micah Carpenter 3 days ago +1

    Me: *watching Steven universe with siblings*
    Mom: Turn it off!
    Me: Why?
    Mom: It’s weird!
    Me: *respectively* it’s not weird...
    Mom:Excuse me?? My six year old is watching this!! This is trash! *basically how dare you have an opinion* *more screaming and yelling* Go to your room and do math!
    Me: *Goes and has a mental breakdown*
    Btw we (including her six year old) can watch the office, parks and recreation, like all marvel stuff, bones, *insert almost any adult show here* and cartoons are absolutely a huge Nono. I can’t even say my opinion on a cartoon without being screamed at and “disrespecting my parents”! They say cartoons are written to basically change how a child thinks and his/her life view or something. Gee thanks mom I’m glad I’m not gonna be brainwashed by watching kid shows. Yeah mom I’m gonna start murdering people because I watched svtfoe (in which I had to stop watching cuz it heard the word boyfriend) Did I mention she yelled at me because of school when I struggled to tell her I was suicidal? Yeah... amazing...

  • Luca Michael
    Luca Michael 3 days ago

    this is literally like looking at pictures of a third world country and feeling kinda sorry

  • Ulrich d'Arth
    Ulrich d'Arth 3 days ago

    2:06 This boomer makes Elliot Rodger look like a sane healthy individual

  • WeepingAngel1999
    WeepingAngel1999 3 days ago +1

    10:26 Ahhh the classic, “I don’t need it, so neither do you”

  • Bell W
    Bell W 3 days ago

    I want to ask to walk my neighbor’s dog but my mom HATES dogs and “ DosEnt WanT tO DeAl WiTh a dOg” but she is wanting to go walking around and that would be a perfect opportunity to make money and learn to train a dog too heel but wth ever 🙄
    It makes me so upset that I can’t love dogs because she gets annoying about me want to train or walk someone’s dog.

  • Ñærütœ Užümäkï

    I don’t listen for foot steps

    I have to feel them pounding on the ground

  • Nova Linosvaeth
    Nova Linosvaeth 4 days ago

    Man if that dad isn't careful the kid who had their clothes taken could take up malicious compliance. XD Run out in just underwear when the dad hasn't noticed and try to get on to the bus. I'm sure the dad would have loved the call from the school. Granted I'm sure the dad left at least a few pairs of clothes to change into cause to be honest who didn't exaggerate their punishments to their friends.

  • Connor Wojeckowski
    Connor Wojeckowski 4 days ago

    4:57, I know that app I think, it’s called Life 360 and it can track you down to almost a pinpoint location. It also says when you’re leaving or arriving at home, and it shows where you’ve walked and when (how I got caught buying some chocolate milk at a king soopers near my school one morning.)

  • i am cool katzu
    i am cool katzu 4 days ago

    the halloween one is kinda true, until they started saying most kids turn out a certain way.

  • Aezakmi
    Aezakmi 4 days ago

    1:53 to check if a mirror is a one way or not, put your finger on it. For a normal mirror, there is a small gap between your finger and its reflection. On a one way, it will appear as if you are actually touching your reflected finger.

  • joshua jaziel melgoza gonzales

    My mom called me loser during 3 months for gettimg a 9.5

  • Sea Salt
    Sea Salt 4 days ago

    My first marking period this year, I had A’s in all of my classes except for English because I didn’t turn in an assignment on time. I got an 84% in that class because of it. My parents immediately concluded that “iT’S bEcAUsE oF THaT PhOne!” They grounded me for 2 weeks (no screen-time). I don’t understand why they got so mad that I got a GPA of 3.85. I’ve been genuinely confused since then.

  • Frazer Edge
    Frazer Edge 4 days ago


  • Azzareo
    Azzareo 4 days ago

    If your parent says that no boy is allowed to date you, then take them up on it! Belive me, within 5 years of you being on your own, they'll be begging for Grandlkids!

  • Plasma Destructo
    Plasma Destructo 4 days ago

    12:17 is that a Jojo reference?

  • Franchesca Mia
    Franchesca Mia 4 days ago

    It's just candy, Holy fuck. From where I am, it's either a treat or nothing, no one hates you for not having candy. But people do, because it's fun and kids having fun is pretty good, you feel?

  • Joel Fletcher
    Joel Fletcher 5 days ago

    Dan tdm is that u

  • Candy Valencia
    Candy Valencia 5 days ago

    Ok, let me say this, the best way to remove any malware is to blast them away with the tech with equivalent to a Russian 12 gauge slug going into a nazis chest, factory reset

  • Ry Mo
    Ry Mo 5 days ago

    5:53 My mom made me turn off parental stuff when I was 12 on my phone because she didn’t want a request every time I wanted an app

  • Andrew Miralrio
    Andrew Miralrio 5 days ago

    I feel like my mom is mild about these things
    My dad sincerely didn't give 2 shits about my life except for my happiness no matter what

  • Ethan Otto
    Ethan Otto 5 days ago

    I mean, I don't think that trackers or reading your kid's texts are that bad as long as the parents have a good attitude about it (they're just trying to help keep their kids away from stuff that could potentially hurt them or ruin their lives, assuming they're sane, that is), but trying to say that their legitimately earned money is yours and literally beating your children and putting one way mirrors in their room is way to far, and is ILLEGAL. I think I would call the police if my parents did something so evil as that.

  • Tea? Anyone, Earl grey hot maybe?

    In the states their called CPS
    In the UK we call them the SS

  • Rover N
    Rover N 5 days ago +1

    I can personaly relate to turning off my tracker and imedeitly getting a text about it

  • Stephen McGuire
    Stephen McGuire 5 days ago

    iS tHaT a JoJo ReFeReNcE????

  • Mads Christensen
    Mads Christensen 6 days ago

    2:44 best response 'neither am i'

  • CCTV Dankify
    CCTV Dankify 6 days ago

    Dads who do the whole "no dating" rule for their daughter are setting their daughters up for clinging to the first boy that gives them attention, good or bad, that rule is very unhealthy in my opinion. I cant wait for the Facebook dads to dislike this.