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Do you have any milk? Make this wonderful dessert without an oven! Few ingredients 🔝Dessert Recipe

  • Published on Jan 17, 2022
  • How to make Turkish delight sultan rolls? An easy and delicious milk dessert recipe.Turkish custard wrap recipe is one of the easy milk desserts with a guaranteed taste. In this episode, I am sharing the recipe for how to make palace sultan wrap Turkish delight with few ingredients and guaranteed flavor without breaking or cracking. I wish you a good time and a good day.
    Do you have milk and cacao? Make this wonderful dessert😍 No oven! Few ingredients 🔝 Dessert Recipe
    Do you have orange and milk? Make this delicious dessert👍No Oven Few ingredients🔝Dessert Recipe
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    Ingredients needed for easy milky sweet palace delight wrap
    1 liter milk
    1 cup of sugar
    1 cup of flour
    60 g butter
    1 package of vanilla
    1.5-2 cups shredded coconut
    1 finger missing from 1 glass of cold milk (170 ml)
    1 sachet of whipped cream powder
    crushed walnuts
    The glass measurement I use: 200 ml standard water glass.

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  • Sharath N B
    Sharath N B 3 months ago +591

    Just tried this today. Must say, it was Wow, just brilliant.. loved the taste and texture. Everyone at home loved it, it was a hit.
    I made one mistake, I poured the milk layer too thick, couldn't roll it later. So I cut it and stacked pieces on top of one another like a cake. It was worth trying..

    • Hala Mahmoud
      Hala Mahmoud 17 days ago

      @bigmudbish m Like Raffaello

    • Mel chillz
      Mel chillz 24 days ago

      @naganaboina chaitanya normal flour brother btw it's a girl not a boy that so it not your brother it's your sister her name his sharath not max

    • Maya Suwalka
      Maya Suwalka 25 days ago

      What type of flour ,did you use ??

    • Sharun Ali
      Sharun Ali 25 days ago


  • Aurelia Adamowicz
    Aurelia Adamowicz 3 months ago +63

    Pięknie wygląda deser, jest smaczny to widać :) pachnie kokosem, ja uwielbiam kokos...cudny jest Twój kanał ! pozdrawiam z Polski :)

  • Beata Gołąbek
    Beata Gołąbek Day ago

    Pozdrawiam z Lublina w Polsce, super przepis:)

  • Josef Andrew
    Josef Andrew 27 days ago +1

    Looks delicious, my favorite 🤩 sweet with coconut 🥥 absolutely gonna try it thank you 🙏🏽

  • Ritzzu(Sahibaaaa)🖤
    Ritzzu(Sahibaaaa)🖤 26 days ago

    It looks so delicious
    I'll definitely try♥️

  • Neha Sanghvi
    Neha Sanghvi 2 days ago

    Loved it especially beacuse it is eggless! We are vegetarian and dont use meat or eggs...it was a treat to watch...will definitely try

  • Sheila Martin
    Sheila Martin 3 months ago +19

    Thanks for taking the time to show each step in detail. It brings back so many memories of my mom and grandma cooking and teaching me the tricks of the trade! They would have both loved this. It's so good y'all. Fun, fun to prepare. I love coconut and this, I would call my coconut dream!!! Bring on the recipes!!!🥰

  • Syeda Sadaf110
    Syeda Sadaf110 Month ago +1

    Looks so tempting 🤤

  • Lifestyle with Syeda
    Lifestyle with Syeda Month ago +2

    That looks absolutely amazing. The hard work you invested in it is just priceless. sharing and amazing presentation!! BIG LIKE!

  • Irina Si
    Irina Si Month ago +4

    Выглядит очень вкусно😋
    Сделаю такие рулетики на выходных, побалую семью))
    Благодарю за рецепт!

  • Maria Jose da Nobrega Fernandes Maria

    Parece ser muito bom.

  • Andreia Marques Rodrigues
    Andreia Marques Rodrigues 2 months ago +29

    Fiz e é muito bom e fácil de fazer, no recheio de 3 coloquei manteiga de amendoim, em outros 3 colquei chantilly de chocolate e nos outros 6 chantilly normal e todos adoraram, a receita está aprovadissima
    E sou de Portugal 🇵🇹

  • Malik Malik
    Malik Malik 27 days ago

    It looks sooo delicious❤i will absolutely try it❤

  • Нафиса Дусанова

    Смотрится аппетитно .Наверно и на вкус нормальные.Надо попробовать сделать

  • Tanya Markovich Nikolich

    Such an easy soft delicious dessert. I just finished making mine, thanks to you and your video. Keep on posting as I love your videos. Tanja from Sydney Australia

  • Nuckin Futs
    Nuckin Futs Month ago

    This looks delicious and takes more than milk, give or take a couple other common staple ingredients. I'm no baker by any stretch, but I generally don't see many folks with shredded coconut and/or packets of powdered vanilla (I was today years old when I learned about this one) amongst their household staples. Nonetheless, I'd eat the heck outta this! 🤤

  • Serife Ramadan
    Serife Ramadan 3 months ago +51

    I made this and I used Mascarpone cheese instead of cream, everyone loved it, soo yummy 😋

  • Dream Bird
    Dream Bird Month ago +3

    Never try this dish ...now i am going to make this ...i am very excited 😋😋🤤🤤
    By the way love from India 🇮🇳

    • zaara hina
      zaara hina Month ago

      hello. where did you find vanilla sugar from?

  • Grażka
    Grażka 14 days ago +1

    Jestem z Polski, wspaniały przepis na szybkie ciasto, brawo!

  • Special Recipes by SA
    Special Recipes by SA 20 days ago

    Looks so Yammy,testy , delicious ❤️❤️

  • Family Food Passion
    Family Food Passion Month ago +2

    so good! have already done them twice and will definitely do them more because everyone who ate them liked them so much!

  • Clara Maria
    Clara Maria 3 months ago +23

    Parece muito fácil e gostoso 😋😋 também. Eu vou fazer aqui em casa e experimentar essa delícia 😋Maceió Alagoas// Brasil 🇧🇷

    • Arreda Bilad
      Arreda Bilad 2 months ago

      Je regarde de ouled berhil ( à 40 km de taroudant -maroc-

  • Shila Deb
    Shila Deb Month ago +1

    It Seems yummy, I'm gonna ask my mom if she can make this for me, Thanks alot for sharing the recipe 😊
    & I'm from Northeast India

  • Алина Алина
    Алина Алина 29 days ago +1

    Оказалось что нужно не только молоко но и кокосовая стружка, сливки и грецкие орехи. А так ниче всё легко и просто) спасибо за рецепт)

  • Плетение в интерьере

    Россия из Волгограда:) муж очень любит кокос ♥️ обязательно попробую. Спасибо за рецепт🥰

  • Akbala Karatay
    Akbala Karatay Month ago

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  • Janella Palma
    Janella Palma 3 months ago +7

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  • Trisha Sinha
    Trisha Sinha Month ago

    It looks so delicious 😋 yummm. ❤

  • Любовь Попова

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  • Karishma sharma
    Karishma sharma Month ago

    I love it... I'll definitely make it

  • Анастасия Лонская

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  • Anything About Life (Alessandra Aquino)

    This looks perfect and so yummy.God bless all those who reading this. May God grant all our wishes.

  • Ezzat Thrive
    Ezzat Thrive Month ago

    Looks yummy ! I am going to try it. Hopefully I can roll them right.

  • Nidhi Upadhyay
    Nidhi Upadhyay Month ago

    Watching from India, it looks so tasty, going to try it for my parents' anniversary.
    Thank you so much

  • Shahed Saade
    Shahed Saade Month ago

    It looks delicious 😋 I have a question.. Can I give up the whipped cream?

  • deviprasad sahoo
    deviprasad sahoo Month ago +1

    Excellent🤗 Can anything else can be used in place of desiccated coconut like bread crumbs...please suggest.

  • Светлана Левина

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  • Rosemarie Mohl
    Rosemarie Mohl 5 days ago

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  • Saidati MOHAMADI
    Saidati MOHAMADI 14 days ago

    Merci beaucoup, ça a l'air super bon miam 😋

  • Traditional Rasoi22
    Traditional Rasoi22 25 days ago

    Looks so good and yummy 🤤 thanks for sharing 👍🏻

  • Marhii Star
    Marhii Star 2 months ago +13

    Gostei muito dessa receita!
    Bem diferente de tudo o que eu já conheço!
    Delícia 😋😋😋
    ❤ Amo côco🥥e nozes também!🥨

  • Niebe Linda Lozano Guevara

    Se ve rico , lo preparare,soy de Peru y m encanta la reposteria,gracias x compartir sus eseñanzas.

  • Anna-Bella Dimitrova
    Anna-Bella Dimitrova 23 days ago

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  • Patricia Quevedo
    Patricia Quevedo Month ago

    Hola! Escribo desde Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Me encantó tu receta!

  • In Cetera
    In Cetera Month ago

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  • reegina Cm
    reegina Cm 3 months ago +8

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    Andradas-MG- Brasil

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    Thanks for the recipe, I'll add it to my collection. Hello from Krasnodar))

  • Czarah Catalla
    Czarah Catalla Month ago +1

    Do you think there could be any alternative for the coconut? I wanna try this but I really don't like shredded coconut. :(

    • Hyse Rrahmani
      Hyse Rrahmani 26 days ago

      Ich denke man kann es genauso gut mit gemahlenen Nüssen machen zum Beispiel Haselnüsse.

  • Lola Erm
    Lola Erm 22 days ago

    Какой замечательный рецептик!!😍🫶 Я из Владивостока 🤍🕊

  • فطومه العوامي

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  • Mała Mi
    Mała Mi 2 months ago +8

    Wygląda obłędnie!

  • indhu durai
    indhu durai 28 days ago +1

    Haii... This looks so delicious😋 sure I will make this...your way of making recipes is also very good... My hearty wishes and Love from Tamilnadu, 🇮🇳india.

  • kirandeep kaur Ranu

    It looks yum 🤤.. can someone help me to tell that which flour she used? Wheat or plan ? Thanks

  • short clips
    short clips Month ago +1

    Omg i tried this desert today for iftiyari i ws jst woww nd my family loved it so muchhh it was very simple easy to make thankyou so much for sharing this delicious recipe wth us .....love from india💟

    • short clips
      short clips 26 days ago +1

      @Silent Moments i used maida (for all purpose)

    • Silent Moments
      Silent Moments 26 days ago

      Can u tell me which flour u r used in this desert..? I also wanna try

  • Neha N D
    Neha N D Day ago

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      yhyywra Ali Month ago

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      Dany Almeida 2 months ago

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      Irina Vovk 3 months ago +1

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  • Ali Alam
    Ali Alam 27 days ago

    Nice dessert...I'll definitely try it
    Thank you

  • Saad Awan
    Saad Awan Month ago

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    Bellahsene Nadia Month ago +1

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  • Umirzakova Nodira
    Umirzakova Nodira 7 days ago

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    Mina Tapia 3 months ago +11

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  • Кравченко Полина

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    Попробовали сделать, всё легко и просто. А на вкус вкусненькое.
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    • И снова Здрасьте!
      И снова Здрасьте! 28 days ago

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  • Nuran Yüce
    Nuran Yüce Month ago

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    Banana_Milk;) 20 days ago +3

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  • Nadia Elsemine
    Nadia Elsemine 19 days ago

    This looks so beautiful and easy to make and I’m sure delicious 😋
    I’m watching from Toronto, Canada. My family and I are not too crazy about coconut. What else can I use to make sure I can roll it out of the tray same as you are? Thanks for sharing

    • Nadia Elsemine
      Nadia Elsemine 17 days ago

      @celestae143 thank you 👍🏻

    • celestae143
      celestae143 17 days ago

      Instead of coconut maybe you can use powdered cookies like Oreo or Digestive cookies (or any of Your own preference). Taste may not be exact as that of coconut, but I am sure it will work. Or even crushed Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies or Bread C
      Crumbs mixed with sugar. With each one the taste varies.....

  • Opeoluwa Chidi
    Opeoluwa Chidi 26 days ago

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    Sou do Rio de Janeiro - Brasil 🇧🇷

    MANIDEEP SHARMA 17 days ago

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  • Nirmla John
    Nirmla John 26 days ago

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    Razviaa 3 months ago +14

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    I'm gonna make this when I don't want to drink milk hehe 😀

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    Fhc Dgg Month ago

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    Arbresha K. 7 days ago

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    Warda Mukarram 26 days ago

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    باقر حيال Month ago

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  • mamcmo
    mamcmo Month ago +16

    so good! have already done them twice and will definitely do them more because everyone who ate them liked them so much! Do not like coconut flakes so I used almond flour, great and good anyway 👌🏼Thank you so much 💕❣️

    • pinkbubbles
      pinkbubbles 28 days ago

      I was about to ask what ingredient to replace coconut 😊 almond flour is a good idea. Thanks

    • komali
      komali 29 days ago

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      umer saeed Month ago +1

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    Cabir Karakaplan Month ago

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  • The adventure of old cartoons

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    Гуль 29 days ago

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    Hema Kharkongar 9 days ago

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    Shony 3 months ago +4

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    Umai Banu 9 days ago

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