12 Cool Stash Gadgets

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • 20 Cheapest Camping Gadgets from Walmart Part 2 - ru-clip.com/video/d_kwpVidiYM/video.html
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  • Subhash Puthran
    Subhash Puthran 8 hours ago

    What is the first Gadgets name plz tell me

  • Malthe2o Ps
    Malthe2o Ps 20 hours ago

    Was i the only one who thought he was flexing when he said with the marker I think that is to much cash

  • Chris 5401
    Chris 5401 Day ago +1

    Is that actual mtn dew in it to drink tho

  • Poseidon
    Poseidon Day ago

    Drug lords take notes

  • Lidl
    Lidl 6 days ago

    Kod nas u Bosni ti ukradu i hranu i pice dzaba ti sakrivati u u pringles i sok

  • Daryush Nadjafi
    Daryush Nadjafi 18 days ago

    the bolt was my favourite then the stainless steel bottle you could even put a tiny bit of Loctite on it

  • thekidsofrandom
    thekidsofrandom Month ago

    the lighter was made by a potheaf

  • Ivan
    Ivan Month ago

    Casually stashing a wad of hundreds

  • Jack Golden
    Jack Golden Month ago

    What is someone is like ohhh dang he has Pringle’s wait what!

  • life of slav
    life of slav Month ago

    Why taras doing video on spy stuff

  • faisal shaik
    faisal shaik Month ago

    Very informative video

  • Kavitha bm
    Kavitha bm Month ago +1

    They may assume that nothing is there in bottle before seeing your video😅😋

  • SpitfiretheCat16
    SpitfiretheCat16 Month ago

    Taras, quietly disposing of the coke vials:

  • Clash With Ryan
    Clash With Ryan Month ago

    I want all of this stuff

  • Ramon Delgado
    Ramon Delgado 2 months ago

    Cocaine anyone?? Lol

  • ChronoPierce
    ChronoPierce 2 months ago

    The first thing I noticed was the Bow at his ceiling

  • darksunfal
    darksunfal 2 months ago

    I like the book!

  • Unknown Savage
    Unknown Savage 2 months ago

    For the first gadget people can do illegal stuff with it too

  • Steve Logaan
    Steve Logaan 2 months ago

    Gaczhech, welcome to my laboyvoytory, boom!

  • chesh kat
    chesh kat 2 months ago

    Your guests have the munchies and dry mouth, say gbye to your stash.

  • Samrat Suraj
    Samrat Suraj 2 months ago

    It will work in exams...😅😅😅

  • Samrat Suraj
    Samrat Suraj 2 months ago


  • Thomas Lin
    Thomas Lin 3 months ago

    My son just threw my empty canister of pringles away...... Hahaha.. It wasn't funny when I forgot I had 2. 4 million dollars in it

  • Terry Queen
    Terry Queen 3 months ago

    They also make great ones for pistols and rifles

  • Steven Chammas
    Steven Chammas 3 months ago

    Taras how you get the gadget storedge mountain dew bottle and pringles

  • Azura
    Azura 3 months ago

    3:38 riiiight

  • Sheree Wordell
    Sheree Wordell 3 months ago

    Cool gadgets! When I first saw the Mountain Dew bottle I thought it was real!

  • Alex Y.
    Alex Y. 3 months ago


  • soter305
    soter305 3 months ago

    Dang bro you’re making those stacks.

  • Z0NE
    Z0NE 3 months ago

    4:13 legit thought that was vodka..

  • corral402
    corral402 3 months ago

    RU-clip is paying him well

  • simone nz
    simone nz 3 months ago

    Hmm. Lighter stash? I wonder what goes in there,,,,,,,,, lol

  • Jonny_mazerati
    Jonny_mazerati 3 months ago

    Den u can store a whole bunch of cash in there ... that might be too much cash ....🤔🤔

  • The hamster
    The hamster 3 months ago

    My boy using only hunnids

    AOAWQ 3 months ago

    haha, if I was a thief, I would take your chips and mountain dew

  • Colorsof Avon
    Colorsof Avon 3 months ago

    Very cool!

    ZJEDNOCZENIE 4 months ago

    1:51 :|

  • MsFiregal8
    MsFiregal8 4 months ago


  • Honey 87
    Honey 87 4 months ago

    I saw his Pokemon 😂

  • MrCervasio1
    MrCervasio1 4 months ago

    Great gagics

  • Shain Majiedt
    Shain Majiedt 4 months ago

    The hair spray

    xCGCxGOxGETxIT 4 months ago

    I think the mountain dew one is the best one

  • Tania
    Tania 4 months ago

    Casually places hundred dollar Bills

  • Daren Hubble
    Daren Hubble 5 months ago

    You should review an anti flexing gadget😂😂.......PS:Ya “HIDE” Yur Picture In Plane Sight👌👌👌

  • LimaBeans
    LimaBeans 5 months ago

    Wierd flex

  • Dark Wolf2231
    Dark Wolf2231 5 months ago

    Anyone else thinking about reading him for his stash

  • Karim Shaikh
    Karim Shaikh 5 months ago

    Cash haga

  • ryan rohr
    ryan rohr 5 months ago

    Now I know what to look for if I rob him

  • Alexander Sevilla
    Alexander Sevilla 5 months ago

    Now I know where his money's hiding

  • Vape In The City
    Vape In The City 5 months ago

    Weird flex but ok

  • Leon O'Brien
    Leon O'Brien 5 months ago

    He has to use $100 notes

  • Wesley Dechavez
    Wesley Dechavez 5 months ago

    legends say that all his kitchen gadgets have cash

  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort 5 months ago

    If you rob him, just grab anything you can. The apples on the table, stashes. The kitchen knife, a stash. The dog bowls, stashes as well.

  • Charlotte Brackenbury
    Charlotte Brackenbury 6 months ago

    Comb he couldn't use lol

  • Anything Series
    Anything Series 6 months ago

    3:28. Regrets Life Decision.

  • Sanjeev Mishra
    Sanjeev Mishra 6 months ago

    Bro if you carry that brush the police say you are bald why are you carrying this

    DHRUVINIT 6 months ago

    Crazy Russian hackers I think after watching this video thieves will come in your house.xd

  • NeonWarper
    NeonWarper 6 months ago

    You could use your wallet

  • NeonWarper
    NeonWarper 6 months ago

    Category science and technology

  • V2 Clan
    V2 Clan 6 months ago

    Just casually puts like $300 in each gadjik