Oldest Technologies Scientists Still Can't Explain

  • Published on May 22, 2019
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    Human beings are capable of building incredible structures, from the latest cutting-edge office blocks to artistic sculptures. Cathedrals, sporting arenas, and monuments all over the world are a testament to our creative skill as a species. In the modern era though, we have technology to help us, from huge mechanical drills to laser cutting curved glass. Builders didn’t have these luxuries in ancient times, so how did they manage to create some of the ancient wonders we’re about to show you in this video? Science still doesn’t have the answers.
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  • David Parks
    David Parks 17 hours ago

    We've fallen, and we can't get up.

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones Day ago +1

    Never forget that when the Nazca lines were being made in South America, three wise men followed a wandering star for months to grubstake a new King on Planet Earth...
    The only God of men to come out of the Heavens...

  • Goben Canama
    Goben Canama Day ago

    That giant stone are made by the giant man and giant animals, if you dont believe it, then it was made by dwarf people.

  • atomac23
    atomac23 Day ago

    Today's scientists are arrogant and they act as inquisition. Any opposite opinion is rejected.

  • Funkmaster Blaster

    Someone..somewhere is way over guessing..

  • Eric Melo
    Eric Melo Day ago

    Does the narrator know where Pero is at? Cause when he refers to the incas they show the movie Apocalypto which is supposed to represent the Aztecs in Mexico 🤔🤪

  • Zack Mcalpin
    Zack Mcalpin 3 days ago +5

    Only a fool would say that giants never existed. The Smithsonian(and others) has suppressed findings.

  • Manju Natha
    Manju Natha 4 days ago +2

    When I was young, I saw an old man just squeezing some herb juice on a stone and the juice made an inch of hole on the stone.this was in 1976 near Mysore.India.our elders\forefathers were really knowledgeable.

  • Refinnej
    Refinnej 4 days ago

    Are you getting all your ideas from conspiracy theory websites, a Christian nutter board, or both seeing as they often overlap? Even the Ural Mountain coils cannot be proven. They have only been "dated" by one source and there are far more logical reasons of them being there like how test rockets that used very similar parts were tested over the area. These parts also disappeared after 9 years when the main researcher died and no documents were ever made available even though they were allegedly researched in 3 additional facilities besides the facility that "dated" them.

  • A.H. A. AWARE
    A.H. A. AWARE 4 days ago


  • XNick
    XNick 5 days ago

    4:11 - often walk there - beautiful place

  • Ramon Suarez
    Ramon Suarez 6 days ago

    Huge blocks of stones can be carried by huge human beings and with leverage tools they can carry out constructing megalith structures,read your Bibles ,humans before the great flood lives up to 900 years old ...too much time to do thinking and planning and with large body built means larger brains , smart beings ! During the times of Moses giants still exist even during the days of King David ,Goliath is one of them.

  • Shane Jeanfaivre
    Shane Jeanfaivre 6 days ago

    Maybe ancient cultures did have equipment such as electric drills and other things used to cut stones and various metals. There's plenty of evidence in the Egyptian hieroglyphs to suggest they did indeed have electricity

  • Erik Heath
    Erik Heath 7 days ago +1

    It's called the HUMAN BRAIN!!!

  • Prometheus All
    Prometheus All 7 days ago


  • Treva Blalock
    Treva Blalock 9 days ago +1

    I believe fallen angels and their offspring with human women did alot of these structures. The bible does talk about there being giant's before and after the flood. I don't think humans were here much longer then a little over 6000 yrs.
    Something to think about.

    • Refinnej
      Refinnej 4 days ago

      Aliens make more sense than the Bible.

  • Richard Truckner
    Richard Truckner 9 days ago

    Not sure who writes your scripts but you give little credit to human ingenuity and craftsmanship. Essentially, you have shown several examples of the incredible workmanship of ancient craftsman and engineers. Given enough time and determination, awesome engineering wonders are more than achievable !

    • francois clermont
      francois clermont 9 days ago

      the main question is tools and energy , today to work on granite you need tools that have an hardness of 9 on Mohs scale , tools that do not exist before , just think of Greek and Romans they had better engineering and iron tools ( 5 hardness ) but they worked on limestone and marble

  • Kavalam Sooraj
    Kavalam Sooraj 9 days ago

    13:12 i know what this is..
    It is a public toilet...

  • salman origins
    salman origins 10 days ago

    Give us information about harapa and mohanje daro in Pakistan

  • danny K.
    danny K. 10 days ago +2

    *Thousands of people must have been involved*
    Meanwhile ...
    One man building large pools in the middle of nowhere with a large stick.

  • Anarchist Zero
    Anarchist Zero 10 days ago

    Please don't be naive: if they do know how those artifacts were made, then do you truly think they would share such knowledge with Us? #ClassifiedPatents & #BreakawayCivilization & whereisthemoney.org & gizadeathstar.com & broadleft.org

  • Baerchenization
    Baerchenization 11 days ago

    No wonder we don't have real explanations if in the year 2019, you can STILL make money on RU-clip by saying "I don't know, therefore god"... I think I am up to something here, seeing how this channel has 315K subs.

    • Patrick Rwiranga
      Patrick Rwiranga 7 days ago

      @Baerchenization find the Truth, It shall set you free.

    • Patrick Rwiranga
      Patrick Rwiranga 7 days ago

      @Baerchenization I am not embarrassed of my faith in Jesus Christ.

    • Baerchenization
      Baerchenization 7 days ago

      @Patrick Rwiranga Golden rule of internet conduct: never post embarrassing nonsense under your real name.

    • Patrick Rwiranga
      Patrick Rwiranga 7 days ago

      If in the year 2019 research and history still says but God". Might have to start taking Him serious.

  • N Kunnath
    N Kunnath 11 days ago

    Only bible has the answer,it's the fallen angel which took the daughters of man,who built it..It's a generation destroyed by God in flood where Noah's was safe.These neflims had angelic power to creat all this but they were a wicked breed,so they got destroyed.. They same cycle is soon possible for the current wicked generation...

    1031KRONTZ GERMERICAN 11 days ago +2

    Why do we assume the ancient civilizations were not as smart as we are today? Obviously they were gar superior!

  • Eric M
    Eric M 11 days ago

    my new thing is to press dislike on every video right away... change my mind.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 11 days ago +4

    the pyramids were geopolymer. they mushed a stony paste into moulds. they didnt haul giant blocks ffs.

    • A M
      A M 8 days ago

      It can't be because there are no two stones that are exactly the same.

  • Joshua Ingram
    Joshua Ingram 12 days ago +1

    I suspect that these Japanesewere used in conjunction with other stones in the same way that modern Japanese carpentry uses joinery.
    Ie. The holes in the big ol' Japanese stones were actually the female end of a joint that connected other stones to it.

  • RXTE
    RXTE 12 days ago

    Take 2stone's, one made of softer material and one if harder material, rub them together and the harder stone will wear down the softer stone just as sand paper does. Ancient structures with high precision and no Mark's from carving were probably carved out and then the surfaces were smoothed out using other harder material, it's a little silly to assume a cave or building was created with one tool, you dig the structure out then go back and polish it up to make it look nice.

    SAMUEL ALBERT 13 days ago

    what is hovering in the sunset at 7:47

    Dr ROLFCOPTER! 13 days ago

    You do not think they had chisels in India 1000 years ago? Of course they did, how do you think they carved the Buddhas 500-1000 years earlier than that? There were even chisels in ancient Greece and Rome as well as egpyt thousands of years ago.

  • Guy Folks
    Guy Folks 13 days ago

    These things seem to be undeniable proofs of prior advanced civilizations long predating any known history.
    Man may have risen and fallen hundreds of times in the distant past.
    I think it is significant that all these aicient relics seem to display one commom characteristic. STONE. The one thing that ignores time, and lasts till the next generation of man arrives

  • HalfricanItalian
    HalfricanItalian 13 days ago

    This video sounds like anti-science propaganda.

  • D blanco
    D blanco 14 days ago

    How u going to put mayans and say back to the incas??? COMPLETELY DIFFERENT cultures WWWWOOOOWWWW

  • Vîmúkthï Chãmîkå


  • Jon Anthony
    Jon Anthony 14 days ago +2

    We still don’t know exactly who built the pyramids because we still have assholes out there trying to make us believe they (Egyptians)did it when we KNOW it wasn’t them.. see that’s why we have so many problems figuring things out about earths past-were indoctrinated by school and universities and then have mainstream talking heads blowing smoke up our asses.. here’s a hint-WE DONT NEED THOSE LIARS !

  • John F.
    John F. 14 days ago +11

    Imagine what these ruins looked like when they were newly built .. The Design,detail, Colors Must have truly been Breathtakingly amazing

  • JReyes Moctezuma
    JReyes Moctezuma 14 days ago +2

    Is in the Bible, Gigants.
    Yet destroyed I the Amorite before them, whose height was like the height of the cedars, and he was strong as the oaks; yet I destroyed his fruit from above, and his roots from beneath.
    Amos 2:9

  • JReyes Moctezuma
    JReyes Moctezuma 14 days ago

    Gigantes de ALTURA como los CEDROS.

    Mucha gente no cree en la Biblia y otros creen que hay muchas exajeraciones, Pero todo lo que está Escrito con el paso del tiempo se ha estado comprobado y cumpliendo al pie de la Letra.
    Asi dice en las Sagradas Escrituras:
    Yo destruí delante de ellos al amorreo, cuya altura era como LA ALTURA DE LOS CEDROS, y fuerte como una encina; y destruí su fruto arriba y sus raíces abajo.
    Amós 2:9

  • ibervang
    ibervang 14 days ago

    They didn't work 9-17 or what ever. What else did they have to do. They proberly spend alot of time honing their skill

  • Stephen Gong
    Stephen Gong 14 days ago

    It's funny how everyone's crapping on the subject of this video and subject of these mavels of construction, but no one's made a factual comment of how it could've been achieved in those times. I. Guess moving a 100+ton peice of stone is easy by how many people or animals using what kinda rope?!

  • demonsluger
    demonsluger 14 days ago

    Brian foerster have debunked the inca steps having much difference and i say its fcking logical they wouldnt if u take a plant and take it to your balcony 4 meters up it wont make much difference why would it here....

  • demonsluger
    demonsluger 14 days ago

    Get your facts right the box is older than 3000

  • ToDreamOrNotToDream
    ToDreamOrNotToDream 15 days ago +1

    Comparing to modern people, might say that people who lived several millenniums ago were (almost all) geniuses. Each of their sentences were deep like book. Word was god/Lord. Not only they could speak, what not all could they do!
    Now, word is god no more. God/LORD is Jesus, or some other made up bloke. Once bible was collection of wisdom, now a collection of trash. Science is prohibited for public. Anyone inventing anything that would relieve human civilization from using fossil fuels, is assassinated. Top notch space tech, including true interstellar traveling, allowed only for oligarchs and top secret military units. Public scientists are nothing but just random people who get paid to take part in science fraud. People used herbal medicine for tens of thousands of years, including cannabis, all tested, verified and worked, but now marked as fake news, criminal fraud. Now using radiation and just as deadly chemicals to "cure" cancer...
    We had everything for tens of thousands of years that would make us all happy. Now we have banks, fossil fuels, mass control, and only oligarchs and simpletons are happy. No mystery, only ignorance.

  • Zirum _
    Zirum _ 15 days ago +2

    Guys its possible to do any of these I did it in minecraft

  • Ron Martin
    Ron Martin 15 days ago +1

    I believe the Earth is older than we think it is and that previous civilizations lived long enough to advanced past where we are currently. The other possibility is that these structures were made by Aliens visiting Earth in our ancient history. While it is possible that previous civilizations were actually from other planets. Whatever the truth is these ancient structures were built by people more advanced than we are! I think that anti gravity devices moved these huge stones and that Lasers were used to carve them to fit so perfectly as they do. It could be that natural disasters forced these Aliens to leave Earth or a huge war wiped all of these people out. It may be that these past civilizations simply obtained a certain level and then was destroyed by them in war. Now after thousands of years our current civilization has reached a point where we are starting to be able to build things like our ancestors could! And will we eventually kill our civilization in a nuclear war? They say History Repeats itself! We may simply be in a large never ending circle of Life! And after we end ourselves, man will start over and continue the circle!

    • francois clermont
      francois clermont 9 days ago

      mostly agree laser tools were not used not enough technological advanced , when we talk of extra terrestrial civilizations we have to suppose they can travel through space at speed faster than light they must have also technologies to be able to cut and shape any kind of rocks , they were on earth 20,000 years ago but they were forced to leave before 12,900 years possibly after an interstellar war

  • DonutsRYummy
    DonutsRYummy 15 days ago

    One thousand years or more from now our structures, skyscrapers, bridges etc will all be gone, and the old ancient monolithic structures will be still standing

  • Donald Livengood
    Donald Livengood 15 days ago +2

    Obviously there were civilizations that predated us in which their technology was far beyond our current knowledge. It makes me wonder how many times cataclysmic world wide disasters have befallen mankind. The other theory is that there were other creatures that inhabited this Earth that physically and intellectually have far outstripped us. We are the poor and inferior cousin.

    • Josh Shields
      Josh Shields 11 days ago

      Giant megalithic stones yet where are the tools?

  • teospower
    teospower 16 days ago +9

    I love how much of a lot of these "unexplained" things are down to sand grinding + labour + time.

    • teospower
      teospower 10 days ago

      @2SeizeTheDay There are numerous ways depending on where it was done; Sleds, wooden rollers, river barges and even in some cases (Of what I guess is smaller stones) holes where yokes for lifting would have been inserted.

    • 2SeizeTheDay
      2SeizeTheDay 10 days ago

      Ok, now tell me how 50+ ton stones were quarried and transported miles to development sites.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 11 days ago

      or a much easier method using organic plant acids to soften stone and scrape it away. this is still used in peru for making traditional stone dolls.
      acetic, ascorbic and tartaric organic acids have a far stronger action on rocks than hydrochloric or sulfuric acids.
      the plants secrete these acids from their roots to break down mninerals. it makes sense.

  • Mark William
    Mark William 16 days ago

    Ancient people dont want us to know how they biult those structures so they destroyed all their records.

  • Mario Tali
    Mario Tali 16 days ago

    Damn. I fall asleep and omg i saw what i wrote:))) damn. True story. I was talki g to my girfriend and as this time i fall asleep and i text her so.e simillar. She believed that i was laughing at her and broke out with me. For that...thank you me!!:)

  • Mario Tali
    Mario Tali 16 days ago

    Loo*]mk mk mk mk mk mk lelicated

  • stayjit1
    stayjit1 16 days ago +4

    10:14 At the same time this was built Europeans were erecting cathedrals with PLANS, and TOOLS. Why is the idea 'inconceivable' that people down the road couldn't do this as well ?

  • Glorp Wallaby
    Glorp Wallaby 16 days ago +15

    They call themselves scientist but can't even accept that they might not be the first intelligent civilization🤦🤦🤦🤦

    That's why we left.........

    • LennyDeee
      LennyDeee 7 days ago

      Absolute nonsense mate, ever heard of the Fermi paradox? Mega famous scientific dilemma. The only reason it's a paradox is that scientists kow there SHOULD be intelligence out there even if they haven't personally experienced it. Who doesnt accept it? Go ahead and hit us up with some quotes if this isn't something you're just making up as you go

    • Twilight Sparkle
      Twilight Sparkle 13 days ago

      I haven't really heard any real scientists deny that there's probably intelligent life other than human, it's almost stupid to think there isn't

    • Jonny Ringo
      Jonny Ringo 13 days ago

      You got that right , We seem to be very arrogant to think we are the only civilization in our vast universe , there has to be far superior beings jetting around our planetary system who are probably laughing at our primitive ways .....

  • E G
    E G 17 days ago

    Humanity before our humanity time duhhh

    CARLOS JAVIER RUIZ GOMEZ 17 days ago +5

    The only the thing you need to built them its time, hard work, skills, patience, intelligence.... seriously, how big is our ego to assume the couldnt do it?

    CARLOS JAVIER RUIZ GOMEZ 17 days ago +7

    And this kids its what you can achieve when you take away celphones and other distractors...

  • Bela Molina
    Bela Molina 17 days ago +1

    Them: who built this?
    Me: Us
    We are been here since the beginning we keep repeating our mistakes over and over again.. someone manipulated us and tricked us.. he never forced us to repeat our lifetime over and over again.. what he does is tricking.. he is a trickster God... 😊😊 its time to end this shit....

    • Bela Molina
      Bela Molina 14 days ago +1

      @Sgr A* all prophet and gods we worshipped are working for the trickster god... they have access to future events of course they know what will happen and we called it vision and prophecy.. we the current humans are created by this trickster god and here we are a very destructive creation

    • Sgr A*
      Sgr A* 14 days ago

      What stops a prophet from drawing or "copying" future things he saw in a vision. If he hidden the work someone in the future will say "this resembles a current...". I'm interested in what you're saying though.

  • Richard Autry
    Richard Autry 17 days ago

    The absolute blindness of those so-called "experts" is way beyond me. Those items in Japan and everywhere else was done by humans who had lived before the flood. It appears those two items of stone which seem to be halted in mid construction were likely being worked on when the waters fell from the sky and the ground broke up, releasing all the waters from the aquifers.

  • roblindsay101
    roblindsay101 18 days ago

    Gobekli Tepe?

  • AASHISH kumar
    AASHISH kumar 18 days ago

    You fools don't agree but it's answer you will find in Quran which mentions giant people of samud prophet they were 60-70 feet tall and strongest man ever on Earth
    All these massive structure were created by them at there time