Oldest Technologies Scientists Still Can't Explain

  • Published on May 22, 2019
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    Human beings are capable of building incredible structures, from the latest cutting-edge office blocks to artistic sculptures. Cathedrals, sporting arenas, and monuments all over the world are a testament to our creative skill as a species. In the modern era though, we have technology to help us, from huge mechanical drills to laser cutting curved glass. Builders didn’t have these luxuries in ancient times, so how did they manage to create some of the ancient wonders we’re about to show you in this video? Science still doesn’t have the answers.
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  • Neng Sanaxay
    Neng Sanaxay 2 hours ago

    every place builing by last big people

  • sebastiao mendonca
    sebastiao mendonca 8 hours ago

    essas porcarias de advertise no meio dos videos, torna o lazer uma tragedia, isso e detestavel,

  • Stanley Mcfalls The Southern Comedian

    Do know back then time was really all they had on there side ...............

  • F R A M E P I X E R
    F R A M E P I X E R 9 hours ago


  • gorflunk
    gorflunk 10 hours ago

    Who lived before the Incas? Easy, the Pencilcas.

  • gorflunk
    gorflunk 10 hours ago


  • clarence clark
    clarence clark 12 hours ago

    fallen angels like everything in the heavens today the bible says we will know this is when he is coming back Amen come Jesus

  • Shanky Chandra
    Shanky Chandra 13 hours ago


  • Mac Mac
    Mac Mac 15 hours ago

    ancient builders: leaves no trace of things they made
    modern builders: make sure their name was written on it.

  • bill reed
    bill reed 16 hours ago

    Because it is not cost effective. They used a huge number of people, that worked endless hours for no money. Give me 40,000 slaves and 30years and see what I can build.

  • Dr Bob Gregson
    Dr Bob Gregson 18 hours ago

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  • Martin Morgan
    Martin Morgan 19 hours ago

    Back then they worked to build safe non bio hazard places, now you have people who destroy the earth with hazardous chemicals

  • Archie Bunker
    Archie Bunker 19 hours ago

    Science is nothing more than man’s best guess. Sometimes they just happen to be right.

  • wms72
    wms72 21 hour ago

    To be honest, that piece found in Russia doesn't look like the Urals. Maybe if it were upside down?

  • Jose Jimenez
    Jose Jimenez Day ago

    Money builds. No money no build , no matter how creative....money money money/

  • Joseph Kovacs
    Joseph Kovacs Day ago

    Most of these ancient methods of stone carving, metal working, etc that's so hard to figure out how it was don't 2000 years ago or 700 years ago all get lost when people are taken over, they hide there secrets and forget to pass it on to the youth, the skilled people are killed off as to not later defeat the conqueror, or just the dark ages where there was nothing but survival. Let alone who is going to let one person with a batshit crazy idea build the concept of a modern day helicopter that we easily understand, have seen, etc but no such thing existed back then and try explaining to the guy in charge that you "want to build the first flying machine please give me your money dude". Ain't gonna happen. If a king wanted it done, it got done and we learn. If we don't pass on knowledge, it's lost, easy as that

  • rocktuned
    rocktuned Day ago

    05:54 it's Sacsayhuaman mate.

  • sajana helanjith

    King Ravana🙏

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Day ago

    "They were buried 40 feet below the surface of the river"? And how exactly were they found? And what was someone doing at the time they were found? Magnet fishing?

  • Lone Monaro
    Lone Monaro Day ago

    Everything that cannot be explained, they default aliens, god's or whatever. They are all man-made, but we do not have their basic understanding of how they created these objects.

  • Gadet Martin
    Gadet Martin Day ago

    Those are not stones. Some kind of clays were shaped and burnt.

  • Bishop Kelley
    Bishop Kelley Day ago

    They had better technology Before the Flood believe it or not they were so smart that was one of the reasons why the "Most High" flooded the Earth in the first place mixing and splicing DNA,the same stuff we're doing now there's nothing new Under the Sun! ( And by the way the pyramids were built by Angels).

  • ਅਤਵਾਦੀ

    2:16 this is such a colonialist comment! everything gets white washed.they had the technology !

  • Fabrizio Bernasconi

    Aliens!!! 👍

  • J Diaz
    J Diaz 2 days ago

    Why r angels always portrayed as white fuck off

  • tailspin
    tailspin 2 days ago

    Why is it so hard for us to believe today that maybe, just maybe we might have had a bit more brain power than we have today and none off what we are seeing now was impossible! Obviously its not. Its already been put here for us to learn from. Instead we go......Hmm.............How did they do this........nah ancient civilizations were brainless, ignorant, less than human, etc...............Sorry it just gets old........Who's with me!

  • Charon1 Growtopia
    Charon1 Growtopia 2 days ago

    Genius Human Exist so the past 🤔🤔

  • Jan Mark
    Jan Mark 2 days ago

    nice one

  • Warsaw -Chicago-Direct

    Duh, and the camera surveillance would have gotten them on film. Come on people 🙄

  • Alexandre Ouellet
    Alexandre Ouellet 2 days ago

    Easy, they knew how to calcify garnite!!!
    we could too if we knew the recipie :P

  • Sykes
    Sykes 2 days ago

    And I thought the Flintstones were not real.

  • Ebenezer Stooge
    Ebenezer Stooge 2 days ago

    Faker than Mountain Dew Electrocution.

  • Doug Collum
    Doug Collum 2 days ago

    F*CK Royal canin

  • David Karowski
    David Karowski 2 days ago

    everyone that goes over this shit is over thinking this shit. it was done with hammers, chisels, sand grinding, and etc. I mean fuck there are records on how the Egyptians did it and moved the stones but yall dont believe what the Egyptians tell you THEMSELVES.

  • Smooth Criminal
    Smooth Criminal 2 days ago

    Don't worry.. end of the world is near.. after that many will die.. until another specie of human will appear and they will make research and study on how did we create infrastructure on our time .. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gunnar Hosch
    Gunnar Hosch 2 days ago

    This is "proof" that the modern man is lazy and ignorant. Ancient civilizations where stubborn, hard working and creative, truly believing constructing whatever they did had a higher meaning. And not to forget - THAT is what they did, all day, every day.

  • Annegret Meier
    Annegret Meier 2 days ago

    Because of this video I consider writing a paper about on of these founds. So I wanted to ask if you could send me your sources so I can use them, because through google non of the websides are extensive and express that many facts as you say in the video.

  • Andy S
    Andy S 2 days ago

    WTF? Never mind the pyramids or the giant slabs of stone being carved out. Did this video just say they found coil wire that is 300,000 years old that's made out of copper and tungsten, along with what appears to be motor shafts? So, this video is either being completely dishonest or....well I don't know really. 300,000 year old coil wire. So, we either de-evolved and then evolved again over time, we are in a cycle of some sort controlled by who knows what, aliens came down to visit quite a long time ago, or some million other possibilities and I don't have a single damn clue. I'm going with D. I don't have a clue.

  • A L
    A L 3 days ago

    5:17 I love Graham Hancock but let's get things straight. He's not a historian. He himself doesn't claim to be anything but a journalist and a writer.

  • Jen
    Jen 3 days ago

    _"{1} And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, {2} That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. {3} And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. {4} _*_There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown._*_ {5} ¶ _*_And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually._*_ {6} And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. {7} _*_And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them._*_ {8} _*_But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD._*_ {9} ¶ These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God. {10} And Noah begat three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. {11} The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. {12} And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth. {13} And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth."_ (Genesis 6:1-13)
    "{33} And there we saw *the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants:* and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight." (Numbers 13:33)
    _"{11} For _*_only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of giants;_*_ behold, his bedstead was a bedstead of iron; is it not in Rabbath of the children of Ammon? nine cubits was the length thereof, and four cubits the breadth of it, after the cubit of a man. {12} And this land, which we possessed at that time, from Aroer, which is by the river Arnon, and half mount Gilead, and the cities thereof, gave I unto the Reubenites and to the Gadites. {13} And the rest of Gilead, and all Bashan, being the kingdom of Og, gave I unto the half tribe of Manasseh; all the region of Argob, with all _*_Bashan, which was called the land of giants."_* (Deuteronomy 3:11-13)
    "{4} ¶ And there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines, named *Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span."* (1 Samuel 17:4)
    _"{19} And there was again a battle in Gob with the Philistines, where Elhanan the son of Jaare-oregim, a Beth-lehemite, slew _*_the brother of Goliath the Gittite, the staff of whose spear was like a weaver’s beam._*_ {20} And there was yet a battle in Gath, _*_where was a man of great stature, that had on every hand six fingers, and on every foot six toes, four and twenty in number;_*_ and _*_he also was born to the giant._*_ {21} And when he defied Israel, Jonathan the son of Shimea the brother of David slew him. {22} _*_These four were born to the giant in Gath,_*_ and fell by the hand of David, and by the hand of his servants."_ (2 Samuel 21:19-22)

  • Scientific Spirituality

    INDIA..... BHARAT.
    There are no superstitions in Santan Dharma.

    BAN-MONEY 3 days ago

    Why this guys allways focus on the carrying capacaty?...Why not think they just build the Stone? like a mixture or heat ????Age of IA and we are dumb like a rock...runing for fake cash all day...

  • DL Southwell
    DL Southwell 3 days ago

    Ancient floor tiles? Some of those tiles were 12' x 12' and 12"-24" thick! Cutting Italian marble to make flooring was always my own pet ancient "how'd they do it" curiosity. That steel hard red/white veined marble is very hard to work with. If too ambitious it'll chip, if too slow it'll take too long. I have seen ways to sand the surfaces smooth, but have yet to see any ancient process to actually cut the marble into squares. Safely transporting it is another thing altogether!

  • Viral king
    Viral king 3 days ago +1

    If you dont know.. who says there is no tools....
    Everything has a different theories n prospective

  • Aime Lunio
    Aime Lunio 3 days ago +1

    The one who create pyramid
    The human and allien.. team together back on bc time

  • Tim North
    Tim North 3 days ago

    All of the tools and technology was lost in the last recorded global flood event. This would , by massive currents, have swept almost all of the tools into the deepest trenches of the oceans. some bits like the Antikythera mechanism survived which clearly indicate an advanced society. We are diluding ourselves to think that ancient civilizations were primative and incapable of such advanced stonework & building. Imagine if there were a global catastrophy so great as to wipe things clean once again,,,,

  • NW Herbalist
    NW Herbalist 4 days ago

    How'd you get the beans above the frank?!? 7:02

  • Eugenius Williams
    Eugenius Williams 4 days ago

    Its good that you are asking the real questions! Many "scientists" are too scared to ask these questions as it may affect their funding, and hence their large debts to the Banksters. At least we can see where the idea that masons have secrets come from. That is the Old Stone masons, not the more modern Freemasons, who have simply arrogated these secrets to their own cultus, without actually knowing what the Real Secrets are. The Secret of cutting and moving and assembling large stones was obviously known to the builders of yore. Doesnt really fit with the darwinian theory that is the lifeblood of modern science , does it? Maybe darwin got it wrong after all. If he wasnt the wealthiest man in England, maybe his theory wouldnt have had such steam? We do worship the rich in such mindless ways!

    ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ 4 days ago

    I'm glad to see that there are so many dislikes on this, but on the same hand, seeing the number of likes tells me the percentage of people that have been brainwashed by our government and/or people in power. If people would actually do the research, they would realize that civilization has been wiped out MANY times on this planet. It's anyone's guess how advance the technology has been in the past, because not too many things will survive the eons of time, and what does survive institutions like the Smithsonian and the Vatican will grab and hide from the population. Knowledge is POWER, so do you really think they are going to share it with the general population, the slaves of modern society??

  • beautiful disaster
    beautiful disaster 4 days ago

    I think scientists know more than what they say

  • DownLow0099
    DownLow0099 4 days ago

    The Stone Age was not the beginning of a civilisation... It was the peak of one... Now long lost and forgotten with only these amazing structures left behind to intrigue us.

  • traida111
    traida111 4 days ago +1

    The stones were cut using vibration, if they vibrate another rock it cut it like butter. The were moved using things like tuning forks, which made the stones weightless. They used the stones for different things, trapping conciousness interfearance (pyramids) to aid in healing and focus of energy. or creating a resonance for communication with other dimensions \ planets, such as stone henge.

  • 1sonyzz
    1sonyzz 4 days ago +1

    no tools would not be capable at the time - that's where you all get wrong.... they have tools and use them

  • Guy Lemay
    Guy Lemay 4 days ago

    Levitation Technology did it!

  • The Hiking gamer
    The Hiking gamer 4 days ago +1

    When we don't know, let's explain it this way: it was ALIENS !!!!

  • Polarbear
    Polarbear 4 days ago +3

    Remember folks, they're not caves. They're SECRET CAVES!

  • James Wiegel
    James Wiegel 4 days ago

    Many hands, a lot of time and effort. I don't think that our "scientists" have the budget or motivation to hire 40 thousand people to spend 4 years of horribly hard labor to make big blocks of stone. So... slave labor is the best answer! Any volunteers to prove this theory right? ... NO?

  • Jeremy Denslinger
    Jeremy Denslinger 4 days ago

    Humanity has gotten lazy. I'm ashamed of you all!

  • André Brown
    André Brown 4 days ago +2

    Most early peoples had society classes.
    In those lower classes (slaves, peasants, illiterates, etc...) lives weren’t valued.
    I’m sure many lives were lost over many years in building some of those structures for a tyrant or the upper-class.
    Also, weather probably played a part In smoothing some of those stones.

    • MasterOfHotdogs
      MasterOfHotdogs 3 days ago

      @André Brown I think there was some way more advanced civilisation building all that structures, but who knows mybe u r right :P

    • André Brown
      André Brown 4 days ago

      MasterOfHotdogs ... naive as in...
      There was some supernatural or alien help?
      I don’t get what you mean

    • MasterOfHotdogs
      MasterOfHotdogs 4 days ago +1

      Im sorry but that is so naive thinking.

  • white angel
    white angel 4 days ago

    see now this is one your assume video's, how do you know what was used back then, did you live at that time, there was tech that was used in ancient times, that is so advanced, an our stupid scientist an others have know idea how, they think that people were not educated enough to have cognitive abilities, that they were so behind us, which shows how stupid we are for thinking this.

    • Eugenius Williams
      Eugenius Williams 4 days ago

      Well this is what Mr. Darwins theory has taught people to believe! Old man was stupid and lived in caves, and modern man, thanks to the British, and then the Americans, is intelligent and live in banker owned houses with electrical gadgets and gismos!

  • Jakub Terchovan
    Jakub Terchovan 4 days ago

    There is nothing new under the sun.

  • foreverfaithful1809
    foreverfaithful1809 5 days ago

    Black boxes are meditation chambers!!

  • foreverfaithful1809
    foreverfaithful1809 5 days ago

    Sound frequency!!!

  • Brian the Red
    Brian the Red 5 days ago

    Yeah those Darn Scientists... wait I'm now being told that Archaeologists are to blame. Well still.. these darn "science words" are all fake and made up. Like Fructose and carbon.. Excuse me, my smart microwave from the future is calling me. I'll be back.

  • Dustin Bridges
    Dustin Bridges 5 days ago

    Please they had more than chisels and hammers.

    TEKNO 5 days ago +2

    I see some ancient stone works and I believe that ancient ppl have good skills and they have them science also they have the (time)

  • Jerry M
    Jerry M 5 days ago +1

    If the VATICAN hadn't hoarded away all the history's of the world our knowledge base would have expanded greatly. The Book of Enoch for example, those who knew it existed were either dead or kept it secret, right up to the discovery of the dead sea scrolls which brought it back to life. It was once a part of the Christian KJV Bible, but was removed fearing to much of the truth would strengthen the Christian religion. The Vatican is responsible for hiding so much from the world, and it's not even a true Catholic church, unless giving thanks to Satan is a part of that religion. Open Arrest warrant for Pope John now...he won't be going back to America anytime soon.

    • Eugenius Williams
      Eugenius Williams 4 days ago

      Pope John??? But you are 100% right. the Vatican kept ignorance at a very high level so as to keep themselves in Power. It has so much to answer for. The sooner it is abolished the better for all. If only Napoleon had finished what he started!

  • DavidFMayerPhD
    DavidFMayerPhD 5 days ago

    Modern technology would easily cut through ANY AMOUNT of the hardest granite. Every day, thousands of drill rigs cut through thousands of meters of the hardest known rocks with ease. Holes of depths in the ranged of thousands of meters each are routinely drilled. Diamond drill bits are more than 1000 times as hard as the hardest granite (using "cutting hardness").

    Early peoples used very hard stone tools.

    Later peoples used very hard steel tools.

    The secret was huge quantities of cheap, skilled labor.

    In the boondocks, people are making such carvings TODAY with primitive tools.

    There is no mystery.

    Learn some Science before posting such drivel.

    • Eugenius Williams
      Eugenius Williams 4 days ago

      Wow mr Mayer, pHd! Are you one of those Know it all scientists or what? There are no doubts for people of your superior intelligence. Your "Science" knows everything.! Why are you not a World Leader, oh almighty one!?

  • William Underhill
    William Underhill 5 days ago +1

    They utilised frequency and cut with vibration-based tools.

  • Steel Mettle
    Steel Mettle 5 days ago

    Was disappointed to see no comments about the Ural Mountains coil. It was the only thing I couldn't explain...

  • Ilham Kusuma
    Ilham Kusuma 5 days ago

    waw amazing, our civilization is no near to those unmatch achievement of ancient civilization.

  • harmony olivia
    harmony olivia 6 days ago

    It’s the Chinese of our past

  • drockjr
    drockjr 6 days ago

    What a great vid

  • Lawrence Diggs
    Lawrence Diggs 6 days ago +6

    This seems like one of many attempts on the internet to discredit science. The repetition of "science doesn't know" is a tip to what the real point of the piece is.
    Science is not a place where all knowledge exists. It is an endeavor to explore mutually verifiable evidence in order to find the most probable explanations and useful and repeatable solutions.

  • Timpraetor
    Timpraetor 6 days ago

    TL;DW - if you're still looking for answers, you're not going to find them here ...

  • Danetto
    Danetto 6 days ago

    Yes. Dogon people were the precursors of the Incas... :(

  • Partha Sarathi Sengupta

    If we assume that, the science we kmow today is best of all times, we will never find the answers to these questions.

  • Andreas Stevens
    Andreas Stevens 6 days ago

    @6:40 the person making these vids. #duhface

  • Andreas Stevens
    Andreas Stevens 6 days ago

    so, you would complete a job and just leave your tools lying around. noone considers the pottery wheel and its ability to spin even faster with gear systems. use some metals, rope, and oils, its possible to make mineral drills of the time. it being such a complex tool, would not just be dumped and left behind when its needed for the next task. none of this baffles me, im just an engineer, not a scientist.

    • pale blue dot
      pale blue dot 5 days ago

      Ya this baffles no scientist slaves and time does everything

  • Halcyon
    Halcyon 6 days ago

    If not by aliens, they were probably built by an ancient civilization way, way more advanced than we are and were probably wiped out by a global catastrophe or maybe whoever created them thought, these fckrs are way too smart. I'll delete them and create new, dumber ones. 😂

    AVERELL BASIL 6 days ago


  • Caili's Critters
    Caili's Critters 6 days ago +1

    "Things are suppose to get bigger and better with technology." at 4:50...
    Uuumm... obviously, that doesn't include phones and computers... right?

    • ashgupta2k
      ashgupta2k 4 days ago

      Not necessarily both bigger and better, silicon chip based technology got better...😊

  • myname604 .FCKgoogle

    My fucking ancestors!

  • jannis joplin
    jannis joplin 7 days ago +13

    The earth has wiped away civilization many times.
    We keep resetting.

    • jannis joplin
      jannis joplin 5 days ago

      @Dustin Bridges it's true. So long as folks keep religion out of it.

    • Dustin Bridges
      Dustin Bridges 5 days ago +1

      It’s all in ancient writings but people say is mythology and not real...

    • Derek Madge
      Derek Madge 5 days ago +1

      and now that we spend most of our lives on Facebook and RU-clip, it will happen again - and no-one will notice.

    • Aiman Manaf
      Aiman Manaf 5 days ago +1

      Its hard to imagine they were far more advanced than us...damn.....

  • Steve Alexander
    Steve Alexander 7 days ago

    How many sheets of paper can you fit between stones at Notre Dame or any 4th century monastery or church? Too ridiculous

  • boneman1960
    boneman1960 7 days ago

    As i keep saying, try and look UP for the answers.

  • Clive Green
    Clive Green 7 days ago +2

    Looks exactly like cement casting. That would explain a great deal. The grouting used has since eroded, leaving just the stone ‘concrete.’ At least, it seems that way IMHO.

    • Clive Green
      Clive Green 5 days ago

      @pale blue dot Well, I am admittedly clueless about how the morphology of an igneous rock such as granite is distinct from that of crushed stones mixed to create a cement and allowed to set. I suppose it would have to be - it'd be sensible to assume that something which cools from magma is bound to look different under a microscope.
      All that being said, it seems slightly odd that none of the vids I've watched even mention cement or molds as an option - not even to logically refute the idea with an explanation.
      In many pictures of ancient monolithic structures in South America, I can see what look exactly like natches (handles used by mold-makers to help with multi-piece assemblies.) That’s why I am still nursing this pet theory :-) However, I can also see a heap of issues with it too.
      I would gladly learn more. Could you point me in the direction of a good vid explaining why a poured cement of some kind could not be a possible option? Thanks!

    • pale blue dot
      pale blue dot 5 days ago

      Cement is easy to test and would need to have almost "fossilized" to become stone like that
      Fossilized i mean have all gaps and moisture filled and replaced in essens how fossiles happen. Cement happens around a object and the object disintegrates and is refill
      Really the answer is slaves and pateience

    • Andreas Stevens
      Andreas Stevens 6 days ago +1

      hence why its a good idea to repoint the grout on a brick supported house

  • Mark Haydon
    Mark Haydon 7 days ago

    if they did all the shit they claim why in the fuck aren't they still doin it??? cause they didn't do shit...

  • Mark Haydon
    Mark Haydon 7 days ago

    the Egyptians didn't do shit... they just take the credit...bunch of fucking liars....

  • VFX Pro
    VFX Pro 7 days ago

    It's clearly falling under the Ancient Aliens theory...

  • henry louis
    henry louis 7 days ago

    Titans and dwarfs were great builders

  • 123qwe456rty79uio 987dsa654hgf321lkj

    Graham Hancock is most certainly not a "historian" by any stretch of the imagination.
    Please don't speak of things you know little or nothing about.
    Also the fact that ancient people was ingenious when it came to using methods, modern brains don't consider when dealing with various types of hard materials is nothing that should be very surprising.
    We perceive reality, from our perspective.
    This is no less obvious, than stating that ancient people would have been puzzled by our use of semi-conductors or combustion engines ...

    • Steve Alexander
      Steve Alexander 7 days ago

      Exactly what "perspective" are you denigrating&dismissing? Any half-wit can google-up a table of material hardness that no pre-historic person could fathom. Like you, I imagine these ancients were as intelligent as we are (maybe moreso since we don't weed-out the losers) , but we have all their collective knowledge& a lot more + culture. What we lack is any motivation to scratch stones - and good riddance to poor ideas. The 'modern brain' considers and rejects a lot of dumb ideas that were once widespread and perhaps useful in another era. We don't need more stone monoliths, we need colonies on moon&mars, we need unfathomable energy sources, we need a food supply that doesn't reduce the variety of the biosphere.

      If "the game" was caving stones we could beat the ancients easily. That's sooo NOT the game that it hurts to recite the obvious.

  • Vitaliy Khomich
    Vitaliy Khomich 7 days ago +1

    They were built by ancient Nephilim half angels half human the ones that Bible and so-called mythology are talking about

    • Vitaliy Khomich
      Vitaliy Khomich 6 days ago

      @Plazas Security English is the second most poor grammar on the planet Earth after Chinese so why would I I read it in English when a lot of the translations lost. All of the Jews and even the Apostle's were reading Book of Enoch but for the American Bible is not good enough. I know in Slavic countries we have the full Bible which makes sense because why did they keep finding 13 ft tall skeletons with 6 fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot and double rows of teeth, also why would the Smithsonian Institute hide the skeletons all over the world after many pictures have been taken and they were in the news but American Media is one of the most fake media in the world because the government and schools are controlled by something ungodly and fake. American Bible is different from the rest of the world

    • Plazas Security
      Plazas Security 6 days ago

      @Vitaliy Khomich The book of Enoch is rubbish. Read the KJV.

    • Vitaliy Khomich
      Vitaliy Khomich 6 days ago

      @Plazas Security when Christian man and not Christian women have children they don't give birth not even two big people needless to say they don't give birth to Giants. Peter quotes The Book of Enoch but here we have people spreading false teaching that are against reading the complete Bible. In America I Hear This demonic teaching but in Russia we call a complete Bible which has all the books and not the complete Bible the American version. Reads the Bible, not the short bible

    • Plazas Security
      Plazas Security 6 days ago

      There is no such thing as half man half angels. Angles can take the image of men but they aren't. They are created beings made a little bit above men. Angels are not supposed to be fruitful and multiply like men. Also, since angles are a totally different creation than man they most definately don't have the same 'plumbing' as humans and thus can't mate with them. The sons of God are godly people and the daughters of men are secular, worldly people. Some giants in the day, probably. Were they 100% human, absolutely.

  • Grendel Grendelson
    Grendel Grendelson 7 days ago +7

    Could it be that science has got it wrong and that this video is not total bollocks? No, they're right; it is total bollocks.

  • Sloth
    Sloth 7 days ago

    Could the ending of the last ice age (about 12,000 years ago) have somehow wiped out a large human population including some advance civilisations?

    • Steve Alexander
      Steve Alexander 7 days ago

      A not-insane thought, but unless there is some shred of evidence, it must be dismissed by rational ppl. How do we KNOW that a race of giants or gods didn't create these?

  • De3 Dee
    De3 Dee 7 days ago +2

    Starting to hate videos like this, not this video per se but the general idea that people before us couldn't create what they obviously created. This ignorance that older civilizations lack the intelligence and know how is damm near criminal.

  • michael hulsey
    michael hulsey 7 days ago

    Well ill tell you one thing, if we dont know when, how, or by whom they were built we most definitely do not know if they used a pulley system of forklift type machannics building the structures.. So why would they make the assumption that they did not use anything but hands and feet to build??????

    • Carla Mcmanus
      Carla Mcmanus 4 days ago

      @Steve Alexander you're a moron lmao

    • Steve Alexander
      Steve Alexander 7 days ago

      Forklifts were unavailable before IC engines circa 1900ce - so it's a great & rational assumption. Pulleys existed (elsewhere ) circa 1500bce, but w.o evidence of ropes, cables, pulleys in meso-america - it's pure fantasy. Why ??????? B/c some ppl believe in evidence & reason.

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