I Want To Be A Toothbrush For Halloween

  • Published on Oct 18, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Kate Miranda
    Kate Miranda 24 minutes ago +1

    I’m a little late but I just got this idea, now u can say “brush your teeth after eating all this candy” to the kids that trick or treat at ur house

  • ☆donut_doge☆
    ☆donut_doge☆ 4 hours ago

    Who else gets trypophobia from the straws when she’s facing forwards😂

  • Living wild With Ash
    Living wild With Ash 6 hours ago

    How can u be a toothbrush if u cant brush your own teeth???

  • Grace Divine
    Grace Divine 14 hours ago

    Jenna is your rising or moon sign Aquarius? just wondering

  • madison wishes she could be cool


  • vivian edge
    vivian edge Day ago

    i love jenna😂

  • samlila678
    samlila678 Day ago

    I just realized... what was Julien for halloween throughout the years as jenna has mentioned hers?

  • sly bee
    sly bee 2 days ago

    save the turtles...that costume is sick though.

  • Taybug2002
    Taybug2002 3 days ago +1

    Omg all the plastic straws... the turtles are quaking

  • samantha k
    samantha k 3 days ago

    oOoOoOoO wHo yOu fIgHtIn
    gUm disease dIsEaSe bEeCh

  • clarrrisa J
    clarrrisa J 3 days ago

    i just wanna be a dooooooog

  • Sreya Gonugunta
    Sreya Gonugunta 3 days ago

    I love how they switch roles of being the adult and the two year old lmao

  • coral el pendejo
    coral el pendejo 3 days ago

    5:25 That is just my favorite part, dont know why.

  • Angi Mann
    Angi Mann 4 days ago

    This looks like my sleep paralysis demon

  • Mark Boron
    Mark Boron 4 days ago

    My favorite material to work .... IS FOAM.


  • OliverIsAFurry
    OliverIsAFurry 4 days ago

    thats the foam furry heads are made from

  • Chloe M Vazquez
    Chloe M Vazquez 5 days ago +2

    YoU: Makes a toothbrush out of foam

    Me: Tapes a toothbrush to my forehead

  • A.R.M.Y방탄
    A.R.M.Y방탄 5 days ago

    Its perfect.

  • wabalubadubdub
    wabalubadubdub 5 days ago

    Best way to cut foam at home is with a sharp kitchen knife and a slicing / dragging motion and just tracing your cut till it goes through. Not a dig, Best costume ever :)

  • Nikki Tomes
    Nikki Tomes 5 days ago +1

    My mom made me a crest toothpaste costume when I was 8. I am pretty sure I personally destroyed all photo evidence of this occurrence. We used a lampshade on my head as the toothpaste cap and painted a white sheet with the crest logo with glitter of course.... I would love to see you recreate this costume 🙌🏻Thanks for making me feel less weird as usual Jenna 😗


    Tell me what y'all gonna be for Halloween! I'm gonna be Billie Eilish!

  • bowtie345
    bowtie345 6 days ago

    This is comedy gold, starting at 00:01

  • No. Mum
    No. Mum 6 days ago +1

    I know what I'm being for Halloween this year.

  • Goofy Goober
    Goofy Goober 7 days ago

    This is Jenna's fursuit

  • Kaelyn Laurel
    Kaelyn Laurel 7 days ago

    i want a relationship like jenna and juliens. simply because they’re both fucking *WiLd* and they support each other

  • Jackieh Hurtado
    Jackieh Hurtado 7 days ago

    I'm a virgo♍ so when I watch your vids it makes me feel amazing

  • madd tea
    madd tea 9 days ago +2

    Mother nature: how many turtles you tryna kill?
    Jenna: yes.

  • Alyssa SkkSkkSkk
    Alyssa SkkSkkSkk 9 days ago

    It weirds me out that hears is LITERALLY better than the $300 one from Great Mascot

  • Icy Wolfina
    Icy Wolfina 10 days ago

    My dads a dentist and he said he gunna be this

  • Kitten Nel
    Kitten Nel 10 days ago

    When your parent asks your child "What do you wanna be when you grow up?". "A TOOTHBRUSH"

  • Kat .R
    Kat .R 10 days ago


  • impossichannel
    impossichannel 10 days ago

    Literally spent like 15 minutes on Twitch tonight trying to explain to one of my favorite streamers that like, yeah Jenna dressed as a toothbrush, but reallly JENNA. IS. A. TOOTHBRUSH.

  • Raven Draws
    Raven Draws 10 days ago +1

    *Who wants to brush they fuckin teeth*

  • Marcela Velaquez
    Marcela Velaquez 11 days ago

    Looks like hair brush ^_^

  • Альбина Гейт
    Альбина Гейт 11 days ago +1

    Ты лучшая

  • Keizelys Rodrigez
    Keizelys Rodrigez 11 days ago

    What if... SHE IS A TOOTHBRUSH uwu

  • Honky Tonky
    Honky Tonky 12 days ago

    dentists be like:

  • Axler Rose
    Axler Rose 12 days ago +1

    -Jenna 2018

  • Meyishout
    Meyishout 12 days ago

    Actually nobody
    Jenna: I wanted to be a toothbrush for halloween :)

  • Muddo Trash
    Muddo Trash 12 days ago

    Fuckin peachy in the doorway like “Dad come quick, moms being weird again”

  • Thinkgoodvibes 21
    Thinkgoodvibes 21 12 days ago

    Marbles should dress as a tic tac

  • pitbull lol
    pitbull lol 12 days ago

    Colgate is going to sponsor you.

  • Rain Pickles
    Rain Pickles 13 days ago

    when she yelled about it looking like a spatula i started legit choking on my fuking peaches.

  • Claudette Main P4ND4
    Claudette Main P4ND4 13 days ago

    Im late, but Julien should have been a bottle of toothpaste, and the iggy's as teeth

  • Nixin Del Rosario
    Nixin Del Rosario 14 days ago

    And then tana used her.

  • audri gray
    audri gray 14 days ago

    8:35 made me scream

  • Alicia Green
    Alicia Green 15 days ago

    YOU KEEP ON HO'IN YOU HO (thank you for getting me through my teens and 20s)

  • alexa avery
    alexa avery 15 days ago

    9:48 a cowbrush

  • Sdhh x253
    Sdhh x253 15 days ago

    Jenna coming for Mac's trademark😂😂💗
    Also: Honestly, Julien is a Dilf

  • orange banana
    orange banana 15 days ago


  • Cole Robison
    Cole Robison 15 days ago

    God bless you Jenna

  • Becca Haight
    Becca Haight 16 days ago

    When she said “ARE YOU CALLING ME A HORSE” I legit thought that she said “ARE YOU CALLING ME A WHORE”

  • Maria..k
    Maria..k 16 days ago

    Jenna marbles is the only person on RU-clip who uses RU-clip the way it should be used: just for creative unique purposes. Like she doesn’t get in drama, she creates trends but doesn’t really follow them... it’s great

  • Jaylene Garcia
    Jaylene Garcia 17 days ago

    The trick part is seeing your face and saying hell yeah

    VILST3R 17 days ago


  • Judea Dumont
    Judea Dumont 17 days ago

    I've been trying to figure out why this channel is particularly entertaining and it's because both of them are insane.
    the first minute is so uncomfortable lmfao

  • Wonarky Feedlededee
    Wonarky Feedlededee 17 days ago

    8:35 I fucking diED

  • Steven Universe MVS
    Steven Universe MVS 17 days ago +1

    Jullian should have been the toothpaste 😂😂😂😂😂 LOL

  • mr. crap
    mr. crap 17 days ago +1

    I actually wanna be a toothbrush now

  • LifeonCrack
    LifeonCrack 17 days ago

    50% of those people will know it's a toothbrush

    the other 50% will think it's a brush brush

  • Hilal selin
    Hilal selin 19 days ago

    I wish they showed us the kids reactions when they came for trick or treat

  • Missy Bizzy
    Missy Bizzy 19 days ago

    The turtles unsubscribed

  • Ceci The Unicorn
    Ceci The Unicorn 19 days ago +1

    I wAnNA bE aA tOOtHbrUsH fOr HaLloWeEn...
    -Jenna 2018

  • Bella McNasty Garbett Does Random Stuff

    *throws pen*
    *Chaos erupts*
    Jenna: *laying on foam* YOU UPSET EVERYONE!!

  • Unwanted Galaxy
    Unwanted Galaxy 19 days ago

    Jennas pupils were huge at the beginning

  • Kayla Vela
    Kayla Vela 19 days ago

    Right before this video started a toothbrush ad played💀

  • Brenda Paiva
    Brenda Paiva 20 days ago


  • supernovakoda
    supernovakoda 21 day ago

    this is the best gender neutral halloween costume

  • Jon r
    Jon r 21 day ago +1

    turtles left the chat

  • Wren Pringle
    Wren Pringle 21 day ago +1

    *patiently waits for pregnancy announcement video*

  • Leah Hart
    Leah Hart 22 days ago

    You're 32, not middle aged.

  • Eretria Blane
    Eretria Blane 22 days ago +2

    Everytime Jenna dresses up in anything unusual she chases julien aggressively

  • The GreatestChlo
    The GreatestChlo 22 days ago +1

    Julien should be the toothpaste

  • Lindsey DeRusha
    Lindsey DeRusha 22 days ago +2

    IM FLOSSIN BUt I’m BRUSHING IM DYING, also the “wait are you passing out!? Take it off!!” Both these made me spit out my jello 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Moonlight Xandra
    Moonlight Xandra 23 days ago

    i was brushing my teeth at the beginning of this 😂

  • depressed.kinks
    depressed.kinks 24 days ago +1

    "ooo who you fighting" p l a c

  • Morgan Barbanchon
    Morgan Barbanchon 24 days ago

    Is this your 5 minute craft video @jennamarbles?

  • Hallie Sage
    Hallie Sage 24 days ago

    Hey jenna no of fence but are you fucking high

  • Martha Ferias
    Martha Ferias 24 days ago +1

    Absolutely no one:
    Deadass no one in the fucking universe:
    Jenna: **sTrAw tRypOpHoBiA**

  • melissa a
    melissa a 25 days ago

    jenna you are so fucking adorable i could watch you all day long! 💖

  • Sam Carter
    Sam Carter 25 days ago

    Hate to be this person but the amount of wasted straws hurts my sole

  • Sid the dog
    Sid the dog 25 days ago

    Y u laugh

  • The Ghost Seeker
    The Ghost Seeker 26 days ago


  • licorice brain z
    licorice brain z 26 days ago

    this line cracks me up EVERY TIME

  • Jada
    Jada 26 days ago


  • abigail roberts
    abigail roberts 27 days ago

    hello everyone.

    if you like jenna's ratchet salon/anything jenna marbles related, I started a youtube channel inspired by her! I am trying to create content where I just do whatever I want and am 100% me (me=awkward) while doing it. thank you for your time and happy youtubing

  • Mal muffin
    Mal muffin 27 days ago

    In an alternate world. Jenna is a dentist that dressed up as a youtube video for Halloween

  • Samantha Port
    Samantha Port 27 days ago


  • Katrin Baumgarten
    Katrin Baumgarten 28 days ago

    8:36 *Who wants to brush they fuckin teeth*

  • Larez _
    Larez _ 29 days ago

    Who wants to brush they fuckin teeth

  • Jimin's pinky
    Jimin's pinky 29 days ago

    Wait... since the foam is green couldnt you stick your face through with your ears then green screen the foam 👁W👁

  • Madeline Smith
    Madeline Smith 29 days ago

    Next yr become floss and when you open the door you do the floss while giving them candy xD

  • imanangryelf _
    imanangryelf _ 29 days ago

    I love how she says she is a middle aged woman . Like , you trying to die at 60

  • Nancy Jane
    Nancy Jane 29 days ago

    Everyone in Maine that watched this vid is happy rn

  • Winter Wolf0986
    Winter Wolf0986 Month ago +2

    Jenna is quite literally the person who u answer questions about in maths exams

  • Izzah Azam
    Izzah Azam Month ago

    my spirit animal is suddenly and desperately a toothbrush

  • gbee martinez
    gbee martinez Month ago

    I love there personality and energy😊

  • gbee martinez
    gbee martinez Month ago

    It looks like a hair Combe😂

  • Tater Tots Pizza Palace

    10:26 GIMMIE YA M O U T H

  • Bailey Cash
    Bailey Cash Month ago +1