Trixie's De-Dragin'

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • People always ask me what my favorite part about doing drag is…it’s taking it off. Here’s how I go from glamorous young woman to Elmer Fudd look-a-like.
    Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser
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    B3 Nourishing Under-Eye Cream
    B3 Marula Oil
    Sally Hansen Instant Nail Polish Remover Pot
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  • Dallas Pancoast
    Dallas Pancoast 6 hours ago

    3:54 in
    "Gomez! I love..Debbie!" 😂😂😂

  • be1gone .twice
    be1gone .twice 13 hours ago

    I hate this

  • Lambie
    Lambie 18 hours ago

    Trixie looks amazing with make-up on and without. Just a beautiful person in general. Also nail look amazing!

  • NeverGive UpHope
    NeverGive UpHope 23 hours ago

    You are so handsome.

  • Diana Whittles
    Diana Whittles Day ago

    I'm so excited to see you use Albolene! I actually squeaked! I've been using it since I was about 14 and Dinos roamed the earth...BEST STUFF!!

  • AnMaPa
    AnMaPa Day ago

    I want to be friends with Brian lol

  • tweet01uk
    tweet01uk Day ago

    out of all the Ru girls that have had their teeth done since the show, Trixie and Jiggly had the best work

  • Norbert Demeter
    Norbert Demeter Day ago

    her new upper denture.....or it's just me? this is the first time when I noticed it

  • CupcakKe
    CupcakKe Day ago

    She a true biological womaaaan 😍😍😍

  • Mamandu 0
    Mamandu 0 Day ago

    That eyelash thing is so true though!!! Its literally like I can see clearly now the Lashes are gone!!

  • Afonso Mateus
    Afonso Mateus Day ago

    His old teeth were way better

  • Joseph Thompson
    Joseph Thompson Day ago

    Trixie, you're awesome in drag, and a fuckin stud out of drag. WOOF ;)

  • Shelby
    Shelby Day ago

    Holy that Uncle Fester reference really got me good

  • sara f
    sara f Day ago


  • Samantha Brown
    Samantha Brown Day ago +1

    Trixie: Did you know you were going to watch a 30 year old man take off makeup today?
    Me: No, no I did not.

  • xoPrimrose
    xoPrimrose Day ago

    Your skinnnnn is flawless wtf. I feel attacked.

  • SR S
    SR S Day ago

    Te amo papiiiiii

  • T. Miranda
    T. Miranda Day ago

    What did she do to her teeth? 🙃

  • Mike Henry
    Mike Henry Day ago

    You look great without makeup

  • Becca Adams
    Becca Adams Day ago

    “Gomez I love Debbie” YASSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  • Ari Miller
    Ari Miller Day ago +1

    I don’t spend 10 minutes on my makeup let alone taking it off.

  • Megan Pimper
    Megan Pimper Day ago

    Most satisfying and relaxing video to watch! :)

  • lola cruz
    lola cruz 2 days ago

    😆😆😆😆💀 @3:53

  • Blanca Dongu
    Blanca Dongu 2 days ago

    This looks fucking terrifying

  • Hailey King
    Hailey King 2 days ago

    No i didnt think id be watching a 30 yr old man taking his makeup off at 9:45 at night on a Saturday but thanks.

  • Gavin Connelll
    Gavin Connelll 2 days ago


  • Midknight Rockruff
    Midknight Rockruff 2 days ago

    Trixie out of drag is cute 😍

  • Hannah Schulte
    Hannah Schulte 2 days ago

    Omg, the Uncle Fester reference!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • erika Gallagher
    erika Gallagher 2 days ago

    Sorry but Ewww.

  • Jewel Groves
    Jewel Groves 2 days ago

    It is creepy and not very prettt

  • Shrek Devito
    Shrek Devito 2 days ago

    He has a jawbreaker mirror....SHOOKETH

  • Sidney Johnson
    Sidney Johnson 2 days ago

    she's beautiful with or without makeup :)

  • Laila Miller
    Laila Miller 3 days ago

    WOW that is ALOT OF MAKUP

  • Raymond Suman
    Raymond Suman 3 days ago

    Wtf was that?? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Erica Terry
    Erica Terry 3 days ago

    Gomez I love Debbie 😂😂 I died that was so funny 😆

  • Stephanie Dare
    Stephanie Dare 3 days ago

    One question...

  • Tan Sok
    Tan Sok 3 days ago

    30? Huh 🤥

    • Lucy Pain
      Lucy Pain Day ago

      Tan Sok she turned 30 in august

  • Char A
    Char A 3 days ago

    The real lips shooked me

  • Alyssa Mattson
    Alyssa Mattson 3 days ago

    I love this so much what a beauty

    • CupcakKe
      CupcakKe Day ago

      Ifkr!!! She's so beautiful its a crime

  • Txuf Txuf
    Txuf Txuf 3 days ago

    For the love of god, you call that a make up? Jesus christ! It looks like a barnyard explosion but seriously its a shame you look a good looking dude.

    • CupcakKe
      CupcakKe Day ago

      Make up? What make up? Trixie Mattel barely wears any makeup (justa little bit of chapstick) because she's beautiful

    ARMY X BLINKS 3 days ago

    Even the ad is drag ;w;

  • Lipstick Dish
    Lipstick Dish 3 days ago

    You’re amazing and funny as fuck

  • Luna
    Luna 3 days ago

    You would really benefit from a hylaronic acid for your super dry skin. And please use a spf during the day, and don’t tug on your skin please :(

  • Carley Timmerman
    Carley Timmerman 3 days ago

    The love the process of drag queens. They look so DIFFERENT it’s so cool to see them in action! My girlfriends brother is a drag queen, and omg he becomes this whole other person and SHE is beautiful and that’s the tea

  • OhhThats Ferrah
    OhhThats Ferrah 3 days ago

    I didn’t think i needed to watch this until now😩

  • Chance Black
    Chance Black 3 days ago

    Trixie it’s take me a very long time to figure out who my favorite queen is. But it’s literally just like wake, wake up, YOU LOVE TRIXIE!!

  • LaMarriiss
    LaMarriiss 3 days ago +1

    “ Did you know you were gonna watch a 30 year old man take off makeup today ? “ I died 😂😂😂😂😂

  • jeplanet
    jeplanet 3 days ago +1

    Your new Katya teeth look fabulous!!!

  • King C
    King C 3 days ago

    Okay but the teeth have different color Tracy !

  • Brandon Sutton
    Brandon Sutton 3 days ago

    You look ridiculous. You look like weapon x from wolverine origins with raccoon makeup.

  • M Piper
    M Piper 4 days ago

    Aaaaa 🤪WTF🏃‍♂️🏃🏃‍♂️

  • Brionna Gutierrez
    Brionna Gutierrez 4 days ago


  • Conman
    Conman 4 days ago


    • Conman
      Conman Day ago


    • CupcakKe
      CupcakKe Day ago

      Trixie Mattel is actually a biological woman, that 50 year old bald guy is Brian Firkus i really dont know who he really is

  • Tanya Cook
    Tanya Cook 4 days ago

    Trixie! "Both" faces are beautiful!! ;-)

  • Ben C
    Ben C 4 days ago

    This look is very Bianca meets Trixie

  • Zoe Murphy
    Zoe Murphy 4 days ago

    New teeth???

  • Janel McCorrister
    Janel McCorrister 4 days ago +7

    Trixie: be gentle on your lids, your lids are so thin.

  • Julian Garcia
    Julian Garcia 4 days ago

    This is just.....

  • Yes No
    Yes No 4 days ago

    It’s my first time looking at this channel and already her eyelashes are gaint

  • Brianna Maltz
    Brianna Maltz 4 days ago

    You acting like Fester was the best thing I’ve seen today