Timelapse: KidStance Builds a Kids Ride on Nissan GTR R35

  • Published on Feb 18, 2019
  • Did a quick timelapse doing stance and wheels on a GTR. Actual time was around 9 hours.
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Comments • 21

  • Gacha Chewie
    Gacha Chewie 2 days ago

    Love your work always gonna order love what you do man I hope I get enough money to use ur services

  • The Night Wing
    The Night Wing Month ago

    Do they sell eclipse power wheels

  • The Night Wing
    The Night Wing Month ago

    Man I need to learn how to do this I've always want to Express my custom ideas without having to do it on actual car

  • sdot 53
    sdot 53 2 months ago

    Do you sell these cars?

  • Rishil Kumar
    Rishil Kumar 3 months ago

    How do u make different wheel spokes rather then it being stock

  • T Cooper
    T Cooper 3 months ago +1

    What a great idea using the office chair as a stand for your car !!

    LOL IM LOW 4 months ago

    I need info on how to add camber

  • blake sandstrom
    blake sandstrom 4 months ago

    Can’t wait for GTR how to video! Where did you order the GTR from? I heard a lot of them are coming broken due to poor packaging.

    • KidStanceBuilt
      KidStanceBuilt  4 months ago

      I get them through Walmart, however you're correct, every GTR I've recieved from them has had front end damage one way or another from poor packaging and handling.

  • Giovanny Rosales
    Giovanny Rosales 5 months ago

    How did u do them bbs tho?

  • Ken Salisbury
    Ken Salisbury 6 months ago +1

    Hi I have the same gtr. What size cake pan for the wheels and how do you chamber it. Thanks bro love from up here in the 6ix

    • KidStanceBuilt
      KidStanceBuilt  6 months ago

      Thank you. No problem, I'll make a vid on it.

  • Alfonso Montoya
    Alfonso Montoya 6 months ago +1

    Watch out for that alien!

  • Alfonso Montoya
    Alfonso Montoya 6 months ago

    Wheres the how to video?nice work i want to lower my kids car.

  • danny ulmer
    danny ulmer 6 months ago +1

    Just want to say, ive been a long time follower and always loved your work and frequently check out your builds, my favourite being the tesla a while back..
    Just wish i could show my appreciation but for the least, heres a massive thankyou for all your amazing work and inspiration over the years, also an even bigger thankyou, for your decision to post some how to's exposing some of your potential secrets!!
    Wich for me means that hopfully there is no more stalking your photos of your hard work and examining your background environment for your trade secrets! Hahahaha
    Once again thanks mate! keep up the hard work and keep inspiring people with there builds and putting a smile on there kids faces!! 👊🙏🤙🤪

    • KidStanceBuilt
      KidStanceBuilt  6 months ago

      Ha ha thank you for taking the time out to send this message! I really appreciate it and this why I do it, to inspire people such as yourself. 🙏🏽

  • bryant sanchez
    bryant sanchez 7 months ago +1

    Great video but I love them how to videos. Keep up the good work.

  • Ryan Blevins
    Ryan Blevins 7 months ago +1

    Killin it but just a video thought do the whole thing in a single video. You can mash multiple days into a single video I feel like it tells the whole story that way

  • zach f
    zach f 7 months ago +1

    If you can zoom camera in next time

  • Raymond L Journigan
    Raymond L Journigan 7 months ago +2

    Bruh you doing the dang thang💯👍. Even tho the vid was fast it still shows all the work and craftmanship that goes into what you do. Keep makimg the awesome vidz bruh👍. Cant wait till the next one💯