Turkish Airlines BUSINESS CLASS Review: Boeing 737-800

  • Review of my flight from Istanbul to Kiev in Business Class onboard Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800, including the Turkish Airlines Lounge at Istanbul.
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    Airline: Turkish Airlines
    Flight: TK1257
    Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 TC-JHA
    From: Istanbul (IST)
    To: Kiev (KBP)
    Departure: 01:07
    Arrival: 01:37
    Flight Time: 1:30
    Seat: 4F

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  • guacheni4einiu
    guacheni4einiu Month ago

    that UFO music is unsettling.

  • Cris Anister
    Cris Anister 5 months ago

    I don't understand people who eat on short flights. Just because they offer and it's free doesn't mean you have to. Any half decent restaurant on land offers 10 times better food.

  • Sowfti
    Sowfti 11 months ago

    Both times when I flew a direct flight, with Turkish airlines they lost my luggage... 😂

    • karoo
      karoo 9 months ago

      Thats bad luck

  • Craig Willis
    Craig Willis Year ago +1

    Very good flight review ! Well done!

  • Juan Amaya
    Juan Amaya Year ago +1

    Top notch as always Noel!

  • HopeRehabCenterThailand

    gaming arcade in the lounge ?

  • Mrs J
    Mrs J Year ago

    Don’t love Turkish Airlines.

  • Jake Hughes
    Jake Hughes Year ago

    Why are all your other videos suddenly in 360p instead of the usual 1080p

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago +1

      YT downgraded all the older vids to 360p. They’re all in 1080 or 4K for supporters on Patreon, hosted on a different platform.

  • Hayden Q
    Hayden Q Year ago +2

    Great video! looking forward to seeing more. Subscribed! 😄😄

  • Melody C Jefferson
    Melody C Jefferson Year ago +1

    I was happy when you cut the music😏
    The pre-departure drinks were nice.

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith Year ago +1

    Have said this on many other sites, Turkish Business is great, one of my favorite airlines. Nice crew and great food. No complaints from me!

  • Cal
    Cal Year ago +1

    face mask at 1:55 - why?!

    • Joseph Magraw
      Joseph Magraw 9 days ago

      In alot of asian countries especially south east, they just wear one when they are sick. Or traveling in general to avoid getting sick.
      I guess nowadays though its normal.....

    • Delta StormZ
      Delta StormZ Year ago +1

      Its to not spread their cold

  • joyoumay
    joyoumay Year ago

    Lovely Noel good food and drink good flight.

  • t anthony
    t anthony Year ago

    As always fantastic videos with great music, sometimes cant hear what your saying

  • Jed Knutson
    Jed Knutson Year ago

    so what in the word did you do in kiev?

  • Flyer's Aviation
    Flyer's Aviation Year ago +2

    Nice Trip Report! Liked

  • Bret Hammett
    Bret Hammett Year ago

    Hello I want to Full Flight for 737-800. How many are hours records?

  • Philipp Koziar
    Philipp Koziar Year ago +2

    Great as always! My evening entertainment every Friday, if my daughters are sleeping! Thanks Noel!

  • A Random Aviator
    A Random Aviator Year ago +11

    Unfortunately you had the old plane. Their newer planes have a 2-2 business class with alot more. Please do try one of their newer aircraft.

    • Turkish Airlines Fan
      Turkish Airlines Fan 7 months ago +2

      No one asked you to be so rude

    • Ogtay S
      Ogtay S 7 months ago

      @Turkish Airlines Fan no one asked you

    • Turkish Airlines Fan
      Turkish Airlines Fan 8 months ago +5

      A Random Aviator Yeah I know I wish they removed the old aircraft since people are used that Turkish has real business class seats .

  • Steven Dalton
    Steven Dalton Year ago

    Will there be anymore full flight videos?

  • Haidarrr
    Haidarrr Year ago +1

    Nice one, but what do you as a job?

    • Haidarrr
      Haidarrr Year ago

      @Noel Philips oh nice you make awesome content 4 sure :)

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago +4

      Thanks :) I'm a full time content creator.

  • Will Ford
    Will Ford Year ago +3

    Night. Kiev. Snow storm = Twitchy ring time!

  • Liam G
    Liam G Year ago +1

    Do you need business class ticket to go into lunge?

    • Turkish Airlines Fan
      Turkish Airlines Fan 8 months ago

      As from my experience you need to be star alliance gold a mile member to enter it or elite plus member ... or just fly Turkish airlines business class .

    • Turkish Airlines Fan
      Turkish Airlines Fan 8 months ago

      Or if you are elite or elite plus member have a nice day .

    • Liam G
      Liam G Year ago +1

      David Lazarus Thanks for your reply 👍

    • David Lazarus
      David Lazarus Year ago +1

      Liam G Not always. Some are restricted to specific ticket classes. Some can be accessed via PriorityPass or pay at the door or with LoungeBuddy.

  • NV
    NV Year ago +3

    Background too loud matey! Can barely hear you!

    PETER ZARI Year ago +1


  • JMGamingVideos
    JMGamingVideos Year ago

    can u do another airline apart from turkish airlines

  • Kash Myo
    Kash Myo Year ago +1

    Good job mate!

  • Susana Dias Johnson
    Susana Dias Johnson Year ago +5

    What a posh, elegant airport. I like the background music playing. Great video.

  • Jack Jack Productions

    When was this filmed