Greatest Sports Bloopers 2017 | Part 1 (funny)

  • Published on Dec 16, 2017
  • This took a while to make
    this is only part 1 of many
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  • Savage Brick Sports
    Savage Brick Sports  Year ago +117

    Part 2 out now:

    • Fast Fred
      Fast Fred 6 months ago


    • balao lian
      balao lian 6 months ago

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    • Miguel Vargas
      Miguel Vargas 6 months ago

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  • Mason Steele
    Mason Steele 13 hours ago +3

    7:42 the announcer said YEET im laughing so hard

  • Randal TheVandal
    Randal TheVandal 14 hours ago

    Wow, a baseball/softball coach making good calls and watching.. Good Work Sir

  • Randal TheVandal
    Randal TheVandal 14 hours ago

    7:20 That coach is pissed, but he would just point and laugh if it was the other girls team that missed the bag

  • Titi Kaka
    Titi Kaka 2 days ago

    5:56 a quadriplegic wouldn't miss that!

  • reelkena
    reelkena 3 days ago +1

    5:42 Breaking ball... uhhh yeah

  • ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed

    Peters probably disrespects every flag. He better not disrespect the real one around us.

  • robbitlllzx
    robbitlllzx 7 days ago

    soccer players are great actors

  • Aiman A
    Aiman A 7 days ago

    Well, that's some REAL "foot" ball 😂😂😂

  • Justin Time
    Justin Time 9 days ago

    3:41...that ass clown in blue must've gotten sniped by someone on the grassy knoll.

  • Alec Womack
    Alec Womack 9 days ago


  • John Davis
    John Davis 10 days ago

    fucking soccer/football players are straight pussies dude how can you watch a bunch a man childs like that lol youd get your shit rocked for that stuff in any other sport

  • Onedayilbeok
    Onedayilbeok 10 days ago

    The only time I watch soccer is on these things and that imaginary ball one was the funniest thing I've ever seen

  • Slipform TKG
    Slipform TKG 11 days ago

    for those of you truly wondering, at 3:47 the fail where the basketball player saves the ball but throws it in his own basket. The announcers mention being behind the line and it possibly being three points, any ball that is blocked, thrown, passed into your own basket is not considered a try or attempt and is not eligible to be 3 points. Essentially, you have to be trying to put it in your own basket to get a 3 pointer, any shot at your hoop is not legally or statistically considered a shot attempt.

  • Smokey Bear
    Smokey Bear 12 days ago

    "full body dry heave" is stolen from Seinfeld. it's how Jerry described Elaine's dancing.

  • Austin101123
    Austin101123 12 days ago +1

    How can the catcher tag the runner out? The next play hadn't started yet.

  • MensOpen
    MensOpen 15 days ago

    Hahaha! Never heard of that softball/baseball rule. I would've assumed since the original ball was over the fence that would be it regardless unless one of the team goes and grabs it and then throws it to home.

  • Reggie Lee
    Reggie Lee 16 days ago

    3:49 They were up by 23. No harm, no foul.

  • Reggie Lee
    Reggie Lee 16 days ago

    0:47 he thought the penalty circle was the ball. Wow.

  • Merriman X
    Merriman X 18 days ago

    7:35 #34 coppin feels

  • Fat Boy
    Fat Boy 18 days ago

    Wait u can get tagged if u hit a hr lol? Ive never seen tht happen

    • Fat Boy
      Fat Boy 15 days ago

      Matt Smith yea ik u have to tag all he bases ive just never seen an ump put another live ball in place even in the mlb ive seen a player miss the base n theyve just made him come tag it n tht was tht lol

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith 16 days ago

      Even if you hit a homerun, you still have to run the bases and touch them all in order. I think the problem was that an ump put a new ball into play while the girl was on the way to the dugout because the ref thought she had finished running the bases. Unfortunately, she hadn't, and since she was still running the bases and there was now a live ball, she was able to be tagged out. It's kind of messy but I think they had to rule in favor of the out.

  • M D
    M D 19 days ago +1

    3:24 exemplifies why I can't take SOCCER seriously as a sport.

    • M D
      M D 11 days ago

      @Blake Hardy Negative. The "flop" is a standard practice for soccer.

    • Blake Hardy
      Blake Hardy 18 days ago

      It's a joke.

  • Metal Dog
    Metal Dog 19 days ago

    3:25 Your face hurt my foot brah.

  • 1000herecomesthepain
    1000herecomesthepain 19 days ago +1

    That one soccer clip with Berlin vs Dortmund he should’ve been sent off. 1 yellow card for kicking the ball away and another for simulation

    • cookie inhaler
      cookie inhaler 16 days ago

      Yea but dormant should have also gotten a red

  • MOS - ProductionsTM
    MOS - ProductionsTM 20 days ago +1

    The fuck did this 2k dislikes for? Shit was hilarious.

  • Sean Rogers
    Sean Rogers 21 day ago +1

    3:40...why I (and most Americans) have a hard time taking soccer/association football seriously. WTF is that? LOL

  • Davey Shenker
    Davey Shenker 22 days ago

    If its sports there is no hockey and there good bloobers

  • Amy Nguyeb
    Amy Nguyeb 24 days ago +1

    3:43 my dude picked up the ball, kicked someone in the face, then acted like he got hurt

  • Dmitriy Obidin
    Dmitriy Obidin 24 days ago

    Wait, about that women baseball thing, how can she be tagged out if the ball is behind the fence? Aren't they supposed to use the same ball for this?

  • Brady
    Brady 25 days ago

    6:42 My man got left hanging by 15 people

  • Daniel Horowitz
    Daniel Horowitz 26 days ago

    3rd and 90 lol

  • Overworked CNA
    Overworked CNA 26 days ago

    So lemme get this straight. The soccer clip in French is what I’m referring to. The guy kicks the other one in the face, and HE goes down hoping for a penalty?! *WHAT. THE. FUCK.* These rich guys are such pussies. I was watching the FIFA Women’s World Cup yesterday and the women didn’t do these hysterics. When they fell or tumbled, they just got up. These “men” could learn a few things from the ladies, because they act like a bunch of spoiled kids - on *and off* the pitch. 🙄

  • Dre Day
    Dre Day 28 days ago

    Soccer pansies

  • Nolanator7
    Nolanator7 29 days ago +1

    My brain hurts.

  • NICk C
    NICk C Month ago

    4th and goal from the opposing 13 yard line lol

  • chino mtz
    chino mtz Month ago +1

    5:38. Right in the money makers,right in the prizefighters.😂

  • Shadow runner
    Shadow runner Month ago +1

    1:06 imagine doing something so terribly you end up on the news

  • Marz Dizzle
    Marz Dizzle Month ago


  • Statenislandkicks
    Statenislandkicks Month ago

    this makes me question my sexuality

  • gucci v1bes
    gucci v1bes Month ago

    Soccer trips ppl start crying football gets concussion can't cry bc there brain dead

    DAVID COULOMBE Month ago

    hahaahahahahaha 7:37, as the celebration is going on for the home run, you can see some fat chick INTENTIONALLY move to her right and start groping another girls ass. In todays day and age that can get you into a ton of trouble LOL

  • KillaRafael
    KillaRafael Month ago +2

    4:18 so this is where EA gets the fumble recovery mechanics for Madden

  • King Eris
    King Eris Month ago

    There is no doubt the girl jumped over they plate. But the other team had no idea till the ump gave the picture a ball and told her. She didn’t touch the plate. Now why would the ump do that. Why not tell the girl who hit the homerun. Maybe a little bias

  • Habanero Jones
    Habanero Jones Month ago

    College football is shit, the sooner we all accept that the faster we can move away from it for good, no one gives a shit, they're all playing hoping there are scouts watching, don't tell me that is only a few players, its every damn asshole that takes the field and you know it

  • conspiracies are just great stories

    More power to the kid who caught the refs flag during the Jets game, but it's a damn shame a kid that's a die-hard jet fan didn't get it. The dude in the video has absolutely no jet gear on.

  • YouTube Censorship Board

    WTF the FIU punter??! And it’s always a good day when a NY Yankee gets hit in the balls.

  • 147jarvis
    147jarvis Month ago

    Lmao the guy in white shirt at 6:41

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow Month ago

    soccer is so fucking stupid

  • dood poop
    dood poop Month ago

    But the homerun girl hit the ball over the fence.. how'd they bring a new ball into play before she touched all bases?

  • Ja Biezel
    Ja Biezel Month ago

    Don't watch a lot of football, but have watched dozens of these videos. These players who get paid boatloads of money nearly Every time that they are running to the end zone slow down and bring the ball away from their chest, not only exposing it, but then holding onto it with a single hand. So stuuupid. What's worse is that a Lot of them lately not only celebrate Before the get to the end zone, but throw away the damn ball before crossing over into the end zone. For the amount of money these receivers receive, they should be penalized for celebrating every single time they are About to enter the end zone, and it should be financial if they either get sacked for it before entering, get the ball knocked out of their possession while stupidly holding it out with one hand (like a damn xmas present for the opposing team), and the largest financial penalty should come from them showboating and assininely throwing the ball away before crossing over. I'm not even a fan and I'll getting legit angry at watching Every GD receiver celebrating and/or slowing down before making it into the end zone. This should be true if every run, but Especially true if you run 50,60,70+ yards at full steam; then you had better finish at full speed with the ball safely tucked tight within your arms/chest. These jackasses pointing their fingers in the air or spiking the ball, sometimes even before scoring should be traded away until they get the point that showboating won't be tolerated in a so-called "Professional" sport. Smh..

  • Area-51
    Area-51 Month ago

    If he tried that 100 more time he wouldn't hit the target once.... bruh shots fired

  • Alexander Triozzi
    Alexander Triozzi Month ago

    4th and goal- we have to PUNT!!!!

  • John Ambriz
    John Ambriz Month ago

    Oh man I’m not laughing at him definitely not he just forgot 😂

  • Zeus Deuce
    Zeus Deuce Month ago

    On the softball one, the coach got that called on her. If he doesn’t say anything they never notice.

    • Zeus Deuce
      Zeus Deuce Month ago

      It may look like that but there’s no way he did. That would be a big no no for umpires.

    • William Ryan
      William Ryan Month ago

      Zeus Deuce it looks like the umpire actually tells the pitcher to tag the runner as he hands her the new ball.

  • Zaid Malek
    Zaid Malek Month ago

    5:50 and I am like Oiiiiieeee

  • Dodarel
    Dodarel Month ago

    I’m waiting for a baseball player to face plant while running.

  • Ricky Taylor Jr
    Ricky Taylor Jr Month ago +1

    8:52 I had tears in my eyes 😂🤣🤣

  • Jonathan Williams
    Jonathan Williams Month ago

    2:35, crowd chanting asshole, This not WWE League

  • Jonathan Williams
    Jonathan Williams Month ago

    0:23, That Why all of you guys are being showoff/cocky, you will make your team a disappointment.

  • Crappy comment Man
    Crappy comment Man Month ago

    3:24 when you hurt your sibling and they start crying so you act like you are hurt too

  • KC Chiefs Fan
    KC Chiefs Fan Month ago

    So glad we got rid of Peters. Prima Donna Diva dickwad.

  • I Immortal
    I Immortal Month ago

    Retarded soccer

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith Month ago

    Bad vid

  • Arthur Garwood Delahooke

    That own basket was actually a really cool play despite the fact he put it in the wrong hoop.

  • islh
    islh Month ago

    The soccer ones are the hardest to watch

  • Ben G
    Ben G Month ago

    That fella from Alabama can sure hit a softball a long way....

  • Ben G
    Ben G Month ago

    After that fumble, it will be third and goal from their OWN eight yard line. I've NEVER seen that.

  • o k
    o k Month ago

    notice female baseball is smaller then males, because they don't matter, get back in the kitchen

  • Josh Moon
    Josh Moon Month ago

    7:39 your welcome

  • Nate Baker
    Nate Baker Month ago +5

    6:18 three run homer in the 3rd inning let's act like we hit a walk off. Serves you right. I don't understand why in women's softball you guys do this. Commentator sums it up perfectly... "too involved in the celebration", so she misses the plate.

    • Gigerian
      Gigerian Month ago

      You'll notice the female assistant coach in the white shirt was there waiting and watching to make sure she touched the plate and reacted immediately, but couldn't get through all those clueless players to grab that girl and tell her to go back. Too late.

    • Zach Farnitano
      Zach Farnitano Month ago

      And NWBA wonders why no one's tuning in....

  • Rob's Relics
    Rob's Relics Month ago

    Oh man, the guy who missed that open goal on the soccer field had to want to crawl under a rock. I hope that goal didn't cost them the game. Hopefully they were up 4-0 or some sort of safe lead LOL!

  • Nathan Rosser
    Nathan Rosser Month ago +3

    0:45 im not laughting at him, im deffinitely not.

    ....Im ROTFLMAO at him

  • PornDawgDaddy
    PornDawgDaddy Month ago

    Baseball is full of pussies.

  • Jermaine Lucas
    Jermaine Lucas Month ago

    She definitely did jump over the plate but if the play was never over AND she hit a home run then why would the ref give the other team a ball to tag her out with. That's slick cheating or just not professional of a ref. SHE HIT THAT BALL OUT OF THE PARK, THEY CANT POSSIBLY TAG HER OUT WITH A NEW BALL FOR A NEW PLAY

  • BigPapaDave
    BigPapaDave Month ago

    On the la tech missippi state play everybody has to run miles smh

  • bigfatno
    bigfatno Month ago +2

    Yadi shows, once again, why he'll be in the MLB HOF.

  • Nutso
    Nutso Month ago

    9:21 how tf

  • BW Acuff
    BW Acuff Month ago

    That softball umpire was full of shit. The ball in play was out of the field of play....that's the point of a home run: you can't be tagged out or have the ball caught because the ball no longer exists in relation to the game.

  • Ary M
    Ary M Month ago

    3rd and 95 is why conference USA is a non competitor in almost every sport.

  • Craig Dirty .Dority
    Craig Dirty .Dority 2 months ago

    I saw that last own goal live!!!

  • Mark Burch
    Mark Burch 2 months ago

    5:50 how can you laugh at that?

  • kungfuman82
    kungfuman82 2 months ago

    4:18 that runaway football had me dying!

  • Ha Ha
    Ha Ha 2 months ago

    4:24 if u rlly think about it. That game was over anyways but just think about it LA TECH still never gave up.

  • Mattdog2020
    Mattdog2020 2 months ago

    Greased pig was the best one

  • Brendon Boyer
    Brendon Boyer 2 months ago +1

    7:40 when Asians try to play American sports

  • DarkHorse_2018
    DarkHorse_2018 2 months ago

    If you hit a HOME RUN? You should NOT be able to be tagged out with another ball. That is not fair at all.

  • Zac Griffiths
    Zac Griffiths 2 months ago +1

    Who is here because of what Terry said in Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

    • Brian Totten
      Brian Totten 27 days ago

      Haha shit, that's exactly why I'm here.

  • anthony lozano
    anthony lozano 2 months ago

    3:52 at least that was a heck of a throw!

  • anthony lozano
    anthony lozano 2 months ago

    2:57 what happend to to that godly team!? this is 2019 btw

  • OG KC
    OG KC 2 months ago

    lol big stupid white girl jumped over the plate im weak hahaha

  • ztheg
    ztheg 2 months ago +9

    “Jumps over the plate” welcome to woman’s sports

  • xXChief_PlaysXx
    xXChief_PlaysXx 2 months ago

    lolll how did that happen.. 4:49

    WHO DAT NATION 2 months ago

    A guy gettin hit in the nether region supposed to be funny? You definitely deserve a thumbs down, numnuts!!!

  • Q
    Q 2 months ago

    These are all american sports no one gives a shit about. American football isnt even a top 10 sport globally

    JTSWEENS1 2 months ago

    The soccer one is not a flop! If you watch it again, (slow motion if you have to), he grabs at his left ankle because his apponent steps on it as the ball is getting kicked.

  • Rex Sexson
    Rex Sexson 2 months ago

    A full bodied dry heave.

  • Darrel Eddings
    Darrel Eddings 2 months ago

    3:12 The fan in red laughing his ass off - gold!

  • Golden Age Games
    Golden Age Games 2 months ago

    Hell yeah my bois ndsu

  • Relic827
    Relic827 2 months ago +1

    Damn them softball butts

  • Cohen Oswalt
    Cohen Oswalt 2 months ago

    I was at the 4:17 game. Absolutely wild.