Chef Jamie Oliver Only Needs Five Ingredients

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
  • Chef Jamie Oliver shows Stephen that less is more with recipes from '5 Ingredients: Quick and Easy Food.' Learn how to make the dishes with these actual recipes: 545775132233909/posts/1663585033786241/
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Comments • 723

  • Mary Sanchez
    Mary Sanchez 3 months ago

    It isn't five ingredients when some of them are prepared mixtures and convenience foods like hot pepper jam, frozen puff pastry, readymade pesto, or self rising flour (so he doesn't have to list the three ingredients AP flour, baking powder and salt). Why doesn't he just get out the old blue box and make mac n cheese already? Wouldn't the box be just one ingredient, according to his philosophy? But hey, people can afford the blue box... We can't have that!

  • Mary Sanchez
    Mary Sanchez 3 months ago

    Oliver is trying to pull the same thing on adult cooks of normal income or below, as he tried to do on TV to that poor little town where he wanted to change the school cafeteria food. There, he insisted he wasn't insulting them by inferring they were ignorant, unhealthy and obese, while he insulted them anyway. His menu was more expensive, not within the school's budget, and the kids didn't like it and threw it out. They didn't like the food and went back to the original diet after he left. Now he's patronizing and condescending to us adult viewers by cooking ingredients that are odd or too expensive. Hey Oliver, most people don't have jars of expensive pesto, fresh balls of mozzarella, and can't remember the last time they could afford squid, scallops, wild salmon, fresh jumbo shrimp, T-bone steaks and sirloin, exotic mushrooms and pork tenderloin, let alone fresh asparagus or unusual veggies, blood oranges when regular ones are just as nice, and you insist on fashionable free-range eggs, which cost more... and we aren't going to eat blood sausage, dude, both because of difficulty finding it, expense, and it's disgusting... you've left out the amount of added time it would cost us to go from store to store, exhausted after work, to find all those ingredients you have your staff to buy for you. and free-range is actually even more cruel than caged, hun. It's pastured eggs that might be a little kinder: in free-range, the chickens all gang up and cannibalize each other while the victim is conscious, dragging their extravasated guts around behind them. And you shouldn't be eating yellowfin tuna. It's in trouble, too. Cooks like you helped wipe out bluefins. Shrimp is grown in warm contaminated water full of bacteria and antibiotics. Many fish are caught on fishing ships that literally use kidnaped men imprisoned as unpaid slaves, who haven't committed crimes. It's easy to have a nice meal when your slab of meat costs thirty to fifty bucks a pop, and does the work for you... harder to use your brain and eat lower down on the food chain, where food is kinder and cheaper and can feed more people for the less money. What makes you think you have the right to cause so much suffering, just because you like the taste? And when you say we can cook stuff in twenty minutes, and then you try to convince viewers to braise meat for six hours in our ovens (with all the energy used to heat the oven, as well as overheating our kitchens).... why didn't you suggest a pressure cooker, to cook faster and tenderize a cheaper cut of meat? That's REAL frugality and speed. Better yet: why rely on meat at all? Why don't you cook some vegan dishes? Are you afraid you can't make it interesting and delicious to the general public? You think we all have hot pepper jam, Asian spicy paste, odd sugars, and blood oranges at our fingertips, and you have a lot more storage space in your kitchen than most of us, we don't have the money or room for all those odd ingredients. Including self rise flour... we bake with bread or AP and add our own leavening. We rarely buy puff pastry. Why don't you come back down to earth and do a series on recipes a normal person with a normal kitchen, average fridge and limited budget can do? And stop relying on expensive animal protein. Let's see if you really know how to cook, when you have to think about it. Stop being so condescending to us. You just keep having shows with the same failing theme. Many of us are very good, serious cooks and bakers, and we don't rely on expensive ingredients. That's two flops in a row.

  • haydenellie
    haydenellie 5 months ago

    Yes only 5 Garlic Garlic Garlic Garlic and a bit of Garlic

  • honeytgb
    honeytgb 7 months ago

    1:57 whoa ! Steve's got some serious knife skills !

  • Will
    Will 7 months ago

    Did he just switch wine glasses

  • Alex Reid
    Alex Reid 7 months ago

    I first started cooking coz of Jamie's Naked Chef series so big props. However, I much prefer his previous rougher around the edges style to the polished dude he is now. I get that quality is expected to increase as people go on but he just seems a little fake these days.

  • richlinlaw
    richlinlaw 7 months ago

    This got on my RU-clip playlist I never watch talk shows anymore all this amped up volume condescension Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus announcement and a desperate horrible case of trying to be funny.

  • Mayank Arora
    Mayank Arora 8 months ago

    Stephen was definitely drunk in this

  • VorN Dragneel
    VorN Dragneel 8 months ago +1

    Did Jamie get thiccer

  • Anand Varun Achari
    Anand Varun Achari 8 months ago

    Stephen cuts amazing

  • Tony
    Tony 8 months ago

    Gordon needs 1 ingredient

  • adamgm84
    adamgm84 8 months ago

    Jamie you are talking a bit quick man. This show feels like some kind of ADHD cooking.Slow down and enjoy the moment. If this is TV then I don't really care for it. Granted, I did hear people talk faster depending on the size of the population of the city they are from, so I may infer you are from a large city. This segment made me feel a bit like I had to go somewhere ASAP and I forgot my keys, and I was also mildly grossed out by the prawn head even though I agree it would add legit flavour.

  • Abu Junayed
    Abu Junayed 8 months ago

    He's clearly had a few

  • Y&S FOOD!
    Y&S FOOD! 8 months ago

    Terrific video clip! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we like to catch these kind of content. We make Travel & Food films too, around the world, and also we are always searching inspirations as well as approaches. Thank You.

  • Cormac
    Cormac 8 months ago

    Close your eyes and James Cordon is talking

  • ExileOnDaytonStreet
    ExileOnDaytonStreet 8 months ago

    Thick pasta noodles. Romano cheese. Black pepper. Salt. Water.
    5 ingredients, 2 of which shouldn’t even count.
    Cacio e Pepe.

  • El Sol
    El Sol 8 months ago

    Brother lol

  • cicci0salsicci0
    cicci0salsicci0 8 months ago

    is this a parody? I'm confused.

  • Jace Cavacini
    Jace Cavacini 8 months ago

    What a couple of tossers ;-)

  • Bilal Ashraf
    Bilal Ashraf 8 months ago

    better than that gordon ramsey

  • utubeusername00
    utubeusername00 8 months ago

    Stephen Colbert is being a bit of a douche. Dude’s just trying to promote his book.

  • Gandalf Stormcrow
    Gandalf Stormcrow 8 months ago

    Jamie goes for a chatty, common as muck working class style and Americans only respect and prefer erudite well spoken Brits.

  • Kris Jess
    Kris Jess 9 months ago

    What, using a jar of pesto is cheating? Come on stephen, did you think pasta was a vegetable?

  • Brock O'lea
    Brock O'lea 9 months ago

    1) Olive oil
    2) Olive oil
    3) Olive Oil
    4) Olive Oil
    5) Olive Oil

  • Anonym
    Anonym 9 months ago

    At least jamie is polite... not like mr ramsay

  • Cam
    Cam 9 months ago

    No. Salt the water to taste like the ocean. About 30 grams per liter of water. About Anything less doesn't really do much.

  • Y M
    Y M 9 months ago

    Very annoying he was best of cooking sausage and mashed potatoes and adding bit of rosemary 😂😂😂

  • choknuti
    choknuti 9 months ago +1

    Anybody else notice Stephen's knife skills? Also, he can toss. Not professional level but he can cook for sure.

  • Navin Nair
    Navin Nair 9 months ago

    Only needs 5 ingredients to make shit food.

  • Matthias
    Matthias 9 months ago

    Stephen is quite annoying

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 9 months ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Elliot
    Elliot 9 months ago

    I didn't know Mumford and Sons could cook?!

  • TheVisserthree
    TheVisserthree 9 months ago

    Here I got some recipes with 2 or 1„ingredient(s)“. Very easy.

  • Rafael Maschio
    Rafael Maschio 9 months ago

    I was watching some Gordon Ramsey vids and hating his manners. And I needed to check why he hates Jamie Oliver. Now I like Gordon and understand why he hates Jamie.

  • James Willett
    James Willett 9 months ago

    People saying 'this is for people who don't cook and do microwavable meals all the time' as an insult when JO literally said that was the point at 1:30

  • Alexander
    Alexander 9 months ago

    I counted six ingredients. You have failed me.

  • Jibran Malik
    Jibran Malik 9 months ago

    Ramsey wishes he had the swag of Jamie.
    Bish Bash Bosh

  • SlR
    SlR 9 months ago

    how drunk is Jamie...

  • BobTheBuilder69
    BobTheBuilder69 9 months ago

    6:00 that's what she said 😂😂

  • Kenny Ho
    Kenny Ho 9 months ago

    Stephen is usually funny but he’s so ignorant when it comes to cooking. It’s ok to be ignorant but don’t be so opinionated. Eating shrimp with the tail on is not strange.

    • Sunrisediagnostika
      Sunrisediagnostika 8 months ago

      He is opinionated, but he's not ignorant :) He loves to cook and he was a waiter for 7 years at a nice restaurant in Chicago (Scoozi). But in South-Carolina where he is from (US shrimp country) they take off the tail and he apparently finds it very annoying having to pick up the shrimp by the tail to eat it. One of those pet peeves, he's complained about it many times.

  • Harizto
    Harizto 9 months ago

    a 10 years old kid could do it better

  • Bmuzammil Spears
    Bmuzammil Spears 9 months ago

    These two are just amazing men!~

  • Sushant Chitrakar
    Sushant Chitrakar 9 months ago

    Jamie drank Stephen's wine tho. 0:47/ 1:40

  • da king113
    da king113 9 months ago

    Gordon Ramsay is better

  • C S
    C S 9 months ago

    anybody else remember Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet?
    or is it just me?
    he used to get dru-u-u-unk on his show, unabashedly. my mom and i loved watching him.

  • Genadi Fridman
    Genadi Fridman 9 months ago

    that louis vuitton fashion ad was wack

  • Nothing but nothing
    Nothing but nothing 9 months ago

    Gordon Ramsey left the chat

  • lucas Rozmus
    lucas Rozmus 9 months ago

    I fucking knew he Jamie would drink the hosts cup, all started when they got moved lol
    0:48 - 1:48

  • Place Holder Profile
    Place Holder Profile 9 months ago

    Why is Jamie on this pedo's show?

  • Black Orfice
    Black Orfice 9 months ago

    "Merry Christmas nope happy New year"
    This is what anti-PC reactionaries have done. I used to say happy holidays to non-christians and Merry Christmas to christians or I just did it the opposite way and no one gave a single fuck. I'm not religious myself. But now it has become a cultish us vs them thing.

  • vivalaflav
    vivalaflav 9 months ago

    The cooking segments on these are always a hot anxious mess haha

  • peutch
    peutch 9 months ago

    Stephen Colbert has great knife technique!

  • Rafael Del Villar
    Rafael Del Villar 9 months ago

    One of the dumbest recipes I've ever seen! From an adult point of view

  • TheDudeFromKalispell
    TheDudeFromKalispell 9 months ago

    For the life of me, why can't Americans hold a glass of wine?? EVERY Movie, every public appearance I have observed. I thought Stephen would be cultured enough, but no, he grabs that thing like it's a pint of Guinness, god damn!

    • Sunrisediagnostika
      Sunrisediagnostika 8 months ago

      Because he's not a snob? Holding a wine glass at the stem when you have no intention of swirling it makes you look like a high status fool, just saying.

  • B T
    B T 9 months ago +1

    Geniunely hope something terrible happens to Jamie Oliver. He's vile

  • AL: C
    AL: C 9 months ago

    how many late shows does america need?

  • Dr. Royalty
    Dr. Royalty 9 months ago +1

    Jesus fockin' Christ he's gotten fatter. Didn't even know that was remotely possible considering all he does is promoting "healthy lifestyles" for a living. 😐

  • Irene Adler
    Irene Adler 9 months ago +1

    whoa stephen's got the knife skills (in stark contrast to conan :D)

  • 9 months ago

    Jamie drank from Stephen's glass. Yuck!

    • Mari Anna
      Mari Anna 9 months ago

      They also drank from the same bottle, sooo

  • Leonardo Bagnoli
    Leonardo Bagnoli 9 months ago

    That is the ugliest dish of pasta i have ever seen