Top 10 Scary Area 51 Theories That Might Be True

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Area 51 Theories That Might Be True
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    More than a million people have RSVP’d to an event on Facebook saying that they are down to storm the most top secret base in America known as Area 51. You guys know that there are sooooo many theories about aliens being kept as prisoners here or that there are some top secret experiments going on in Area 51 and apparently these people want answers. So with all of this commotion, we decided to take a deep dive into Area 51 and investigate it for all of you who have decided to break into Area 51. And if you are one of these people, all I can say is good luck.
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  • MostAmazingTop10
    MostAmazingTop10  Month ago +1044

    👇Turn This Blue If You're Heading To Area 51

    • Memeing Vade
      Memeing Vade 23 days ago +1

      I believe King Kong was real then the government killed him then decided to make a movie about it and hide it from the world so nobody will know which is what they always do because me and my Friends went up there we got in and seen a huge Gorilla skull then we got caught we ran but we parked our car close so we could easily escape we escaped then i went live on Instagram then they were chasing us then we got away because the Alarm went off and we’re still on the run if u don’t get another comment from me then we got caught but

    • Aye_Itz_Jay XD
      Aye_Itz_Jay XD 23 days ago

      I think there making a nuke cuz recently there was a explosion at Area 51 there planning an attack at north Korea

    • Aye_Itz_Jay XD
      Aye_Itz_Jay XD 23 days ago

      my cousins live in Nevada so I’ll be near Area 51 to storm it

    • MPF Playz
      MPF Playz 25 days ago

      Gotta see them aleins

  • Gibbles
    Gibbles 4 hours ago

    0:38 later on the September 20, 2019 Landon was spotted flying out of area 51 with a hot alien chic

  • Kid Vicious
    Kid Vicious Day ago

    Problem with this footage: the phone in the background was invented years later

  • Unknown Gamer9000
    Unknown Gamer9000 3 days ago

    Woah! No wonder it's too secret

  • Unknown Gamer9000
    Unknown Gamer9000 3 days ago

    ***raids area 51 everyone gets shot and killed***

  • Mia Mina
    Mia Mina 5 days ago

    Honestly, I think anything that was at Area 51 which was actually top secret in the area has been moved to another location which we don't even know of. No, I don't think it is Area 52 I think the name is very different and secret. The President doesn't even know what is going on because he doesn't have the right clearance.
    Yes, we did land on the moon. There was no fake moon landing. There are two very good videos on RU-clip that debunks the "fake moon landing theory"
    Trust me, anything you see that is "secret" as far as military equipment is old news. They have something newer and better that is really secret because we don't know about it.
    No, I'm NOT going!

  • Scott Ledger
    Scott Ledger 9 days ago

    Your government is employed by your people so you's should demand 2 know or just don't vote for a next president

  • Heather Edwards
    Heather Edwards 9 days ago

    Stop talking with your hands

  • Demetri pics
    Demetri pics 9 days ago

    Two words aliens and time travel

  • Inky Spector
    Inky Spector 15 days ago

    Im guessing what's in area 51 are the watchers who made contact with humans teaching human new technology high tech weapon connection to military and world leaders. Many more to mention.

  • Παυλίνα Ντόγια

    What's with all those ads?😡

  • inescapable fate
    inescapable fate 18 days ago

    "Is this real life right now?!"

  • Soul Searching
    Soul Searching 20 days ago

    Not in Area 51!

  • CurlyHeadedGirl Sky
    CurlyHeadedGirl Sky 20 days ago


  • Area51 Secret Agent
    Area51 Secret Agent 21 day ago


  • Constantine Kladnick

    What if S.C.P is related to Area 51

  • SquECho Ellie Cox
    SquECho Ellie Cox 21 day ago

    Go inside like u do with earth

  • SquECho Ellie Cox
    SquECho Ellie Cox 21 day ago

    Just saying humans don’t use their brains like landing on top of a planet to try and find us like common

  • SquECho Ellie Cox
    SquECho Ellie Cox 21 day ago

    Look please don’t come to area 51 cause we will kill you we have weapons!!! 👽👽👽

  • Yahire Villegas
    Yahire Villegas 21 day ago

    So SCARY! dude

  • XxFasTMaxwellxX
    XxFasTMaxwellxX 22 days ago

    Me: NOPE
    AREA 51

  • Sydney Love wwe
    Sydney Love wwe 22 days ago

    I think it’s full of funko pops

  • Rafaell Perez
    Rafaell Perez 22 days ago

    Big booty biiitchhes

  • Gabrielle Griffis
    Gabrielle Griffis 22 days ago +1

    Little do they know were really going on the 19th and they wont be ready for us😂

  • Gabrielle Griffis
    Gabrielle Griffis 22 days ago

    I feel like if they ever do like flat out tell us what's in there itll be crazier to hear that it's just another military base then "yeah we have aliens" I think we all have it in our brains that its aliens in there so if theres nothing itll really throw everyone off

  • Jon Fowler
    Jon Fowler 23 days ago

    I believe that area 51 helps to capture scps and does the experiments when the scp passes away

  • Kween Debase
    Kween Debase 23 days ago +1

    They have unicorns and mermaids unicorns and mermaids might actually be real people might have seen them it when people and when people reported unicorns when they were in the plains and mermaids in the sea's the government right wipe their memory 🤯🤯😯😯🤫🤫

    • OhDoodles
      OhDoodles 22 days ago

      go back to kindergarden

  • Invader Dragons& Squids reborn

    Where's Samus Aran when you need her lol

  • Invader Dragons& Squids reborn

    If them idiots try to storm area 51 there good as alien food because do you remember what happened to a certain RU-clipr couple they went in there and they came back as totally different people I believe they were eaten by the aliens held captive and replace them with the aliens that ate them and let them go as free aliens in disguise living amongst the humans and ready for there next human meal I was supposed to scare you with that MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • i'm wierd idk idc
    i'm wierd idk idc 23 days ago +1

    were going to win the raid if a bunch of karens come

  • Josh Parks
    Josh Parks 23 days ago

    They also test new and crazy weapons and aircrafts

  • Meme Clipz
    Meme Clipz 23 days ago

    They are making james Charles clones

  • Brian Dunstan
    Brian Dunstan 23 days ago

    If any people raid area 51and see any thing classified secret, they will never be allowed to tell anyone what they saw,,,,in a time of war ,spies were always shot,,you cant just be let free to tell potential enemy country's what you saw,,this place is secret for a reason, anyone stupid enough to force entry in to area 51 would quite likely never be seen again,,🤓,,,,🤢,,,,😭,,

  • Vicky Lewis
    Vicky Lewis 23 days ago +1

    The goverment :there never gonna get off there asses and go to area 51 XD
    THE MILENIMALS:wait till you see whats coming 4 u they will tech the raid in schools

  • bixbywolf
    bixbywolf 23 days ago +1

    Everyone a few s come s for your attention please:
    Two things~
    1.) We are aliens to other aliens, and those aliens are aliens to us.
    2.) Those poor aliens being hurt what if they had no wrong intention?

  • Time Lapz
    Time Lapz 23 days ago

    One theory is they have the Back to the Future device

  • Commentindica 420
    Commentindica 420 23 days ago

    The truth is out there lers see them allien

  • The amazing Gaming channel

    👖 1 like 1 prayer 🙏

  • The amazing Gaming channel

    I think there are lots of guts and alean wepons

  • The amazing Gaming channel


  • StaticSlasher 99
    StaticSlasher 99 23 days ago

    If you really think about it Area 51 would have to have another top secret bunker somewhere so if they know they are gonna get stormed they would probably move their secret projects ect to a bunker

  • David Boyce
    David Boyce 24 days ago

    this is a grate vidio thank you

  • Nelson Playz
    Nelson Playz 24 days ago +1

    I think there aliens testing them

  • ArmannG 123
    ArmannG 123 24 days ago

    Be more serious plz

  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith 24 days ago

    I wish he wouldn’t get politics involved🙁

  • SA Vlogs
    SA Vlogs 24 days ago

    But are they going to arrest 1.4 mil ppl

  • David Rossiter
    David Rossiter 24 days ago

    Love this channel but don't like Landons videos because he is constantly saying "is this real life right now?" It's not clever or funny just annoying and making me not want to watch his videos

  • Purification Puppy
    Purification Puppy 24 days ago +1

    Me: I watch these videos at 3am I when I get bored.
    People at work: 😳😳😳😳
    Me: what!?

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith 24 days ago

    Them mfs 40 floors underground trying to develope the t virus.

  • Detective Jeremy
    Detective Jeremy 24 days ago

    i got an ad on area 51 lol

  • Bryce Carr
    Bryce Carr 24 days ago

    Ya that is stupid because the gards, the Air Force solders at the base, and many other armed men and women will kill all one million in like 5 minutes or less none of them will make it in.

  • Declan Cairney
    Declan Cairney 24 days ago

    Ur a tripper area 52s better m8

  • Dave Mangan
    Dave Mangan 24 days ago

    Please stop doing videos. You have awesome topics, but sound like an idiot

  • Vince Icy
    Vince Icy 25 days ago

    *Tells us it’s stupid to go to Area 51*
    *Shows up at Area 51*
    *Sees him*

  • Dawn Handschy
    Dawn Handschy 25 days ago

    Sounds like Darwin's theory. Only the strong and smart will survive. Let the idiots weed themselves out. Also i dont know whats in there but if you think about it we had a huge surge of new inventions around the 1950's.
    Fun fact: the first spam message was sent by telegraph in the late 1800's.

  • JadeToonz
    JadeToonz 25 days ago

    Alien on stream : Ushnu ushnu ununu ushun ushun
    Me: omg thats an alien
    *camera turns*
    *loli tranfirmation syrum*

  • flore gayot
    flore gayot 25 days ago +1

    You do realise that element 115 is an element in the cod zombie series that reanimates dead corpses and turns them into zombies

  • Purpleunicorn
    Purpleunicorn 25 days ago +1

    But people say that thairs a underground way right did that make the underground railroad??????????🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Purpleunicorn
    Purpleunicorn 25 days ago +1

    Neil a

    Spell that backwards

  • Tori Smith
    Tori Smith 25 days ago

    I Like It

  • Cameron McManus
    Cameron McManus 26 days ago

    If the public know about the base it isn’t secret

  • Chino Grijalva
    Chino Grijalva 26 days ago

    Area 51 hiding chemicals so they won't tell the rest of this country what is hiding chemicals buried beneath the ground with some workers and employees of Area 51 where harm from an area 51 does not want to say what chemicals they were

  • snowy 0121
    snowy 0121 26 days ago

    Are people really gonna storm area 51 tho?

    • snowy 0121
      snowy 0121 26 days ago

      @Nevermore :D i know people who are actually going...sooo

    • Nevermore :D
      Nevermore :D 26 days ago

      It was a joke

  • Rosalind Lumos
    Rosalind Lumos 26 days ago

    Landon: and #1, human alien hybrids
    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Me: I’d f*** an alien.

  • zach deaney
    zach deaney 26 days ago +5

    They are hiding my will to live in area 51 and my dad because I checked he isn't getting milk

  • Clickbait 21
    Clickbait 21 26 days ago

    During the whether manipulation section if you look in the top right corner at 8:41 you’ll see the letter F

  • Gio 541
    Gio 541 26 days ago

    Element 115 call of duty zombies

  • Eric Chavez
    Eric Chavez 26 days ago +4

    What if we get a bunch of 10 year olds since legally they cant be arrested👀

  • Austin Hathaway
    Austin Hathaway 26 days ago

    Free Superman!!

  • edward kaiser
    edward kaiser 26 days ago

    i have that same shirt

  • Gennie Chappell
    Gennie Chappell 26 days ago

    Maybe it's a fallout shelter in area 51🤣

  • Megan Tinkler
    Megan Tinkler 27 days ago

    Maybe that’s where they filmed the moon landing?? who knows 🤔

  • Joker
    Joker 27 days ago

    That is why we need the Space Force

  • Misty Conley
    Misty Conley 27 days ago

    Same shirt 2 different videos like Che! Don't you guys get paid enough to buy new shirts lol!!!

  • Philedaphia Collins
    Philedaphia Collins 27 days ago