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Imagination: It’s Not What You Think. It’s How You Think | Charles Faulkner | TEDxIIT

  • Published on Jul 31, 2017
  • Imagination is not what you think. It’s how you think. Cognitive research reveals that images, metaphors and stories are the basis of our mental operating system: the origin of our intuitions and our irrationality. Counterintuitively, more accurate insights do not come from increasing information or reason, but educating our imagination.
    Charles Faulkner is an independent researcher on language and its effects on communication, decision-making and change. He has worked in the Silicon Valley, ‘the City’ of London and 3M, HP, IBM, HSBC and Cargill. His decision-making work is featured in books including The New Market Wizards. His popular works include the audio programs: The New Technology of Achievement, Success Mastery, and Creating Irresistible Influence. His original work on metaphoric communication and change is documented in three programs. He has lectured in 15 countries including at the University of Chicago, Columbia College NYC, the Sorbonne, and London School of Economics.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at www.ted.com/tedx

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  • Alexandra Kovacs Realtor

    “We do not see the world the way it is, we see the world according to our instruments.” So true!

    • Jason Spades
      Jason Spades 8 months ago

      @Nowand Then
      Yes. You are correct. This lecturer is incorrect. His arguments actually are as fallacious as you think.
      You saw right through his word salad. I have a formal education in philosophy, logic, and syllogistic structure.
      The flaw you are referring to is two fold.
      A presuppositional fallacy (pre-assuming the truth of that which you attempt to demonstrate)
      A false equivocation fallacy (equation of two logically negating ideas or terms in order to produce a seemingly valid conclusion)

    • Jason Spades
      Jason Spades 8 months ago

      Yeah, but its not.

    • vidhi kataria
      vidhi kataria 8 months ago

      We see the world way our mental faculties and schemas are

    • Monica Lopez King
      Monica Lopez King 8 months ago +1

      @Nowand Then as long as you take into consideration the whole of reality, the energies that are present but not observable by senses. Like gravity. We know it's there. We can only perceive 10% of the light spectrum.

    • Nowand Then
      Nowand Then 8 months ago +2

      @ Always Optimistic - I add a comment to yours, because, as he made this statement I saw a bit of a flaw. In that it is never, (and I take note that I use an absolute, which is generally very bad),
      a good practice to make a statement with a flaw in it because of possible errors in the following thoughts going forward.
      So, that’s the thought.
      “We do not see the world, “necessarily”, the way it is, we see the world according to our instruments.”
      I think we have to operate on the assumption that the world is a certain way whether we can discover it or not.
      Therefore it is possible to see the world the way it is.
      I’m certain we’ll be better off going with logic, reason and the scientific method.
      Seems unlikely we’ll ever be certain of everything.
      But it is what it is.

  • Michael Carter
    Michael Carter 4 years ago +319

    One of the smartest people I've had the pleasure of working with. Also one of the nicest. An endless supply of useful information that helps personally and professionally.

    • Ronald Caliva
      Ronald Caliva Year ago

      He's one of those knowlegeable person all over the world.

    • Romy Karlen
      Romy Karlen 2 years ago

      Very Useful

    • John Guilfoyle
      John Guilfoyle 3 years ago +3

      how's the pay?

    • Cynthia Ennis
      Cynthia Ennis 4 years ago +15

      Michael Carter So wonderful your comment of your experience & your kindness in sharing it.

  • Daniel Burgess
    Daniel Burgess Year ago +34

    I had to come back and comment here that this TED talk has got to be one of the best explanations of sympathetic magic and imagination I've ever heard. It was very clear... Mid way I began to experience a sense of synchronicity with everything said and all things around me...

  • JMKnack
    JMKnack 4 years ago +92

    Imagination leads. Our realities are affected by words and by our perceptions, thus affect our judgment. This is profound. In the dance between technology and imagination, imagination ultimately leads. Thanks!

    • LazyKid
      LazyKid Year ago +9

      @Tomas Zazach Yeah, and this is where science will never be able to find the real truth. because they cannot imagine that things that are not measurable with some instruments (instruments measure forces) can exist. So everytime when they try to find explanations for some thing, they blend out whole universes of other possibilities. That makes sense methodically, but arguing that the scientific state of knowledge about anything does even closely resemble the "truth" without saying that thare are endless other possible truths which were systematically not given credit / energy to investigate is just lying/conspiracy. I work at a tech company and it is sad to see fellow students not being even able to imagine that the universe/life is more than they can capture and rationalize with their instruments. science is mostly blind by purpose, but it pretends to see clearly.

    • JMKnack
      JMKnack 2 years ago +4

      @Stevie Lynn YW. We are both the captor and liberator of ourselves.

    • JMKnack
      JMKnack 2 years ago +3

      Two years since, the information in this talk, I feel more and more as true. In a sense, we make our own world by what we think of it, at least within the limits of what we have seen or learned or experienced and most importantly what we are willing to go for as far as possible and beyond with imagination. Destiny is our own making. Thanks.

    • Stevie Lynn
      Stevie Lynn 2 years ago +1

      Many Thanks Jay and Tomas Z.!! I come from a state where there isn't much of a boundary with politics and religion. Religion has dominated, split my kids up and held back so many people. We are taught to listen, follow, obey and study (within the realm of the teachings)!! I feel there are just robots all around me and for me to be the divergent one has cost me. However the awakening once I was free and able to Imagine is the greatest gift !

    • Tomas Zazach
      Tomas Zazach 2 years ago +5

      ...and this is where cult, religions and Gurù take great advantage on week people😫

  • Radiculously Rawthentic
    Radiculously Rawthentic 3 years ago +45

    This is one of the better and simpler Ted Talks I’ve had the pleasure of watching. 🥰 I Love this breakdown of how our imagination is influencing us all the time even when we’re convinced it’s “reality!”

  • Flowithin With Carmen

    What a great tedtalk. Lots of golden nuggets in this talk. Keep expanding our imagination!

  • GeorgeWm Dole
    GeorgeWm Dole 3 years ago +35

    As a Math & English Phrasal Verb mastery tutor to children of affluent parents in Moscow, Russia Charles Faulkners 17 minute TED Talk will help me be a better teacher today than I was before I listened to his talk. I save and review all TED Talks I listen to and look forward to researching his verbal footnotes that are unfamiliar to me now but not for much longer. I teach English ojectively like I taught statistics on a graduate school fellowship at Villanova Univ. Now I will consciously add imagination to my teaching methods. Many thanks Charles Faulkner.

  • Ogonek
    Ogonek 3 years ago +20

    By the way it's amazing when you meet a person in life who can see things you see and you both share the same view, the things others do not see .

  • Alexa Popovici
    Alexa Popovici 3 years ago +28

    You have to explore and be courageous enough to express your creative energy. This creative energy comes to us unsettled, wild - as an unknown input which we have to channel to this world in the most "understandable" way for everyone. Creators are translators.

    • Jackal Kin
      Jackal Kin Month ago

      Creators are translators, they translate their creativity for their respective audience

  • Josh Ray
    Josh Ray 3 years ago +78

    takeaway I suppose is rather than being 100% certain about your knowledge, adopt a "what's possible" view using your imagination to make your knowledge better, which can ultimately benefit you and the world in pursuit of evolution

  • Annette Kelly
    Annette Kelly 2 years ago +25

    Charles Faulkner - inspiring and motivating to make more imagination become reality! Awesome

  • FishingtheKosmos
    FishingtheKosmos 3 years ago +5

    Just fantastic. Absolute insight into the progressive dance of imagination and knowledge. "The absence of something is the presence of something," as the rationale for incorporating the concept of zero into our world view. Of course. I want to hear more of what he thinks.

  • anurag parcha
    anurag parcha 10 months ago +3

    Such an amazing and a thought inspiring speech. However, I would like to correct what he stated about 0 being invented by Fibonacci first and other civilisations did not. Firstly, the concept of 0 or nothingness originated in early Mayan Mesopotamia. Later it was solidified separately by an Indian Astronomer by the name Aryabhata in India. Later the notation or 0 was invented by another astronomer Brahmagupta.

  • The Black Hole with OG Vibe

    Wow this is actually very profound. My second time watching this video with a new understanding of reality and the words still Ring true. This is such a great message

  • kid ilios
    kid ilios 2 years ago +12

    This was a awesome TedX Talk!! Faulkner's a great presenter, and really make his subject matter interesting.

  • Stevie Lynn
    Stevie Lynn 2 years ago +4

    Truly "Last the best of all" ! I have listened to so many of these about Imagination or power of intention, that I was about done. This man is by far the best Ted Talk Ive heard and I've now shared with many. Thank You Charles Faulkner !!

  • John R Dallas Jr
    John R Dallas Jr Year ago +1

    This is an exceedingly accessible rationale for encouraging leaders and their teams to learn about mindset development and practice metacognition. Outstanding. Thank you.

  • Perception Share
    Perception Share Year ago +3

    What a brilliant talk! Love it!

  • Bath day vicvicgaming
    Bath day vicvicgaming 3 years ago +13

    Interestingly humble explanation of how magical and invested our world is..

  • Bob Le Clair
    Bob Le Clair 2 years ago +22

    We are the creators of our future through our imagination,,just look back to all the impossibilities and where we are now,,imagination is like a seed that needs cultivation,,peace,,

  • KC Umeh
    KC Umeh 8 months ago +5

    This dude is smart, I've saved the talk to listen and listen again.
    Thanks Charles Faulkner.

  • ياسر موفق
    ياسر موفق Year ago +7

    Imagination is a highly effective weapon
    Only great people really saw that in it

    • Nowand Then
      Nowand Then 8 months ago

      ‎@ياسر موفق - Imagine if logic, reason and evidence guided ones thinking.
      If those thinkers saw an error in others and wanted to correct it; I don’t think they would describe their efforts to correct it as a weapon.
      Nor would they want to be called great.
      Have I misinterpreted your cryptic comment?

  • Arline George
    Arline George Year ago +2

    Power of imagination ! Amazing great inspiring story . Thank you, bless you, All your dreams come true.

  • Maggie O
    Maggie O 2 years ago

    I love the up to date information and relevant topics that Ted talks present. These topics are usually, very well researched, and current. I appreciate the wide diversity of topics, that I otherwise, may not have learned about, or understood as well. What a way to learn, and benefit, from the many hours of research + study, that somebody else put in, to understand these different areas considered, even some questions we all wonder, being proven, by use of experiments...
    Thank you for making Ted talks available to everyone, free of charge. This contribution to humanity is very much appreciated.

  • V. Dargain
    V. Dargain 11 months ago +1

    Thank you so much . I get migraine headaches , which are the bane of all dreamers who suffer with them . I needed to remember to not take the mental ability to imagine for granted .
    Great talk .


    Everything you do -
    Everything you encounter -
    Everything you experience -
    ------- is changing your brain --------

  • M
    M Year ago +1

    Had to listen twice to understand some stuff.
    Some intriguing ideas.
    Imagination vs real. Did not expect how the topic could be expanded so much.
    I wonder how psychedelic influence fits into this subject. With them, how you perceive and maybe imagine the world is completely different. You realize how you normally see (without influence) is only one way of perceiving, is a very very useful, but not actually reality. Just like how flys and butterflies see in a different way that is useful for them, but it’s not the same as reality for them either. I shrugged off and forgot this thought back then and it came back just now from this talk.
    Maybe all forms of perception are technically reality? My brain doesn’t want to think or figure out how to make these things make sense together 😅. Too much work.

  • Downtown Earth
    Downtown Earth 3 years ago +10

    Astounding and comforting information/wisdom...Wow, thank you!

  • richard bedford
    richard bedford 3 years ago +15

    This helps me to understand myself much better. I have a rich imagination about who and what I am. Very enlightening speech.

    • Travis Wirth
      Travis Wirth Year ago +2

      I love the up to date information and relevant topics that Ted talks present. These topics are usually, very well researched, and current. I appreciate the wide diversity of topics, that I otherwise, may not have learned about, or understood as well. What a way to learn, and benefit, from the many hours of research + study, that somebody else put in, to understand these different areas considered, even some questions we all wonder, being proven, by use of experiments...
      Thank you for making Ted talks available to everyone, free of charge. This contribution to humanity is very much appreciated.

  • Pankaj Verma
    Pankaj Verma 3 years ago +50

    The speech was beyond imagination!

  • Joy Jeptoo
    Joy Jeptoo Year ago +5

    I didn't know it takes a whole year to prep for this ted talks. Nobody is perfect yo .. this takes polishing from a group of ted leaders and peers. Brilliant talk

  • Maria Rosales
    Maria Rosales Year ago

    Gracias por compartir. A partir de la imaginación podemos crear lo que se desea ver,tener y experimentar.interesante tema.

  • Nightingale Of Bollywood
    Nightingale Of Bollywood 2 years ago +3

    Thank you for such an interesting and useful talk.

  • Praveengoel
    Praveengoel Year ago

    Excellent way to explain imagination what how we think
    Situated between perceptions& our thoughts

  • Set Aty
    Set Aty 11 months ago +3

    4:34 "Some surface quality is going to reflect some inner essence."
    Love this

  • Explaining physics and mathematics

    Wow... It is a wonderful lecture...👍🏻

  • Rahul Bohra
    Rahul Bohra Year ago

    I was blown away as soon as he related the analogy between our assuming the identity of an unknown object to how we assume/judge the personalities of strangers around us....[07:00 min] Also explaining the role of language playing a major part in our perception of the world was amazing....

  • Hemant Rawat
    Hemant Rawat 2 years ago +71

    "imagination and knowledge are complementry. it's like they're in an endless dance in which imagination leads the knowledge"

  • Bogdan Luchian
    Bogdan Luchian 2 years ago +15

    This guy is a pioneer on what will lead to scientifically induced satori experiences

  • amol huddar
    amol huddar 3 years ago +15

    It seems like an endless dance, where imagination leads wow goose bumps all over me

  • Graphologist Shantanu Sant

    He speaks and explains amazingly.

  • Steve Primeau
    Steve Primeau 2 years ago +1

    With our five senses, we perceive the world around us. We apply our given language to persons places or things with words that are used to define them, but in the process, we limit our experience by our limited perception of what these words mean to us. If we could transcend this barrier, we could open ourselves up to an entire new experience of the world around us, thereby, creating a better world for ourselves and others. That's my take on it anyways. It's the best I can come up with at 12:30 am. Excellent talk though - a real eye opener.

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas 3 months ago

    Thank you Dr Leaf. I am a South African, living in England. So proud of you. Went on a Mindpower course with John Kehoe in SA - it changed my life!

  • James Zhang &Laser
    James Zhang &Laser  11 months ago +2

    4:24 judge people by the clothing
    5:25 like produces like
    7:01 we think attractive people are honest
    13:21 words are different from reality

  • Cynthia Ennis
    Cynthia Ennis 4 years ago +62

    “Right or wrong, perception is truth.”

    • gold nutter
      gold nutter Year ago +1

      Tom Campbell might have borrowed from that one to explain the nuance of subjective reality !
      "In the world of your subjective consciousness, if it's not your experience, it cannot be your truth"

    • The Black Hole with OG Vibe
      The Black Hole with OG Vibe Year ago +1

      1+2 this isn't true

    • Natural Technologist
      Natural Technologist 2 years ago +3

      @Phoenix Also probably one of the most revealing ways to show that unlimited realities exist. Everyone is being their own reality of co-existence.

    • Phoenix
      Phoenix 2 years ago +2

      Exactly, put it another way .... Each person's perception , awareness is the truth 💝💝💝🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️

    • Sax Glend
      Sax Glend 2 years ago

      @Natural Technologist Reason respects the differences, and imagination the similitudes of things.

  • Not Again
    Not Again 5 months ago

    Imagine being able to pay attention while watching this and memorizing the whole ted talk just by watching it once...

  • The Black Hole with OG Vibe

    Tools expand our imaginations. The more we can do the more we can imagine

  • gonczos
    gonczos 2 years ago +5

    In Hungarian it is just encoded into the language...
    Kép - picture, image
    Képez - educates
    Képzés - education
    Képesség - ability
    Képzelet - imagination
    Képtelen - Not able (to do something)
    Képtelenség - something that is impossible

  • J. C.
    J. C. 2 years ago +3

    Wow! The speakers has really motivated and inspired me to go on with life and being always in a state of thankfullness.😎😎😊☺

  • 다람쥐영어
    다람쥐영어 Year ago +8

    “We do not see the world the way it is.
    We see the world as our instruments allow.”

  • Elsa Franco
    Elsa Franco Year ago +1

    Excellent talk. Thank you.

  • Sheetal Jain
    Sheetal Jain 2 years ago

    Love it.. Much love & gratitude for sharing.. God bless..

  • sma jor
    sma jor 2 years ago

    What a great talk💚💚

  • rajcan2008
    rajcan2008 Year ago +26

    “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. (Albert Einstein)

  • Aijaz wani
    Aijaz wani 3 years ago +211

    Ted talks are highly useful.

    • Ben CyBer
      Ben CyBer 8 months ago

      are they selective
      who should talk

    • Nicolas Diai
      Nicolas Diai 10 months ago

      Yes man and for me they are useful twice, infact actually i use them to learn and improve my english

    • Ok
      Ok Year ago +1

      Yes but not at all. For example, Pseudoscientists speakers are there

  • Dylan the Bookworm
    Dylan the Bookworm 2 years ago +144

    I’m only a kid and I love ted talks

    • Muhammad-qieyaz Fareedat
      Muhammad-qieyaz Fareedat Year ago

      @djdom43 no he meant a child

    • djdom43
      djdom43 Year ago

      when you say kid, do you mean goat baby?

    • Nobita Supratman
      Nobita Supratman 2 years ago +3

      Same here! But no one knew other than my sis

    • Ray2311us
      Ray2311us 2 years ago +1

      Dylan the Bookworm from my uni perspective I’m only a kid too!

    • z17seattle
      z17seattle 2 years ago

      @Connor mclean you too hahahahahahahahaha

  • The Black Hole with OG Vibe

    The quest for knowledge will be an endless one and that's amazing

  • Sherif El Kadi
    Sherif El Kadi 3 years ago +15

    Beautifully explained !!! This is really Great !
    If we see Venus as a Star from Earth, Are we also seen as a Star from far away planets ? I wonder how do we twinkle, how are we doing on electro-magnetic smog and how would this affect our twinkling 8)

    • Rodney Paterson
      Rodney Paterson 9 months ago

      @Sherif El Kadi Conative therapy guides people to examine how they think and how that affects how they feel about themselves and others. Arrowsmith-Youg's therapeutic methods address areas in the brain where individuals have conative deficits, that is the parts of the brain not functioning well. She has discovered exercizes that strengthen these weeknesses so people can function normally, despite 30yrs of success her results are not widely given credit in the scientific community.

    • Sherif El Kadi
      Sherif El Kadi 9 months ago +1

      @Rodney Paterson ok... thx for the info

    • Rodney Paterson
      Rodney Paterson 9 months ago +1

      It is the air that makes the stars twinkle.

    • Vikas Verma
      Vikas Verma 3 years ago +1

      Great & deep statement.

    • Sherly Corry
      Sherly Corry 3 years ago +2

      Thanks, it's really thought provocations

    TRUTH Month ago +1

    Powerful Food For Thought, Deployed Worldwide Through My Deep Learning AI Research Library… Thank You

  • Moeez Ahmad
    Moeez Ahmad Year ago +2

    it is very useful information we can apply it in different scenario

  • Starguy.
    Starguy. 6 months ago

    05:03 Sympathetic Magic
    05:18 The Law of Similarity
    15:24 Imagination is more important then knowledge

  • Eduardo Beltrán
    Eduardo Beltrán Year ago +1

    Just great! Thank you for sharing

  • Jorge Elizondo
    Jorge Elizondo 2 years ago +5

    One of the best talks ever!

  • lowzhao
    lowzhao 2 years ago +2

    Beautiful talk.

  • michael crenshaw
    michael crenshaw 2 years ago +1

    Awesome, amazing, just perfect!!!

  • Mohammed Mizel
    Mohammed Mizel 2 years ago +5

    I like TED talk by which I discovered something new to add and develop my knowledge and personality

  • Adelina Jurca
    Adelina Jurca 3 years ago +3

    Great talk!!

  • Thumb Print
    Thumb Print 2 years ago +3

    Thanks for the upload. An interesting pot-pourri of many ideas which could do with depth-charging.

  • tom.k
    tom.k 2 years ago +5

    I like how he included "if it looks and quacks like a duck it's a duck" one of the most false statements ever made when applied to human beings

    • tom.k
      tom.k Year ago +2

      @Fred Flintstone Yes! From my understanding all humans do this on a subconscious level

    • Fred Flintstone
      Fred Flintstone Year ago +2

      @tom.k Hello tom.k .. seems it's taken me a few minutes to get what he was getting at with the duck reference ... I suppose that in our need to understand the world around us we are using past observations , experiences, judgements to fill in the gaps... in fact, I was listening to something about eye-witness testimony the other day and people will often swear that they saw X when it was in fact Y..

    • Liza Mor
      Liza Mor Year ago +1

      They use this in medicine. Exept they talk about horses and zebras. If it looks like a horse... But then, in rare cases, it is actually a zebra.

    • tom.k
      tom.k Year ago +2

      @Aalok Golatkar it wasnt a complaint. It was actually a praise of the speaker for pointing out the wrongness of the quote. I mean that the quote is fake because as humans we make many cognitive and perceptual errors. That's what I meant, you misinterpreted it

    • Aalok Golatkar
      Aalok Golatkar Year ago

      @tom.k all the comments were about what was good about the talk. Yours was the only one complaining. I thought that was very thankless for a something that you had the option of shutting off & you weren't forced to pay for.
      The duck will not do otherwise but quack under normal circumstances, so l was wondering what your thought process was, what your comment was motivated by?

  • Vince
    Vince Year ago +3

    Omg this speaks my mind , mind blowing

  • sailesh ram
    sailesh ram 2 years ago +5

    For Indians who are wondering whether it is IIT Mumbai or Bangalore or anything else, Its Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

    • Peepal Farm
      Peepal Farm 2 years ago +1

      sailesh ram thank you!! Haha

  • 다람쥐영어
    다람쥐영어 Year ago +39

    “Words evoke experiences, not realities.”

  • Charbel Tannios
    Charbel Tannios 11 months ago +1

    Thank you ...👏👏👏👏

  • Abhinav A
    Abhinav A 6 months ago

    Very well presented

  • The Trolling Stones
    The Trolling Stones 7 months ago +1

    Imagination is the ability to change the future before anyone else thinks of it.

  • mathreeQU
    mathreeQU 6 months ago

    That was POWERFUL!

  • Andrewaa Johnson
    Andrewaa Johnson Year ago +2

    I did enjoy that , it is what I attempt to get across to young family members.There is something though! Because I'm using my smart phone the writing on one of the small was too small for me to see, could anyone out there please tell me what it said on the jar that was not salt.🤔🤔🤔

  • durai sakkammal
    durai sakkammal 2 years ago +1

    Awesome speech

  • Mrityunjoy Roy
    Mrityunjoy Roy Year ago

    It's a very fantastic video!

  • Lucyb Davies
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  • Jaideep Adhvaryu
    Jaideep Adhvaryu 3 years ago +2

    Lovely talk!!!

  • M Cyril
    M Cyril Year ago

    The purpose of education is to enable us refine our imagination

  • JustA Dad
    JustA Dad 10 months ago

    It is marvelous to hear what you believe to be truth or at least on our way to understand, what the truth is. From someone so eloquent and knowledgeable. Fantastic speech.

  • Richard Burden 9809
    Richard Burden 9809 10 months ago

    A string of pearls. Thank you.

  • amarinder singh khera
    amarinder singh khera 3 months ago

    Very good and knowledgeable Sir,

  • Sailesh Khiuju
    Sailesh Khiuju Year ago +1

    wow, this is so fantastic

  • Liliana Rovegno
    Liliana Rovegno 3 years ago +20

    uncertainty is the best part of life!!!!

    • Peepal Farm
      Peepal Farm 2 years ago +1

      Liliana Rovegno I wonder if a guy kidnapped and left in a small cell in Syria would agree with that statement

  • Charlie
    Charlie Year ago +1


  • Josh Cepeda
    Josh Cepeda Year ago +1

    Wow. This is pure Alchemical Gold. I desperately needed to hear this, thank you so much.

  • The Black Hole with OG Vibe

    We should start thinking of science as magic again.

  • Kohji Wada
    Kohji Wada 3 years ago +1

    What you think is POSSESSIVE. How you think is STRATEGIC. What you think is THE EFFECT. HOW You think is the CAUSE.

  • Sandos OA
    Sandos OA 11 months ago +4

    Allah loves all of you ❤️🌿 death is not something scary. It’s a beautiful transition between 2 worlds. I wish all good souls go to Heaven. Doesn’t matter what your faith is. Just believe in One God and don’t verbally or physically hurt anyone and you will be okay. Signed by; a beautiful soul. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Akash Verma
    Akash Verma 2 years ago +2

    This is verry inspired me and give a energy to dream come true

  • BSR
    BSR 3 months ago

    Too good 👍

  • park young shi
    park young shi 2 years ago +3

    It helps me a lot

  • LeoRichies
    LeoRichies Year ago +1

    Charles Faulkner - Brilliant

  • Jusu Kallon
    Jusu Kallon Year ago

    Just wonderful ...

  • Andrew Huntley
    Andrew Huntley 4 months ago

    Really interesting. An eye opener. 👁

  • Rodney Paterson
    Rodney Paterson 9 months ago +1

    Seeing the world according to our instruments and through the lens of group agreement is why new discoveries may take decades to become mainstream despite the results and definitive scientific proof, this indicates that the vast majority of Ph.D.'s are not actively cognizant of this.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 2 years ago +2

    Play in new ways and watch it happen!!! 😍😍😍🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️