Q 8, Ex 7.2 - Coordinate Geometry - Chapter 7 - Maths Class 10th - NCERT

  • Published on Aug 6, 2015
  • Coordinate Geometry - Solution for Class 10th mathematics, NCERT & R.D Sharma solutions for Class 10th Maths. Get Textbook solutions for maths from evidyarthi.in

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    Thanks for the concept .

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    Pehle khud karke dekh liya kar
    Q galat karwa diya mid mai

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    Sourabh Jain 22 days ago

    Ratio galat gai

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    Himanshu Kushwaha 26 days ago

    At 2:8

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    U r so genius mam😊

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    7 ke jaga 4 haa

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    After learning from u since last 9 months . I m fall in love with u🙏🙏🤘🤘😍😍😍😍😅😅🤣🤣😂

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    Mam ye 4:3 bhi ho skta ha i pr apne nahi kiya kyu

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    Its 3:4

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    There is always a mistake.... 🙄

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    You are super mam , I always do sum with the help of your videos because u explain questions greatly ...😘😘🙏👌👌

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    Mam aap mistake karke bhi answer kaise le aati ho

  • Harsh Nain
    Harsh Nain 2 months ago

    3:4 aayega not 3:7

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    Very helpful

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    The ratio should be 3:4 there your ratio is wrong

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    Mayur Nipte 2 months ago

    Now you are wright

  • Mayur Nipte
    Mayur Nipte 2 months ago

    Your ratio of AP:PB is wrong

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    You are too beautiful mam I love you

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    AP/PB=3/7 kise aiya

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    Pratibha Sahu 3 months ago

    That is 3:4 not 3:7

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    Aba yar tare vajha sa mar Ans galat ho gaya

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    Behno or unke bhaiyo..
    Gltiya sbse hoti hai ..
    Baad mein khushboo dii ne glti ko thik bhi kiya hai..
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    At 2:08 how 7 came? U have minus it and got 4!! 🤔😖😰😡
    Edit:- so sorry u have corrected it. Everyone comments before watching the full video! And me too😉😆😆

  • VASANTH vëñøm
    VASANTH vëñøm 3 months ago

    Mam how m2 came 7 to 4 ?

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  • Rekha Rani
    Rekha Rani 3 months ago

    3:4not 3:7

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    Rupinder Kaurgill 3 months ago

    Mam ne bad me thik kr diya tha ratio

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    Again u r doing wrong mam... Its 3:4 not 3:7....❤

    • Rainbow Girl 18
      Rainbow Girl 18 3 months ago +1

      Yaa u r right! But kya 3:4 se answer aa jaega?

  • Comedy Ka Tadka
    Comedy Ka Tadka 3 months ago

    Ratio will be 3:4 not 3:7

  • Karan Singh
    Karan Singh 3 months ago

    This question is wrong check yourself

  • pravat sahoo
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    Areeee ratio to 3:4 h

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    its 3/4 not 3/7

  • anshra's dance
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    You did this wrong please correct it

  • Sujal chan
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    It is 3.4 not 3.7

    • vasundra
      vasundra 4 months ago

      Watch the video fully with your two eyes open

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    Mam it is not 3:7 it is 3:4 confirm your solution first mam

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    Babita Khanna 4 months ago

    The ratio written by you is totally wrong plese correct it

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    U do mistake

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    Yeh eq. Me 7 kaha se aaya

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    No offense but I just wanted to tell that plz by doing this type of mistake students will get confused

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    Mam ratio is wrong

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    Aap ke body se pura board Dhaka jata hai aur likhane Mein pareshani hoti hai

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    Samaj main to aagaya thanks but lag raha hai ki aap khudko (self) hi padha Rahi hoo......

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    Good teaching mam

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    ma'am the answer is wrong

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      Watch till the end

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    Mam you are real teacher.

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    4:51 awesome 😍😍😍

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    Mam according to question the ratio is 3:4 not 3:7

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    Vineeta Jatav 6 months ago

    दौरे पड़ रहे थे क्या?₹₹₹

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    ratio 3 or 4 aayega na

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    After 2:01 it's wrong

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    Galti se mistake koi n hota hai