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Twin Comets Recorded Through Antiquity and How They Affected World Culture


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  • Poppabear's Kitchen
    Poppabear's Kitchen 2 months ago +6

    Amazing that without modern instruments the ancients were able to see and document such events, modern 'science' is still baffled about these events .

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  2 months ago +4

      I believe the ancient were able to see these things with their own eyes. The heavens were much different than what we see now… just modern specks in the sky

  • Cristian V.
    Cristian V. 2 months ago +6

    Always watching from Costa Rica. I really appreciate your time and effort to bring us this content. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • BeingElectric
    BeingElectric 2 months ago +3

    Venus was a comet, I imagine Mars was too for some period of time.
    The article presents comets as deep space relics, barely straying from the dirty snowball theory.
    The amount, size and appearance of comets throughout events related to the polar configuration and its breakup, varied greatly.
    I enjoy the work, but it feels like the less likely explanation, that it is a chance double flyby.
    Cylindrical plasma instabilities would inherently create twin like forms on its edges, with the central figure commanding them.
    No doubt there has been a certain amount of artistic license taken to blend events into stories, and many or all of the above mentioned events could contribute. Including traditional cometary encounters.

    • Robert Hawthorne
      Robert Hawthorne Month ago +1

      When Master of Animals was called just that Saturn dominated the plasma sheath known as the squatter man. Twin Comets did pass by a solid PC as many petroglyphs show. The moment Venus was ejected from the sheath, the Master became a Mistress (aka Potnia Theron) due to "childbirth". Then five mages were seen (Mars, Venus, Saturn, the twin comets) aka the "Precession of the Gods". Also the Dr. Anariba section of the presentation detaches this lecture from the dirty snowball comet idea. So I don't know what you meant by that because in no way do I support that theory.

    • Robert Hawthorne
      Robert Hawthorne 2 months ago +3

      Good point, but consider the Olmec statues and the original petroglyph where the comets are approaching from the same side.

  • Robert Hawthorne
    Robert Hawthorne 2 months ago +3

    Nice job!

    SHOCKWAVE 2 months ago +3

    and remember that the earth was not in the ecliptic it was held below it in the polar configuration millions of miles blow it and if the comets came/come in along the ecliptic they would be seen above us and around saturn whos gravity would affect them

    • Robert Hawthorne
      Robert Hawthorne Month ago +1

      According to the Philo Dibble drawing of the PC, the ecliptic was irrelevant because the sun was much further away and nothing lined up with that ecliptic. Which tells me the sun had a weaker influence in the earth than Saturn. 🤔

    • Robert Hawthorne
      Robert Hawthorne 2 months ago +1

      The first set of twins were said to have been sacrificed at the foot of the mountain. Perhaps the next group was Venus and then Mars breaking free of the horned squatter man becoming a woman now or Potnia Theron or the mother as per the Arikara legend. Also goes along with the the Head of Sindbad petroglyph with a hole in the abdomen as well as luristan bronze statues of the Mistress of Animals with a hole in the stomach.

  • symbolsandsystems
    symbolsandsystems 2 months ago +2

    I have a similar experience when in meditation.

  • Dimi Fisher
    Dimi Fisher 2 months ago +3

    Thanx for the info I have to look into those books asap

  • Robert Hawthorne
    Robert Hawthorne 2 months ago +2

    That is so odd, @17:25 the P2016 BA14 (PanSTARRS) image still didn't show up in the link I gave you, but is in the original file. I'm sorry,I have no idea why that is. 🤷

  • Luc Lachapelle
    Luc Lachapelle Month ago +3

    Super !

  • Laura Arenas
    Laura Arenas 6 hours ago

    can't you just get to the point simply without all this fluff and blab

  • S. Lee
    S. Lee 2 months ago +5

    Yaaay Biiih CH-ay 🪶

    • S. Lee
      S. Lee 2 months ago +3

      @Robert Hawthorne also tonight is a very important night 🪶

    • Robert Hawthorne
      Robert Hawthorne 2 months ago +2

      "The Night Chant, popularly known as the Yeibichai, Grandfather of the Gods, is an important nine-day ceremony that is celebrated only in the winter when there is no thunder and the rattlesnakes are hibernating. Washington Matthews gives a detailed report of this ceremony in The Night Chant, a Navaho Ceremony, Memoirs of the American Museum of Natural History, volume 6, 1902:
      Although other great ceremonies have nocturnal performances, I know of none but this that enjoins continuous and uninterrupted song, from dark until daylight, such as is heard on the ninth night of kledze natal (night chant) and the name is peculiarly appropriate. . . White men often witness the dance of the last night, or a portion of it, and they usually call it the Yebitsai dance, from the most conspicuous character of the night, the Yebitsai or maternal grandfather of the gods." From drumhop.com