Harley-Davidson FXSB Breakout Custom

  • Published on Jun 3, 2018
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  • Ahmed Al Ismaily
    Ahmed Al Ismaily 8 days ago

    You are living in a beautiful City , The Harley to me looks like a Black Beauty enjoy the Ride ...

  • nyong bae
    nyong bae 16 days ago

    Ya allah moga"keturutan aminn

  • mananmas kkk
    mananmas kkk 22 days ago


  • next dimension
    next dimension Month ago

    Very nice

  • Ragnarsson
    Ragnarsson Month ago +1

    This bike🥰🤩🤩

  • demi de lumban
    demi de lumban Month ago

    how much does it cost a nice bike like that..fan here :)

  • Rfl Italians
    Rfl Italians Month ago

    absolutely perfect

  • George Potcovaru
    George Potcovaru Month ago +1

    Bro, no offence ,absolutely great bike,but those shoes ..👎

    • John McAleese
      John McAleese Month ago

      What the heck does shoes have to do with his videos? Heard he uses a polka-dot cell-phone case by the way. Can you believe it??!!

    • Harley-Davidson Breakout
      Harley-Davidson Breakout  Month ago +1

      George Potcovaru Thank you 👍🏼

  • Dasikun Kresek
    Dasikun Kresek 3 months ago +2

    Harley_Davidson...... bersama sang legendaris,ngelang lang.. buuaannaa.

  • 9AvA11 PORSCHE
    9AvA11 PORSCHE 3 months ago

    Can you please please tell me what size are those Tires in the front and back please please please cause I really want to get that one for my Bike

    • 9AvA11 PORSCHE
      9AvA11 PORSCHE 3 months ago

      Harley-Davidson Breakout thank you and God bless you brother for the reply awesome

    • Harley-Davidson Breakout
      Harley-Davidson Breakout  3 months ago +1

      9AvA11 PORSCHE front 130/21 and back 260/18

  • J. P.
    J. P. 3 months ago

    Geile Tasche. Wo hast du die gekauft ? Danke

  • Scott Baker
    Scott Baker 4 months ago

    What's with the back pack! That's for rice rockets!

  • dražen Galinec
    dražen Galinec 4 months ago +1

    I like your videos, also interested in buying breakout sometime into the future, 4now saving money🤑,..... Please could you tell me how tall are you🙏😜

  • Joao Afonso
    Joao Afonso 4 months ago +2

    How tall are you? Bike goals right there :)

  • zD
    zD 4 months ago +1

    Nice gear you wear! U gonna slide on your head, right?

  • paula fernandez
    paula fernandez 4 months ago

    Me enamoré hace tiempo 😍😍😍

  • Олег Елисеев

    pipe dream

  • matrox
    matrox 5 months ago

    Harleys have always set the standard for cool bikes.

  • matrox
    matrox 5 months ago +1

    Nice Bike, cool Gas tank insignia.

  • DeeWhite Channel
    DeeWhite Channel 5 months ago


  • Norman Marsters
    Norman Marsters 6 months ago +1

    That’s badass..

    AWADHESH SINGH YADAV 7 months ago +2

    Yeah...it's awesome.
    I have Harley Davidson roadstar....!!😉☝☝

  • TheZyankalikapsel
    TheZyankalikapsel 7 months ago +1

    Hi, wie groß bist du?

    • TheZyankalikapsel
      TheZyankalikapsel 7 months ago

      @Harley-Davidson Breakout Danke! Bin 1,88m...denke das wird knapp. Muss früher als gedacht zum HD Händler Probesitzen, wurmt mich gerade ;)

    • Harley-Davidson Breakout
      Harley-Davidson Breakout  7 months ago

      TheZyankalikapsel klein 1.70

  • david king
    david king 7 months ago


  • Har Yono
    Har Yono 7 months ago

    I love

  • koshish Gc
    koshish Gc 7 months ago

    Which county is this?

  • aiman maf
    aiman maf 8 months ago +1

    yaww we need wallpaper of your bike

  • llkoolca
    llkoolca 8 months ago +3

    where did you get the bag from???

    • avitamvas
      avitamvas 3 months ago


  • Heliere Vincent
    Heliere Vincent 9 months ago +1

    J'aime beaucoup le sac a dos ? C'est quoi la référence ? Thank you

  • 이창진
    이창진 9 months ago +1

    thanks for your video. can you let me know details of side mirror? it looks very nice!

    • Jafar -
      Jafar - 3 months ago

      side mirror is use to see if their is someone behind you


  • Corey Miller
    Corey Miller 11 months ago +1

    Are the wheels stock? Just powder coated?

  • Wizzard
    Wizzard Year ago

    Que modelo de harley es?gracias

  • 徐維呈
    徐維呈 Year ago +1

    This is stock pipe?

  • Free living
    Free living Year ago

    Doesn’t look too comfortable, I think it’d be beneficial to put in some mids

  • Jack kot
    Jack kot Year ago

    I have a sport motorcycle cbr 1000 rr ,and now I know I made huge mistake,I should get bike like this, Look perfectly,amazing bike,now the worst part he,how much is cost ????

  • Guntur Wibowo
    Guntur Wibowo Year ago +1

    *why there's no one there ? the scenery is beautiful*

  • Calebfoust3443
    Calebfoust3443 Year ago

    how tall are you?

  • Uday Karma Golay
    Uday Karma Golay Year ago +1

    It is indeed a combined effort of making your own paradise with such a heavenly place and with a great machine he has built.

  • JendaDH
    JendaDH Year ago +1

    Hey there, sweet setup. What system (make) you use to control the exhaust valve? I like the button switch setup for your left thumb.

    • Harley-Davidson Breakout
      Harley-Davidson Breakout  7 months ago

      JendaDH In Europe, the laws are strict for noise. There are 2 options, riding with original exhaust or with flaps exhaust which are between 2500-4000 dollar expensive. The flaps exhaust is closed at 50 km / h as the law writes.

  • Horst vom Horscht

    Wer sein Moped liebt,der schiebt.

  • Adriano Quirino
    Adriano Quirino Year ago +1

    nice military bag!

  • Sergen Tunca
    Sergen Tunca Year ago +1

    I'm 21 years old.My dream Harley Davidson motor.I have 10$

  • Jitendriya Kumbhar


  • DDS Rdds
    DDS Rdds Year ago +1

    Awesome , what helmet 👍thanks

  • wu zi mu
    wu zi mu Year ago +1

    What a beautiful village

  • Freakdamian
    Freakdamian Year ago

    0:12 bis 0:25 absolut brutal geiler Sound

  • Rob Sharp
    Rob Sharp Year ago +1

    Beautiful bike but pls rev it a bit harder for us all !

  • Patrick Lin
    Patrick Lin Year ago +1

    Damn! It looks amazing :O

  • Emerson Guimaraes
    Emerson Guimaraes Year ago +4

    Linda 😍

  • noukazeus
    noukazeus Year ago +5

    what is that backpack man that's fire!! best regards from zurich!

  • thang dinh
    thang dinh Year ago +1

    where is place!??please.beautiful


    Hi. I leave my link for you to enjoy. namaste. ru-clip.com/video/LQoznp1xmWk/video.html

  • ten shin han ten shin han

    Hello what is the name of your bag please

  • sarajevorajvosa
    sarajevorajvosa Year ago +1


  • enduro trucker Ernie Desjardins

    I forgot how shitty the stock exhaust sound. Need some vance n hines short shots. in black. And a the v n h programmer .. and the screaming eagle blacked out air cleaner... then itll sound like a harley should

  • Stephen Demont
    Stephen Demont Year ago

    I hope this company goes out of business, there no longer an american company

  • NorthernSutherner
    NorthernSutherner Year ago +1

    Nice motorcycle ! What helmet are you using

  • Huy Nguyenhoang
    Huy Nguyenhoang Year ago +1

    Very nice country.

  • hira hira nono
    hira hira nono Year ago


  • Sharath Shaiva
    Sharath Shaiva Year ago

    Name of the place please