I Envy My Extremely Rich Step-Sister

  • Published on Feb 15, 2019
  • My Step-Sister Is The Richest Girl In School And I Hate Her
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    Hello! I’m Kelsey, and when I was 10 years old my mom fell in love with her boss , left me and my dad, and moved in to her new lover’s mansion in the rich part of town. I was so upset I cried for weeks, but worse than that was how devastated my dad was. It has taken him years to move on from this, and even now he still refuses to speak to my mom. He lets me spend weekends with her, but he has no contact with her at all. When she picks me up, he goes to his workshop at the bottom of the garden. It’s made things really awkward, but worst of all is my mom’s new family. Yeah, that’s right. She MARRIED him!!. And the worst part of all? Her new husband’s kid- Zoe. My “step-sister”. She’s a total brat! She’s a year older than me and she’s the richest kid in our school. Yup, we go to the same school. Her dad, my mom’s new husband, is like a millionaire. He buys my mom and Zoe whatever they want, and Zoe always comes to school wearing the latest catwalk trends. Everyone knows we’re step- sisters but you wouldn’t believe it if you saw us together. Well, not that we’re together often. Not out of choice anyway. She is so mean to me. I’ve been wearing the same clothes for years, and Dad always makes me wear them until they’re basically falling apart at the seams. He even made us take sewing classes together. He thought it was good bonding time, and well, he can’t really afford to buy me anything new very often. You see, when Mom left us, Dad refused to take any money from Mom, even though Dad’s kinda poor. He makes furniture for a living, so we struggle through each month. Sometimes I just wish I could let mom buy me some nice clothes, but I know dad would get really upset because I’d be wearing “Frank’s money”. Oh yeah, Frank is my mom’s new husband. Anyway, Zoe’s 16th birthday was coming up and she was going all out and throwing the biggest sweet 16 bash anyone in our town ever had! She’d even hired a band and a catwalk, and some famous models were coming to do a fashion show!!! The weekend before her party me, my mom and Zoe were shopping for outfits. Dad had given me $20 which I thought might be enough to buy a new dress. Zoe burst out laughing when she saw my measly few notes. Mom just sighed. She knew better than to offer me money now. Zoe was prancing about trying on Gucci dresses. Her dad had given her $2,000! Out of nowhere, the jealousy in me just started bubbling up. I couldn’t stand it anymore. Right there in the fancy store, I started sobbing. I told Zoe it’s not fair. She can have whatever she wants and doesn’t have to worry about hurting her dad’s
    feelings. Mom tried to calm me down, but I ran out the shop. I hated how spoilt Zoe was! And she was always so horrible to me. She didn’t understand what it was like to be poor. I kept running until I reached a café, and I decided I would just spend the $20 on lunch. I didn’t need a new dress to try and impress Zoe and her stuck-up friends! As I sat lost in thought eating my spaghetti, Zoe came in. What is she doing here, I thought?! I really wasn’t in the mood to hear about her amazing dress, I just wanted to be left alone!! She begged me to come back with her to the store. I finished my spaghetti and agreed. It wasn’t worth it to argue with her. She’d just make my life hell! On the way back, her dad called. After he hung up she started sobbing. He’d just told her he wouldn’t be home in time for her party as the conference in New York had been delayed. He’d transferred another $2,000 to her bank and told her to get a nice new handbag for the big day. I couldn’t understand why she was crying?! She looked at me and said “don’t you get it?! You’re so lucky
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