Movie Bloopers That Were Too Good To Cut

  • Published on Feb 13, 2017
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    Hey, accidents happen. But if you're in a movie, sometimes accidents can turn out to be amazing. In fact, some of the most memorable moments in cinema were actually the result of mistakes that the filmmakers decided were too good to leave out of the finished movie. Here's a look at some movie bloopers that were too good to cut...
    Guardians of the Galaxy | 0:20
    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers | 1:05
    The Princess Diaries | 1:37
    Casino Royale | 2:28
    Raiders of the Lost Ark | 3:06
    The Usual Suspects | 3:49
    Rain Man | 4:43
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Comments • 1 831

  • Mark Hathaway
    Mark Hathaway 5 days ago

    Ann Hathaway reminds me of a parrot.

    BTW, she is NOT a relative, thank god!

  • th33 Smackdown
    th33 Smackdown 5 days ago +1

    Hate how this dude talk!

  • T Duke
    T Duke 5 days ago

    OMFG, get to the bloopers, we don't need a recap and history of every movie, my god, this is like 48 seconds of content spread out with babble.

  • Leanne Holman
    Leanne Holman 10 days ago

  • jad wilson
    jad wilson 11 days ago

    A nightmare on elm Street 3 dream warrior. Freddy: when he puts the wanna b actress head through the 📺 and is like welcome to primitime bitch is still the 🐐 considering that line was completely improvised by Robert.

  • Val
    Val 12 days ago +1

    Tom Cruise was a blooper too, but they kept him 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Dalton Jividen
    Dalton Jividen 14 days ago

    Tom cruise exploded bro

  • v8 dave
    v8 dave 16 days ago

    can not understand your weird language..Learn English you In-Breed

  • myster. E Jones
    myster. E Jones 17 days ago

    MaGuffin is a magicians term. I doubt that Hitchcock was the one who 'coined' it, I think it's much older than him.

  • Jumat
    Jumat 19 days ago

    Unlike in my country the director will definitely yell cursing and swearing.

  • Mike Haydon
    Mike Haydon 20 days ago

    Is the narrator Josh Lawson? Sounds a lot like him.

  • SPAMALOT Camelot
    SPAMALOT Camelot 21 day ago

    Look Chris Pratt says he’s a Christian BUT he divorced his wife and married a woman 15 years younger and richer. He has a kid with Faris and then says his new wife wedding was “happiest of his life”. I think he’s a social climbing ASSHOLE.

  • Daniel Eaton
    Daniel Eaton 22 days ago

    In Goodfellas as Karen and Henry they go through the kitchen to get into the restaurant he very obviously bumps into the stove..

  • Darcy Brummett
    Darcy Brummett 22 days ago

    Some bloopers become happy accidents.

  • Savagecaliber22
    Savagecaliber22 26 days ago

    There's also the scene from Furious 7.
    "You better hide that big ass forehead."

  • VollkornBoot
    VollkornBoot 27 days ago +1

    in the first LotR movie there is a Blooper when Gandalf's head hits there ceiling of Bilbos house when he turns around
    You can see that Ian McKellen had to laugh for a moment but he managed to get his the acting back fast enough

    • dumratz
      dumratz 27 days ago

      lol i remember that! thinking back lotr probably has the most bloopers of any other movie by far.

  • Scott Walker
    Scott Walker Month ago +1

    So my dog just stepped on my balls

    • Scott Walker
      Scott Walker 26 days ago +1

      dumratz oh hell no. I would torture her for a month

    • dumratz
      dumratz 27 days ago +1

      hahahah my sister once jumped on my balls and one of them swelled to over the size of a golf ball. i had to go the hospital and i couldnt walk for a week.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Month ago +2

    1:05 Also, the scene in wich Gandalf hits his head on the wooden beam inside Bilbo's house was not scripted too, he totally smashed his skull hahaha

  • NKN_ n4nuk
    NKN_ n4nuk Month ago +1

    Wait wait wait. So, the Director of Guardians of the Galaxies is actually not the Russo Brother? I just realized that. I thought all movies from the MCU are directed by the Russo Brother. :D

  • vicky weinseis
    vicky weinseis Month ago +1

    Totally agree with all the choices. Adore Tom Hanks, Hugh Jackman and Chris Pratt. What the heck love them all😍

  • João Victor Bombonato de Paula

    You forget when Aragon broke his toe, what made him scream loud (LOTR 2)

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel Month ago

    Where's Hayley Atwell when she accidentally touched Chris Evans "manboobs"

  • Stephen Hosking
    Stephen Hosking Month ago

    are you the Ozy bloke from Ozy man reviews on FB????

    • Raychool
      Raychool Month ago

      No way. This guy doesn’t sound nearly as Australian as Ozzy Man Reviews does. Ozzy has that full on bogan accent.

  • crett
    crett Month ago +1

    “When you’re in a murvie...”

  • Anonyme User
    Anonyme User Month ago +2

    *The video starts at **0:50*

    • dumratz
      dumratz 27 days ago

      wish i saw this before i watched the whole video but thanks

  • Karen Keith
    Karen Keith Month ago +1

    You forgot the other one from Raders From the Lost Ark. The classic scene where Harrison Ford came up on that dude with the big knives. They were supposed to have this coriograft fight. Fortunately for us, Harrison Ford was under the weather the day they shot that scene. They had done it several times already and the director wanted one more take. Harrison Ford was getting tired because he was sick. So when the other guy pulled out his knives, Harrison just pulled out his gun and fired. It was so funny, they left it in.

  • xX HahaYouLost Xx
    xX HahaYouLost Xx Month ago +1

    Anyone else got this in their recommended in 2019?

  • bkurtz8770
    bkurtz8770 Month ago

    In Mr deeds Adam Sandler wasn't supposed to catch the mugger and beat him up anyway

  • BlackbeltPrincess
    BlackbeltPrincess Month ago +1

    Cinematic Fart History. Okay.🤣

  • AssassinatdAPE
    AssassinatdAPE Month ago +1

    The Pirates of the Caribbean, I have a jar of dirt scene was improvised by Johnny Depp

    BABA YAGA 2 months ago

    Who knew farts would be bloopers

  • Yahzuo
    Yahzuo 2 months ago

    Before I watch: "Oh hi doggy" better be in this list.

  • ewiezz
    ewiezz 2 months ago

    Really thought it scripted when Chris aka Starlord dropped the orb.. bcoz he loves fooling around or provokes Gamora..

  • TonyHamilton Ck
    TonyHamilton Ck 2 months ago

    that aussie need to put down the cigs

  • DachKing
    DachKing 2 months ago +1

    Looper is the best youtuber on earth because they put in subtitles that are accurate.

  • William De Silva
    William De Silva 2 months ago

    Benicio Del Toro so good, his farts make films better!

  • Charmaine Balzan
    Charmaine Balzan 3 months ago

    Almost perfect

  • Acalia Naluloa
    Acalia Naluloa 3 months ago

    Ha, these are so hilarious! I didn’t even realise that these were bloopers, it worked so well!

  • Adam Zimmerman
    Adam Zimmerman 3 months ago

    Gary Busey and Colm Meaney cracking up when Tommy Lee Jones went on a psychotic rant in Under Siege. That shit didn’t look staged at all

  • Amelia Gossett
    Amelia Gossett 3 months ago

    Better LOTR two towers blooper. When they find one of Merry and Pips belts in a pile of burned orcs Aragorn kicks an orcs head and lets out an agonized scream but that wasn't acting. Viggo actually broke his damn toe kicking that orcs head.

  • LaN Vision
    LaN Vision 3 months ago

    How about jar of dirt from pirates of the carabian

  • Simon Whitinger
    Simon Whitinger 3 months ago

    Please sub to my chanal

  • mahchymk93
    mahchymk93 3 months ago

    Lotr was such a good trilogy

  • Gero Z
    Gero Z 4 months ago +9

    The flag shot in lotr is one of the most beautiful scenes of all time always thaugt it was scripted it's so powerful

  • Phạm Lê PL
    Phạm Lê PL 4 months ago

    The stray cat in the Godfather ;)

  • pcuser80
    pcuser80 4 months ago

    I miss Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence the stuck film in the camera scene.

  • Gemma K
    Gemma K 4 months ago

    Lotr is so underrated

  • Annaliese L.
    Annaliese L. 4 months ago

    I love this guys accent

  • Phantanos
    Phantanos 4 months ago

    The Best Blooper passed off as an intended fart was in the movie:The Mystery Men.
    The Spleen, (actor Paul Reubens), Says excuse me after his fart causes a burning trash can to flame up.
    The truth is that some stage hand mistook the can for the real thing and threw an old cigarette lighter into it.
    So when during the filming, the lighter exploded, Paul Reubens add-libs the phrase: "Excuse me.."
    It was so funny that it was kept in the movie..

  • MrTangolizard
    MrTangolizard 4 months ago

    In platoon when LT calls in a fire mission and it’s the wrong grid it hits his own men and barns comes back and hits LT with the radio knocking his helmet off he picks it up and puts it back on the wrong way round they left that in as well

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil 4 months ago

    4:58 Even though, it HAD to make the cut, I feel like I`m not even going to stand Dustin Hoffman.

  • Amanda Kidwell
    Amanda Kidwell 5 months ago

    I don't know why he swallowed a fly.....perhaps he'll die! (Oh wait, his head exploded) lmao

  • Kai Burnstien
    Kai Burnstien 5 months ago

    Also in the same scene of two towers her hair and dress are blowing the opposite direction of the flag and wind.

  • Lori Raye
    Lori Raye 5 months ago


  • Geek Beat
    Geek Beat 5 months ago

    "cinemtic fart history"

  • Abigail C
    Abigail C 5 months ago

    I cant believe you didn't put the sleep walking scene in step brothers, that was all improved

  • Itzcriztoons Z
    Itzcriztoons Z 5 months ago

    He said morvie

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil 5 months ago

    4:42 I guess something will be mentioned HERE.

  • Overheadcastle1
    Overheadcastle1 5 months ago

    This guy sound like dash star

  • Elle_ab. Lovely
    Elle_ab. Lovely 5 months ago +1

    Is nobody gonna say anything about the time Dally fell of the chair at the drive-in in The Outsiders?


    Got it.
    Edit: OMG thanks for highlighting my comment!!!!!!!

  • skywalkerpotter21
    skywalkerpotter21 5 months ago +1

    what about "Dumb & Dumber" when Jim Carrey forgot his line, and said "Well see you later"

  • [Lenny Face]
    [Lenny Face] 5 months ago +1

    Oh hey mark

  • Liberty Bell
    Liberty Bell 5 months ago

    The Princess Diaries movie is most definitely NOT just for little kids.

  • Matthew Wilson 117
    Matthew Wilson 117 5 months ago

    Michael Keaton’s “ I’m Batman “ was a blooper that burton kept in he was supposed to say I am the night

  • Nomis
    Nomis 5 months ago

    This is amazing!

  • Samantha Jane
    Samantha Jane 5 months ago

    I was thinking that the drop in GOTG was an accident, glad it was an actual accident

  • Your Typical Animator
    Your Typical Animator 5 months ago

    In spiderman homecoming, Tony Stark says the camera Peter is holding: Hey Aunt May, how are you?
    Wearing somethin’ skippy I hope. (That was a blooper)

  • Cheeseburger Pillow
    Cheeseburger Pillow 5 months ago

    Looks like you forgot Roman Pearce’s “big as forehead”

  • Queen_Space_ Mom
    Queen_Space_ Mom 5 months ago

    But Robert Downey Jr. kept sneaking food on the set and they left it in

  • Erin Stephanie
    Erin Stephanie 5 months ago

    in pirates of the carrabian, Johny actually fell over and stabbed at the grand by accident. but they kept it.

  • Hannah S
    Hannah S 5 months ago

    Tom Felton’s line in chamber of secrets “I didn’t know you could read”

  • coco the clown
    coco the clown 5 months ago

    Looper blooper

  • aca pavlovic
    aca pavlovic 5 months ago

    In THE USUAL SUSPECTS, Redfoot was supposed to hit Steven Boldwin with cigarette in his chest, not in the eye, and Steven's reaction wasn't acting.

  • Idk XD
    Idk XD 5 months ago


  • xGip
    xGip 5 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Bridget Gill
    Bridget Gill 5 months ago

    How can they leave out the iconic scene in Pretty Woman when Richard Gere snapped the jewelry box closed when Julia reached to touch the necklace, causing her to jump and do that huge laugh. Him snapping the lid closed wasnt in the script and her reaction was genuine. They liked her surprised laugh so much they kept it in. One of my fave scenes!

  • Yashica Geter
    Yashica Geter 5 months ago

    Pretty Woman?? I think that’s the best one. Guess I’m the only one. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Eva Rollins
    Eva Rollins 6 months ago

    Every video I watch that is times actors weren't acting doesn't mention Jaws! That girl was screaming from real pain. While yanking her around they broke her rib

    BE BOP BABY 6 months ago

    where the hell is "Stand by Me" - without it on your list ain't shit!!

  • - W O L F -
    - W O L F - 6 months ago

    4:12 hahaha

  • Miller M
    Miller M 6 months ago

    Blooper from looper

  • Visart100
    Visart100 6 months ago

    One must be stupid to believe the story with the flag in LOTR. Its placed way too perfect, not only in the shot with Eowyn, but also in the two shots with Aragorn arriving at the gate. Sorry, even when the three cameras were filming at the same time, thats just too unlikely. Nice try to put up a myth there, didnt work with me.

  • garypen
    garypen 6 months ago

    That's not what a McGuffin is. You would think a channel dedicated to movies would know what it is.

  • LUKE Big nose
    LUKE Big nose 6 months ago


  • NotMyFirstDay Cooton
    NotMyFirstDay Cooton 6 months ago

    3:55... Spacey was in court for didling, but have to do the lineup scene.

  • Bazilika Ehf
    Bazilika Ehf 6 months ago

    Di Caprio's breaking a skull scene in Django....

  • Tiny McPoop
    Tiny McPoop 6 months ago +1

    Fake and gay

  • J S
    J S 6 months ago

    Farting makes everyome smile😁

  • mew10521
    mew10521 6 months ago

    Blow flag

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson 6 months ago +2

    The Bond scene was not an accident. It was filmed that way intentionally. That's why the camera is stationary when he stands up. How can people believe such lies when they are so obvious?

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson 6 months ago +1

    Just SHOW THE FUCKING CLIPS... you DO NOT need to tell us what the movies are about...

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson 6 months ago +1

    The flag flying away was "unscripted"... in both shots or just the first one? In the first one (from above), it flies much farther away while high into the air... in the second shot, it drops down right outside the gate as the ones on horseback arrive... obviously was two entirely different shots... probably scripted or else it was an accident the first time but they had to have done it on purpose in one of those two very different shots.

  • Paula Catlover
    Paula Catlover 6 months ago

    1:22 I had no idea that was a mistake. I loved that touch.

    • Paula Catlover
      Paula Catlover 6 months ago

      1:50 and of course the loser character wears glasses. Brains will rule the earth!! Remember that.

  • Jordan Wain
    Jordan Wain 6 months ago

    Gandalf hitting his head in Bilbos house.

  • Uncle Timmy
    Uncle Timmy 6 months ago +1

    I must have wasted my whole life. I’ve never seen any of these mervies. Now that I think of it...
    I’ve never seen ANY mervies at all....Damnit!!!

  • NoobMaster69
    NoobMaster69 6 months ago

    I watched Rain Man before and I love it alot

  • merry chase
    merry chase 6 months ago

    That was bad about the flag blowing away. It could have spooked a horse the hurt someone.

  • Adam J
    Adam J 6 months ago

    How much is a stinging face-fart worth? "About a hundred dollars."

  • Nancy Symons
    Nancy Symons 6 months ago

    u missed something in indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark. if any of u have seen it, remember the part where theres this guy dressed in black with a huge sword/knife? well originally, indiana jones was supposed to have a big fight with him. but the actor for indiana jones was sick that day, so he really needed too use the bathroom. so instead of having a huge fight, he just pulled out his gun and shot him. everyone thought it was so funny that they kept it in. sword v.s gun. who do u think will win?

  • JJ the DJ 65
    JJ the DJ 65 6 months ago +2

    You forgot in LOTR when Aragorn kicked a helmet and broke his toe then screamed in pain due to the toe