I Went Vegan for a Month. Here's What Happened.

  • Published on Feb 26, 2019
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    I decided to go vegan (plant-based diet) for month to see if it would make me feel amazing, healthier, & have more energy, like a cab driver told me it would. Also, I wanted to learn more about food and just see if I could do it.
    We also stopped eating added sugar for a month:
    Big thank you to everyone who talked to me!
    Dr. Aaron Carroll ru-clip.com/user/healthcaretriage
    Adrien Paczosa ilivewellnutrition.com/
    Vince Lia ru-clip.com/channel/UCbuD2Iu622R8JDO7hA5i25w
    Joe Hanson ru-clip.com/user/itsokaytobesmart & ru-clip.com/channel/UCsaEBhRsI6tmmz12fkSEYdw
    Jake Jarvi ru-clip.com/user/pineappleboyfilms
    & my wife
    & my parents
    & my baby
    And check out that Kurzgesagt video for more info about the effects of animal agriculture
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  • emma primes
    emma primes 10 hours ago

    Jack Jarvis priorities as a non vegan: McDonalds 😂 ok...

  • mrswhugy J
    mrswhugy J 12 hours ago

    why do you remind me of ricky berwick

  • Keontinay Ezeama
    Keontinay Ezeama 13 hours ago

    I really enjoyed this video!

  • Sarah E. Schwensen
    Sarah E. Schwensen 16 hours ago

    Its much more environmentally beneficial to choose to eat meats and animal products from local, free range farms, as opposed to factory farms, than it is to eat a vegan diet.

  • Cassie Schumaker
    Cassie Schumaker 21 hour ago

    You can get fries that are vegan at Wendy's, Burger King etc. Or make your own. Also you crave sugar cuz you need carbs!! Eat lots of fruit!

  • Miss Molly
    Miss Molly 22 hours ago

    I LOVE THIS GUY. Too bad he didn't stay vegan. It would have added 10 years to his life.

  • Justme77
    Justme77 Day ago

    I did a lot of banana shakes made with water and liquid Stevia. Lots of rice and vegetables and rice and beans with tomato sauce. Home fried potatoes with olive oil.

  • KBob
    KBob Day ago

    I don’t think having milk is vegan unless it’s almond milk

    • Anthony
      Anthony Day ago

      That WAS almond milk

  • Rod
    Rod Day ago

    @WheezyWaiter I looked through your channel topics, you try lots of things but have you tried carnivore for a month?

  • •JaDoReAbLe•
    •JaDoReAbLe• Day ago +2

    I got an ad about eggs during this video.

  • Michael McKinnis
    Michael McKinnis Day ago +1

    Awesome video man! Veganism is so misunderstood. Thanks for trying it for a month! Go for it again soon ! Or just go vegan for life because animals depend on it!

  • Not 2Go
    Not 2Go 2 days ago +1

    5:10 this craving comes from lack of protein, eat more: beans, soy, lentils.

    • Rod
      Rod Day ago

      @Anthony No, I'm binge-watching for and against Vegan and for and against Carnivore as they are the 2 extremes of the meat and 3 veg my Grandparents lived on to the ripe old age of 88 and 91.

    • Anthony
      Anthony Day ago

      @Rod Did you go on this video specifically to comment this lol

    • Rod
      Rod Day ago

      Bullshit, eat some meat and stay the hell away from soy even beans and lentils are shit.

  • Beaux Richards
    Beaux Richards 2 days ago +10

    Vegan Texan here. My only regret is not going vegan decades ago. FYI-babies can be healthy vegans too. The wife/mom is ignorant saying the baby wouldn't be.

    • carochan86
      carochan86 19 hours ago +2

      True babies can be vegan. They would just have to get a Dietician involved to make sure everything is good.

  • farber2
    farber2 2 days ago

    Are those his real ears?

  • Kashi Sinha
    Kashi Sinha 2 days ago +6

    I'm vegan, and my health is good

  • Edwards Brothers
    Edwards Brothers 2 days ago

    This guy reminds me of the last man on earth

  • tabatha Fehrmann
    tabatha Fehrmann 2 days ago

    So good! So glad I subscribed

  • erkheth
    erkheth 3 days ago

    Oh yeah, just watch out for stuff like battery farmed and other things. Even barn chickens can live in crowded and unhealthy, horrific conditions. Just shop consciously - nothing wrong with trying to help animals.

  • erkheth
    erkheth 3 days ago

    Calories and protein are important. Totally realistic, humerously done and factually accurate from someone with not a ton of knowledge on all vegan. This is such a great channel..... Yep, a sudden change of diet can affect physically and mentally. Also replacements of what our bodies are used to are probably important. Cheers, appreciate the honesty of you both. And advice from doc and professional nutritionists. And detox - the modern joke. Yep be healthy. If your body works well, it can help do the rest already. I have ulcerative colitis(born with it) so i gotta be careful with food stuffs. Just saying cos some of us have diseases and must watch out for what we eat. Thanks again 🤪🤗🤩

  • Michael Ross
    Michael Ross 3 days ago

    Love it. Your reply is real and less forced than others. You reply with real world problems while not being extreme.

  • Erin Abels
    Erin Abels 3 days ago

    kind of a dumb has worked its way into my insult que.

  • MrFredstt
    MrFredstt 3 days ago +1

    If you ever drank breast milk or guzzle sperm, you're not a vegan.

  • realdealriehle
    realdealriehle 4 days ago

    This is the first video I have watched on your channel. Gotta say I like it! Got a new favorite RU-clip channel.

  • Crow
    Crow 4 days ago

    If a vegan diet is so healthy then why do vegans need to add supplements to get all the nutrients they need?

    • Crow
      Crow 22 hours ago

      @Ann Cardamone Yes, but being vegan you have to eat even more suplements. So it's just worse in every single way.

    • Ann Cardamone
      Ann Cardamone Day ago

      @Crow lol I was mostly just making a joke 🤷. Just a point to say that no diet is perfect, even people with "regular" diets need supplements because they don't get enough of what they need, it's just not really a good argument for not eating vegan, in my opinion.

    • Crow
      Crow Day ago

      @Ann Cardamone Because they eat and drink crap. You know that. You though that was a good counter argument? haha. How about you answer the question instead? Go ahead.

    • Rod
      Rod Day ago

      cause they eat sugar and processed junk and a regular diet isn't healthy especially the standard American diet.

    • Ann Cardamone
      Ann Cardamone 3 days ago

      If a "regular" diet is so healthy why do so many people have diabetes?

  • Crow
    Crow 4 days ago

    If a vegan diet is so healthy then why do vegans need to add supplements to get all the nutrients they need?

    • Crow
      Crow 2 days ago

      @Alexandra Schuster You're an idiot. I'm done with this discussion.

    • Alexandra Schuster
      Alexandra Schuster 2 days ago

      Critical means you want to pay attention to those nutritions or vitamins. Not that you can only get them out of animal products

    • Alexandra Schuster
      Alexandra Schuster 2 days ago

      @Crow why do you claim that but don't tell me what you think those nutrients are? Google only gave me nutrients that are also available from plants (sorry if my English isn't on point 😅).

    • Crow
      Crow 2 days ago

      @Alexandra Schuster It DOES mean you can't get everything you need. Google: Nutrients only available in meat.

    • Alexandra Schuster
      Alexandra Schuster 2 days ago

      @Crow as far as I am informed, you can get everything from plants. And yes, I am informed. There is a great book by nutritionist Niko Rittenau for example. Yes, some things can be critical. That's true. But that doesn't mean you can't get everything you need

  • Darius Teixeira
    Darius Teixeira 4 days ago +1

    Please promote Prof John Ioannidis the biggest specialist of medical statistics from Stanford.
    He has done the biggest systematic review with a huge team over “Nutrition epidemiology”. You’ll be amazed by the conclusions.

  • vagpunch
    vagpunch 4 days ago

    that's really too bad man you seem like a good guy and it could have gone another way

  • hillz4ever
    hillz4ever 4 days ago +5

    This video is hilarious and so well made.

  • will Richardson
    will Richardson 4 days ago


  • McKinley Marseille
    McKinley Marseille 5 days ago

    Loved your video. I am currently transitioning to a plant based diet for health reasons. I am not a good zealot but i believe from all the research I have done it’s a means of health maintenance. Thank you for your honest and funny video. I appreciate it.

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 4 days ago

      you might want to read this www.bmj.com/content/366/bmj.l4897

  • Angie Moore
    Angie Moore 5 days ago

    This was a good video.
    But I will say one cannot go do something for a month like that and then expect significant changes. Or even really any.
    3-6 months then that’s a good amount a time to really see benefits or changes or maybe not.
    But I think when people do these changes for a month is just not enough by time.
    I’m not vegan I’m vegetarian well pescatarian now but I’ve been vegetarian since I was 12. But even I see that going a month vegan will probably not really do much.
    It’s just like those people who expect to lose a whole bunch of weight in a month after trying this thing or that and then they wonder why they didn’t turn out what they expected.
    Vegans and vegetarian have been studied and found to live longer than those who eat the regular diet.
    Seventh day adventist are a Christian denomination that include healthy dieting and vegetarian/vegan diet into the doctrine based on the diet that Adam and Eve had prior to sin and the need for meat. And how health affects the body and the mind/spiritual aspect.
    Anyways they have been shown to live the longer here in America.
    The study was done in California surveying SDA in Loma Linda university compared to others in California which mind you, is a state that are already pretty focused on dieting and what not.

  • Matthew Rogowski
    Matthew Rogowski 5 days ago

    Dude. I was diagnosed with T2DM in 2005 after being put on a macrobiotic diet for 2 years. I went paleo and put it in remission. Joint pain went away. Lost 60 lbs. And a 2013 a coronary arthrogram ordered by a frantic cardiologist revealed no plaque development. No plaques after 10 years while eating. Animal fat and protein fills me. I'm seldom bloated and rarely hungry. I forget to eat some times. I can go for days without eating if I chose to fast and do it effortlessly. Now, non-starchy veggies still male the base of my food pyramid with meat amd fat on the second teir and slow burning carbs on thord tier. No grains. No IBS anymore.

  • Shane Baird
    Shane Baird 6 days ago +23

    Animals get B12 supplemented in their feed.

    • Jason Doakes
      Jason Doakes 2 days ago

      @i SkyWalKing deficiency of nutrients and constant bloating obviously leads to rage

    • i SkyWalKing
      i SkyWalKing 2 days ago +3

      ​ Lilac Lizard Shut the fuck up you lazy meat propagandist sac of shit. Go fuck yourself. The only one spewing propaganda is your sensitive bitch ass who is somehow offended by people going vegan because you're too big of a lazy piece of shit to do it yourself. Gotta keep everyone down at your level correct? Get fucked...

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 4 days ago

      @Jared Mróz please stop buying vegan propaganda books because they say what you want to hear! Over 95% of b12 produced in the world is accounted for in human supplements! There are figures available on total quantities manufactured & total quantities of human supplements manufactured & they are using over 95% of all manufactured b12! (most of it in multi-vitamins & super strength supplements meaning it will end up wasted, but that's where all the manufactured b12 in the world goes). There is simply not enough b12 left for your claims to be viable & there is also no information available as to animal use of b12, although all indications are that the vast majority of b12 that makes it into animal supplements are used on non-livestock animals, in particular on racehorses, greyhounds & human athletes trying to avoid detection while accessing b12 for performance enhancement.

      Additionally, there are numerous papers that address the issue of b12 supplement in livestock. In ruminants it has been proven that oral supplements are destroyed in the first stomach & zero orally administered b12 makes it into the body, meaning it's just throwing money away to bother feeding it to them & with chicken studies, it was shown that feeding cobalt lowered b12 levels & health, while b12 feeding b12 supplements had no impact whatsoever, with it being clearly established that particularly in factory settings, chickens are obtaining ample b12 from eating manure while pecking around the deep litter beds they are housed on as standard. I haven't seen any pig studies, but there's no reason to think they would show anything different to the chicken studies as they have AMPLE access to fecal material that is packed with b12.

      B12 is naturally found in all meat, from oysters to crickets to kangaroos to cows & there's certainly no way anyone's supplementing oysters or kangaroos with b12 to improve their b12 meat levels!

    • Jared Mróz
      Jared Mróz 4 days ago +7

      According to Dr. Jennifer Rooke, “90% of B12 supplements produced in the world are fed to livestock. ” In other words, B12 is not simply “naturally” found in meat. Land animals such as cows and pigs typically got their B12 by eating vegan diets, but today, even they are being fed supplements.Mar 1, 2018

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 4 days ago

      no they don't, stop reading vegan propaganda! You can't even do that with cows, their first stomach destroys the b12 without any absorption!

  • Nameless Man
    Nameless Man 6 days ago

    Man watching this was enjoyable and educational, Thank you.

  • Rebecca Spratling
    Rebecca Spratling 6 days ago

    Click bait. Plant based diet isn't the same as being vegan. That's why you used the Wikipedia definition. 😂

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 3 days ago

      @Maar Neen yup, although I've got to say that I've met some sane "plant based" people, so there does seem to be a difference in attitude.
      Those calling themselves "plant based" seem to be the ones opting out of the cult, often doing everything exactly the same as the "vegans" except they don't have the superiority attitude & judge everyone

    • Maar Neen
      Maar Neen 3 days ago

      Tomato tomato

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 4 days ago

      excuse me for a minute while I go edit the wiki page to make it say what I want it to
      I cannot believe you genuinely just suggested a wiki definition is a definitive definition of something!

  • holio
    holio 7 days ago

    Veganism isn't natural. It should be obvious: that's why we don't have the wooly mammoth because the early native Americans hunted them into extinction along with thousands of other species.

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 4 days ago

      @max gutierrez there's no such thing as "natural vegetables" all vegetables have been genetically engineered by us through selective breeding. 10,000 years ago, none of the plant foods we eat today existed!
      & there's plenty of options to get hormone free etc meat today, just go with "certified organic" if you want the quick & foolproof way of doing it

    • max gutierrez
      max gutierrez 7 days ago

      Yes but think about it. Going back 10,000 years ago when humans ate meat AND veggies they were %100 natural. Once we got to the early/mid 1900's, we started adding unnecessary food to feed the animals and went from adding fillers to injecting them with hormones now. So in today's world, it would be healthiest to eat natural vegetables. And if you have the time, money, and experience then raise a calf with it's mom and let it eat grass and grow up without injecting it or feeding it the shit that is in cow feed. Then kill it and cook it. But hey in the end do what you want

  • Daniel Zakharov
    Daniel Zakharov 7 days ago

    you quit vegan because you don't like the food, you don't like it because it's not wha you suppose to eat, no nutrients, you will get sick within a year, real vegans die after 5 years, if they don't supplement

    • K B
      K B Hour ago

      @Lilac Lizard omfg, seriously people like you blow my mind... if you go back to my original comment I said that we never ate as much meat as we do now.. Tell me where I said every bit of meat is going to kill you and that nobody should have it?! Because I never did... I'm defending the fact that being a vegan is not unhealthy and that the standard american diet is worse. Many people live a healthy life being vegan, I've named a few, can you name some that have died from lack of animal products? Doubt it.. You also say that potato chips are vegan, youre correct, but not everyone who eats potato chips are vegan, I'll make a bet that less vegans eat them actually. I'd like to see you back up your claims with a study, how many peoole die annually from a poor diet? My bet is that more die from the standard diet compared to vegans. There's people who literally eat pizza everyday, nobody gives a shit, but someone says they're vegan it's like WOW dude you're going to die. Fuck off and let people eat what they want.

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 3 days ago

      @K B en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World%27s_Strongest_Man taht page lists 1st, 2nd & 3rd from 1977 to 2019 & your man doesn't get a single mention! So how on earth do you claim _"the strongest man alive is vegan"_ when a google search for "the strongest man alive" brings up that wiki page & not a single entry on it is vegan?

      & if you're not vegan, what are you huh? You seem to be another one of these vegans who is scared to admit it because of how cruel the cult is to anyone not meeting their standards of daily required harassment of others & conversions

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 3 days ago

      @K B ROFLMAO! the reach of that fake news story never ceases to make me laugh! That peta story you linked to is literally fake news! It was a fake news story designed to target trump voters/neo-nazis with it's Arian claims & it just threw in "vegan" for some padding to the story & now even PETA is picking it up & running with it? ROFLMAO! If you google the tribe in question, you will see that they sacrifice goats to their gods & bury their horns after sacrifice to try to bring a good harvest, along with regular eating of goat meat, chicken meat, milk, eggs, cheese etc etc. There is absolutely NOTHING vegan about that tribe!

      & gladiators were slaves, so of course they were denied meat! Hardly mattered with teh life expectancy they had did it!
      & your third link is to people who won't eat a potato because harvesting it could harm a worm, but who eat eggs & drink milk as a way of avoiding the need to eat any root vegetables that might harm worms or microbes

      & the primary causes of cholesterol (and diabetes & obesity & everything else) in America are VEGAN soda & chips, both being on the top 5 most purchased foods in the country! Lean meat is not a major cause! & yes, all tested hot food has been shown to be a weak grade 2 carcinogen, including meat & a hot cup of soymilk or herbal tea. You need to understand percentage risks though to know that it really doesn't matter at all! Really not even above statistically significant levels!
      If you trade a mcdonalds burger for a second serving of fries, you might be eating vegan, but you are also increasing your risk of premature death! When healthy user bias is removed, vegans do worse than any other eating group! Only smokers have a lower life expectancy than vegans in like for like studies!

    • K B
      K B 4 days ago

      @Daniel Zakharov No proof for what exactly? Wait you have proof that vegans die after 5 years? Wow..
      Also if you can't understand the correlation between obesity and diabetes then you've got no sense.
      Morgan Mitchell is a vegan, she's also an athlete, last I checked she doesn't look like a skeleton, neither does Liam hemsworth, not to mention the strongest man alive is vegan, if you don't believe me his name is Patrik Baboumian, I can keep going but you can get my point.
      Also I said in my comment I'm not vegan, so considering you aren't even reading half my posts there's probably no point in me commenting anymore. 😂
      Peace ✌

    • Daniel Zakharov
      Daniel Zakharov 4 days ago

      @K B who gives a shit about the modern American diet I'm talking about a balanced diet vs vegan diet, vegan diet will get you killed cause all of the antinutrients inside, no sup will kill you, look at a natural vegan, they look like skeletons 😂

  • davey Konijnenberg
    davey Konijnenberg 7 days ago

    Stop Veganism Safe The Starving Vegan Childeren Dont Let Em Die Anymore For Nothing!!! Support God Not Satan!!

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 4 days ago

      @davey Konijnenberg if you want some real baby death numbers from non-meat eating, look at the malnutrition issues in India! 1/3rd of all the world's malnutrition childhood deaths are in India. A child born in India has a higher chance of dying from malnutrition than one born in North Korea or Sub-Saharan Africa, even though the latter are much much poorer financially & in terms of food availability. India has enough silkworm pupas that are a waste product from the silk industry to fully fix all malnutrition, but they refuse to eat them, instead feeding them to their cows to dispose of them. They also have enough cows to fully fix all malnutrition problems, but they export their meat instead of eating it! vegetarian/vegan is the primary killer in India! 80% of the population are malnourished/nutrient deficient from their refusal to eat meat!

    • davey Konijnenberg
      davey Konijnenberg 6 days ago

      @max gutierrez and Vegan RU-cliprs Misinformed them

    • max gutierrez
      max gutierrez 6 days ago

      @davey Konijnenberg I'm not saying people CANT drink other animal milk. I'm saying that as humans we don't NEED to drink other animal milks. But the baby was like 7 months when they were giving it dairy alternatives. I agree that babies need cow's milk if the mother can't provide. But like I said the parents were misinformed and gave the baby wrong food at 7 months. Babies stop depending on mom or animal milk at 10 to 12 months. And the baby that does had been drinking the non animal milk for a while before it died. I have a niece who is 1 year and 7 months old and has never had any milk after her weening stage. It's just my sister and her husband know what to do

    • davey Konijnenberg
      davey Konijnenberg 6 days ago

      @max gutierrez and Vegan RU-cliprs Promoted Plant Based Baby Milk for awhile some still do

    • davey Konijnenberg
      davey Konijnenberg 6 days ago

      @max gutierrez baby's can also drink Cow Milk that's why hindoes worship them the safed there childeren when the couldn't feed them

  • Jay J
    Jay J 7 days ago

    Check out the Mediterranean way of eating. It's plant based essentially but you eat less meat and more fish.

  • Bloom Onion
    Bloom Onion 7 days ago

    With your laziness problem; I am vegetarian and i'm so lazy HOWEVER i found ways to combat it. I cook when I want to, but I have Amy's microwave meals to save the day. Also, Greek and Indian food is naturally vegetarian

  • joes torres
    joes torres 7 days ago

    If a girl swallows a load is that vegan 🌱 protein?

  • Nicolina Maria
    Nicolina Maria 8 days ago

    Vegan doesn't equal healthy. Pasta and prepacked food isn't going to serve you best. You should try a raw vegan or whole foods plant based diet instead if you want to take your health to the next level :)

  • Spin King
    Spin King 8 days ago

    fuck vegans

  • Mesrop Madxharyan
    Mesrop Madxharyan 8 days ago

    I dislike before i even seen the whole video no body should be Vegan period

  • Shane Baird
    Shane Baird 8 days ago

    Just found your channel, super funny, subbed!

  • Summer Odom
    Summer Odom 8 days ago

    I LOVE your parents!

  • Gaming, and Fragrance: newbie

    Imagine if lions are trying to go vegan?????

    • max gutierrez
      max gutierrez 7 days ago +2

      Lol lions are carnivorous. Humans are not

  • David Morgan
    David Morgan 9 days ago

    A vegan, an atheist, and a cross fitter walk into a bar... I only know because they all told everyone within the first 30 seconds

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 4 days ago

      all told you? I thought they were the 1 person

  • SoTweetie
    SoTweetie 9 days ago +1

    7:54 😂 Omg 😂

  • Alex Morris
    Alex Morris 10 days ago +2

    He yelled in the street "Hey how do you Vegan!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tania Cox
    Tania Cox 10 days ago

    Veganism is total craziness. There is not one study to say that fiber is essential for good health. If anything it causes a lot of digestive upset and damage. Hence the 15 shits a day vegan!

    • max gutierrez
      max gutierrez 7 days ago

      I agree to an extent. I am vegan and have been that way for a month now. I haven't been shitting 15 times a day but it's about 3. And honestly I feel great and I have not been "clogged" or had an upset stomach at all! But having to shit a lot gets pretty annoying! 😂

  • IstvanN1961
    IstvanN1961 10 days ago

    Humans are omnivores, a simple fact. We need both animal vegetable foods. We should try to eat foods that are the most naturally grown and the least processed. We should exercise more. And most of moderation in everything and everything in moderation. Good health is really quite simple.

  • Egor Anonymous
    Egor Anonymous 11 days ago

    The first time I went vegetarian I got very sick. I couldn't poop for two weeks. (I didn't know that could be fatal!) I'm told that it was because you have enzymes and bacteria in your stomach that break down meat and that if you quit eating meat all at once the enzymes and bacteria eat the only meat they can find, your stomach, which causes the constipation. Give up meat one animal at a time for 3 months then give up the next. It gives your body time to adapt. Vegetarian for over 20 years now.

  • Sierra Bird
    Sierra Bird 11 days ago

  • Penelope Vixian
    Penelope Vixian 11 days ago

    Wel u look thinner

  • Nick Thirkell
    Nick Thirkell 12 days ago

    Watch the Dominion documentary on RU-clip. I challenge anyone with an iota of compassion not to become vegan. It's a tough watch :(

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard 4 days ago

      it's called specism to focus only on cows, chickens & domestic pigs while ignoring the fate of all other animals killed to produce your food!

  • Annie Hutchings
    Annie Hutchings 12 days ago

    You are hilarious. Funny and actually really helpful.

  • dawnmccarthy1
    dawnmccarthy1 12 days ago

    Non-organic fruits and veggies are grown for size and ease of growing these days. Very little nutrition or flavor. I miss how regular produce used to be nutritionally denser and tastier when I was a kid. Also. Ever try Daiya cheese? Vegan cheese that melts on a pizza. Is arrowroot based or something. Not unpleasant.

  • Joanna Levi
    Joanna Levi 12 days ago

    It cracks me up how we all feel gross after 7 days but the doctor won’t admit we’re detoxing...🙄

  • Emilie Cassab
    Emilie Cassab 13 days ago

    its the first time i see you and damn you're cute. and funny. and you make good good content. and cute !